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Monday, July 11, 2005

Brief Movie Reviews... 

Is it just me or have recent movies have just not been really interesting? Last weekend, Cliff came over for a couple days. KT, Cliff and I watched some movies and some with just me and KT. Most of these movies were like yawn-inducing. Some were like...why were these movies made in the first place? Here goes:

The Pacifier

This movie only had one small scene that was actually funny. It was so funny that KT happened to be drinking and nearly sprayed out liquid from his mouth. After that, it was just a cute movie with some cheesy parts.

Hide and Seek

This movie was not so bad, which reminds me to ask you a question. Did you ever have an imaginary friend as a child? Or did you just talk to yourself?

Ghost in the Shell

Despite the hype from some people on this movie, I just didn't feel excited about this one. KT was already bored with it after 15 minutes or so. I watched the rest of it but it's nothing for me to brag to others that they gotta watch it as well. It was an OK movie and if you don't see it, you're not missing anything.


Hostage was not bad at all. It was like the best of all the movies we watched over the weekend.


Last Friday night was DPHH in Silver Spring. A good amound of Deafies came out to socialize. Had a great time, playing pool and chatting. Saw some old friends and met some new people.


Saturday, spent most of my afternoon reading a book I borrowed from Manny, Tweakers: How Crystal Meth is Ravaging Gay America. There's some scary consequences that come with doing meth and it is extremely addicting. I thank God that I've never come across it nor touched it nor tried it.

It isn't just gay people that are doing meth. However, in the gay communities, it's becoming the drug of choice. The results are destructive. So, why is meth becoming popular? Because it's cheap and lasts longer. It used to be the 'poor man's cocaine' but now people from different social and economic classes are using meth. Sad, just sad!


Currently reading:

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You just cannot not love Augusten Burroughs. Dry was such a hilarious book about his experiences with rehab. Running With Scissors is about his childhood and a bizarre one. I just cannot imagine having Augusten's childhood. I think I would've gone insane! Regardless, he's hilarious!

Ta ta for now...