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Thursday, November 30, 2006


Whooo, lawdy! I've been so lazy with my blog. Seriously, I need to get back to blogging.

It's just that these days I just feel like I don't have enough time to write up a post. Yet, I'll read a blog here and there.

Be back soon!


Monday, November 20, 2006

Nice Weekend 

Last weekend was really nice.

Friday night was the monthly Deaf GLBT coffee social in Capitol Hill. We had about 30 people show up. Give or take. I had expected a small number since we're in the holiday season.

As always, it was good catching up on news with friends and acquaintances.

Oh oh, before the coffee social, I went to Gallaudet to see an old friend of mine, Natasha. Natasha and I remained close friends since we both enrolled Gallaudet at the same time in '98. She left after 2 years. Nonetheless, we've kept in touch. Anyways, she was in town with her boyfriend. So, it was good catching up with her.

Saturday was a good day. KT and I went to Gallaudet to watch a play, Tennessee Williams' Streetcar Named Desire.

While everyone raved about it, I had mixed feelings about it. First of all, it was interesting. However, it was long...3 hours. I enjoyed the first half than the second half. It could be that I was already thinking "hurry it up" by the time intermission was over.

Now, I've never seen Streetcar Named Desire before. I've heard so much about the "Stella!" part. Even Seinfeld did a parody of that particular part, which was hilarious. Anyways, the play was interesting because it was mixed with other characters which I believe were not part of Williams' play. These additional characters were related to Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead).

I've already spent like 30 minutes trying to think what else to say about the play. It has to be 2 things. Either that I know if I comment about the play, it'll be a LONG post or it could be that I'm at work and I got lots to do. It only seems that I got a lot to do because I'm only working one day this week. I'm off the rest of the week. Yay!

Moving on...

After the play, I treated Kevin out to Chinese in Chinatown at Tai Shan. Still love that place!

Afterwards, we headed over to Manny's place for Manny & Roy's art show. Their displays were just beautiful. I bought a piece from Manny.

This piece is titled "Vogue". If you're familiar with Manny's works, you'll know that he has created and sold Mava dolls, which KT & I have 2 of them. In "Vogue", you'll see a cut-out and images of Mava's. Can you see the cut-out Mava doing the Vogue dance? Cute, isn't it?

I had asked myself where I would display the works of Deaf artists. I decided that I would display them at work...to raise awareness. I have a poster print of Sander Blondeel's stained glass work. The actual stained glass currently hangs in the Kellogg Conference Center at Gallaudet. It's really beautiful.

Now, I have Manny's "Vogue". I'm waiting to get my copy of Muck's colorful photograph. Of course, I must get one of Roy's painting. I'm just waiting to see one that'll connect to me. There is one painting that I REALLY want and that is "Family Dog" by Susan Dupor.

Sunday, I met with Natasha again since we were satisfied with the limited amount of time that we spent on Friday. So, we had a good chat.

Afterwards, I had a meeting with CBASLTA.

Came home and vegged out.

Today, I'm just working and then teaching tonight. Then, I'm off for the week!!!

Well, ta ta for now.


Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Gays & PDA 

I love my Advocate magazines. I look forward to getting a new issue in my mailbox.

I just got a new issue but I wasn't finished the previous one. I was reading about this story where this gay couple were reprimanded for public display of affection while on the plane (American Airlines). I was like, where was I when this was happening?

Here's the link for the summary. I do encourage you to read the article.

Basically, this gay couple, in a new relationship, boarded an AA plane for NYC from Paris. They were holding hands and giving each other quick kisses. When the plane took off, Stephan Varnier, a writer, laid his head on the shoulder of George Tsikhiseli, a TV journalist.

A flight attendant came up to them and told them the purser wanted them to stop that.

The couple hailed the purser. The purser replied that she had said no such thing and that they were not out of order. The couple then proceeded to ask the purser if the flight attendant would've harrassed them if they had been a straight couple. The purser's demeanor immediately changed and left. She came back a few moments later and said that passengers had indeed been complaining about their behavior.

The couple then inquired the purser to indicate which passengers complained which she refused to provide. They asked for the flight attendant's name. Also refused. Then they asked for an AA representative to meet with them when they boarded, which was also refused.

The purser then told them if they did not behave, she would have the plane diverted back. 30 minutes later, the captain reaffirmed that if they didn't behave then they would divert back.

When the story came out, American Airlines defended their employees. Of course, why am I not surprised. Their defense was: “Our passengers need to recognize that they are in an environment with all ages, backgrounds, creeds, and races. We have an obligation to make as many of them feel as comfortable as possible.”

Ok, I've flown on planes many many times. I've seen straight couples making out and doing other forms of PDA. Does that give me the right to notify a flight attendant to complain that I'm not as comfortable as possible? I've seen and heard babies crying their heads off, just about the entire flight. Does that give me the right to push that button that'll summon the flight attendant and allow me to complain? Hey, I'm not as comfortable as possible and I expect to be. Do you see where I'm going with this? Do you see how silly that is? So, why is it ok for others to do it but certainly not ok for gays to do so?



Friday, November 10, 2006


It's been a while since I last blogged. When you're working 3 jobs and spend your free time going to meetings, you're bound not to see or read anything interesting.

So, what have I been doing since? Basically, other than working, just reading blogs. Since the Gallaudet/UFG protests, the number of Deaf bloggers have grown significantly. I've pretty much been going back and forth with DeafRead.com and DeafDC.com.

Right now, there's just a lot of negativity. I was right when I commented that I had a sinking feeling that there will be a lot of blaming, arguments, jeering and the like before we even think of moving on. Right now, there are a lot of "woulda, coulda, shoulda" redundant comments.

At this point, I'm like, we could all talk our heads/hands off about the Gallaudet administration, education and ASL proficiency issues until the day we die. And from the comments I've been reading, it seems that we may just be doing that. We can all talk about it. However, I believe we'll be more productive by doing something about it.

I guess at this stage, nothing is being done UNTIL we get the presidency filled in. Well, at least until we get an interim president. It just seems like we will all be blogging, commenting and talking about it until Gallaudet gets a president, a provost and a complete board of the Trustees before anyone does some serious action. Maybe it's a bad analogy but I feel like we're at this track field. We're all getting ready to run a race. We've positioned ourselves at "ready!" "set!". However, we've yet to hear the "go!". We're still at the "set" position...just waiting to go.

However, when we do get that go ahead, which aspects of Gallaudet will be addressed with urgency? Will we be fighting each other that this particular issue should be made priority? Can we all afford to "wait in line"?

Moving on...


Wanted to wish a belated Happy Birthday to Rosey! Of course, I didn't forget her birthday yesterday. Just wanted to blog it here though.

So, Happy Birthday, Roe!

Then, I wanna wish one to Barbie, a beloved friend of mine. She's still one crazy girl. Today is her birthday but her son is having surgery on his torn knee. So, she's spending her day at the hospital. Motherhood, eh? Nonetheless...

Happy Birthday, Barbie!


So, other than working, what else have I been doing? Really...nothing! Well, watching TV and movies.

Brothers & Sisters

OMG! I love that show! Sally Field cracks me up as the matriarch of the family. Brothers and sisters are all of various personalities. One is a political pundit in a television show. One is a gay lawyer. One is a president of the family's business, which is in trouble because their deceased father did something illegal. One is trying to get pregnant with his wife but realized that he is sterile. One just came back from the war and is dealing with it. Throw them all together along with the deceased father's mistress and you have drama!


I had read a book of the Dexter series before I heard about Showtime wanting to make a show out of it. Indeed, a show was formed with Michael C. Hall playing the lead character. So far, the show has been pretty good.

Dexter Morgan is a crime scene investigator, for the Miami police, with blood being his specialty. However, Dexter is a serial killer. Yet, he just doesn't kill anyone. He kills the bad people...like the pedophiles, pimps, wife beaters, etc. So...interesting.


I really like Heroes. I don't love it yet because there are some people with powers that are like whatever. Anyways, people across the world are discovering that they have mutant powers. Right now, the story is building up to save this cheerleader from something.

Cheerleader - seems to have an X-factor healing power (think Wolverine) as long as nothing is puntured in her at the moment. Her adoptive father is suspicious.

2 brothers - both can fly. One is a politician and is in denial of his power. The other brother seems not only can fly but maybe see the future through painting.

Painter - seems to be able to see the future by painting. However, he feels that he can only do so after injecting himself with heroin.

Japanese guy - is able to freeze time as well as time traveling.

Blonde mother - is a confusing character. At first, she seems to be such a naive single mother who is hiding from her criminal husband. However, whenever she looks in the mirror, she sees a different version of herself who has superstrength. (think She-Hulk or Rogue). Her husband can make himself intangible.

Cop - telepath. Seems like he might become FBI.


I've heard so many people talk about Ugly Betty. I haven't had the chance to watch it.


Last night, I think I saw a dead body.

I was driving home from Gallaudet from a meeting, with KT and BH in tow. My usual drive to home was blocked off by police. I believe there was an accident. So, we turned around to an alternative path. However, it was also blocked off. We had to take a detour. Well, when I made a turn, I could see a man lying still on the street. I could see a small puddle of blood by the body. I thought, I've just seen a dead body from afar.

All I could think was grief that the family would go through when informed by the police that their loved one was dead.

What was shocking to me was that people, in the neighborhood, were walking by and around like nothing happened. I mean, was that something usual and a reality in the neighborhood?

All I know was that it was freaky. I sure couldn't wait to drive home for safety.


Well, y'all have a great weekend! Ta ta...