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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Disposable Technologies 

O.....k! Does it seem that everything is becoming disposable, especially technology?

CVS has started to sell disposable camcorders for 30 bucks. Yep, disposable camcorders. The pocket-sized camcorders contain up to 20 minutes of digital videos. It will have a playback screen. You can delete scenes. Videos are on a memory chip and not on tape. However, there will be no zooming capabilities.

However, when you're done with it, you take it back to CVS. The camcorder is recycled, which is good. The videos will be transferred to a DVD disc...all for 13 bucks.

What else will be disposable? Pagers? Computers? iPods/Walkman?

I gotta stop by CVS and check otu what it looks like.