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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Welcome to Gallaudet 

Deafies often encounter the phrase "welcome to Gallaudet" when they experience some frustation or inane explanations from a staff why some stuff are conducted or why some had to do a certain thing or two.

Well, first of all, KT and I had a class in the morning. It was really short since our teacher had to leave early for a doctor's appointment. Afterwards, I dropped KT off at the nearby metro station so he could go to work. Before KT left, he reminded me that we needed to pay off what we owed for the semester.

I head back to Gallaudet to the Student Accounts office. Gave the cashier my ID number to pay off my debt. My eyes widened at the amount I owed. I had thought it was less than what I was told. Then, I proceeded to pay off KT's and his was the amount that mine should've been. So, I asked what exactly did I owe. Was told that I had to step over to the next office for details. Meanwhile, I'm IM'ing KT about this scenario.

It turned out that I was billed for Gally's health insurance. WTF! I had already filled out a form last year for a waiver since I already had my own health insurance from work. Then, KT and I both vividly recall asking someone in that same department if we had to fill out another form to once again apply for a waiver from Gally's health insurance. We were told no because the waiver was already in our file.

Well, somebody fucked up and I got billed. If I wanted a refund, I had to go to SHS, the clinic on campus, and have them email the said department for the refund. SHS, from the Student Accounts office, is practically on the other side of the campus. So, I walked through the rain to SHS. I get there and tell them to send an email that I can be refunded. Oh no. I have to fill out the waiver form, which will then be reviewed by the Director. Refund would be available 2 weeks from now.

While I'm filling out the form, another lady comes out and scolds me like a little kid. "You're supposed to fill one out every year." I explained to her that I had asked the beginning of the semester for the form but was told that it was not needed. Told her that there's no communication between you and the Accounts office. She was adamant that was my fault. I said "honey, my partner didn't fill one out either...he'll tell you himself, yet they didn't bill him...so, someone is messing up here and I'm the one having to go back and forth because of the lack of communication between departments." She just said "oh" and turned around back into her office. Bitch!

Anyways, I was venting my frustration to KT via AIM, thoughout this scenario, and he inevitably says "welcome to Gallaudet". So true!

Anyways, came home and spent the entire afternoon working on a PowerPoint presentation for ASL 1 next semester. Damn! I thought I could complete 3 units in an afternoon. Took me the whole afternoon working on 1 unit. That's not a bad thing because it made me analyzed how I want to conduct the lesson plans and then do my slides accordingly.

Afterwards, watched The Manchurian Candidate. This was supposed to be a really good thriller/suspense film. Ugh, I couldn't believe that I wasted 2 hours on this movie. It's about this troop in Kuwait back in 1991. They were ambushed and were missing for 3 days before being found and returned to the States. Anyways, some of the soldiers in the troop start to discover discrepancies in their dreams, memories and even in their bodies. The discoveries led a bigger discovery of a military project. You're definitely not missing anything if you don't watch this at all.

Last night, I picked up KT from work. When we got home, he said he had to show me something, which I just had to share with ya.

Well, first, lemme share an excerpt of "Santa Claus is Coming to Town"

You better
Watch out
You better not cry,
You better not pout I'm tellin' you why,
Santa Claus is coming to town,
He's making a list checkin it twice,
He's gonna find out whos naughty or nice,
Santa Claus is coming to town

Well, what happens when you pout or get put on Santa's naughty list? Get a lump of coal? No. He sends out the Krampusses on ya!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Austrians believes that St. Nicholas sends these evil Krampusses to those who have been naughty! So, put on a big fat smile on your face and get into the holiday spirit!

Ta ta for now...

Oh yeah, we got our first Christmas card already. Thanks, Michelle!


Monday, November 28, 2005

Thanksgiving Week... 

Whoo, what a nice relaxing week! I had been off from work since last week Tuesday and didn't come near the computer to blog or check emails. The constant spams sent to my pager definitely didn't encourage me to come near a computer. However, the amount of spams seem to be reducing so hopefully T-Mobile took care of that.

Well, with my days off, I did a little bit of "fall cleaning" around the house. Now, we're ready to go out and buy a Christmas tree and then decorate the house.

On Thanksgiving Day, my friends, along with KT, and I went over to Jon's house, around the block. Had a good feast. Played Mexican Train. KT and I brought our digital camera. But did we take any pictures? Noooooooo.

Then, Cliff and Brad came over to our place to watch Latter Days. Yeah, I know, finally! I liked this movie. There were some interesting perspectives presented in this film and worth discussing with your peers. Anyways, it was one of those movies where you find yourself rooting for the 2 guys to end up together. And the Mormon parents, ugh! That was like déjà vu and I'm sure it is for many others. Anyways, check it out if you haven't already.

I had also rented Testosterone, the one with Antonio Sabado, Jr. in it. I was told you can get a good glimpse of his wee-wee. Unfortunately, I was in a rush that day and had forgotten to check and see if it was captioned. It was not.

The next day, we were gonna get up in the wee morning and join others for the Black Friday sales. We were aiming for the $379 laptop at BestBuy but decided that we could wait until after we graduated. Then, we were gonna get a TV because the captions have been fucking up. However, it turned out that it was the Xbox that was causing problems, not the TV. Whew!

So, we didn't get up in the wee morning. Instead, slept some more. Got up and picked up Cliffie and headed to Silver Spring to watch the RWC'd viewing of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

What can I say? It was awesome, even though it was long but that was expected. Loved the special effects and the props in this movie! Mad-Eye Moody was the vee vee! I didn't like Dumbledore, especially his beard. What's up with that thing tied around his beard? It looks so stupid!

I echo Kekua's enthusiasm for the next Harry Potter film, which will have Professor Umbridge in it and her annoying hem, hem lines.

The rest of the week was spent doing nothing but watching movies, staying warm, doing a paper for a class and reading a book.

The Interpreter was interesting. Loved the word play between Nicole Kidman and Sean Penn. And goodness, Sean Penn is getting old!

I finally got to see My Fair Lady. I know, I know! Hey, better late than never, eh? Anyways, I liked this film, especially the ascot scene. You just had to love the acting/song there as well as the outfits and the hats. The only thing I didn't like was Eliza's father. I felt the movie could be shorter and better if they had just only eliminated him from the film. I liked the movie overall, except the ending. I dunno, I guess I was expecting a better closing, but that was that. *pouting*

Anyways, you couldn't escape the message presented here in the film. It was true then and it is still true now. You gotta speak well, in this case - English, in order for people to see you as equal or if you wanna move on up.

The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain.

Wonderland was ok. It's supposed to be a true story of John Holmes, the legendary porn star, and his involvement with drugs and multiple murders on Wonderland Avenue in L.A. Anyways, there was just too much talk and the movie just flatlined towards the end. You're not missing anything if you never ever catch this flick.

Chicago was alright. The movie kicked off slowly with that lame-o "All That Jazz" number. After that, the story started and thus made the movie enjoyable to watch. Roxie Hart (Renee Zellweger) is in jail for shooting her lover to death. Roxie and her husband hires Billy Flynn (Richard Gere) to represent her in court with the hopes to get her off as a free woman. However, Roxie battles with Velma Kelley (Catherine Zeta-Jones) for Billy's attention and newspapers headlines.

Mulan 2 was so so. Ever noticed how part 2 of Disney films don't really quite the cut? Disney should stop making Part 2, especially for their animated films. Very few have been successful, such as Shrek 2. Anyways, Mulan and her fiance, General Shang must accompany 3 Chinese princesses on a secret mission. The secret mission is that the 3 princesses must marry the princes of another region, which would ensure peace throughout China.

However, things go awry as Mushu, the dragon, tries to break up Mulan and Shang because he fears losing his position with the ancestors. Secondly, Mulan unintentionally tells one of the princesses about following one's heart which leads to a princess' refusal to the arranged marriage.

Mercy is about this group of women, who come together for sex and maybe even a session of S&M, now and then. Think of it as the female version of the Down Low. Anyways, one by one, the women in this group are being murdered. Det. Palmer befriends Vickie (Peta Wilson) in order to get access into the group and stop the killer.

You're really not missing anything if you don't watch Mulan 2 and Mercy. Ugh! What are the good movies?!?!?

I tried to finish up reading Juniper Tree Burning but it was just not going well. So, I'm currently reading Jonathan Kellerman's Therapy. So far, it's been entertaining.

Well, ta ta for now...


Monday, November 21, 2005

Birthday & Movie Slutting 

First of all,


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Be sure to take time out of your busy schedule and party a little on this special day of yours!

I remember when I first met VeeVee. Rosey brought me with her when she wanted to visit VeeVee. I was nervous because I was at a complete stranger's place. However, VeeVee turned out to be a friendly character.
I don't think I saw her again until almost a year later. Manny was rooming with VeeVee and her then boyfriend. KT had befriended Manny at this point. Since I liked KT but was afraid to tell him that I did, I just started to hang out at Manny's place frequently. From there, I started to get to know VeeVee and former boyfriend more and thus, our friendship bloomed. (Of course, I also got to know KT more.)
VeeVee and I just clicked fairly well. We've had some good times, along with some deep philosophical discussions.
Well, time has passed and we've been on different journeys. However, we've remained to stay in touch, from time to time. Recently, we were able to chat via videophone and it's just a good feeling to chat and still feel comfortable with old friends. It just puts a smile on my face, knowing that she's that same ol' gal that I've grown to know and love.

So, Happy Birthday, VeeVee!


Despite the busy weekend, I've managed to watch some movies which has been an outlet that I've enjoyed to endure the stress with school.

First on those that I've watched recently was Unconstitutional: The War on our Civil Liberties. If you liked Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11, then you'll definitely like this documentary.

Well, maybe "like" isn't the right word because while viewing this film, you're gonna be upset by some of the contents presented here. In summary, your civil liberty rights are being violated and modified. The Patriot Act, Guantanamo Bay, the Geneva Treaty, the war in Afghanistan and Iraq, Arabs and other such topics are presented and discussed here. These stuff are so big that the ACLU has been gag-ordered from discussing to the public.

Watch this film and then brush up on your knowledge of your civil liberties and fight back. There are some cities and counties that have passed certain laws and regulations to prevent themselves from complying with the Patriot Act and orders.

Yeah, you're gonna be upset and your jaw will fall to the floor. But, that's good because then you'll now be aware of your civil liberties being compromised. It's time to protect yourself by fighting back.


Christmas With the Kranks was a cute movie.

The Kranks' daughter has joined the Peace Corps and has been sent to another country. Depressed, the Kranks decided not to celebrate Christmas because "it just isn't the same".

Mr. Krank decided to lighten up the mood by surprising his wife with a vacation to the Carribean, during the Christmas holiday. Of course, Mrs. Krank is excited and looks forward to the vacation.

Meanwhile, the neighborhood gives the Kranks hell for not putting up Christmas decorations or getting into the holiday spirit. Well, that all changes when the Kranks' daughter calls to inform that she's flying in that day for Christmas.

Like I said...cute movie.


Dead End is like one of those....um...."twilight zone" horror film. For some, it's a horror film but for me, it wasn't. I found myself rolling my eyes at the characters and the story plot.

A family of four, along with the daughter's boyfriend, are traveling to a grandmother's house on Christmas Eve. However, after 20 years, the husband decided to take a shortcut. This decision turned out to be his worst mistake as they drive through the never-ending forest.

If you're in the mood for a somewhat cheesy film, then go ahead and check it out.


Friday night, Saturday and Sunday were spent with all-day class sessions with an instructor from California on curriculum development. We just could not wait for it to be over.

Initially, we thought this would be an interesting class. However, due to the lack of consistent communication/lectures from the instructor, we've all lost motivation for the class.

So, this past weekend was like a crash course of about 8 weeks' worth and we would have like the night before to do a presentation and other such papers. UGH!

However, we've been given some extra time to polish up our papers and such. I so cannot wait to work on them later today to get'em over with!


Last night, we started to watch Kingdom of Heaven. Unfortunately, we were both tired from the long weekend and went to bed. So, I'm looking forward to finish this movie.

This movie is about a father passing his knighthood to his son and ordered him to serve the king in Jerusalem. This was a time, in 1180's, when the Christians, Jews and Muslims were living in peace. Well, not always.

Anyways, this movie moves at a slow pace. So, you gotta be in the mood for a slow pace movie before watching Kingdom of Heaven. When we stopped this movie last night, it was just starting to get interesting. Can't wait to finish it tonight.

Well, ta ta for now...


Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Movie Slut 

Touch of Pink is a cute gay movie about a gay Indian, Alim, and his British boyfriend, Giles. Alim has an "imaginary friend", Cary Grant. Yes, the actor. Cary acts like an advisor or rather, a conscience.

Alim's mother flies from Toronto to England to stay with her son for a little "piece of mind". She was reeling in from her jealousy after seeing her sister gloating how her son is soon getting married and has bought his parents a house. Alim's mother felt that she was getting nothing out of life. So, while staying with Alim, she's also trying to pressure Alim to bring her what's she due.

Meanwhile, Alim isn't out to his mother. So, he's hiding anything gay out of the way. Alim has his boyfriend sleep in the other room and presents him as his roomie. Giles, on the other hand, feels that their relationship is a joke because Alim is ashamed.

It's a classic boy has boy, boy loses boy and boy gets boy back. It's a cute movie which you'll enjoy.


I finally got to see The Chronicles of Riddick, which is a sequel to Pitch Black.

I love science fiction and this was one of the best movies I've seen lately. I loved the special effects and the props. The story plot was not bad at all.

I do hope there will be another movie made with Riddick.


Saturday afternoon, I went to Gallaudet to finally meet Philip in person. It was so good to see him and get to know each other a little better than just simply through AIM and blogs.

It was Philip who called me a movie slut, since I do post a lot of entries about movies that I've seen. I was like...that fits me to a T!

We came back to the house and then, Philip met KT. They hit it off quite well, since they've never conversed before.

Alas, that morning, I started to get allergies. Well, by the time I picked up Philip, my allergies became worse and was just down with a headache, stuffed nose and a sore throat. Bummer! However, having Philip with us didn't damper my excitement.

Of course, being the movie sluts we are, we just had to watch movies.

The first one we saw was Undead. Ok, this movie is one of those endless zombie movies. By the way, I hafta ask, what is up with these recent obsession of zombies!?!

This movie is a little cheesy as the movie had to have a couple of zany characters. If you can't stomach gory scenes, then this isn't the one for you to watch.

Well, I'm just gonna say that I'm not watching this again nor am I adding this movie to my DVD collection.

I'd give it 2 out of 5.

Then, KT and Philip watched Saw as I went to bed to recovery.

Well, I just have to say that Philip is a wonderful guy that KT and I truly enjoyed getting to know and developed a friendship. We were just comfortable with him and just had some good laughs.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

After I dropped off Philip the next day in the Baltimore area, KT and I couldn't stop talking about how much we enjoyed having him over. Wondeful guy! We'd love to have him over again whenever he comes back out here.


OMG! I totally loved Mean Girls! KT and I found ourselves laughing at the snide remarks and the pranks these girls did to each other. Awful, awful! Mean Girls is like a mixture of Clueless and Cruel Intentions.

I guess some people have this "innate" desire to be popular. And to be popular seems to require some backstabbing, even those closest to you. It might be fun for a while, but then after a while, you'll start to tire of it and draw the line.

You just gotta watch it to enjoy it! I know that Clitch and Witch would totally love this movie.

That's so fetch!


Last night, I watched Sahara. If you like adventure movies like Indiana Jones or The Mummy, then this one is for you.

This movie was ok for me. The lame humor and jokes kinda ruined the movie for me. Blah!

I'm definitely not adding this film to my collection.


Gay Moment on TV

Ryan Seacrest and Anderson Cooper were flirting shamelessly on CNN. Click here for an excerpt of their convo.

Video Clip

Well, ta ta for now...


Monday, November 14, 2005

Belated Birthdays... 

Damn, so many Scorpios!

Happy Belated Birthdays to EL, Barbie and Ingrid! I know, I know...I usually don't forget but been so busy lately!


I'm truly disappointed in myself for not remembering EL's birthday. We've known each other since 3rd grade, when I was enrolled at the local Day School for the Deaf (no, not Sunshine Cottage!).
When I was in 5th grade, my folks pulled me out and enrolled me in a private school. I was so upset over that. I wanted to remain in the day school. It was not long after I was pulled out that the day school system was closed down. When that happened, the majority left for TSD. A few, including EL, left for MSSD.
Well, over the years, I was able to get in touch, briefly, with old friends from the day school. We would often ask each other "what ever happened to so-and-so?" I would reconnect with some of my old friends when I enrolled at the local community college.
Anyways, the last time I saw EL was at Deaf Day at the local Six Flags theme park, Fiesta Texas, which as like, way back in '93 or '94. I think she was engaged that time. We were like excited to see each other after so many years. Then, that was it.
Then, Ringo.com came along and of course, Deafies were just going crazy re-connecting with old friends and making new friends as well. I didn't find EL there. Then, Tickle.com bought out Ringo and it just sucked. Well, I kept it up and somehow, found EL there. We started talking again and we were like...no way, we found each other again!
Then, we said we had to VP each other. Well, plans kept coming up to prevent from meeting on VP. It took about 6 months before we FINALLY chatted on VP. LOL It was just wonderful to see EL once again. It was like we just saw each other yesterday. I'm hoping someday soon, KT and I can take a trip up north to see her and her husband.
EL, Happy Birthday! ...and let's not lose each other again!


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Wonderful, wonderful friend of mine! You never know what's gonna happen whenever we get together. Expect the unexpected!
I met Barbie at San Antonio College back in '93. Actually, I saw her in '93 but we didn't start talking to each other til '94. Afar, she was such a friendly person but whenever we saw each other, we were just quiet and just looked the other way. I dunno if we were shy or just being a stuck-up bitch.
Well, a mutual friend asked us to join her for lunch at the nearby Burger King. It was during this time that the mad cow disease was being such a big issue. We walked in and there's like a chained line/aisle where you enter. It wasn't like a direct line but snaked as you get closer place your order. And somehow, one of us said something like "I've got mad cow, I'm getting slaughtered...moo!". We looked at each other and then we just cracked up laughing. The ice was broken. From then on, we met for lunch everyday and we were like always late for class because we were just having a great time, chatting and laughing, til we were blue in the face.
Barbie and I stuck with each other through some tough times of our lives. I would go to her whenever I was dealing with some family drama at home. Barbie is one of the few people who knows me too well. She'll ask for my opinions or feelings about things and I'll tell her. Sometimes, she'll be like..."that's bullshit! tell me what you really feel." I'd be like "dayum!"
Well, it's been nothing but fun and laughter for the past 11 or 12 years. (Dayum! Time does fly by fast!) Our friendship is definitely a keeper! She's one of the few friends that I totally look forward to see and cry when I leave.

Barb, hope you had a faboo birthday! Believe me, girl, if I was there, we'd be peeing in our pants, laughing our asses off!


I've known Ingrid since we were 7 or 8 years old. We were mean to each other, despite the fact that her mom and my dad worked together at the hospital.
We didn't become friends until we were in junior high. She was dating my best friend and I hated that! She hated the fact that her boyfriend's best friend was me and didn't want me to hang out with him. Oh, the insults we told each other!
Well, one day, my best friend HAD it with us. So, he broke up with her and said he didn't want to be friends with me anymore. Ingrid and I were like...whaaa? Well, the next second, Ingrid and I were like backstabbing my friend/her ex-boyfriend. We laughed and hung out and became close friends. (Yeah, we became friends again with my best friend.)
In high school, we became boyfriend and girlfriend. We didn't last long because we liked each other too much as friends and didn't wanna ruin it. Plus, there was pressure from our friends if we had "did it". By this time, I had already knew I was gay.
I'll never forget the day that Ingrid was mad at me for her not being the first person for me to come out as a gay man. I was hanging with my then best friend, Liz, when she came out to Ingrid. Liz casually mentioned about our struggles for our friends to understand and accept us. Ingrid was like..."whaaa? Larry, get your fucking ass here!" Ingrid suspected me being gay but wanted me to come to her when the time was right. I had already planned not to tell her because Liz had came out to other friends of ours and they immediately rejected her. So, I was already freaking out because Liz came out and our friends knew that I was hanging out with her. In fact, I was already being asked, "how could you hang out with that filthy dyke?" I calmly replied that she's the same ol' Liz we all know.
Well, we've kept in touch over the years as our lives took us on different paths. She's gone through some hard journeys but she's still hanging in there. She knows she still has me as her friend.

Hope you had a sweet birthday as well!

ta ta for now...


Thursday, November 10, 2005

Hung Up 

Any one see that new Madonna video, "Hung Up"? It's been out for awhile since October but I've just recently seen it.

You can see the video stream here.

I totally wasn't expecting to see Madonna in a bodysuit. It's just weird seeing her in that.

Anyways, it is said that Madonna is going back to her "roots", which is the '80's club music.

I can't wait to see more videos of her other songs. It's time to go crazy over Madonna once again!!

...vogue, vogue...


Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Yo, Roe!


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Hope you are feeling better now so that you can go out and celebrate throughout 6th Street!



Last night, I watched Monster, starring Charlize Theron and Christina Ricci, which is based on a true story of Aileen "Lee" Wuornos, a prostitue turned serial killer in Florida.

It seemed that this film was made to make you symphathize with Lee (Theron). She came from a bad childhood and had a hard life. So, she just toughened up to deal with the harsh reality of life. To survive, since the age of 13, she became a hooker to make any money she can in order to feed herself or find a place to stay.

Well, one night, she "accidently" walked into a gay bar and thus, met Selby (Ricci). From there, their friendship bloomed which led to a lesbian relationship. (I find this name change to be interesting because according to websites, such as this one, on Aileen Wuornos, her girlfriend's name was Tyria.) Selby came from a Christian family in Ohio. However, she was found dabbling in lesbianism and was sent to live with a Christian family in Florida to get her shit together and then return.

Neither had a regular job when they were living together. To support themselves for food, shelter and entertainment, Lee went out to prostitute to rake in some money. It was not until one john physically assaulted her, tied her up and raped her along with an object when Lee went in a rage, freed herself and kill her john. Perhaps, at this point, we might have sympathize with her action as self-defense if only she had reported it. However, she covered up her crime and kept the dead john's car for a few days to get around places. Then, she continued prostitution in order to bring in more money and thereby, killing more men.

Charlize Theron did a superb job portraying Lee. It is not surprising that she won an Oscar and an Academy Award.

Of course, movies change some facts and Monster was no different. If you'll read the links provided above, you'll see that there were lots more to Lee's story than what was presented in the movie.
Monster made Selby looked like a demanding girlfriend, who didn't hold a job, while Lee went out and brought in some money. However, Tyria did her share of jobs.
Also, there was an interesting part about Lee's defense attorney who was "told by God" to contact her and eventually adopting her. Of course, none of this was shown in the movies.
The movie showed one taped phoned conversation between Selby and Lee, which Lee would confess to her crimes. In truth, it was a series of phone calls.
There were a lot more to Lee's story but of course, not everything could be covered. However, this movie is worth checking out.


It is unfortunate, yet expected, that 3 out of 4 Texans voted on the gay marriage ban. While Texas already has a law on this ban, this amendment will be put into the constitution to prevent judges to overturn future cases.

I guess with the Lawrence vs. Texas, which the Supreme Court ruled that sodomy laws were unconstitutional, the GLBT American citizens had a glimmer of hope that the US and the law would eventually begin to recognize us as equal citizens with equal rights. However, lately, it seems that everything is backfiring on us. Are we being set back in time? Are we enshrining discrimination, especially towards gays and lesbians? If we, as Americans, are allowed to discriminate the GLBT citizens, why don't we just go ahead and start discriminating others? Harsh? Well, hello, amendments are being added to allow prevention of our rights. And you sit there, as hypocrites, and tell people how you're all for equal rights. Yeah right...



Monday, November 07, 2005

Warm November 

Friday was just a lazy day for me and KT. I watched a couple of movies. The first one was Message in a Bottle, starring Kevin Costner. It was a long one but a good movie. If you plan to watch it, have a box of Kleenex with ya. This movie was based on Nicholas Sparks' book. I've heard of him but never had the chance to read any of his books. I already had a couple of his books lined up in my WishList. So, I look forward to read one of his books. Then, I watched The Caveman's Valentine, starring Samuel L. Jackson. Goodness, I had to stop it after 30 minutes. It was so boring!

Saturday morning, I taught the second session of Baby Signs at Gallaudet. Nice and simple.

Saturday night, we headed over to Virginia (I HATE 66! Always traffic jams!) to celebrate a birthday for a friend of ours. He wanted to have a game night for his birthday. Good time!

Sunday, Cliff came over as I made baked potato soup. Mmmm, good stuff! Then, we watched Collateral, featuring Jada Pinkett Smith, Jamie Foxx and Tom Cruise. Whoa, good movie!


Someone sent me an email in regards to my previous post about Texas, the KKK and the ban on gay marriage. I thought it was an interesting blog entry. Read it and let me know what you think.

Why Aren't Texas Christians Voting on Tuesday to Ban Divorce and Re-Marriage?

Oh yeah, last Saturday, the KKK rally were largely outnumbered by counterdemonstrators. Good!


ta ta for now...


Thursday, November 03, 2005

Texas & the KKK 

You know, I love my home state, Texas. There's just so many things there to see! I always get that sense of pride whenever someone tells me that they just LOVE San Antonio. Of course, some days, I just miss Texas and the friendly people.

However, there are some days where I read the news and I'm like...that just so didn't happen, right? Unfortunately, Texas has had its share of oddities and absurdities. But then, what other states don't have that as well?

First of all, the KKK applied for a permit for a "peaceful" rally against same sex marriages in Austin. Austin approved the permit. Huh? Whaaaa? Did that just really happen? Austin? Approved? KKK? Oh, you must've meant Krazy for Krispy Kreme, right? No? The Ku Klux Klan? Oh, fuckity fuck!

Well, they'll be doing their demonstration this Saturday. They say that they will not say anything inflammatory. Honey, you don't have to do anything. Your name alone is inflammatory! No Nonsense in November will be holding a counter demonstration by having a vigil. The NNN also say they will be peaceful.

The police aren't taking any chances. You see, the NNN will be holding their vigil half a block away where the KKK will have their demonstration. That's just a little too close to each other as we all know that emotions will run high. I wouldn't be surprised if a riot breaks out.

Voters will go to the polls on November 8th on whether or not to ban gay marriage, which will also include civil unions.

On a related story, supporters of the ban on gay marriage are upset. Apparently, there's been calls to Texas residents, informing them that the measure on the gay marriage ban is horribly worded that would allow the possibility for judges to ban or not recognize common-law marriages or nullify wills and other important documents among unmarried straight couples.

I am curious what the outcome will be on November 8th.

Wha'cha think?

ta ta for now...


Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Some time ago, KT and I started watching this documentary series, Transgeneration, on Sundance channel. This documentary series involve 4 college transgenders, across the nation. They are Gabbie, Raci (both are male to female), Lucas and T.J (both are female to male). This series filmed all of them going through the motion of getting hormones, showing some gradual changes and getting the sex reassignment surguries.

Raci is an interesting character. She is a Filipino, who is deaf but does not know sign language. Last week was a funny episode. Well, first of all, she befriended a captionist, who is gay. Well, one day, they were having a conversation while getting an illegal supply of hormones on the street. Raci kept misunderstanding him. Frustrated, he tells her, "you need to learn sign language!" It was just hilarious. Throughout the series, Raci constantly has her index finger pressed onto her hearing aid. As if pressing on to her hearing aid would help her understand speech better. However, she also presses it when she's talking. It must be that her hearing aid mold is too small or there must be a hole in the tube.
I wear a hearing aid. However, I could not imagine pressing on the hearing aid all day long. Either get another one (a better one, that is) or stop wearing it.
Anyways, there were a couple of incidents where the captionist signed to Raci. However, Raci made no acknowledgement of the signs or whether she understood or not. I assume she's not getting an interpreter for her classes at CSU-Los Angeles because there was another episode where she was just falling behind in classes.

Gabbie is just obnoxious! She's just an ungrateful and thoughtless person. She's somewhat withdrawn and is just self-centered! Ugh! I just don't like her.
There was a friend of hers (a male to female) who was getting one of the surgeries done towards sexual reassignment. Gabbie was supposed to accompany her, since it is a big deal for both of them. However, Gabbie decided not to go with her friend. She decided to become "more serious" about school, when she was already lagging behind or whatever. Her friend was just disappointed and had to call her mother to come in with her instead.
After the surgery, her friend came to visit Gabbie to have a frank talk about their friendship and how thoughtless she was on this important "milestone" of the surgery, since Gabbie would be up next. Gabbie just sat there like a wall. She just said "sorry" but wasn't remoreful or anything. She even let out a little careless laugh. It was obvious that Gabbie didn't care. When her friend left, it was obvious that their friendship dissipated.
At the night before Gabbie's surgery, she went home to her family for a dinner. Obviously, her parents had a hard time with Gabbie's desire to be a woman. However, they've come to terms with it. They're so supportive that they're footing the bill for her surgery. What nice parents they are!! However, Gabbie was just really rude. Her parents were talking about how hard it was for them to deal with things but that they were able to listen and eventually deal with it all with an open mind. Gabbie was like...whatever, you'll are just making excuses. I mean, really, it's a life- and mind-shattering thing to deal with when a child tells you that they're "trapped in the wrong gender" or that they wanna be the opposite sex, via surgery. Gabbie just didn't want to give them credit for coming to terms with it.

Lucas and his friend, Kasey, also female to male transgender, are students at Smith College. Yes, Smith College is an all women college in Massachusetts. Smith College forbade filming on campus. Lucas and Kasey both vented frustration because Smith College would not recognize them as successful aspiring students. They just simply "hid them behind a wall" or whatever.
It's really hard to know where to stand. Obviously, Smith College has traditionally been a women's college. Lucas and Kasey want to be fully males. So, why the heck would they want to continue education at Smith? Why not just transfer to another college that would accept and recognize them? Apparently, they've started out at Smith as females and gradually started to take hormones towards completion of the transition. I guess they've felt that they have invested so much time (and money) into Smith and did not want to transfer.

T.J. is from Cyprus. His phone conversation with his mother are stressful and emotional. His mother is like..."are you crazy?!? what the hell are you doing?!?" It's one of those numerous lines that the GLBTiQ members have frequently heard from families and friends when they come out.
T.J. has a girlfriend, Staci, and she does know about his transition. Staci is one of those people who uses this "I don't use labels" line and falls in love with whomever her heart beats for. However, you can see that T.J. is sometimes frustrated with Staci because T.J. would ask from time to time about the status of their relationship. Staci would just not talk about it. She just resorts to kissing and hugging T.J. T.J. is like trying to get her to talk. But, when Staci's phone rings, she's quick to answer it and go into a lengthy talk and T.J. is like, "uh, hello?"

*fuckity fuck! I had wrote a longer entry after this point but the computer froze. So, I'm re-writing the rest*

I just cannot imagine what goes through the minds of parents when being told by their children that they don't feel right with their given physical gender and want to have surgeries to correct that. It is common to read or hear from parents of transgenders that they mourn the "death" of their children when they get their sex reassignment surgeries. It has to be mind-blowing to deal with your own flesh and blood being of another gender and thus, another identity.

Transgenders...wow...all I can say is good luck and hope that you will achieve that state of happiness. Sure, there are some things you will go through that gay people will also go through. For example, we will encounter people, including family members and friends, who will not be understanding of our identities and the search of "the one" to share life and love. We will face discrimination in various aspects of our lives. The law will not always protect or respect us. There's just so many things and obstacles we will experience, whether collectively or individually.
It is unfortunate that there are some members of the GLBTiQ communities that will not accept you. I do not know why there are resistance to accept you when we're striving for acceptance as well. (Double standard, isn't it?) I will not pretend that I fully understand your plight. However, I can understand and respect your desire to be able to be truly yourselves and to achieve happiness. After all, isn't that what we're all aiming for?

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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Shop, Shop, Shop! 

Did nothing last night after work. KT went out last night and got me a bucketful of candies that could last me until the end of the year. Of course, being a gummy candy freak, it'll be a miracle if I have any left over by the time Thanksgiving rolls around.

Well, it's already November! Now, it is time to get serious with finishing up our Christmas shopping. It's about 7 or 8 weeks left until then! The hell with it, I'm gonna start charging!

Other than that, isn't the weather beautiful now?!?

ta ta for now...