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Monday, July 10, 2006

First Weekend of July 

DPHH was nice. It was held at Beacon Bar & Grill on Rhode Island Ave. It's a cute trendy restaurant. However, it as just too small to handle the large Deaf crowd for DPHH.

I finally got to meet a fellow Deaf blogger, Kevin, and his girlfriend, Selena. We had a good chat along with a few laughs. I hope they had a good weekend in DC. I guess I'll just have to wait to see what Kevin says about DC.

However, DPHH had to change location because 3 bartenders did not show up at Beacon so the restaurant closed early. DPHH moved over to Buffalo Billards. KT and I just went home instead of going to the relocation.

Saturday was a simple day. Just went to Chinatown and watched a captioned showing of Superman Returns.

I thought it was a good movie. Not a great one but a good one. I thought it was an interesting concept of Superman disappearing for 5 years and returning. Everyone is happy that Superman has returned, except Lois Lane.

The only disappointment I had was that there was no real closure between Superman and his nemesis, Lex Luthor. I guess that's was done on purpose for a possible return of Lex Luthor in future movies.

I have to say that Brandon Routh did resemble Christopher Reeve in some scenes throughout the movie.

Like I said, overall, it was a good movie. Go check it out!

Oh, by the way, there was a preview of Spider-Man 3. Awesome! Guess who'll be appearing in this movie? Venom! However, what sucks is that this movie won't be released until next summer!

Sunday was also a relaxing day. Just watched a couple of games on TV.


Watched the Wimbledon with Roger Federer against Rafael Nadal. Federer won his 4th Wimbledon title.

Ooo, I wanna go to a Wimbledon game! I wanna go! I wanna go! *hinting to KT*

BTW, isn't Federer cute?!?!

Then, of course, I could not miss the World Cup game with Italy against France!

It was an interesting game! France scored a goal within 7 minutes of the game. Italy caught up on the 19th minute. Italy almost had another goal but a referee whistled an offside offense.

With 1-1, they went into overtime. However, something totally unsportsmanlike happened on the 110th minute.


Zinedine Zidane, in white, butted his head into Italy's Marco Materazzi after they had exchanged words. Zidane was red-carded and ejected from the game. It was totally stupid because Zidane is retiring and this is how he makes his exit, on an unsportsmanlike note.

I had been rooting for Italy. When that head butting happened, I was like France better not win.

Sure enough, in the penalty kicks, Italy won with getting all 5 balls past the goalie while France was able to get in 4.

It was just an awesome game!

That night, we watched a documentary before heading to bed, A Life Without Pain. This film is about 3 girls, from Minnesota, Norway and Germany, who were born with a rare condition, congenital analgesia. In other words, they cannot feel any physical pain. They fall down without crying, as babies and toddlers. They've bitten their lips, tongues and fingers with gushes of blood. One would repeatedly stab her eyes with her fingers, which she eventually had to have it removed and replaced with a glass eye. They've burned their hands or other parts of their bodies on hot surfaces, without flinching. Simply put, they cannot feel pain.

Oh goodness! The first girl from Minnesota, Gabby, just melts your heart. She almost appeared on Montel Williams but had a meltdown just before and never did make an appearance.

In the film, it is said that pain protects us. It does. This is one of those things that we take for granted in life. We think nothing of it, the ability to feel pain. It just amazing how our brains let us know that something is damaging or harmful to the body.

You gotta check out this documentary.

Well, have a wonderful week! Ta ta for now...