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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Happy Birthday, Manny! 

Manny, just wanted to say Happy Birthday!! Do do?

Last night was Jessy's bachelorette party, hosted by Jonelle. We all met together in Adam Morgan and had a great time! Jessy was just surprised about this whole thing but nonetheless, she was having a grand ol' time. I was green with envy! Someone gave her this BIG FAT cock lollipop to suck on all night long. LOL It was raspberry flavored and she passed it around to all of us to see who can suck in the most. Of course, I was the winner! Thanks to my years and years of cocksucking. LOL
It was good to see Christy Smith once again. She really looks good. Of course, it is impossible to talk to her without us bringing up Survivor. I dunno if she was sick of it or not but she was really good about it. She is looking forward to her own show but she said it's still in the works.
Jessy was being a good bachelorette by completing the challenges presented to her. She didn't back out or flinch. She just did it! I think the alcohol helped. LOL Way to go, Jessy!

I was saddened to hear about Tallie and Chris. Although, the news have not specifically said that Tallie is the deceased but reading between the lines in the news is assumed to be her. The news does specify that Chris has called the police and said that he has murdered someone and "needed help". The news has said that it was someone that he shared the apartment with. So, fill in the blanks yourself.
I think this whole thing could have been avoided. From what I've heard from others, Chris had a history of abusing Tallie and yet she still stayed with him. She really was a sweet woman and was quite friendly with everyone.
Sigh...I keep using past tense with Tallie but that's because I'm assuming it is Tallie. In fact, I'm almost 100% sure it is her. Poor soul!
If you want to read more news about it. You can check Bry's blog, a friend of Rachella's.

Well, I better start on my work. ta ta...