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Monday, January 31, 2005

Keeping the Family Together... 

Thanks to Ridor who provided the link for the news below.

Imagine being told, by the court, that you could not live with your partner. Imagine having to move out and live in your own place, while your partner is by himself, raising a child from a previous marriage.

Imagine the relief that a court from another state has ruled the aforementioned situation as unconstitutional. Imagine being able to rejoin your partner and son.

That's what happened to Ulf and Blaise. I wish them all the luck they can get, while the ex-wife will be filing an appeal.

It is interesting to note that there was not one mention that both partners are Deaf.


Pass the Popcorn Over Here, Please... 

Despite the fact that KT and I had read a lot in preparation for classes, we were able to watch some movies over the weekend.

Cellular, starring Kim Basinger, is a good thriller to keep you on the edge of your seat. Just what would you do if you were kidnapped and were told that harm would come to you and your family if you did not reveal where "it" is hidden? The problem is that you have no friggin' idea what "it" is supposed to be. Anyways, you just gotta check it out!

AVP was awesome! Of course, I could be biased here. I loved the Aliens and Predator movies. I've even read some Aliens and Predator and Aliens vs. Predator books. Yeah, I know, I'm a dork. Shaddup! Anyways, I enjoyed it. If you like sci-fi movies, involving aliens and that sort of thing, then check it out!

Catwoman was not good. There was just too much computer generated effects that ruined integrity of the movie.


While on the subject of movies, there were a couple of others that we saw, not too long ago.

If you're in the mood to see a fucked up movie, then Bark! is the one to see. Totally whacked!

Boat Trip was ok. With an effort to help his friend to get out of his depression, he accidently signed up himself and his friend on a gay cruise. Some scenes in this movie were just plain cheesy!


I'm still watching this movie. It's a long movie so I haven't finished it. So far, it's been good and I can't wait to eventually finish it! (It reminds me a lot of Dances With Wolves, starring Kevin Costner.)


Friday, January 28, 2005

For Clitch... 



Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Gross But a Fact of Life... 

Some days, do you ever feel like you're nothing but a shit machine? All you do is shit, shit and shit. In fact, you might feel like the bathroom should be the living room instead.

You might feel like you've barely eaten anything and yet, you're shitting like your body has been holding 5 days worth. Sometimes, when you've shit so much, you feel like you've literally lost 20 pounds or so. So, you get on the scale, nope, same weight.

"You're so full of shit" brings a new meaning to me.

ta ta...


Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Textbooks Getting Expensive! 

Collegiate Virginians are urging the General Assembly to pass a legislation that will regulate the climbing costs of textbooks. Virginian students are averaging $817 a semester on textbooks. Yikes!

KT and I spent over $500 on books. Thank God we just happen to be studying the same field and can share books. Otherwise, we'd be spending over a grand for our books.

And the buy-backs are a rip-off!!!


Never Happen to Deafies, Right? 

Excessive Text Messaging = Tendonitis


Monday, January 24, 2005

Caps on Grades... 

HUH? Universities are placing caps on grades, particularly A's. Princeton will only allow 35% of a class to receive an A.

Hmm, I'm not so sure I'm in favor of this. I mean, yeah, students should want a high GPA. But putting a cap on A's, especially if they've done the work and have shown exceptional work, is putting additional stress on students.

Whadda think?



On MLK Day, Manny, Merritt, KT and I drove up to Arundel Mills and watched Blade: Trinity.

At first, I thought...oh no, not again. We all sat down and the captions wasn't working. No only that, but the wrong movie! They were playing Phantom of the Opera. Merritt got up and, I think, bitched out at the manager. So, the movie was stopped and the right one was played.

KT and I liked it. Manny and Merritt thought it was corny in some areas. However, they had a woody for Dominic Purcell, who played Drake.

I dunno. I guess he is cute but too muscular for me.


KT's Surprise Birthday... 

I know, I know! I'm behind on blogging.

Last week Sunday was KT's 29th birthday. Prior to that, I wanted to give him a surprise party. However, due to KT's propensity to analyze everything, I knew it would be a challenge. So, I sent out Evites to his friends 3 weeks prior and told them to lie like the devil if KT should ever question anything.

The weekend before KT's birthday, Manny, Cliff, Merritt, Jessy, Jonelle, KT and I met at Halo. It was kinda like a belated NYE gathering because we were all at different places on NYE. So, we decided to get together and catch up. It was our (KT and me) first time at Halo and I have to say that I really like that bar. Smoking banned in there is a plus. Merritt recommended the blueberry mojito and it was oh so good! (They actually mash up the blueberries and mint leaves and mix them into the drink.)
Anyways, KT had asked Manny what he was doing on his particular birth-day. Manny was like "sorry, I have to work and rest up" and similar bullshit. I had to look away because I knew that if Manny looked at me, I would be laughing, which would have clued KT.

It was around this time that KT told me that he did not want to have a surprise party because it was not his thing. I'm thinking...too late!

Then, the night before his birthday, Jon came over with Krista for a short visit. At the end of the visit, KT asked if we could borrow his van, to drop my bike off at a repair shop. Of course, Jon needed the van to get people over to the restaurant where the surprise will take place. It was so funny watching Jon make up lies on the spot. Krista and I were like restraining ourselves from laughing. I had to jump in and take KT's attention away from Jon and tell him that it was alright if we didn't drop off my bike.
However, that didn't satisfy KT. KT went back to asking Jon some more questions. When I had jumped in, it bought Jon a little time to come up with some more lies. So, Jon came up with this lie that he needed the van because he was taking his kids and their friends to Chuck E. Cheese for lunch and playtime. What bothered KT about this was that it was gonna take place 1 hour before Jon's football team (Vikings) were gonna play. (Jon and KT must watch football, especially if their respective team is playing.) So, KT found it odd that Jon was willing to go out to CEC and miss some of the game.

The night before KT's birthday, I'm wide awake in bed, tossing and turning. I kept thinking what KT said about not wanting a surprise party. KT isn't a spotlight lover like I am (typical of a Leo). So I was like questioning myself if I should go along with a surprise party. I was actually sweating and nervous. Finally, I told myself, if I get in trouble, then so be it but I actually think he might enjoy it. Of course, I told myself this will be like the last surprise party for KT because then KT will remember all these strange behaviors and talks from his friends.

On the morning of KT's birthday, KT woke up and told me that he was still bothered by Jon. So, I had to produce another lie. I told him that the reason Jon was nervous was because I was taking him to his place for dinner. It wasn't exactly a surprise but that I had told them that they didn't necessarily have to tell you. Well, it seemed that KT bought that.

Anyways, we got dressed and took off to go out to eat for lunch. I'm driving and KT is asking all kinds of questions, like where are we going to eat at. We're on this 2 week thing with the South Beach diet to get rid of the water weight. So, he was concerned where we were going to eat. I told him not to worry because I had went there the day before to negotiate the menu selections for those on the low-carb diets. That seems to satisfy him. What even helped me was that Manny and Krista were IM'ing him on his pager to distract him. Krista was acting like she really was at CEC. Manny was talking about this huge sale at IKEA. I just had to turn away to hide my smirks.

We get to Tia's and I parked in an area that we never park before. (KT said that was his first clue that something was up. Dammit! However, I had to park there because I realized that I hadn't communicated to Jon to park elsewhere so that KT wouldn't recognize his van.) So, we get out and walk to the restaurant. I'm walking slightly faster than KT and I see Jon's van on the other side of the restaurant. I'm thinking...shit! However, I saw on the reflection of the entrance door that behind me KT is busy chatting on his pager. So, I allowed him to chat until he got to the door. And then, I led him to the group. Surprise!

KT's first reaction was that he was red in the face. LOL (He had told me that when he suspected something was up, he expected maybe 5 or 6 people but instead there were 24 people. I told him that there could have been about 8 more but they couldn't make it.) After we "sang" to KT for his birthday, I told everyone that it would be the last day anyone would see me alive because KT is gonna kill me after the party. LOL KT said he really was surprised and that I was successful. Yes!

Anyways, KT had a wonderful time, along with his friends. Afterwards, everyone left to Jon's house for a gathering. Manny, Terese, KT and I stayed behind to catch up on news. Then, KT and I headed over to Jon's to hang out all night. We had a great time that we had to start our 2 week diet all over again. But it was worth it!

I told him that the reason I did it was because if he was 30, then he would've expected a surprise party or something. So, I thought 29 would be a good one to have a surprise party to throw him off.

KT got his bike that he's been wanting for some time! So, we're just both waiting for warm weather before we'll ride our bikes.


Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Check it out.



Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Friday night, KT and I headed out to see Elektra, after work. We were a bit apprehensive because of our 2 previous experience at the movies. I had blogged a couple of times where we would go to the movies, that were supposed to be captioned via rear window, and then there would be no captions when the movies started. (Although we ended up getting free movies passes.) We realized that problems occurred on opening nights. KT said that if it happened with Elektra, then we know to never again go on opening nights of the movies. However, it worked!

Anyways, Elektra was good! I was impressed. (Of course, I'm not that hard to please.) I love to watch superhero movies because I grew up reading and collecting comic books. However, I'll have to admit that not all superhero movies are good because the plot or the costumes usually come out corny.

Anyways, if you're in the mood for an action movie, check out Elektra!

ta ta...

Oh, before I forget...Fantastic Four is coming out on 4th of July. Although, I'm not a fan of the FF, the previews look pretty good that I might actually check it out.


Friday, January 14, 2005


You ever do something and then realized that you're a weird person?

Perhaps you have a certain behavioral pattern that just simply cannot be explained.

Maybe you cook something, like in a microwave, in intervals of minutes, instead of the whole full time, just simply because.

Or maybe you say some humorous stuff and yet you're the only one that's laughing at your own joke, among friends or whomever.

Or maybe you catch yourself talking/venting to yourself and look around to make sure no one caught you.

Or you hold stock in a certain superstition, despite the raised eyebrows from others.

Or you yell/sing out words out of the blue.

Or maybe you'll do some outrageous dances/moves in the dark when no one is around.

Or maybe you can relate almost 100% (if not totally) with that anal-retentive/OCD detective from The Monk.

Anyways, my question was that do you ever catch yourself in a moment, after doing something or whatever, and gasped "I'm so weird sometimes"?

Yeah? Me too.

No? Well, good for you! Pfffft!


Thursday, January 13, 2005

Stolen From Others... 

Here are a few stories that I've read from other blogs...

Awesome For Deafies

I got this from Meryl's blog. AOL and MCI have partnered to provide a unique service for Deafies. You can now get your own relay number instead of having to explain the whole relay process to hearies. People will call your number and the relay operator will relay the messages to your AIM and vice versa.

He's Slick, Isn't He?

The Bush Administration wants D.C. to pay for the Inauguration. Bush wants D.C. to pay for it with their homeland security funds, which they have received from Homeland Security for...duh!...security, not the inauguration. The reason D.C. was getting money from HS is because it is a high target for terrorism and else.

Christian Group Charged With Hate Crime

Christian activists are being charged with hate crime because they protested at a gay and lesbian rally in Philadelphia. They can face up to 47 years in prison, if found guilty. I believe this is unprecedented. If convicted, this will surely impact the future of protesting.

(Got the last 2 links from Amanita.)


Who Knew?!? 

Last night, KT and I were getting our weekly dose of Law & Order. Towards the end of the show, Serena (Elisabeth Rohm) was called into Branch's office. She was being fired because of her different legal stance on certain cases. She asked "is this because I'm a lesbian?" Branch assured that was not the reason.

KT and I were like...whoa, did we miss anything from the previous shows?

Did anyone else see that?

Elisabeth Rohm left the show to pursue other acting opportunities. Annie Parisse ("National Treasure") will replace her next week.


Wednesday, January 12, 2005

I Cannot Wait! 

I was browsing through Amazon to see if there was anything else to add to my WishList and I'm so excited!!!!

The DVD's to Wonder Woman, Season 2 will be released on March 1, 2005!

Ok, it's spinning time!



Gay Games Will Have Terps... 

I got the infomation below from CMRA...

News Release 29 December 2004
Contact: Kevin G. Boyer (773) 907-2006, kgboyer@ix.netcom.com

Gay Games® Chicago Signs Sponsorship
Deal For Sign Language Interpretation
Gay and Deaf-Owned Firm to Coordinate International Sign Interpretation in 2006

Chicago, IL - Chicago-based Deaf Communication by Innovation (DCI), a gay-owned and deaf-owned company, will coordinate International Sign interpreters for the 2006 Gay Games in Chicago. In a sponsorship agreement valued at almost US$90,000, DCI will oversee daytime and evening sign language interpretation for deaf and hard-of-hearing athletes, artists and fans attending the Gay Games VII Sports and Cultural Festival. The arrangement includes interpreter training in international sign language skills to ensure that deaf and hard-of-hearing people from all countries will be able to participate fully at the Gay Games.

DCI representatives will also attend the Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf (RAD), an international deaf LGBT conference, and the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID), a national conference for sign language interpreters, on behalf of Gay Games Chicago. DCI will sponsor various social events for the deaf and hard-of-hearing community during the Gay Games.

Raymond Rodgers, the President and majority owner of DCI, served as a volunteer international sign interpreter at Gay Games V in Amsterdam, where he gained extensive experience in all aspects of interpreting in an international environment. Rodgers has been an active member of the Gay Games VII Marketing Committee since Chicago was awarded the Gay Games and has helped to ensure that the large LGBT deaf/hard-of-hearing community in Chicago is well-represented at all stages of planning for Gay Games VII. For more information about DCI, visit http://www.deafcomm.net.

"Deaf Communication by Innovation is extremely proud to be the exclusive sign interpreting services provider for Gay Games VII, said Raymond Rodgers. We will do our best to do great work for a great cause."

We are extremely grateful to Raymond Rodgers and the staff at DCI for this generous contribution, said Tracy Baim, Chicago Games, Inc. (CGI) Fundraising Committee Co-Chair. Inclusion is one of the key values of the Gay Games. This arrangement should send a clear message to the worldwide deaf and hard of hearing community that they will be welcome with open arms at the 2006 Gay Games. Baim worked with CGI board members Roberto Tijerina and Amelia Lopez to secure the sponsorship.

About Deaf Communication by Innovation (DCI)
DCI is a deaf-owned and operated business created to improve communication between deaf* and hearing people through advanced technology. Although technology often provides the most expeditious means of communication, DCI also works hard to maintain a personal relationship with customers, interpreters and the deaf individuals they serve. Their Interpreting Service matches qualified interpreters with assignments via the Internet, http://www.deafcomm.net. Because it is web based, the service allows 24/7 access to both customers and interpreters, and permits fast, accurate and convenient scheduling and reporting. DCI's Multimedia Service can assist with presentations, film production, consulting, marketing strategies and web design, all geared toward the Deaf community.

*refers to Deaf, Deaf-Blind, Hard of Hearing, Hearing Impaired, Late Deafened and People with Hearing Loss

About Gay Games VII
Gay Games VII Sports and Cultural Festival will take place 15-22 July 2006. Over 12,000 athletes from more than 100 countries will compete in 30 sports ranging from softball to dancesport, swimming to tennis. The weeklong event will include band, cheerleading and color guard performances, chorus, an ancillary arts festival, and a series of community-organized social events and parties. The opening ceremony is scheduled for 15 July at Soldier Field, the lakefront home stadium of American-style football's Chicago Bears. Closing ceremony will be 22 July at Wrigley Field, the home of Major League Baseball's Chicago Cubs, located in the heart of Chicago's largest LGBT neighborhood. Athletes and artists can register now for Gay Games VII and receive early registration discounts at GayGamesChicago.org. Early sponsors of Gay Games VII include PlanetOut/Gay.com, Genre Magazine, Girlfriends Magazine, and Windy City Media Group plus more than 30 business sponsors.

Registration for Gay Games VII is now open at http://www.gaygameschicago.org.

About The Gay Games
The Gay Games was conceived by Dr. Tom Waddell, an Olympic decathlete, and was first held in San Francisco in 1982 with 1,350 participants. Subsequent Gay Games have been held in San Francisco (1986; 3,500 participants), Vancouver (1990; 7,300 participants), New York (1994; 12,500 participants), Amsterdam (1998; 13,000 participants), and Sydney (2002; 11,000 participants).

The Federation of Gay Games is the international governing body that perpetuates the quadrennial Gay Games and promotes the event's founding principles of Participation, Inclusion, and Personal Best. For more information, visit GayGames.org.

Chicago Games, Inc. is the host of Gay Games VII and is led by experienced civic leaders from Chicago's business, sports and non-profit sectors. For information about how to sponsor or participate in Gay Games VII in Chicago, visit www.GayGamesChicago.org, e-mail info@GayGamesChicago.org, or phone (773) 907-2006.


Gay Games® is a registered trademark of the Federation of Gay Games.
Chicago Games, Inc - 5443 N. Broadway, Suite 101, Chicago, IL 60640
773.907.2006 GayGamesChicago.org info@GayGamesChicago.org

DEADLINE - 31 December 2004
Early Registration for Gay Games VII Ends on Friday, 31 December 2004.
Save US$50 by registering early.


Gay Games VII Sports and Cultural Festival
15-22 July 2006 - Chicago USA


Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Vee Vee! 

Like LiveJournal, seems that Xanga is now offering its subscribers "restricted entry" to readers.

Something must've happened to one of the Xanga'ers because it's like almost everyone is restricting entry to their blogs (the Deafies, that is). Most of them are proclaiming "due to their profession" as the reason for the restriction.

Oh darn! I don't know many of them personally. Some of them I had seen around campus but never officially met. Some of their blogs were interesting. Oh well...



Like Meryl and Davynin, I also got an email, a couple of days ago, from DeafPassions requesting if I could put up a link to their site.

Since I'm feeling nice today...

If you're looking for that special someone, check out DeafPassions.com.


DPHH's New Site... 

DC DPHH has moved to a new site, DeafDC.com. It looks nice. The site will be giving updated information for the next DPHH gathering, each month. It will also be the "homesite" for DC Association of the Deaf (DCAD). Several other links will be added to the site. Check it out whenever you can!


Friday, January 07, 2005

Open Water 

Ok, seems everyone LOVES this movie, Open Water. KT and I borrowed the DVD from a friend and watched it last week. After the movie, we were like...WTF?!? We wasted almost 2 hours on this movie and for what? Nothing. Seriously, we just didn't see what the big deal was about this movie.


Wanna Scream With Me? 

I know it's Friday and we're all supposed to be in a good mood or whatever. But I just have to rant. Why the $^&*$$%$#!!#$#@^^&+^$$&&^%$ do people walk so *(%&(*^%%$^##&@*()#%$%$!&%^$ slow at the Metro?!?!? I felt like being mischievious such as squeezing myself between two people by getting my elbow in and push off one person to the side and get myself ahead. But no, I'm such a nice boy and I just stayed behind their slow asses and mumbled expletives.


Thursday, January 06, 2005

Dear Abby, Once Again... 

Read this particular entry from Dear Abby (I believe for today) that I read from Meryl's blog.

DEAR ABBY: A professional nanny in Ohio agonized over whether to tell the mother of twins in her care that one of them might be hearing-impaired. You advised her to notify the mother immediately, and that the children’s pediatrician should be told during their next scheduled visit.

I am a pediatrician and a trustee at the Clarke School for the Deaf in Massachusetts. Although I agree with your advice to speak to the infant’s mother, please let your readers know that there is some urgency involved. Infants should be screened at birth. If deaf infants receive hearing aids and appropriate therapy before 6 months of age, they have a good chance at normal speech and language development.

After 1 year of age, the chances for normal development begin to diminish. If any caregiver suspects hearing loss in an infant, that child’s hearing should be tested as soon as possible.

Concerned Pediatrician, Northampton, Mass.

DEAR CONCERNED: Thank you for your informative letter. I was not aware that the timing was critical. Read on:

DEAR ABBY: I am the mother of two hearing-impaired children. I have struggled to get our government representatives to understand the value of early detection and push to make it a law for all newborns to be tested. Hearing impairment can be detected while the child is still in the womb, and Crib-o-Grams can detect the impairment before the child leaves the hospital. - Been There, Done That in Michigan

DEAR B.T.D.T.: I’m sure many parents will be interested to know that prenatal testing can be done. Thank you.

I'm all in favor of early detection but hey, let's not forget the other side. Why is it that we must be concerned for the child's ability to have normal speech? Why not look at Plan A and Plan B? Plan A for early detection to put the child in speech therapy and fit the child with a hearing aid. (At this point, I cannot support cochlear implants in children. I believe that option should be reserved for adolescents and onward.) Plan B for encouraging the parents learn signs so that the child will normal language acquisition and not be left out in conversations and such. Because you know, not EVERY deaf child will have some hearing senses.

There are some Deaf people, who truly hate speech therapy and "helping aids" because they do NOT WORK at all for them. They have no feelings in the ear, even if they're standing next to the blaring speakers. If they cannot hear that, even with a "helping aid", then what's the friggin' point of making them learn to pronounce sounds or utter words?!?! No wonder they hate it!

Now for those that have little or some hearing, then that is a different story. I understand that the parents do not want the deaf child to be marginalized and be a part of the majority. However, that just doesn't really work that way. Ella Mae Lentz, a well-known Deaf poet, said it best in a poem of hers, which I cannot remember the title. (KT? Help!) Simply that the deaf child is the parents' and all that but really that deaf child will eventually grow up and be a member of our people.

"Hearing-impaired"...ugh, don't get me started on that! People think that this is the P.C. word for Deaf people but it's really an insult. Just call us Deaf!

Keep in mind that this is all in a nutshell. I know there are bigger issues than presented here.


Wednesday, January 05, 2005


For the next few days, I'll be eliminating some "dead" links and changing the colors/formats on my blog. I gues some people just can't keep up with blogging or just don't have the time for it.


A Little Bad News for Kekua and Others... 

Yesterday, while I was waiting for KT to meet me in the lobby to join me on a short trip to the bank, I was reading this short article in Business Week (12/04).

A publishing company has determined that they will not be printing a paperback edition of The Da Vinci Code, by Dan Brown, anytime soon. At least, not in the United States. However, the paperback editions are available elsewhere, such as England and China. So, you'll have to order one from them.

The funny thing is that the paperbacks are being printed here in the US, but just simply distributed in other countries.

Hardback books are usually reprinted in paperbacks after a year of the initial release. The Da Vinci Code was released in March of '03. To this day, it's still a popular book. That might be the reason for not wanting to go paperback. Perhaps when they see that sales are dwindling on the hardbacks, they'll convert to paperbacks.

So, Kekua get online and order one from Asia.

ta ta...



TivoToGo now allows subscribers to transfer their recorded programs from the TV to their laptop, without having to be stuck in the living room.

Tivo Press Release

How cool is that?!


Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Fresh Start... 

Ah, my first blog entry for 2005.

I had a long weekend off from work. KT and I were off from work on Friday. Then, of course the weekend. And then, I was off from work on Monday. Really, really nice to get some time away from work and other stuff.

Friday night, we were gonna go out to Halo and celebrate New Year's but found out that everyone was going to someone's house in Columbia for a house party. So, we just headed over to Jon's for a little gathering.

Saturday was a productive day for both of us. We went to Best Buy and got a new refrigerator, which was delivered on Monday. Went to Home Depot and Lowe's to buy a lint trap for the washer, hangers (from all those clothes we got for Christmas), a towel holder for the bathroom, krazy-glue for the glass door that keeps falling off from the entertainment center, and a ceiling fan for the guest room, etc. We were so tempted to buy some furniture there for the house, but had to reinforced each other to hold them off until later.

Sunday was spent relaxing. A frat brother of mine, Chris, had paged me and asked if he could stay at my place for the night before going to Gallaudet to work before school resumes. Sure! So, I picked him up from DCA and brought him over. We had a good time catching up on news and just relaxing.

Monday, I just dropped off KT for work and dropped off Chris at Gally. While at Gally, paid off bills from last semester for both me and KT. Needed a signature from one of the teachers before I can register all my classes but she wasn't there. Will try that next week, when I'm off.

Came home, took a bubble bath. That felt so good, to just relax and read my book in the bathtub. Received the new fridge from Best Buy. And then I finished my book by Patricia Cornwell. Pretty good. You could have to start with the whole series or you'd be lost if you jumped into this book.

Now, I'm reading this...

I call these kinds of books...mellow books. Nothing like mysteries, thrillers, sci-fi's or whatever, just a fictional book about a few characters in a small town, usually, and just trying to find a meaning in life or whatever. So far, really good.

KT went to Urban Outfitters and got a painting for the bathroom. It looks really cute. I'll try to remember to take a pic and post it on here. I think for now, the bathroom is complete. We were just discussing recently what is next on our list that we'd like to get done in or around the house. I think we'll be working on removing the carpet from the living room and dining room. Underneath the carpet is hardwood floor, in really good condition. We just need to buff it and then buy some borders for the edge of the floor. We're really looking forward to have such a beautiful floor for the 2 rooms. We still cannot believe people would want to cover them up!

Well, 2005 is here, believe it or not! Like others, one of my goals is to seriously lose weight. I know that I'm older and therefore will be not quite so easy to lose those stubborn pounds. However, I know I can do it. KT and I really love the new metro station near Gallaudet and we're determined to walk from there to the school instead of taking the shuttle at Union Station. Not much but hey, any little forms of exercise is better than nothing.

It had been a tough year since my mother passed away. Friends around me are forever supportive. KT has been there for me through the whole time and having him by my side really helps me deal with this whole thing. Knowing that I'll never forget Mom, however, I look forward to a new year, new goals, new memories, of course with KT along!

I do wish everyone a fresh start into the new year.


ta ta...