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Thursday, April 22, 2004

Accessorize Your Blogs... 

Some time ago, I've created a section on the side, "Blog Features". I've been adding some sites that you can register and join and then have a button or a pedigree added to your blogs. There are some of them that I've joined but have not been able to get a button to paste in my template. All these sites are free to join. Be sure to check them out. Some of them are really interesting. For example, BlogTree. My parent blog is Ridor's, since he's the one that really inspired me to write. Anyone else who claims Ridor as their parent blog will be my siblings. Those that claim me as their parent blog will be my child blog. Thus, the tree grows.

Another interesting site is BlogShares. This is a fictional stock market game. You don't need to have a blog to join. When you join, you're given $500K fictional money. Your goal is to survive/predict the market and make your money grow.

PeaceBlogs are for those who are against wars. Currently, they're accepting blogs until the US hands over the reins to the Iraqi government.

GeoUrl will list all blogs or bloggers that are within 100 miles of you. This site will help you find your latitude and longitude.

Creative Commons offers free licenses for your blog. It's somewhat like a copyright license. I think this is a great idea for those of you that like to post poems on your blogs.

Many of them are really interesting and I'll be adding more and more as I come across some more sites to "accessorize" your blogs.

Really, other than that, nothing much to say for today. Last night, KT and I had some really interesting discussions about life, friendships, Deaf ways, etc. I think I'm still processing those discussions in my mind. Ever have those moments? You'll have discussions about something and it'll linger in your mind for days. Perhaps, later down the road, I'll mention bits and bits of these topics that were discussed. We'll see... That's another thing I love about KT, we'll have discussions and just throw in different pov's and ideas and analysis, etc. It's funny how in some areas, we almost never agree on something and in other areas, we totally agree.

I'll be hanging out with Roe and Cliff tonight. We shall dine and recite lines from our play. "Must, must, must!" "C-a-l-m d-o-w-n."

Oh no no no! A friend of mine sent me an email with this link. It's about con artists using relay services for the Deaf to scam and avoid international phone charges. This is a concern because you never know that relay services might start charging us because of those stupid mofo's!

Anyways...I'll post some more later...until then, ta ta...