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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Isn't This Just Awesome? 

I was reading this short article in the newspaper and decided that I just had to share it with y'all. I think it's totally awesome how animals can help save humans.

Group of Dolphins Protect Swimmers from a Great White Shark

Then, I remembered reading an article, the other day, about humans helping animals. A dolphin was given an artificial fin and she's just truly happy! Humans and animals can truly help each other out!

Dolphin Gets an Artificial Fin

Other than that...KT and I are excited to get outta town for a few days! We'll be flying out to Colorado this afternoon, for Thanksgiving! We'll be staying with KT's dad and stepmom. I look forward to see some beautiful sceneries. Hopefully, we'll be able to meet Rachella for lunch or dinner and catch up on news!

So, I may not blog for the next few days. So, just wanted to wish y'all a !

ta ta...


Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Trading Spouses... 

Last night, KT and I watched an episode of Trading Spouses. I had heard so much about it but never watched it...until last night. It was a very interesting episode.
A vegan mom from California traded places with a Cajun mother from Louisiana. Talk about polar opposite!

This link will fill you up on what happened last night. If you're lucky, you just might be able to watch part 2 next week.

Ok, I have no problem with people wanting to be vegetarians or vegans. You can educate people around you and all that. However, it becomes a problem when a vegan attempts to adjust your eating habits or makes a comment everytime you eat or drink something "unacceptable". You just practice what you believe and I'll practice what I'll believe.

Like in the link above, this particular vegan mother would just not shut up and was a bit egoistical. She's quite a bossy mother and it's no wonder that ZZ has shut her out. Although, she did make an interesting observation that perhaps Southerners would not really notice. ZZ drank sodas non-stop, all day. To us, Southerners, that's like a regular part of life because we do it ourselves. She tried to challenge ZZ to try one day without sodas. Of course, what was he doing? He was sneaking sips of sodas here and there. He replied that he didn't have any for the day when he was asked if he had sodas.

The Cajun mother, on the other hand, made me laugh! She was totally freaked out about this vegan family. She was like..."am I gonna have to eat grass all week? I'm gonna starve to death!" She was hilarious. She was afraid to speak up because she was afraid to offend the family. Finally, she said that she was gonna make the family some gumbo soup and they should try it out. They were like...does it have meat? She was like...yeah. The father said...we all walk out if anyone puts red meat on the table. That just made her more nervous.

The mothers got to meet the other mother's friends. The vegan mother was just really appalled by the various meats that the Cajuns were eating...crawfish, alligators, frog legs, etc. She told the group that she'd like to make a change in the menus so that everyone can eat healthy. She offended this one particular guy but she took it with a good attitude.
The Cajun mother meet the vegan friends. She was like staring how people ate food. She did admit that they were all pretty and skinny. Although, these vegans were quite vain and snobbish. I mean, it is California...not to stereotype the people there...but, you know... She brought them all gifts, like voodoo dolls, airbrushed t-shirts and alligator head skulls. Ok, maybe gator skulls are a Louisiana thing but they were a gift and don't be rude about them. At least, the Cajun mother was polite to just sit there and listen to their beliefs and not take it to offense.

KT and I were talking about the skull thing. I don't quite understand the fascination of it. I mean, we just don't understand why stores along the beach sell embryos of sharks in a jar. Who would wanna buy that?!? Haven't you seen those? It's like...what's the point? Then, I thought...well, we Texans do sell longhorns. Sometimes not just the horns but the skull along with it, as well. I don't freak out over that but I do react to the others.

Am I contradicting myself or is there a difference? Maybe it's a cultural thing. "It's just the way we do things around here."

ta ta for now...


Monday, November 22, 2004

Everyone's Talking About It... 

Bush's Secret Service Agents in Shoving Match with Chilean Security Officers

You'll have to read the last half of the article above to read about what happened. I'm sure it's about to get a mixed reaction. Some people will say..."Wow! How egoistical of the Secret Service to just assume that they're cleared for security and they can just accompany the President, regardless where they are. Let the hosting country provide the security." While others may say..."Well, the best security that Bush can rely on is the Secret Service."

I just think that the Secret Service agents, including Nick Trotta, could have handled themselves better than to get into a shoving match with the Chilean officers.

Of course, everyone is talking about the Pistons/Pacers/fans brawl, especially about Ron Artest. Everyone has agreed that a fan threw something at Artest. However, there's been various descriptions of what was thrown. The article below says a water bottle. Some other articles have said beer or liquid and ice. The point is a fan threw some kind of drink at Artest.

I think that the punishment was a little extreme simply because Artest did not start it. Of course, I'm not gonna do this "he started it" game but...hey, the NBA players get punished but not the fans?!? All because the NBA teams are professionals? Aren't the fans expected to conduct themselves appropriately? Let's be fair!

What Sparked The Riot?

Ron Artest's Statement

Mixed Reactions

What do you think, guys?


Relaxing Weekend, Pah! 

I stayed an extra hour at work while I was waiting for KT to get off from work. After that, we decided to have dinner at Fuddrucker's in Chinatown. We realized that, since school started, we hadn't been out to a restaurant to sit down and chat and dine. So, that's where we went.

Wow! Chinatown is really beautiful now that it's been renovated! I was surprised to see an Urban Outfitters store there. So, now we have 2, unless there's more UO stores somewhere else in the DC area that I'm not aware of. We went there after we ate. Definitely saw some potential Christmas gifts to buy.

After my quality time with KT, I headed out to see a friend, who just went through a break-up. It's always sad to see someone breaking up, especially a long-term relationship. It's also awkward because you know that nothing you say will ease their sadness or even anger. So, it's like...should I say something or just stay quiet? If I say something, it might come out stupid or corny or meaningless or even just right. If I don't say anything, then I might be perceived as not caring or not supportive. Hmmm...

It's hard to be neutral in a situation like this. At first, I was like..."how dare your lover ended it like this" and so on. I kept it on and on and I realized, to myself, that I needed to shut up because I may not know the whole story. I told myself to just be there for my friend and just not say anything negative.

Came home at 1am and went to bed. Got up at 6am to look out for the delivery of our new queen-sized mattress. It came around 7:30am. Pah! New mattress! It was so firm! Of course, after the delivery men left, we went back to sleep on our new bed!

Got up around noon and just did NOTHING! I just watched tv, played games on the computer and washed laundry. I made homemade pizza for dinner. I do this from time to time but this time, I really loaded up on cheese and meats. Then, I made brownies, with white chocolate morsels. KT just LOVES brownies. I like it but for some reason, I just can't eat alone...gotta have something else with it.

Sunday was just about the same as Saturday. Did some homework for one class. Then, KT surprised me with a Mexican dinner. He made chicken fajita and cheese quesadillas. Dang! My man made me Mexican food! I have it good, don't I? *wink*
Then, KT gave me brownies with vanilla ice cream. Awww! He's such a sweetie!

So, that was pretty much my simple weekend. ta ta for now...


Friday, November 19, 2004

More Quizzes... 

You Are From the Sun

Of all your friends, you're the shining star.
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What Planet Are You From?

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What kind of blogger are you?

For below, boldize the sentence that you totally agree about your state and/or city.

You Know You're From San Antonio When...

You lost your virginity at mission drive-in

You know exactly how to get to the "Ghost Tracks" from anywhere in town.

You think "pro-choice" means flour or corn tortillas.

You've never been to the Alamo.

You think a health drink is a Margarita without salt.

You think being able to read the Taco Cabana menu makes you bilingual.

You used to live in a neighborhood you wouldn't even drive through now.

There has been a road crew on your street since before the Alamodome was built.

You remember when Crossroads Mall used to be called Wonderland.

You've been to Midget Mansion.

You know all about the "Dancing Diablo" and the "Donkey Lady" bridge.

You know that Wheatley and Brackenridge is the same school.

You remember the Captain Gus show.

Your subwoofer has twice the value of your car.

You have three rodeo outfits but never have been on a horse

You're an expert with the brake pedal, but you have no idea what a blinker is.

Your idea of culture is wearing a Hard Rock T-shirt.

You think the last supper was at Mi Tierra restaurant.

You do your grocery shopping at a flea market.

You think local politicians are crooks, but you still do not vote.

You have a "Selena Lives" bumper sticker on your car.

You care if San Antonio is in the "national spotlight".

A formal occasion is getting a glass with your longneck.

You believe Tacos, barbecue, tequilla, and beer are the four basic food groups.

You rented Pulp Fiction to escape the everyday violence of the city.

You think wearing bows in your hair will get you a husband.

Your White mother learned how to make Tamales & Menudo from your neighbors.

You know the "real" definition of FIESTA is "stay home if at all possible".

You have ordered Mexican food at a Chinese restaurant.

You had breakfast tacos at Taco Cabana on Christmas morning.

You remember the Joske's Christmas display.

You remember when JC Penney's had a restaurant.

You remember hamburgers from Whopper Burger.

You're elementary field trip was to the Butter Crust Bakery.

You actually get these jokes and pass them on to other friends from San Antonio.

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OMG! That's so true about field trips to Butter Crust Bakery. I've lost count of how many times I've gone there! Of course, none of us ever complained!

You Know You're From Texas When...

You see more Texan flags than American flags.

You know someone who ate the 72 oz steak and got it for free.

You attend a formal event in your best clothes, your finest jewelry, and your Cowboy Boots.

You can write a check at Dairy Queen for 2 Hungr-Busters and fries.

You prefer Whataburger to McDonalds.

You dress up to go shopping at the mall.

You've hung ornaments and tinsel on a tumbleweed and used it as a Christmas tree.

You're disappointed when a food doesn't come in spicy flavor.

You know from experience that rattlesnake meat tastes like chicken.

You can tell a rock from an armadillo at 300 yards.

You know what a 'Cowboy Cadillac' is.

You have both a dog and a brother-in-law named Bud

Your local grocery store sells cactus in the Fresh Produce department

You watch the movie Urban Cowboy and laugh at the phony Texan accents

You choose a brand of Mexican salsa with the same care that another might use to select a bottle of fine wine

You think that the 4 basic food groups are nachos, bar-b-que, fajitas, and Copenhagen.

You refer to the Dallas Cowboys as "God's favorite football team"

You know whether another Texan is from South, West, East, North, or Central Texas as soon as they open their mouth.

You don't consider people from Austin to be real Texans.

Your Pastor wears boots.

There is no such thing as a "secret" sin.

The Blue Book value on your truck goes up and down depending on how much gas it has in it.

You actually get these jokes and pass them on to other friends from Texas.

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ta ta for now...


Thursday, November 18, 2004


It's been a while since I've taken some quizzes.

You are 73% Leo

How much do you match your zodiac sign?

You see the would in Red, Green, and Blue
To you, the world is logical. Everything happens
for a reason, life is scientific. You like to
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What are your results?

ta ta...


Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Lemony Snicket... 

Similar to Harry Potter, Lemony Snicket has been gaining popularity. The difference between the two is that Harry Potter was practically an overnight literary phenomenon and eventually having some movies produced.

Now, on December 17th, there will be a Lemony Snicket movie, starring Jim Carrey. I just recently saw the previews on TV the other night and it looks pretty good.

Hmm...maybe I should buy the first book and get myself familiar with this story before going to see the movie...

Any of you read any Lemony Snicket books? Tell me what you think.

ta ta...


Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Bush's People Are Resigning... 

(AP & Reuters, respectively)

Hmm...these last few days, people in the Bush Administration have been turning in their resignations, such as Ashcroft and even 2 top CIA officers. (Or are they being forced to?) The biggest news was Colin Powell, Secretary of State, turning in his notice of resignation. Even bigger news that Condoleezza Rice, the current National Security Advisor, will be named as the new replacement.

The Washington Post has said that Rice is more hawkish than Powell. Hmm, it shall be interesting to see who will be taking up the new positions and see how the nation will be run and policies to be made and enforced.

A seperate news...

A man set himself on fire near the White House, while yelling "Allah Allah!" The Secret Service were able to douse the fire and save the man. However, the man now has over 30% burns on his body.

Ok, I may be disappointed with the recent election results but I'm not gonna go out and do something extreme, like that man who committed suicide at Ground Zero and now this man, who set himself on fire. OoooooK!

ta ta...


Monday, November 15, 2004

Weekend, Come Back! 

Did not really have a weekend! It was spent mostly on a video project.

Previously for ASL Media class, the students had to find an ASL story from videotapes, create a storyboard and bring them to class. I picked Bill Ennis' Hide and Seek story.

In class, we all took turns reading storyboards and comparing them to the ASL stories to see if they match the angles, zooms, shots, etc. Anyways, after that part was done, votes were taken to see which were the best stories/storyboards. After that, votes were tallied and 3 of them were chosen. Mine was the most voted and therefore, it automatically made me the director for my story.


We have a week to get it make the ASL story into a movie. Ugh! You know, it's close to the end of the semester and I have like 1 million other projects to do. (I know I'm exaggerating but at least, I have lots of other stuff to do.)

I normally wouldn't mind being a director but I just hated the limited deadline. As soon as my story was picked, I could just feel stress multiplied like rabbits on my shoulders.

This particular class is held on Thursday nights. So, I knew that I was only available on the weekends to do the video project. So, my crew and I got together and agreed that Saturday morning was the best for all of us to get together and shoot.

Ok, keep in mind that the crew and I cannot be in the film. Keep in mind that I had to find actors. Keep in mind that Hide and Seek was a story about 3 brothers (2 Deaf and 1 hearing). Keep in mind that we were all available on Saturday morning. Keep in mind that this was Thursday evening. Keep in mind that I had to ask parents permission to "borrow" their kids for the filming.

Anyways, some of my crew members already staked on some roles they wanted to be, which was fine with me. However, I also had other roles that needed to be filled. (There are 5 of us.) KT and I did some emailing or asking around. We were finally able to get the 3 kids that we needed for our video.

Saturday morning comes and my crew arrived and the kid actors as well. There were some previous tension about location where it would be shot. The reason was the it was predicted that it was going to rain on Saturday. So, I needed a backup location. One parent suggested a hotel that she was staying because the heat at her house was gone and was being repaired. However, I felt that I needed to call the hotel just to make sure that it was ok to shoot there. They said that they cannot stop anyone shooting film or photos outside the hotel. However, inside is a different story, liability reasons. So, we decided that my house would be the location.

After a quick "continental" breakfast, cameras and stuff were set up and we were ready to roll. Kids were having fun, while KT was responsible to tell the kids what to do, while I was consulting my storyboard and relaying to him what I wanted. About 20 to 30 minutes later, the kids wanted a break. Eeek! None of us had factored that in. So, we gave them a break. Plus, it was nippy outside. So, the kids ran in the house to watch cartoons. (Of course!) 10 minutes later, we were back outside and resumed shooting.

Again, a request for break and back to work. Pretty soon, I realized that we were not going to be able to finish for the day. One of the camera people (we had to cameras) had previous communication with me that she would have to leave around noon or so because she had other plans. That wasn't the problem. The problem was that I had just found out that one of the boys also had to leave for a friend's birthday party. I was like...you're just now telling me?

So, we all stopped and had to discuss together about our project. I need to backtrack here a little. When my story was picked, I knew it would be stressful because my story involved 3 boys. So, I was like...working with kids is not gonna be a stroll in the park. Kids tire easily and often get bored and need breaks or snacks for energy or whatever. So, while we were filming, the boys were good at first but then later on, they started to become a bit restless and kept asking for more breaks and kept running into the house to watch cartoons.

I had emailed the teacher Thursday evening to ask if I could have adults act like kids, instead of working with kids. The teacher was like...having adults act like kids would just result in pure laughter (which is alright) but it would take the focus away from critiquing. So, it looked like I was stuck with working with kids.

Anyways, after discussing, we agreed that our only option was to resume filming with the 2 boys for a couple of hours. And we also agreed that we'd have to meet again on Sunday early morning and try to finish up the shoot. So, we asked the parents if we could borrow them once again and they were like...sure! (Of course, parents sometimes need a break from their kids...so this was an opportunity for them.)

Come Sunday morning, we resumed after a small breakfast. However, this time, we told the boys that we can have breaks but no tv or anything. If we finish the filming on time, then they can watch tv or play video games all they want. I decided to finish up all outside scenes first and then work on the inside scenes. Of course, there were breaks taken. Of course, there had been some tension here and there but we all made it through. Oh, I was soooo happy to get it over with.

I will tell you one thing...filming with kids is challenging! I think I wouldn't have mind if I have the luxury of time, which I obviously don't have. Plus, I was working with one less cameraperson and KT took over that role as well. Not only that, but while we were on one of the breaks, the other cameraperson just found out, via pager, that she just became an aunt. So, I was like...oh shit but happy for her as well. However, we were near completion so she was willing to stay til we were finished. Bless her heart!

So now, the editors, including KT, will meet Wednesday and edit the film.

Now, I gotta do the other stuff, especially a take-home exam that's due this Friday.

I had planned to work on this take-home exam on Friday evening but I went grocery shopping, after work. Came home and threw some laundry in the washer. Left to pick up KT from work. Came home and I was like...too tired to work on anything.

Planned to work on it on Saturday after the video project. However, we ended up spending some time chatting with the parents of 2 boys for our project. You know, Deaf thing! Then, of course, went shopping at Target. Of course, Target has Christmas things out so, of course, I just had to look through them. Came home and of course, I didn't wanna do anything but rest up for Sunday's filming.

Planned to do it on Sunday. However, the computers at the library weren't letting me access. Then, KT didn't have a pager so I didn't wanna go to SAC and then we'd have miscommunication. Then, I planned to work on it on Sunday night after a gathering at a friend's house.

Julie had paged me some time ago, telling me that there's 4 of us from San Antonio, attending Gallaudet. All 4 of us attended a Day School of the Deaf (Pfieffer Elementary). This was before mainstreaming programs was put into use and force the Deafies to go to their local school districts. Before that, many Deaf kids in SA went to this particular Day School. (No, not Sunshine Cottage!)

Anyways, it was good to see them. Of course, I see Julie every now and then. Chad, I saw him sporadically over the years, in SA and at Gally. I finally had the chance to sit down and talk with him. Naomi...gosh, it's been a good 17/18 years since I last saw her. We were shocked when we met because we were like...OMG, I've passed by you on campus many times! I had totally forgotten that she was in my class.

Of course, we had Mexican food to eat. Of course, we all took a stroll down on memory lane and asked each other what was up with our old classmates. I cannot get over the fact that some of my childhood friends thought that I had died. In fact, I got a page about a month ago from a Deafie in SA. He just got a new job at a local school district, where 2 other Deafies work there. Obviously, they went to school with me and this guy mentioned my name and told them what was up with me. He said that they were totally shocked to hear about me because they were told that I had died.

Anyways, we just all had a good time. It felt good because we didn't have any of those awkward silent moments. It was like yesterday for us. Of course, we were like...let's get together soon!

Came home and KT had company. So, of course, I couldn't do my papers while we have company. By the time they left, I was like...it's too late to work on papers. So, went to bed and now, I'm like...I HAVE to do my papers tonight! Then, after that, gotta do some other stuff!

Better shut up now and start reading an article for class tomorrow. ta ta...


Thursday, November 11, 2004


Happy Birthday to one of my bestest friends, Barbie!!! Knowing her, she'll have a crazy birthday celebration!

I really wish I was there with her to help celebrate! Anyways, girl, you better party hard and tell me about it! I'll be waiting!

Love ya!!

Here are some pics of Barbie:

This is me and Barbie.

KT, me and Barbie.

KT, Barbie and my mother. (Yes, y'all finally got to see a pic of my mother.)

These pictures were taken last year in October. We were all having breakfast at Denny's before KT and I had to fly back home. Soon after these pictures were taken, we were all emotional. I was crying so hard because I thought it was gonna be the last time I would see Mom alive. (However, I did get to see my mother on 2 separate occasions after these were taken.)

Anyways, this is a special day for Barbie! Have a blast!!



Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Alberto Gonzales... 


If selected, Alberto Gonzales will become the first Hispanic to be appointed as Attorney General. The Democratic senators are happy with Bush's selection because he is "less polarizing" than Ashcroft.

The ACLU doesn't have a position on Gonzales but will be paying close attention. I guess we will all have to wait and see what Gonzales will do for our nation, if selected.

Hmm. Well, I am happy that a Hispanic has been chosen for a national position. As my cousins and I used to say...Que Suave!


TSD Accident... 

On Monday, a driver lost control of a van from TSD (Tennessee) and crashed into a pole after going into a ditch.

One student died from injuries caused from the accident, Viola "Marie" Wooten. I wonder if she was related to Gina or Gary Wooten (no relations between these two).


Motorola A630... 

I got this information from Davynin's blog. Motorola A630 joins the competition against the Sidekick and Ogo pagers.

From my perspective, this seems to be a really fancy pager.


Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Happy Birthday! 

(by iBand)

Happy Birthday to the twins: Rosey & Ridor!

Have a blast on your special day!!


Monday, November 08, 2004

What the Bleep... 

Speaking of Marlee Matlin, who recently appeared in Extreme Makeover, she's in another film, What the Bleep Do We Know?

Apparently, this movie has been getting some raves and yet it's not really being advertised. This is what we call a sleeper movie, a movie that has gotten no previous attention, such as previews and yet when it is released, it's become a box office hit. Definitely something to check out...


Extreme Makeover: Vardon Family 

Last night, KT and I watched the 2 hour special of Home Extreme Makeover, featuring the Vardon Family. The Vardon family consists of Deaf parents, Larry and Judy, 14 year old Stefan, and a younger brother who is blind and autistic. Stefan was the one who wrote to the show and asked for a makeover on their home and was selected. This family truly deserved it!
It was a good show and really heart-touching. I cannot remember the last time I cried while watching a show. KT and I were just crying and crying. It just felt so good for them to have a new house built to fit their needs and lifestyle and with people outside cheering them on. The hosts did a fabulous job and did really well with consulting various people to understand what the Vardon family needed for the new house.
So nice of Marlee Matlin to find someone who could present Stefan a check towards his college education. Everyone there was crying...the hosts, the family, Marlee Matlin, even the interpreter (Jack). I think that was just awesome! KT and I were laughing and crying about Lance and his joy over his new swing. The swing set, obviously, wasn't too big for him. (LOL!)
We truly enjoyed the show.


Friday, November 05, 2004

The GLBT Communities and Bush... 

I went to Advocate.com and I just couldn't stop reading some of the articles posted in there. Check them out:

Texas Textbooks Must Define Marriage as Straight

Oregon Students Walk Out in Protest

If It's Broke, Fix It

Living the American Dream...In Canada

So Long, My Friend

The Day After

A Failure of Will

The Grim Partyer


Gallaudet and $5 Million Donation... 

Gallaudet received a $5 million dollar donation from Sorenson. While it is good, however, there's just a small piece about it that's gonna mistakenly lead people to believe something when it is not true. The following is an article from the Washington Post:

Gallaudet Receives $5 Million Donation
Gift Will Help Fund Language Center

By Jacqueline L. Salmon
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, November 5, 2004; Page B01

Gallaudet University, the 140-year-old school for the deaf in Northeast Washington, announced yesterday that it has received a $5 million donation from a Utah inventor and his family -- the second-largest private donation in the school's history.

The school said the contribution will help build a language and communications center on the 99-acre campus for several university disciplines devoted to the study of deaf people's language, culture and history.

The donation came from James LeVoy Sorenson -- a billionaire inventor of the disposable surgical mask, the first blood recycling system and the disposable venous catheter -- and his son, James Lee Sorenson, who developed a videophone for the deaf.

The building will be named the James Lee Sorenson Language and Communication Center.

"We're just delighted that the Sorenson family is showing this kind of confidence in the university," Gallaudet President I. King Jordan said in an interview.

The school's largest previous donation was $10 million received in 1992 from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation to build a conference center on campus.

The low-profile Sorenson family has amassed a fortune through inventions and real estate investments in the Southwest and is known for its philanthropy in the Salt Lake City area. This year, James LeVoy Sorenson was ranked No. 51 on Forbes magazine's list of the 400 richest Americans, with an estimated net worth of $2.4 billion.

Gallaudet, which enrolls 1,800 mostly deaf or hard-of-hearing students, launched a campaign in January to raise $20 million for the new center.

It will allow nine of the university's programs, now scattered across the campus -- including the Center for the Evaluation of American Sign Language Skills, its Sociology and Linguistics departments and its 85,000-book Deaf Collection -- to be housed in one place, Jordan said. He said the facility will allow for more collaboration among departments.

"The campus is really excited about this," said Jordan, who is deaf himself and signed as he spoke during an interview in his office Wednesday. "You can probably see I'm excited about it."

James LeVoy Sorenson, 83, has even bigger plans. He said he hopes the gift will help boost the use of American Sign Language worldwide. "We would like to see a language that is universal, and sign language just might be [it]," Sorenson said.

For the last 18 months, Gallaudet and a Sorenson company, Sorenson Media, have partnered in the development of Sorenson's videophone for the deaf. Gallaudet supplies certified American Sign Language interpreters for the phones, which allow the deaf to talk to the hearing with a videophone connected via a broadband Internet connection to a television or computer.

With the system, the deaf user signs to an interpreter on the screen, who relays the information to a hearing user on a standard telephone and then signs the reply to the deaf user, helping them conduct a conversation in real time.

Sorenson Media has placed about 200 of the phone systems around Gallaudet's campus. About 20,000 of the phones are in use nationwide, said James Lee Sorenson, 54, chief executive of Sorenson Media, who has a deaf brother-in-law.

Exploding demand for the phones is increasing demand for hearing interpreters trained by Gallaudet who are experts in American Sign Language, he said.

"We have great synergy [with Gallaudet] already," Sorenson said in an interview. "We hope that [the donation] provides for better understanding and better education for the deaf."

Jordan said the university will start looking for an architect. The school has raised an additional $1.6 million but still has to raise the remaining funds.

Jordan said he does not know when the building will be constructed.

"The only good answer is ASAP," he said.


See where I set up one "paragraph" in bold. I wanted to focus your attention to that. Deafies know that signs isn't universal. Hell, even some gestures aren't universal. Yeah, people around the world would understand the gestures for eat, drink, smell, hear and others. But a thumbs-up sign in America is positive but it is a obscene gesture in another country. Our middle finger sign in America is obscene but it's a friendly sign in another country.

While I believe Sorenson was trying to portray a dream of his that ASL or a sign language would maybe become a universal language with the help of videophones, it must be met with reality that it would not. There are just too many cultural influences for a sign language to be universal. Although, I do believe that videophones will be worldwide and that Deafies will be able to communicate with other Deafies in different countries by resorting to a specific sign language or modifying both sign languages along with some international signs thrown into the mix.

Other than that, I'm happy that Gallaudet has received this donation. It will be a new home for some departments, including Deaf Studies. Yeah, talk about ironic. Deaf Studies moving into the building where the donator declared to see ASL as a worldwide language.

Oh well...


Emmanuelle Laborit 

From Wednesday til today, Gallaudet was hosting a conference, Narrating Deaf Lives. Some of the lectures/panels were very interesting. One of the guest speakers was Emmanuelle Laborit. Emmanuelle is a famous Deaf actress in France, like America has Marlee Matlin. (Although I've heard LOTS of stories of how MM is really snobbish towards her own people. But that is a whole different story.)

Anyways, I had heard about the conference in the weeks before it happened. I became excited about it when I found out that Emmanuelle would be there.

You see, I was in a movie, Secret Love, with her in 2000 or 2001 (gosh, I old that I can't remember the year). Cliff, Rebecca, Kathleen (from Belgium) and I were all in one scene with her. The 5 of us had a blast together as we acted in various locations at Gallaudet and in Georgetown. It was really interesting. The 4 of us using ASL, Emmanuelle using LSF, an interpreter, a German director, a Swiss or Swedish producer all working together. Even though we were all using different languages, we were able to understand each other and complete what we were supposed to do.

After the last shot, in Georgetown (this shot was cut), we all congratulated each other. After everything was done, all the crew members (all Europeans) brought out beer and starting drinking in public. The 4 of us were like...no, no, no, it's against the law to drink in public. The Europeans were like...just drink and stop being obvious. So, the 4 of us looked at each other and grabbed a beer for ourselves. Yet, we couldn't help but look around. After a few gulps of beer, we were able to relax and have a good time.

After that, it was about almost a year later when this film was shown in film festivals across America and Canada. KT and I got to watch it. (Kathleen and I were the only ones, in the film, to have watched it. Rebecca and Cliff both missed it.) I'll tell you...it's a good movie. The humor in it was pretty good! There were other Deafies featured in there as well, such as fellow ASP bro, Jerry Claus and I believe another bro was in there as well, William Windhorn.

Anyways, it was good to see her once again, yesterday. She remembered me and gave me a hug. Saw her again with Kathleen today. She is really a humble actress and emits such beauty around her.

She gave a really good lecture today about the book she wrote, Cry of the Gull (shown at beginning of this entry). She used a mixture of ASL, LSF and international signs (just to clarify for non-signers...signs is not universal!) OMG! You must must see me so I can show you her sign for Bush. I know that Ridor would just absolutely love it! I think just about the whole audience laughed when she showed us her sign for Bush. Hilarious!

After her lecture, Kathleen and I both went up to her to ask if her films, especially Secret Love, would be distributed in America. Finances was the biggest reason. Shucks! I'd love to own a copy of it.

I was talking to Dr. Dirksen Bauman about the film. He mentioned that maybe we could invite the director to America and open up the possibility to distribute Emmanuelle's films in America. Wouldn't that be lovely?!?! Also, RIT will be hosting a Deaf film festival in March 2005. There is a possibility that Secret Love will be shown there. Oh, I MUST MUST go! Terrylene will be there as well, another American Deaf actress.

She's been in 9 films. She was in the French version of the Children of the Lesser God film. She's also well known for appearance in Beyond Silence.

There's not a site that has her biography or filmography, other than just listing Beyond Silence. How disappointing! However, she did give us a website of a theatre company, International Visual Theatre, that she has been heavily involved with.

Hmm, am I having a fan crush on her? Well, I am a fag! *snap*

P.S.- The photo of her in the book doesn't do her justice. She is just really beautiful!


Thursday, November 04, 2004


A Deaf blogger said that we should stop dwelling about the recent election and move on. While I understand that there's been some political drama among the Deafies, we should move on. However, for some of us, the result of Baby Bush's second term as President has a deeper impact. Cwome and Tim have written an awesome entry in their blogs and I hope they don't mind me adding their links here.

Elizabeth Edwards, wife of John Edwards, has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. I just simply hope that she will fight and win this battle, along with the help of her family.


Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Stupid Prank! 

Whoa! On Monday, November 1st, someone or a group of students/people stole a painting of Linwood Smith (1943-1982) from the Student Academic Center building at Gallaudet University.

Linwood Smith was a prominent Deaf Black leader who has contributed a lot to the Deaf-World. However, he was met with a sudden death.

The painting was donated by Linwood's brother, Elwood Miles.

Nice of Dr. I. King Jordan to allow the painting to be returned, unharmed, by midnight of Thursday, November 4th and there will be punishment meted and no questions asked. After that, it will be treated as a felony.

Like I said...stupid prank! If I were Dr. IKJ, I'd be hellbent to find out who took it and then make them persona non grata forever!


Gina of The Swan... 

A commenter asked me if I knew whether or not if the episode, featuring Gina, will be re-broadcasted.

I looked up The Swan online and couldn't find any information. However, I did click on Recap to read up about what happened with Gina.

It was interesting to read that while Gina was recovering from her surgeries and working out, she received a phone call (or was it an email?) that a hurricane had hit her relatives' homes (obviously Florida). Gina was so worried about her family that they had Merline (from Season One) come over and comfort her. The reason was that Merline is a CODA (Children of Deaf Adults) herself. Small world, eh?

Anyways, I do hope that this particular episode will be re-aired.


4 More Long Years... 

According to the Washington Post, Kerry conceded and Bush has won a second term as President.

Kerry will make a public announcement at 1. Bush will make a victory appearance at 3.



Discriminating Still... 

It's disappointing to read that 11 states have voted on a ban against gay marriages. I think the majority of the GLBTiQ communities were shocked of Oregon's vote for the ban, despite the fact that over 3,000 gays were married in that state.

Yes, I know that not all gays have dreamed or ever desired to get married. However, we should have that option available to us if we should ever choose to pursue it. It's just so idiotic of one Deafie to be bragging about how happy "the tribe" (whatever!) has spoken on this issue. He just doesn't get it. Oh, that's right...he's straight and he can marry just about any woman he wants. Of course he doesn't give a shit to those different than him.

While this is disappointing for the rainbow communities, it should motivates us all to work and lobby harder together to ensure that we'll have equal rights as with the rest of the nation. 11 states may have voted on the ban, yet we still have the other 39 states to work with. Perhaps, someday, maybe in our lifetime, this ban will be lifted.


Thumbs Twiddling... 

So...the nation has to wait...to see who is the next President. We're all just looking at Ohio. According to CNN.com, Ohio declared that it would take 11 days before they will be able to tally all the votes. 11 days?!?!

Toby mentioned in his blog that we will probably not know until January. January?!?

I agree with Tate that election is starting to be a drag. It used to be exciting to find out the results on the night of the election day. It seems that it will be a new thing that it will be a few days after election to announce who is the next President.

I hope that CK is right that we would find out by Thursday.


I was reading some of the Xanga blogs yesterday and couldn't believe that I missed the episode of The Swan that had the deaf contestant. Apparently (keep in mind that I'm just gathering what information I read from the blogs) Gina can sign and so can her husband. However, it seemed that she preferred to talk on the show than sign. Apparently, her speech wasn't clear and the show had to add subtitles. That alone is open to many interpretations...

However, it seemed that Gina has been advanced to the Swan Pagaent.

ta ta for now...


Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Election Day... 

KT and I voted this morning. So nice of work to give us 2 hours of administrative leave so we can all go out and vote.

We got up this morning and got ready for the day. I had to use MapQuest because I wasn't familiar with this place that we had to go and vote. This is our first time to vote in Maryland. It turned out that it was at an elementary school about 4 or 5 blocks from our house.

So we got there and the line wasn't too bad. Anyways, KT and I were in line and chatting and reading over some materials that people were passing out in regards to candidates. There was a woman there that was passing out these materials. She was excited to see us both. She has a Deaf daughter that attends MSD in Frederick. Friendly woman.

Anyways, there was an announcement the people around us were helping us out. The lines were broken down according to last names. So, I got to move to another line. However, I must've been in the wrong line because there was this one lady, "who was like what are you doing here?" I could hear her talking to me but I just ignored her. The people around us told her that I was Deaf. Then, the lady in front of me grabbed my hand and led me to another line. (I was thinking, oh no no no, don't you lead me away like I'm retarded.) I decided to not say anything because I wanted to see what would happen. Somehow, after the lady led me to the other line, people were talking and the voting volunteers heard about it. So, I was called up to the front, had my name checked off and sent in line to vote.

Then, I was done. Ta-da! (Totally liked the electronic ballot than the one with chads.)

While that was all great to be in and out of line in the span of about 20 minutes, however, it was a different story for KT. I ended up waiting for him outside for like another 20 minutes, if not more. However, I can't complain because the weather is just beautiful outside! I was just soaking up the sunrays and inhaling the fresh air.

So, tonight, I'm sure we'll all be glued to the tv and waiting, with anticipation, to see who has won the election. Well, that is if none of the states has problems with the votes, like Florida. Anyways, we shall soon know...

ta ta...


Monday, November 01, 2004

Including Today... 

...55 more days til Christmas! Time to write out a list of who to buy gifts for and wrap them up or mail them out. It's bargain hunting time!


Since Last Week... 

Ugh! Don't you just feel BLOATED after pigging out on candies?!? I'm swearing off candies...well...at least until Christmas. So, if you see me grabbing or holding some candies, smack it out of my hands. If you see me popping in some, then do the Hemlich manuever.

Wow. It's been a week since I last blogged. Had a busy week with readings, projects and a mandatory appearance to a lecture. There was a day, I believe last week Thursday, I was sooo bone tired that I was on the verge of crying. I don't know if you've ever experience that kind of tiredness. I told KT that I didn't wanna do a thing during the weekend.

Anyways, went grocery shopping and cleaned up the house on Friday night so I would have more time to myself over the weekend.

Cliff, Rosey, KT and I were supposed to go see The Grudge on Saturday afternoon but seemed that there was some slight miscommunication, or rather lack of access to communication. So, KT and I went shopping for furniture. We bought some things for the house. We finally got a painting for the living room. It was hard to find a painting that both of us liked. So, we got it and hung it up.

After that, KT dropped me off at home and then he went to Target. When he came back, he bought a smaller painting to accompany the big one. So, the living room is finally starting to look good. He also got me a strawberry frappuccino. Awww! He's so thoughtful! *woof, woof*

Shortly after that, Berna, Rosey and Cliff came over. We played Idiot and Scruples. After that, we were gonna watch Day After Tomorrow but I hadn't realized that it was already 1 in the morning! We had to go to sleep so we could get up and do our homework for the week.

Well, Sunday came and it was just so nice to sleep in! (The same for Saturday.) Around noon, we get to pick up the mirror that we also bought along the painting. We had to borrow the van from Jon so we could transport the mirror. It's a BIG mirror for the dining room. We stopped at Target to buy a VCR. That way we don't have to keep going to the lab at Gallaudet to watch ASL videos for our homework/research. Anyways, we got it and brought it home and returned the van. Well, when we opened the box to pull out the mirror, it turned out that it was the wrong one. Grr!

Well, we just left it alone cuz my football game (Houston Texans) was on. Then, KT's football game was on next (Denver Broncos). However, in the middle of his game, KT decided that we should go back to the furniture store and get the right one because we didn't want the mirror to be left on the floor for a week. So, we got the van and returned to the store. Switched mirrors and came back. Opened the box and discovered that there's no hanging wire with it. Grr! So, we'll have to buy one sometimes this week.

Speaking of football, the Greenbay Packers won against the Washington Redskins. Does that mean that Kerry will win the election? See see...

Jon came over to hang out and then we watched Day After Tomorrow.
About halfway through the movie, we were all just tired. We realized it was the time change. Anyways, the movie was good. Imagine if it really happened?!? Just what would you do?!?

Well, tonight I gotta look for my voter's registration card. I gotta get up early and get in line to vote. Read an article this morning that there is a shortage of poll volunteers. 500,000! So, lines are bound to be longer and slower. Volunteers are bound to be cranky, especially towards the end of the day. So, it's best to get it over with in the morning. I believe polls are open from 7am to 7pm.
It is also said that bad weather does deter voters from going to the polls, such as snow and ice. Voters, don't give up! Come prepared!

ta ta for now...