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Monday, October 25, 2004

Presidential Candidates... 

Bush or Kerry? Many have said that neither of them are good candidates. Well, you know, there are other presidential candidates. Imagine if someone else of another party affiliation wins the presidency?

Yesterday, I was reading about Lyndon LaRouche in the Washington Post Sunday magazine. I'm so bad at politics because I have never heard of this guy, who has tried to run for president 8 times. If you're not registered with the Post online, I suggest that you do and read up about this guy. Interesting character.

Anyways, I mentioned the other candidates because this morning I was reading an ad from one of the write-in candidates, Tim Liverseidge. I Googled his name but nothing came up. However, in the ad, he did provide a website to check out his points/plans.

It was just interesting to see another perspective, even if they seem unrealistic or oversimplified.

Ah, so many potential ways to run the country...


Homecoming Weekend... 

Friday night, after my work shift ended, I stayed with KT at work. By the time he was done and we got our car, we got home about 10:30. I was planning to go to Masa's house party but I was just so tired. So, I just cuddled up with KT, with an electric blanket, and watched some tv and then to sleep.

Saturday, we got up and relaxed for a bit. Did a bit of cleaning up in the house. Then, KT and I headed over to Gallaudet. Not for the HC thing, but to go our tests and other assignments. Just got SO much to do!

Then, KT and I went to the bookstore for a break. Saw Andy and Terese on the way. And then saw Kekua. It was a surprise to see him. We hadn't really seen or talked to each other since school started. Then, the discussion of the Eye Party came up. We were like...yeah, we've been so busy but hey, we deserve a night out to have fun. So, Billy and I agreed to meet and then head out to the Eye Party. KT had already decided to stay home.

Went back to finish up our stuff and then headed home. I dropped off KT, changed clothes and then headed to Kekua's place. Berna, Rosey and Wil were already there. After some quality time together, we all headed out to Titan's where the Eye Party was held. Kekua rode with me while the others were in Wil's car.

Kekua and I had a fabulous time catching up on news and future plans. Then, we spent like a good 20 minutes looking for parking. Parking is one of the things I really hate about DC, especially on a weekend!

Once inside Titan's, Kekua and I headed straight to the bar and got ourselves a Jagermeister shot. Dang! I used to be able to swallow the whole thing in one gulp. Took me 4 gulps before I could finish it! After that, I made my way around the bar to say the usual hello to various friends and acquaintances. Cliff was the chairperson of the Eye Party, so he was enjoying the spotlight. He looked good...his dreadlocks have gotten longer!

The bar was practically packed! So many people were there, we were all like sardines in a can. Saw RT! Good to see that fag once again! Sure do miss seeing him in the bars and causing dramas. LOL! No, we were just having a good time chatting and checking out people that were at the bar. I knew I should've brought a camera!

My duty for the Eye Party was to sell shooters. Tom Tarantino and Alex Leffers were busy pacing back and forth the bar, selling shooters. I was standing by the front door and selling shooters. Boy, I picked the perfect spot!

However, the best part of this shooter thing was Rosey. I bought some shooters to treat some of our friends. I believe it was Rosey, Wil, RT, Kapp, Cliff, Robertson and me. We all "clinked" our jello cup and swallowed the alcohol-ladened gelatin. All of us, except Rosey. She took a bite and was like making these exaggerated reactions. The jello was still in her mouth and she just somehow couldn't swallow it. (I'm laughing so hard as I'm typing this!) We were all telling her to "swallow it! swallow it!" (A line a guy would say. LOL) Instead, she spit out the jello in her cup. After some coaxing from us, she finally swallowed the whole thing and even made more reactions. I'm like holding my stomach and laughing my ass off, while I'm watching Rosey. I think it took her like a good half hour before she was finally able to stop reacting. Definitely a Kodak moment!

About 1 a.m. or so, Cliff and Toby joined me to Cliff's place for some quality time. We got there and found Lee W., Tasi, Rosey, Wil, Berna and Danielle. We were all just having a good time. Paul (I believe that was his name) arrived from a bar and hung out with us. He was a friend of Allan's, Cliff's new roomie. Anyways, it was nice to chat with him. I brought up a topic on how I noticed that many Deafies know at least 1 ABC's of a foreign sign language, most commonly BSL. And sure enough, just about everyone in the room knew BSL's ABC. Dammit! I was like...dang, I need to start knowing the ABC's of BSL!

Afterwards, I left and got home at 3 a.m. Went upstairs, got in bed and snuggled up with my sexy baby, KT. Basically, I had a blast!

Basically relaxed all day yesterday, even got to grab a couple of hours to nap. I made baked potato soup for the first time and it was so good that I was impressed. Best of all, KT loved it! We both used to go to Outback Steakhouse for the soup. Now, we don't have to. It's really easy to make!

Well, tonight is ASP Rush. I would love to go but I still have tons of paperwork and reading to do for school. This semester has given me no time for extra-cirricular activities. Perhaps next semester I just might be able to spare some time for ASP. I sure do miss hanging out with the brothers.

Ok, better get back to work. ta ta...


Friday, October 22, 2004

An Urban Legend... 

...of football and the presidential election. Coincidence or ridiculous?

According to the claim, found on Snopes.com, the outcome of Washington Redskins football games has correctly predicted the winner of every U.S. presidential election since 1936.

Hmm...something to think about.


Thursday, October 21, 2004

The Swan 2 premieres October 25th. One of the contestants is a deaf woman. (Note: the absence of a capital D.) Click the link and look up Gina D.


Wednesday, October 20, 2004

And So It Begins... 

Ugh. I think I'm officially sick. Started to get allergies last night. Had to use Vick's on my nose so I could breathe through the night. Woke up with a sore throat. Now, I'm just sneezing like crazy and my nose is runny.

Thanks a lot, stress! Now, I just need to drug up my body with medicines. At least, I'll get to eat some soup. Maybe KT will make chicken dumplings tonight. (wide grin) If not, oh well, Ramen noodles will do or maybe Campbell's chicken and rice.




I'm behind on some postings. Just been busy with school and work. Well, the good news is that the semester is already halfway over! Just gotta accomplish those projects!

Whenever we can, KT and I would bundle together with a nice warm electric blanket and catch a movie, here and there. Here's what we've seen in the past week or two:

Bad Boys wasn't so bad. It was funny in some parts. Definitely will check out part 2. There's rumors that part 3 will be made.

Scooby Doo 2 wasn't so bad. I learned my lesson from the first movie. You have to be in a silly mood in order to watch it. So, this time, it was enjoyable.

I believe I had already seen 2 other versions of The Punisher. So, I had been putting off to watch this movie. Honestly, The Punisher isn't among my favorites of Marvel's heros. However, I was really impressed with this version and actually enjoyed it. Good to see John Travolta play a bad guy once again.

Superhero movies look awesome! However, they're hard to sell. The classics are Superman and Batman. (By the way, a new movie will be released in the near future for the aforementioned heros.) The X-Men have done pretty well. The recent Hulk movie was awful! I thought Spawn was too demonic and cheesy as well. Seems that Catwoman was alright but not really a box office hit.
There's been talks about a Wonder Woman movie. Yet, it seems that no one can find a suitable script for a WW movie. There's been 2 or 3 versions of Captain America and yet, none of them have been able to pull it off. There's also been talks of an Avengers movie and one of the Fantastic Four. (Although, the upcoming The Incredibles reminds me too much of the FF.)


We also saw a heart-wrenching documentary, Chernobyl Heart. You must watch it if you haven't seen it. It's basically about the children suffering from the infamous radiation explosion at Chernobyl. You know, I heard about it but never really knew the details about it and assumed to have happened back in the 70's. Actually, this happened in 1986, less than 20 years ago and scores of children are suffering. Levels of radiation are still dangerously high over there.
There's just no funds or resources to help the children. In American, we have preventive procedures when babies are born with some difficulties or physical problems. Over there, none. In fact, American doctors go over there to volunteer their time to perform surgeries on children. It's heart-touching to see the parents kissing the doctors in gratitude. The American doctors are just blown away from such gestures, because to them, it's their job to do these things.

Yeah, we'll complain and whine about some things. Yet, we just never really know just how blessed we are, as Americans, to have such things available or given to us.

Manhunt is an interesting show. This time, it's the search for the top male model. One thing I've learned is that just because you're beautiful...doesn't mean that you'll say smart stuff. Some of the guys here have said some of the stupidest things! And goodness, you could practically smell egos, emanating from the television!
My mother once told me that she had hoped that I would be a model. That was until I fell into a rosebush, while I was learning to ride a bike for the first time. A thorn had cut my cheek. Hmm, I'm not so sure I would've actually wanted to model. An actor, sure...but a model, nah.

Everyone has been talking about Desperate Housewives. Not me! So, I'm way out of the loop about this show.

However, we did get to watch The Biggest Loser. What can I tell you? I can relate to most of these people. The frustrations of being fat and repeatedly trying to lose weight.
Again, methods of losing weight still varies, especially when it comes to food. One trainer believes that you should eat less. You lose weight if you burn more calories than what you take in. The other trainer believes that you should eat more, in fact eat before you feel hungry. You do this by eating 4 to 6 meals a day. Aaaarrrgghhhh, which is it?!?!

I was laughing when one of the ladies was crying on the second day. She was crying because she felt like there was nothing that she was allowed to eat. I do feel that way when I'm trying to lose weight. I feel like all I can do is starve myself to death in order to lose one damn pound.
I totally agree with her when she was asking about what's the fucking point of writing down what we ate in a journal. One time, KT and I did that and I was like so frustrated with it because I just didn't see how it was beneficial to me.

Ah, someday, it'll happen. We're working on it. Yeah, we may not lose 20 lbs. in one week but we'll eventually lose some weight here and there. The important thing is that we're eating healthy (ground turkey instead of beef, etc.) along the way. One advantage of this relationship we have is that we both go through it together and offer each other some reinforcements and words of encouragement.

Anyways, better get back to work. ta ta...


Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Google. The New AOL? 

I was reading some blogs as I was adding new links. Came across a couple bits of news in regards to Google.

Seems that Google is interested in creating its own instant messaging program.

Also, for a while, Google has been beta testing its desktop program.

What's next?


Monday, October 18, 2004


I thought I'd go back a little in time before that fateful day that Mom told me that she had 3 weeks to live.

In November of 2001, Mom found out that she had cancer in her stomach. Her stomach was infested with cancer cells that the only way she would survive was to have her stomach surgically removed. And it had to be immediate. So, Mom had no choice but to have the surgery.
I had just gotten a new job the week before. I was still in training when I was informed about Mom's dilemna. At that point, I didn't care if I lost my job, Mom was important! However, work was understanding and let me go home. So, I rushed home, got online to purchase plane tickets, packed my bags and flew out. Of course, I was just experiencing a range of emotions at this point. I was angry, sad, scared and much more.

I landed in San Antonio and my parents were there to greet me. Here I am all emotional and my mother was just so calm about the whole thing. I had thought I'd be comforting her and all that but it was really the other way around. She was just happy to see me and kept saying that everything will be alright. So, the three of us spent the day together and took some long trips on memory lane. We just had a great time.

The next day, Mom was prepped for surgery. All the relatives huddled together in the waiting room, along with 3 interpreters, who were my friends as well. Just before she went in, my dad and I went in to see her one more time. I'm crying because I didn't know what the outcome of the surgery would be and yet, I was just trying to be brave about the whole thing. My mother, the whole time, was just smiling and keeping her hopes up.

By the way, my mother was having surgery where my dad worked. So, my dad knew all the doctors and the nurses that would be working on or taking care of Mom. Plus, the surgeron was supposed to be one of the best doctors in the region. So, Mom was in good hands.

While she was in surgery, we were back in the waiting room. I thought we'd be sitting there and just looking at the clock. But no, we were all just chatting and laughing, making the best of the situtation. It was at this point I was able to get more details what had been happening with Mom.

For like the past 4 or 5 years, prior to the surgery, Mom would complain of pain. She would go see numerous specialists and they would all assume it was her heart. (Figure that one out!) Anyways, this last doctor she had, it was a woman. This was like the first time Mom had a personal female doctor. Mom thought, this should be cool. She had been seeing this doctor for some time. However, at the last appointment, Mom went to see her because she was having pain. You know what the doctor told her. She told my mother that all kinds of test were ran on her and nothing appeared to tell her what was wrong. In other words, the doctor told her she believe that Mom was making it up. Oh goodness, Mom had a fit! She screamed at the doctor saying, I AM IN PAIN! She told her that all the other doctors would test her and nothing would come up. She thought it would be wonderful to have a female doctor, because hopefully that a woman would understand another woman about this health thing.

Mom had explained that sometimes women to go the hospitals but tests would not indicate what was wrong. Yet, women knew that there was something wrong with them and would continue to see doctors until something is found. (Yes, I know that sometimes people make up pains to get prescribed medications.) Growing up with my mother and joining her to see her friends, I would hear this story often among their conversations. So, Mom was just dumbfounded that her doctor would not believe her.

Well, that night, Mom was in so much pain that she had to go to the ER. It was there and then when it was discovered that she had cancer. You better believe it that the woman doctor stayed quiet and laid low! She never showed up at the hospital...hello, it was her patient. Never once called to offer an apology! The surgeon opted to make Mom his patient. Doctors usually refuse to take on a new patient without knowing their medical history...especially in risky cases. You see, my mother was also diabetic. Diabetes and surgery do not mix well together.

What was also puzzling about this whole thing was that nobody in our families knew of anyone who had cancer. We had no history of cancer. Diabetes...sure! Eventually, we discovered that Mom had a great aunt or something like that who had cancer. What kind? We'll never know.

About 3 to 4 hours later, Mom was out of surgery. The doctors came out and said that it was successful and she was recovering well. The doctors were able to confirm the the cancer cells did not spread to her other organs. We all breathed sighs of relief. What they did was removed the stomach and connected her esophagus to her intestines. So, Dad and I went in to see her. We were just crying! She was so brave about this whole thing. While she was lying there, recovering, she looked so little.

The next day, I came back to see her. She was in and out, from the painkillers. I could only see her for a short time because I had to fly back home. You know, work. I didn't want to go but I had to. I knew she was in good hands with the medical staff and Dad and her youngest sister, Mary. (I'll have to do a separate entry about my wonderful Aunt Mary.)

Well, Mom did well. The day I left, Mom was scheduled to get up from bed and walk around. However, she was in so much pain that she begged the doctors and Dad to let her stay in bed one more day before moving. I can imagine how she was feeling.

Back in Christmas '99, I had my gallbladder removed, along with 11 stones. Yes, 11 stones!!! Doctors have told me that I was so lucky my gallbladder didn't rupture because it it had, I would've been in my own little hell. I remember the day after the surgery, I was told to get out of bed and move around. O. M. G. ! I was in PAIN! I was like, I thought I was supposed to like relax for at least a week or whatever. Thank God I had vicodin. Mom told me that this was so strong that I was hallucinating, even in my sleep. She kept a watchful eye on me.

Dad told me that recovery time from surgery has been radically changed. It used to be that you'd stay in bed and recover from surgery...like from 3 days to a week or depending the severity of the surgery. However, it was noticed through research that infection is likely to occur the longer you stay in bed. So, nowadays, you'd have surgery and then the next day, it's get moving!

So, I had my gallbladder removed and was in pain. Yet, it faded away when I started to move around more. Imagine with my mother, all of her stomach was removed. Now, THAT is painful!

The second day after surgery, Mom was able to move, bit by bit. She was able to eventually get out of bed and walk around the hospital corridors. The doctors and nurses all loved her. She wasn't one of those patients that were just plain rude or cranky. (Dad has TONS of stories about horrible patients. Basically, nurses are treated like shit by patients and doctors. Dad says nursing is hell and requires patience. KT's mom is a nurse as well and she confirms that as well.)

Mom told me that when they removed her stomach, her hunger was gone. She never had pangs of hunger anymore. Yet, she still had to eat to give her body nutrients. She would eat like 2 to 4 forkfuls of food and she was full. After she would eat, she would have to zoom to the bathroom. No stomach, therefore no digestive juice.

After surgery, Mom had to go to the cancer center for radiation and chemo for 6 months. One time, I came back to visit. (KT was so nice! He surprised me with a plane ticket so I could visit Mom.) I went with her for a treatment session. She took me in and showed me the room and explained to me what they do for treatment. Technology has really improved the treatment procedure.

Whenever you see movies that deal with cancer, you often see the patient coming out of the hospital and they're running to the bathroom, when they get home, to puke their guts out. I had assumed that was what my mother was dealing with when she was going through her treatments. Oh no. She gets on this table, kinda like an MRI. But instead of going into the tunnel to get scanned, it's open. There's only this crane-like arm. It'll do a 360-rotation around your body, sending out radiation or whatever invisible stuff. Then, she gets a chemo shot. Then, she's done. She's in and out in about 30 minutes. Then, she's gone shopping or doing whatever she wants to do.

After 6 months, she was given a clean bill of health. No cancer, no nothing. We were all like...PTL!

The surgery did have some positive outcomes for my mother. One, Mom lost a little over 100 pounds. Due to the weight loss, she was no longer diabetic and could stop injecting insulin. Mom, for the longest time, had always wanted to cut her hair. However, she would just leave it long and dye it red, frequently. (Mom loved being a redhead.) Well, she finally got short hair and dyed it blonde. That was a surprise for me, as well as for everyone else. Then, she got herself a sports car, a Hyundai Tiburon. Whoa! She was living the life!

Mom wasn't supposed to work again. Yet, she was back the following Fall to resume teaching. She LOVED teaching. She has taught kindergarten for like 15 years. The other 5 years, she took some time off, or taught other grade levels. One year, she taught at another private school. It was a new school and they needed someone with experience to help them get off the ground and Mom agreed to help out for a year.

You know that parents can get on our nerves! Well, Mom and I weren't any different. I used to vent to KT how Mom used to bug me about certain things. We were really close. So close that sometimes people thought we were brothers and sisters. We used to laugh about that. Anyways, when Mom had the surgery, I told myself that I almost lost her and didn't want the tensions or the bickerings to separate us. So, I learn to tolerate her constant emails to keep her updated or at least email her that I was ok. (Mom worried about me endlessly. But that's Mom!)

Yeah, I know I said I'd post some pics. I haven't forgotten that. Will do that soon!


Tuesday, October 12, 2004


It was around this time last year that I was informed my mother had less than 3 weeks to live. So, I packed my bags and flew home to San Antonio to spend the last days with Mom.

I'll post some more about my mother. I'll try to find a photo of her and post it.


Monday, October 11, 2004

Diet Sprite - Zero 

Today, KT and I went downstairs to get a snack. We saw that Sprite has come out with a new product, Diet Sprite - Zero. It was made to help those consumers who are monitoring their carb intake. It has 0 carbs, 0 calories and 0 sugar.

We bought one to try it out. KT tasted it and I could tell he wasn't too crazy about it. I tasted it and it tasted like regular Sprite, without the fizz. Not too bad.

Cliff is so funny. He once said..."hey, what about us skinny people? We don't have a problem with carbs." I told him..."well, you're just gonna lose more weight." I wish I had Cliff's metabolism. He eats and eats and eats and eats and eats...and NEVER gains weight. Bitch!


National Coming Out Day... 

Today is National Coming Out Day! So, those of you who are in the closet and if you feel ready and confident to declare your sexuality, then, by all means, COME OUT!

However, if you're still not sure or not quite confident, please go find the nearest flamboyant queen or mulleted dyke and get some tips and advice. I'm sure they'll be happy to share their coming out experiences.

People, in general, think that coming out is relatively easy. Maybe for the marginal few, but for the majority, it's stressful! Come out, ONLY when you're ready.

I think I'll share my coming out story:

In 1993, I graduated from high school (a private Christian school). That Fall, I was enrolled at a Bible college. To make that particular episode of my life short, I ended up withdrawing from that college before the first semester was over.
I decided at that point that I wasn't quite ready for college and wanted to work. So, I started working for Foley's, a division of the May's Company. (Foley's sister stores are Lord & Taylor, Filene's, Hecht's, Robinson & May, Strawbridge) It was supposed to be a seasonal job but I ended up working there for 7 years.
Anyways, rewind to 1993. My best friend, at the time, was Etna (who nows goes by the name of Liz...because Etna sounded elderly.) She was a junior when I graduated. 3 of her cousins had graduated from my school. So, it was like keeping up with the tradition that the kids graduated from the private school. However, she just couldn't wait to get out of there! She didn't think she'd survive one more year there. You see, she never was popular at school. However, I was. My friends were literally shocked that I went up to her and befriended her. They kept asking me if I was crazy or whatever and I was like...what's so wrong about being friends with her?
Anyways, after I left, she was really alone at school. My mother was still teaching at the school and Etna would retreat to my mother and just start up a conversation with her. However, she just couldn't take it, plus the pressure from her family. You know, teenager stuff.
So, she decided to drop out and moved to Oklahoma, for some vocational training (for hearies). I remember being pissed for making such a hasty decision but I eventually got over it.
Ok, fast forward to 1994. After a year, Etna decided to move back into town. We decided to meet, for the first time in a year, at a certain place. I would pick her up and we would go somewhere and hang out. I remember the car I was driving. It was a blue standard Yugo. Do you guys remember that car? Of all the cars I've had, the Yugo was the smallest I've ever owned. Dang! I miss that car!
Anyways, I remembered that I had picked her up. She got in the car and we just hugged and laughed. It was so good to see her once again. As we were driving, I told her that I had something to tell her. She said she had something to tell me as well. We were both like..."me first!" We were like..."no, me!" Since neither of us wanted to be second, we ended up coming out to each other at the same time. We were like..."what?" And then we started laughing. We were like...how weird that both of us came out to each other at the same time.

I had written a long story, just now about what happened to us since then but it got too long. So, I deleted it and just thought I'd make a summary. We became closer than before and did all kinds of things together. We partied, hung out and all that stuff that best friends do.
However, one day, she did something really awful and I ended the friendship.
About 4 or 5 years later, we bumped into each other at a mall, during summer break. She still considered me her best friend. However, I wasn't gonna just forget the whole thing and resume best friendship with her.
Yet, we did become friends and started talking again. This time, she had a girlfriend and was so in love with her. I got to meet her and she was really nice. It was awkward to see that Etna had transformed from a feminine lady to a DYKE. I mean...big time dyke!
We've since lost touch for like the past 3 or 4 years. I had just started dating KT and I remember telling Etna about him. I remember the last time I saw her. She was busy preparing a birthday party for her girlfriend. So, I told her that I'd come back since I didn't wanna hold her up.
Oh well. I do hope that she's happy wherever she is. We may not be friends anymore but I certainly can't forget her...with us coming out to each other.


Blog Pets... 

*Blog Pets are specifically designed to those who have a Blogger account*

Want a blog pet? Go to this site and copy and paste the HTML code in your blog. It looks like a Tamigotchi, except you don't have to feed it or whatever. It will take a few days before your pet will become familiar with your writing style and moods. Then, your pet will be able to read your blog and display what emotions you're feeling and maybe tell a few jokes every now and then.

vee vee!



Ok, I just got this from csineadsiobhan's blog. John Forbes Kerry and George Walker Bush, the current candidates for President, are related.

What?!? I didn't know that. Did you?

So, I thought I'd pull up some sites to back up that fact. (These sources have ranged in saying that they're 9th, 10th and 11th cousins removed. So, somewhere around there...)

Bush to Kerry: What's up, Cuz?

Family Forest

Hugh Hefner Related to Them Too

11th Cousins


Christopher Reeve... 

Christopher Reeves passed away on Sunday. He was 52 years old. He was famous for his role as Clark Kent/Superman.

He became paralyzed, from neck down, in 1995, due to a horse-racing accident. He set up Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation, which has generated more than $22 million dollars towards paralysis research.

All I can say is that he was a brave man to continue living. He had admitted, in an interview with Barbara Walters, that he thought about pulling the plug. (Reeve could not breathe on his own.)

I remember growing up and watching the Superman movies. I used to think he was sexy, along with Tom Selleck.

Well, Christopher, you've done your part here on Earth. Now, you rest in peace. Adios.

photo by Christopher Reeve Homepage

P.S. - It's really eerie that Ridor mentioned about Reeve when Petru died, not too long ago. Ridor mentioned that it was a good thing that Petru died, after falling down a flight of stairs. Because if Petru had lived, he might've been paralyzed from the neck down. Being Deaf and needing hands to sign, it would certainly have been hell for Petru when it comes to communication.

(I was gonna add a P.P.S here but realized that, at this point, it would've been a rumor. I'll hold until I get some facts before posting.)


Thursday, October 07, 2004

Britney Spears' Curious... 

I'm surprised that I'm blogging about Britney Spears once again. At first, since I watched the E! special about her life and music career, I was like...she's awesome. But then, when she pulled that marriage to Kevin and then the media started suggesting that it was a hoax. I was like...oh, c'mon Britney, don't stoop yourself that low to get media attention.

Of course, since then, I stopped reading anything that had to do with Britney. So, to this day, I'm not sure if it was actually a hoax or it was the real thing.

Anyways, the reason why I brought up Britney is because last night I saw Britney's commercial, on MTV, about her new perfume, Curious. Did anyone else see that commercial, where Britney is on one side of a hotel door and a guy on the other? Awesome!

I wouldn't be surprised if Manny already bought himself a bottle of Curious! *wink*

ta ta for now...

Here are some commercial captures to look at.


Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Ok, You're Getting on My Nerves... 

Ok, for some time, I'm sure you've been familiar with the bothersome pop-up ads, every now and then, whenever you get online. At first, it was like...no biggie. But then, the ads have been multiplying as if they're rabbits. Pretty soon, it starts to feel like you've spent more time closing the pop-ads than you did online, such as chatting, surfing the 'net or checking your email. You thought that was bad.

Well, nothing is compared to this new "technique" that's been happening. I thought it was only happening to me until I started to ask my friends about it. Just at the last nanosecond, when you're getting ready to click on something or hit that Enter key, a pop-up ad suddenly appears. Then, you clicked or keyed a button and, of course, you're taken to another site. Don't you just HATE that?!?!? Aaarrrggggghhhhh!

It's like somehow the pop-ad just KNOWS when you're gonna click the mouse or tap that Enter button and just decided to make a last minute (really, a last nanosecond) appearance. Ooooo! I certainly hope that this will change in the near future. It just sucks to deal with ads and spams.

OMG, don't even get me started on spams. It's like every morning, I spend a few minutes deleting (and reporting as spam) those about penis enlargement pills, Viagra, porn sites or whatever, 'special' mortgage rates, lottery notices, "hi, I'm so and so, please send money, you'll get money back", patches and others.

Speaking of penis enlargement pills, does it pay to be stupid? I read an article yesterday that the court was in favor of the class action lawsuit against the makers of penis enlargement and breast enhancement pills, to the tune of millions of dollars. (When I get home, I'll post the link for the article, since I don't want to run the risk of pulling it up in case it's not work-safe.) So, consumers who bought these pills can partake in the settlement. Ok, so, you get to be stupid and buy these pills, with the hope that it'll work and then at the end, you get money because you didn't get the desired results?!?!? Anyone care to explain that to me?
Hello, I'm sure these bottles, like other herbal pills for vitamins or weight loss, have a label, stating that they're not FDA-approved. So, that should have given you the hint that it's not gonna work.
My father is a nurse. As I was growing up, (well, from the time he became a nurse), he would tell me which stuff wouldn't work or what was ridiculous or dangerous. Penis pumps...dangerous, as it can and will tear the penile skin. Enhancement or enlargement pills...ha, what a scam that people just blindly charge up a storm!

Of course, I could go on and on about stupidity and lawsuits and elaborate each of them. I just think it's stupid for someone to do something and then s/he gets something or doesn't get something and then turns around and sue the company. For example, smoking cigarettes and then later get cancer and then suing the tobacco companies. ??!!!??!!?? Or like that person who spilled hot coffee on his lap and then sued McDonald's. Sued McDonald's and won because there wasn't a warning that the hot coffee could've scalded or burnt his legs. H-E-L-L-O! Hot, the adjective before coffee, is the keyword.

Ok, I know I'm rambling now. ta ta for now...


Tuesday, October 05, 2004

AT&T OGO... 

Yesterday, a "sister" of mine from NY, IM'd me. We chatted about various things but mostly about this one particular person. Anyways, she mentioned that this other person had an OGO. I was like...what the heck is that? We both had no idea what that was...

...unti this morning, I was reading up some blogs and I came across Grant's, talking about the AT&T OGO. (Grant took out the time to list some prices and some links, if you're interested.) Hmmm, it looks really interesting and it's bound to be a good competitor against Sidekick. So, will the OGO become popular in the Deaf communities? See see...


Monday, October 04, 2004

Man On Fire... 

If you haven't seen Man On Fire, you gotta check it out. It starts off good and then slows down for a bit but then picks up. It definitely gets your attention.

Without giving away the plot of the movie, I had heard something about this particular "phenomena" from a news magazine show..I think from 20/20 or something like that. It's just something to think about.

Like I said, go rent it and check it out.


Friday, October 01, 2004

Stress, Stress, Stress! 

Anyone with a head full of hair willing to sacrificed their hair? With me being follically-challenged, I can't afford to waste the leftovers. So, I need to pull out someone else's hair while I vent!!!

Who said that school stops when the weekend starts? I WISH!

Got a filming project to do. Got a paper to do. Got TONS of reading to do. Got to prepare for the Latino event next weekend (see below). Plus, got housekeeping to do. Arrggghh!

Tonight is DPHH in Bethesda but I doubt that I'm going. Just wanna go home and not do a damn thing!

(click to enlarge)