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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Bouncing Back... 

Ugh! I cannot recall the last time I was sick with the flu. Damn that flu shot, I got a month or 2 ago, for not working!

I'm not quite out of the woods yet but getting better. Well, at least, I hope so.

My students have been hoping, along with prayers and promises of firstborn sacrifices, that I'd cancel classes. Nope! Not happening!

I don't like the flu. Of course, I don't think anyone else does. My nasal passages would be blocked. But every now and then, one passage would be opened. However, breathing was not enjoyable. I'd breathe in air and I could feel it travel from my nose, over to the top of my skull and to the back. It was so sensitive that it hurt.

Blowing my nose was the worst! I'd get headaches everytime I had to blow my nose.

(Cliff, shut up! I ain't taking Theraflu! Tastes like piss!)

Anyways, I'm better than before. Right now, I feel kinda woozy.


What is it with us people? When we're sick, we're miserable. But, when there's a gathering of friends, we will ourselves to be well enough to go and hang out. If it means that everyone will be sick afterwards, then so be it!

Last year, during SuperBowl, there was a virus going around that made people throw up. A couple of people got this virus. So, when SuperBowl came around, everyone got together. Well, the next thing you know, over a course of several days, people got afflicted with this virus, one by one.

I lucked out. I was so happy because I hate hate hate hate hate to throw up. Some people look forward to throw up because they know that they'll get better afterwards. Not me, I'd do anything to prevent myself from throwing up. Pepto-Bismol, my best friend!!!!!

The other week, a small group of us got together for a "whine & cheese" gathering. (No, whine isn't a typo.) Before you know it, I found out that half of us got sick. We got together again a week later for a birthday celebration. Instead of staying home to recover, we just had to get together.

Friends! Somehow, we can't say no to friends. Friends! We're willing to get sick to be with friends. Friends! We're willing to trade illnesses. Friends! What the world would be without them?

Now, I just wanna know WHO gave me this flu?!?!?!?


Monday, January 22, 2007

Do They? 

Do weird people know that they're weird or are they just totally oblivious to their own weirdness?

Granted, we all have our weird quirks. Sometimes, we act weird because were (over)tired, moody, stressed or whatever reasons. But some people are just genuinely weird. They're just weird 24/7. But do they know that they're truly weird?


Tuesday, January 16, 2007

KT's Birthday 

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Wishing my honeybear a wonderful day on his birthday!

Happy Birthday, Kevin!



Friday, January 05, 2007

Winged Migration 

Gawd! It's been a long time since I've done a review for a book or movie. Below is my review posted in Amazon.com for Winged Migration:

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*Winged Migration* was a beautiful scenic film of birds migrating from the North to the South and back. Admittedly, it wasn't as majestic as *March of the Penguins* but it was still breathtaking to see all that was captured.

This film featured ducks, geese, cranes, storks, gulls, gannets, penguins and several other species of migratory birds. It is just amazing to see the miles they fly over long periods of time. It's amazing to see that they don't tire mid-flight and just skydive to the ground. They persevere.

The film opens with the migratory birds migrating to the Artic where it is warm. Upon arrival, they break away from the group and begin to mate. It's beautiful to see different mating rituals, including some of the most fascinating and graceful dances. Of course, we see the chicks. These little fluffballs are just adorable!

However, soon it's "sink or swim" for the youngs as the birds need to migrate back to north. Summers in the Artic are short-lived.

Not everything is pretty in this film. You'll see a small bird with a broken wing, devoured by a group of crabs. You'll see ducks and geese being shot down mid-flight by hunters. You'll see a duck stuck in a mud of oil. You'll see a goose entwined with a piece of netting around one of her feet. You'll see larger birds preying on the other birds. But that is part of the cycle of life.

The sceneries are just beautiful. The ocean. The desert. The mountains. The Artic. It just makes you wonder just how these filmmakers were able to capture all of these, including the birds in flight. Just simply enthralling!

It was no surprise to see that this movie, made from 4 years of filming, was an Academy Award nominee. I certainly look forward to more films by Jacques Perrin.



Thursday, January 04, 2007

Support Beth 

I blogged about Beth and her upcoming marathon and I thought I'd doing it again.

Beth will be running in the Rock and Roll Marathon in Phoneix, Arizona on January 14th. She is the only Deaf person running in this marathon (as far as we know). She even has her own interpreter who is also running in the marathon. How cool is that!?!

Anyways, Beth is running for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. This Society has done numerous research with the hope of finding a cure for those afflicted. Beth has been consistent with the training. She's extremely proud that she can run 20 miles and survive. So, I'm asking you all to support her in reaching her goal. You can contribute at her donation page.

Beth is a wonderful friend of mine. Like me, she is a transplant from Texas, living in DC. I first met her at Gallaudet when we were both graduate students of ASL & Deaf Studies. We do pick on each other endlessly, yet band together when people pick on Texas. LOL She's a great person that I'm glad to have formed a friendship with.



Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Out with 2006! In with 2007!

Good-bye doggie! Hello pig!

Hope your New Year's celebration was fabulous!

KT & I celebrated New Year's at Manny's place, along with a few other friends. Manny hosted a black/wig/potluck party.

So, KT & I got one of those cheap plastic wigs found at the Party City. Dressed up in black. Brought over a casserole of ground turkey, rice and cream of mushroom and a big bottle of champagne.

Gawd, there was so much food there! With train outside, we just all stayed inside and gobbled up as much food as we can, along with some wonderful drinks.

Ooooooooo, I'm gonna get Merritt back. He fooled me thinking that he was sipping some drink that contained chicken hearts. Of course, I went all "ewww!" They were actually lychees. B-itch!

Nonetheless, we all had a good time celebrating New Year's. We watched the Waterford crystal ball go down for 2007 in NYC, via TV. It will be the last time that any of us will see that crystal ball. The ball has been retired.

Anyways, I'm looking forward to another wonderful year of opportunities and cherished memories.

Ta ta...