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Sunday, October 29, 2006

JK's Brief Statement 

Signature: Gallaudet University - Public Relations/Visitors Center

Statement by Jane K. Fernandes

“It is with deep regret that I heard the Board’s decision to
terminate my contract.

“I love Gallaudet University and I believe I could have made a
significant contribution to its future. I hope that the Gallaudet
community can heal the wounds that have been created. I trust that we
all want a stronger, better, more inclusive Gallaudet where ASL and Deaf
culture have been and always will be at the core of academic and
community life.”


IKJ's Statement 

Signature: Gallaudet University - Public Relations/Visitors Center

Statement by I. King Jordan

“The struggle during the past several months has been very painful for
all of us. I am deeply troubled by the divisions among us and by the
anger that overtook reason, respect, and civility.

“Now we must all come together for the sake of Gallaudet, particularly
for the sake of Gallaudet's students--those who are our students now and
those who will be students in the future.

“I want to thank Jane Fernandes for her dedication and courage and her
standing up for what's right. I am personally saddened--for Gallaudet
and for Dr. Jane K. Fernandes--that she will not have the opportunity to
show Gallaudet and the world what a great president she could have been.
Her vision and her plans to make that vision come to life would have
guided the university we all love into a bright future. The Board of
Trustees saw that promise when they selected Dr. Fernandes as president.
In order to resolve the current stalemate the Board has deemed it
necessary to steer a different course, and I accept their decision. Now
we must all put down our weapons of words and seek to restore a sense of

“In my Town Hall speech last November I said there is more that
unites us than divides us. I think we lost sight of that for a time and
we must work together to refocus on the core values that unite us. We
should not look for a resolution to the struggle of recent months in
terms of winners and losers. If we do, Gallaudet and our students will
be the losers.”



Signature: Gallaudet University - Public Relations/Visitors Center

TO: Campus Community

FROM: Board of Trustees

DATE: October 29, 2006

RE: Board of Trustees Meeting

Today, we announce with much regret and pain that after serious
deliberation in a special, all-day Executive Session of the Board of
Trustees, we have voted to terminate Dr. Fernandes' appointment
asPresident-Designate (currently effective) and President
(effectivebeginning January 1, 2007) at Gallaudet University.

We understand the impact of this decision and the important issues that
inherently arise when a Board re-examines decisions in the face of an
on-going protest. The Board believes that it is in the best interests of
the University to terminate Dr. Fernandes from the incoming President's
position. Although undoubtedly there will be some members of the
community who have differing views on the meaning of this decision, we
believe that it is a necessity at this point. The Board is continuing to
meet to discuss transitional issues.

It has certainly been a difficult and trying time for our Gallaudet
community. Now is the time for healing. The hope of the Board of
Trustees is for our beloved community to come together to work for a
stronger and better Gallaudet.


Friday, October 27, 2006

Before You Trade 

I've met many Deafies who have traded their Sidekick pagers for a new one because of the amount of spam emails they have been receiving. It is bothersome to delete a number of them everyday.

However, I learned something new.

So, before you trade that damn pager...

Go to www.t-mobile.com

Sign in with your phone number and password. Once you've successfully signed in, you must select the phone/pager that you currently have.

Once you've done that, click on Communication Tools.

On the right side, you'll see a Resource section. In there, click on Create Spam & Keyword Filters. From there, you can enter the email address that you no longer wish to receive. You might have to go to your email, which you can access online, and click on the particular spam email.

Then, you're done.

Ah, isn't life easy?



Monday, October 23, 2006

Friday Night 

The coffee social last Friday was successful.

Despite the relocation to a Starbucks closer to Gallaudet, you know...the protest thing, I had expected a small number.

Initially, there was a small number. However, about 2 hours later, we had a total of 46. Not bad! It was good to see some old friends who came to Gallaudet for the Homecoming.

At the urging of one attendant, I conducted a small survey to see which location they liked better: the one in Duci or the one in Capitol Hill. To my surprise, many liked Capitol Hill. Of course it came with a "but...".

Many liked the Starbucks in Capitol Hill because it was roomier, which allowed people to move around. I had to agree. Not only were there those traditional wooden chairs but there were some soft plushy lounge chairs as well. There was also a fireplace. There was a small room set off on the side for computers. It was just really nice. Perfect gathering for the coming cold months.

A few of the people had a "but...". Few of them wanted nearby bars to go afterwards. Of course, Dupont Circle is the place to go bar-hopping. Capitol Hill/Eastern Market only has Remington's for the guys and Phase One for the gals.

For those who live outside of DC said that they only had to ride the Red Line to Duci. Now, they had to transfer. However, they were willing to come to the new location. Gally students were thrilled about the new location because they could either walk or take one bus ride with a short walk.

Almost everyone commented about the fireplace. It was like the fireplace sealed the deal!

So, what I think I'm gonna do is have the coffee social in Capitol Hill during the cold winter. The one in Dupont Circle will be for the rest of the year.



Friday, October 20, 2006

Coffee Social 

Tonight is the monthly Deaf GLBT coffee social. However, in light of the current Gallaudet protests, I have relocated the gathering to another Starbucks closer to Gallaudet. So, bring your fellow Deaf GLBT friends and visiting alumni!

Starbucks @ Capitol Hill
237 Pennsylvania Ave, SE

7pm to 10pm

Closest Metro is Eastern Market and Capitol South.

I plan to be there. However, if anything should develop at Gallaudet, you can bet that I'd be at Gallaudet.

ta ta...


Thursday, October 19, 2006

Another Blog 

I created a new blog that will address the Gallaudet Protests and other Deaf-related news and issues.

The Information Booth

Ta ta...


Tent City in San Antonio 

I'm excited because Jay & Terri Levine have spearheaded a Tent City Rally scheduled for this coming Sunday in San Antonio, my beloved hometown.

I truly wish that I could fly to San Antonio and be with the Deafies there. Nonetheless, I am proud that they will be showing support for FSSA.

Be sure to check out their blog, San Antonio for FSSA.


Other News on Gallaudet Protests:

- GWU's Student Association President Lamar Thorpe's use of funds for Gallaudet protests caused concerns.

- Washington Post provides a brief dossier on Jane Fernandes.

Other Deaf News:

- WPSD opens a new $3.6 million Children's Center

- Court still upholds ruling that UPS cannot discriminate against the Deaf as delivery truck drivers.

- Italian Father Filippo Smaldone, a.k.a. Apostle of the Deaf-Mutes, has been canonized.

- Students of Donaldson's School for the Deaf will star in an upcoming documentary.

- A Jacksboro, Tennessee man has been charged for making an obscene call, via Relay, to a 10 year-old girl.

- Idaho Board of Education remains uncertain if ISDB will be closed or not.


Ta ta for now...


Tuesday, October 17, 2006


I. King Jordan has postponed Homecoming.


Catching Up 

Whoo! What a weekend!

Friday was an interesting yet appalling day that I. King Jordan approved of the arrests of the protesters.

I came by Gallaudet on Saturday to show my support. It was good to congregate with the alumni.

I've just been busy catching up on the constant emails, blogs, vlogs, news/press releases, articles, newspapers on the Gallaudet protests.

Below are the links that provide continuous updates and perspectives of the protests:


See the Tent City World Map. Total Tent Cities to date = 45



Friday, October 13, 2006

Third Day 

Gallaudet is closed for the 3rd day. If I understand correctly, 6th Street entrance is open.


I managed to stop by Gallaudet before heading home. It was interesting to witness the mass protests at my beloved alma mater. I took some pictures. The Sidekick camera doesn't do them justice.

While I was there, 4 students were meeting with IKJ and the assistant police chief to discuss about the arrests and the entrances to Gallaudet.

Chris Corrigan, the Mayor of Tent City, was giving pep talks to the protesters.


After I left, I was forwarded 2 emails. Someone tried to impersonate SBG President, Noah Beckman, with a message that the protest was over.



You have to see this awareness collage made by Tate Tullier. Simply awesome!


Well, ta ta for now. Stay warm!


Thursday, October 12, 2006

2nd Day 

Gallaudet University is closed for the 2nd day.

Last night, Dr. I. King Jordan issued a statement and tried to used scare tactics by threatening students that they will be arrested.

According to one blog, IKJ has ordered the cafeteria closed. Hmmm, an act of desperation?


I must mention about Allison Kaftan. She has written one of the best postings I've read in DeafDC.com, especially in regards to the Gallaudet protest. Do yourself a favor and check it out!

Worlds Apart: Divergences in Perspectives on the Protest


Yesterday, the Federal Appeals Court ruled that the UPS was in violation of anti-discrimination laws when they banned the Deaf to be delivery truck drivers. This class action suit is a victory for the 1,000 Deaf who could have been drivers.

UPS plans to appeal.


ta ta for now...


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Gallaudet Closed 

There was an email sent out at 4:55am stating that the students have blocked all the entrances to Gallaudet.

So, Gallaudet is closed, including MSSD and Kendall.

I'm keeping my eyes peeled on updates.


Other than that:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Happy National Coming Out Day!

That would be interesting day and memory for Deaf GLBT's coming out today and participating in the Gallaudet protest.

Anyways, a couple of tips when coming out:

1. Don't let anyone pressure you to come out when you're not ready to do so. However, do keep in mind that coming out is a process. If and when you're ready to come out, "try" out with 1 or 2 people. Over time, you will discover that people will have various reactions to your coming out. Over time, you'll know how to address these reactions.

2. Before coming out, pack an overnight bag and ask a friend if his or her place can be used as Plan B. You never know that your coming out might produce a negative (hopefully not violent) reaction or surrounding. If you feel unsafe, after coming out, get out and go straight to Plan B.

There are more tips but I feel that these 2 are the most important. If you're unsure how to come out, ask those who have already come out to share their stories with you.

With that said, Happy Coming Out!


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Dr. Angel Ramos' Open Letter 

An Open Letter to Dr. Jordan:

Thank you for your recent email asking for my support and explaining what is happening on campus. First, let me say that I cannot support you. Let me share with you three of the many reasons why I cannot support you:

1. You claim that “We have continuously met in good faith with the dissenters, only to have the students’ demands change.” First, it is not only the students’ demands. It is the demands of the Gallaudet faculty, staff, alumni, Graduate Student Association, Student Body Government, Black Deaf Students Union, Latino Students Union, Asian Pacific Association, International Student Club, Students-at-Large, Students with Disabilities, the National Association of the Deaf, the World Federation of the Deaf, and many,many other hearing and Deaf partners in the community including the two former Chairs of the Gallaudet University Board of Trustees - Phil Bravin and Dr. Glen Anderson. The demands have never changed, they have remained the same since they were first made: a) re-open the search process and b) no reprisals for anyone involved with the protest. It’s that simple.

2. You claim that “we are committed to free speech.” You certainly have a strange way of showing it. I guess this commitment to free speech includes pouring horse manure at the site of the Tent City, which the students set up, and had a permit for, to civilly protest the selection of Dr. Fernandes. I can’t tell you how many parents are upset that you also put students’ health at risk by such a despicable action. I guess this commitment to free speech includes threatening staff and faculty who dare voice their opposition to the selection of Dr. Fernandes. I guess this commitment to free speech explains why you refuse to provide the Gallaudet University Alumni Association with the email addresses of Gallaudet alumni. Oh, that’s right. It is “confidential information.” Hmmm,,,, sharing “confidential information” was never a problem until the GUAA opposed the selection of Dr. Fernandes. There are plenty other ways you have shown your commitment to free speech - your actions speak for themselves.

3. You claim that “their [students] actions hurt us all, not only on Gallaudet’s campus, but around the world.” Hmmm…I don’t recall the students shutting down Gallaudet University for 7 days in 1988 during the DPN protest as hurting Gallaudet or Deaf people around the world.
It actually made Gallaudet stronger, Deaf people more empowered throughout the world, and ended up in the selection of the first deaf president of Gallaudet, YOU.

Now, let me tell you what I do agree with. I do agree that “We all have an important role to play.” I do agree that “many of you are as saddened as I am by the current discord on our campus.” I do agree that “we all need to be part of the resolution.” That being said, if you truly believe your own words you will truly LISTEN to what the community is saying. The selection process was FLAWED. The selection of Dr. Fernandes as a result of a flawed process IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.

Back in 1988, the Reverend Jesse Jackson said, “The problem is not that the students are deaf, the problem is that the hearing world does not listen.” This was true back in 1988 and it is true today. I guess this means you must be part of the hearing world because you obviously are not hearing what your own Deaf community is saying - staff, faculty, alumni, people of color - and not just Deaf people, but hearing people as well, all standing together against you with one voice screaming “Re-open the search process!” Can’t you “hear” what everyone is saying?

Let me give you some advice on how to end this protest. Back in 1988 you took a stand against the students, staff, faculty and the community who wanted a Deaf president at Gallaudet. You decided to support the selection of Dr. Zinser because you believed that the next time there was a presidential vacancy you would be a top candidate. A few days later you came to your senses and stated that the students, staff, faculty and the community were right, it was time for Gallaudet to have a Deaf president. Lo and behold, you became the first Deaf president of Gallaudet. Now, 18 years later, once again you take a stand against the students, staff, faculty and the community who want to re-open the search committee. You decide to support the selection of Dr. Fernandes because she is your hand-picked successor. Will you please come to your senses again and once again state that the students, staff, faculty and the community are right - it is time to re-open the selection process!

The future of Gallaudet is in YOUR hands. Will you continue to divide and destroy what you have spent the last 18 years creating or will you once again bring joy to the students, staff, faculty and the community and bring us all together again? You know as well as I do that just as in 1988 the demand for a Deaf president was not negotiable, the demand to re-open the search process is not negotiable. In 1988, Dr. Zinser told the Gallaudet students, staff, faculty and the community they were right, it was time for Gallaudet to have a Deaf president. Will you do the same thing today and tell the Gallaudet students, staff, faculty and the community they are right, it is time to re-open the search process?

Dr. Angel M. Ramos, Class of 1997
Author, Triumph of the Spirit: The DPN Chronicle


Updated Contract 

The contract below is currently in the hands of IKJ.

Via Elisa:

This contract is to serve as a set of agreed upon items in order to cease lock-down of HMB by the protestors.

This contract replaces prior versions, which are null and void.

The two original SBG demands still remain:

1) Re-open the Presidential search Process (which includes Jane K. Fernandes’ resignation as President-Select), and

2) No reprisals for faculty, staff, students, and alumni involved with the protest.

Items for implementation in order to release the HMB Building:

1. Public statement by the University President apologizing for issuance of misleading statements and misrepresenting the actions of SBG protestors (e.g., disputing student accounts of DPS inflicted injuries; blaming harassment of adminstrative and Board officials by outside individuals on students)

2. Direct SBG line of communication to University Board of Trustees via SBG-appointed Liaison.

3. Unrestricted SBG access to Campus Activities email system; clarification regarding activity location and/or date shall be made within the same day.

4. Protest safe zones, including 24/7 tents and overnight sleeping, shall be established on the Mall area of campus. In addition, the HMB Atrium and the SBG office shall be Protest safe zones for peaceful assembly, meetings and related activities (including 24/7 tents and overnight sleeping). HMB as a classroom facility will be rededicated to normal usage. Further, scheduled usage of Andrew Foster Auditorium by SBG for peaceful assembly and/or meetings shall be allowed.

5. Unrestricted external media contacts with designated representatives on the campus Mall, Andrew Foster Auditorium (during scheduled activities), and SBG office.

6. Regular forums at HMB atrium with Jane K. Fernandes alone, with agenda and ground rules determined by both the SBG and the administration. The initial forum needs to occur within twenty-four hours from the time that the HMB lock-down ends.

7. Independent investigation of DPS actions, including tracing sources of the alleged calls regarding bomb threats, to be completed within two months’ time.

8. SBG shall have advisory representation on the CMT, through regularly scheduled meetings. Faculty and staff should have the same privilege.

9. Campus interpreters shall have no restrictions on interpreting at any time.

10. A multicultural mission statement, action plan must be developed, implemented, and evaluated (measurable outcomes) an on-going basis.

11. Enrichment Day activities shall be supplemented by concurrently scheduled Alternate Enrichment Day activities.

12. Director of Human Resources shall meet with staff members as requested on matters of individual concern, without SAC presence.

13. Press conferences hosted by the Adminstration shall include representation by SBG, with full access to media inquiries.

14. ASL courses shall be required. The SBG and the Committee for Undergraduate Education (CUE) will work together. The President and Provost shall issue a written statement that they support this.

15. The GUAA President, through the Office of Alumni Relations, shall have the unrestricted ability to correspond with all GUAA members (e.g., mail, electronic mail).

16. All statements and e-mails issued by the Office of Public Relations regarding SBG and protest activities shall be reviewed by the Provost for accuracy’s sake.

17. Move the Audism mandates out of the Diversity Action Plan for separate and independent implementation.

18. Withdraw the new names of the SAC, LCC, and the Art Gallery at the Washburn Art Center. Reconsider building or room naming procedures at the next Board of Trustees meeting.

19. Conduct an outside and impartial investigation of the Presidential search and selection process.

outside impartial review of search process assuring complete confidentiality to all interviewed: PSC members, board members, all 6 finalists, past board presidents, board emeritus members, GUAA officers, student reps, fac officers. This person/persons must be diverse, understand EEO issues, and have members who understand deaf community issues. Perferably civil rights figures included: Jesse Jackson, etc

20. Ensure that there shall be no reprisals (academic and otherwise) against students, faculty, and staff - similar to what was ensured for 1988 DPN protestors. Any exceptions shall be brought to the negotiating table.

21. Rescind the Freedom of Expression guidelines. Establish committee with SBG, faculty, and staff representation for development of new guidelines.

22. Student athletes shall be free to take part in peaceful assembly activities, outside of their athletic expectations.

23. Merged into item number 20, above

SBG is committed to all student organizations of color, cross-cultural and multicultural organizations, international student organizations, and organizations comprised of students with additional disabilities. “Commitment” as demonstrated by the practice of social justice principles and multiculturalism. Key ideals of social justice include equity for all individuals in sharing rights, privileges, power, and resources. Entitlement to those rights and privileges must be without distinctions or conditions that would exclude anyone because of race and/or ethnicity, religious diversity, socioeconomic status, age, ability/disability, gender, and sexual orientation. Social justice requires sincere respect and support for every individual’s potential for development.

This contract is effective and binding between the SBG and the Office of the President upon signatures of named parties unless otherwise specified.

Noah Beckman, SBG President DATE

I. King Jordan, President DATE

To clarify, this has not yet been signed. It has been handed to the president’s office, and they said that they would give the protestors an answer by 10 PM.* The protestors haven’t gotten an answer, so the lock-down of HMB continues.

* 10PM Monday night


Alum's Reply to Concerned Students 

Once again, thanks to Elisa, who has provided consistent updates on the protests, the FSSA, IKJ, JK, replies and everything else.

Below is an alumnae's reply to the letter sent out by The Concerned Students:

A group of “concerned students” have sent out a letter stating that they want to see classes continue and that they are against the protestors’ take-over of HMB. This letter is an alumna’s response to their letter and complaints.

Dear Concerned Students:

Your letter touched me and it also saddened me a great deal. First off, I had been wondering “where are all the other students?” when the protest started off with roughly a 100 or so students. Yes, I knew that there were a group of students who supported the JKF selection as Gallaudet’s next president, and that is fine as I respect their stance; however I do know they are NOT the majority. So who is this group of students who are “on the fence”, standing in between the protesters and the group who supports JKF? The ones who are more concerned about getting to their classes, keeping up their grades, getting a degree, and henceforth, chasing their ambitions? No one is disputing that right… we agree with you that we ALL have a right to that. So let’s for a moment put that on the side and address the REAL issue.

I do feel for you! Maybe you feel that you are not fully understanding of the issues on both sides, and feel it best to take a neutral stance? Maybe you are curious about the issues behind the protest, but were slighted at some time in the past by the very students involved in the protest? Maybe you are new to the Deaf World, just having embarked on beginning the journey in understanding or recognizing your identity as a deaf human being so that you can’t be bothered with trying to understand all the issues behind the protest? Is that it, or is there more that I am missing? Please tell me! We are ALL in this together, and it helps if we can understand where the other is coming from.

But, please do not tell me that you’re just simply concerned about making it to your classes and that you have a right to get your education. To me, that is just a “band-aid” excuse and if we really looked deeper, there’s more to it than that. And, whoa, if I could only convince you, the “education” you seek is right there!! In front of your own precious eyes! What’s happening right now at Gallaudet and how it is affecting all of us across the USA, and quite possibly around the world, is absolutely phenomenal! What you learn within the protest is going to impact you and possibly enrich your education for the rest of your life. It will shape your ambitions, even! I urge you to get involved!!

It saddens me to see that your letter does not acknowledge the issues behind the protest. It does not acknowledge the severity of the situation where it impacting the spirit and reputation of Gallaudet. Your letter does not acknowledge how what’s happening today is going to affect your “tomorrow” because many alumni are angry and will not send monetary support to Gallaudet. Your letter does not acknowledge that what’s happening today is going to affect your education, because there are staff and faculty involved with the protest may not be there if JKF stays on as President as many expect to lose their jobs, be demoted, or be reassigned. This includes many who did not use their “names” but may be “found out”. So, can you see?? What’s happening right now is going to affect your education no matter what, so I urge you to get involved!!

If you are not sure how to get involved, go and do your research. Talk with your teachers about putting your studies on hold, or apply it towards the situation somehow. The internet is brimming at the seams with lots of information about the current protest so go read up on the various issues. If you don’t feel that you fully understand why others are saying that there’s discrimination, racism, and audism, then go and speak with the protesters or FSSA representatives whether it’s a student, staff or faculty to ask questions. Maybe set up a group meeting and engage in respectful dialogue. You may agree with some of the issues, and disagree with others, and that’s okay. Important thing is that you engage with others.

As I close, I wish you best of luck to you as you figure out where you fit in. But the important thing is, get involved! And, if I may, I would like to share a couple of my favorite quotes as a reminder that our humanity, rights to freedom of speech, and freedom from discrimination counts first and foremost. And, the only way to protect those rights is…… by getting involved!

First they came for the Jews

and I did not speak out
because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for the Communists
and I did not speak out
because I was not a Communist.
Then they came for the trade unionists
and I did not speak out
because I was not a trade unionist.
Then they came for me
and there was no one left
to speak out for me.

-Pastor Martin Niemöller

Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable… Every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals.

-Martin Luther King, Jr.

With regards,

Chriz Dally

Alumni ‘04


Monday, October 09, 2006

The Concerned Students 

There arises a new group, calling themselves The Concerned Students. Their first letter to the Gallaudet community was in regards to the lockdown of HMB.

Dr. Carol Erting provided a prompt response.

The Concerned Students' letter:

We, The Concerned Students of Gallaudet University, would like to alert the entire student body that we strongly oppose the barricade of the Hall Memorial Building (HMB). We are concerned that students who want to continue their education are being denied their fundamental rights to an education at Gallaudet University. The barricade of the building which primarily provide offices for the faculty members and classrooms, directly affect that academic activities of the University and therefore we consider the action as a gross violation of our rights.

We would like to emphasis that protesting is a choice and therefore our choice to attend our classes should equally be respected. The most relevant question we need to ask ourselves is: "Why are we at Gallaudet University in the first place?" Ponder on this for a moment.

We are at Gallaudet to earn a quality education. Many of us come from near and far, many of us are single parents, many of us are work-study students and pay our college education from our own pockets, some of us are international students whose stay in college depends largely on our grades, many of us have struggled so hard with VR, and if our grades fall, the risk of losing VR support becomes serious. We strive so hard to earn an education, an opportunity that might not be present to us everywhere. Gallaudet is one of a kind and will remain unique to us.

This dream and inspiration in us that guided our decision to come to Gallaudet for an education is about to be scattered and dashed. Our future ambitions and career goals are at stake and being held at ransom by protesters who did not send us to Gallaudet. It has been said that your destiny is in your hands. Only you can decide what you want to become tomorrow by your actions of today. By coming to Gallaudet University you have shown that you want a better tomorrow, a better education and better future. This protest is obviously interfering with our ambitions and we are voicing out our rights to earn an education.

We implore the faculty and staff who are part of the protest to put the ultimate priority of their obligations to the students in consideration.

The Concerned Students are still holding consultative meeting and we would like you to send your comments and concerns to us at gallystudents@yahoo.com.

Keep your eyes open for our announcements of Meeting dates, time and venue

Dr. Carol Erting's response:

Dear Bobby and other concerned students,

Thank you for your message to the community. I want to let you know that several of us faculty have been working very hard to assist in the resolution of this very serious situation on campus. We have been at HMB with the protesting students since the incident occurred with DPS and frightened students asked faculty to be present to ensure their safety. Please understand that this is a STUDENT action, not an action by the Faculty, Student, Staff, Alumni Coalition (FSSA). The coalition announced during the protest in May that it would not interfere with the ongoing educational activities of the university. That is still the position of the coalition. A coalition as you know is made up of independent groups who share similar goals but may take actions on their own to achieve them. That is what has happened in this case. Some of the written statements have added to the confusion so it is not surprising if contradictory messages are "out there." I am pasting a copy of a message I sent to the University Faculty officers yesterday. Please know that we are working diligently toward a peaceful resolution of the current situation so that classes may resume unimpeded, so that intimidation in all forms and toward all parties may cease on campus, and so that civility and respect toward all may prevail.

Here is a copy of the message I sent to faculty officers and their advisory group:


Several faculty members have been trying very hard to convince the students they should leave HMB. Three of us met briefly with Mike Moore last night and conveyed that message to him. We told him faculty who were inside HMB were there because we are concerned about the students' well-being. After the problems that occurred when DPS entered the building, students sent FSSA faculty a message pleading that they come to HMB because they were afraid. We have communicated repeatedly that we want them to leave the building. We made it clear to MIke that while the FSSA faculty support the students' two demands, this is a STUDENT action not an FSSA action and that we are trying to convince the students they need to leave the building.

Thursday afternoon there was an impromptu meeting at Fowler Hall. Several faculty were discussing the lack of response by the BOT to the faculty report when two student leaders walked into the building and asked to meet with us. As we met, more faculty joined the meeting as did a number of students and a few staff. The faculty in attendance made it very clear to the student leaders who were present that we did NOT support a lockdown of the campus. We tried to explain why and convince them they had other, better options. As we learned the next morning, they made their decision to lock down HMB. That decision was made by the students, not by FSSA and not with the support of any faculty member I know.

Each and every one of us needs to do our best to help them understand and come to a resolution of this situation today. FSSA faculty are meeting this morning at 11:00 am prior to the noon meeting the students are having with Mike Moore, Carl Pramuk, and Debbie DeStefano.

Please consider coming to campus today to meet with the students and help try and convince them to leave the building. I think it would convey a very important message especially if faculty officers were to meet with them, listen to their thoughts and feelings, and help them understand why they should leave the building today, by their own decision. They expressed deep appreciation to Mike, Carl and Debbie for coming to HMB yesterday and for their willingness to have open, direct discussions with them.

Please come to campus and try tell the students that. Help them understand it is the right thing to do and why.


Please feel free to come and discuss your concerns and perspectives with me and with other faculty. We are here for all Gallaudet students. A university is a place that should encourage open and free discussion. No one should feel intimidated or fearful to take a stand and discuss that stand with passion, civility, and respect. This kind of dialogue is essential to a free and democratic society and we should all be very concerned about protecting that right and taking that responsibility as community members. Once again, thank you for your message.


Carol J. Erting, Ph.D.

Chair and Professor

Department of Education

Gallaudet University

Washingtion, DC 20002


Bottom line is that the lockdown of the HMB was not sanctioned by the FSSA.


Friday, October 06, 2006

Gallaudet Blockage 

*edit below*

Uh, hell no!

This morning, I drove KT to Gallaudet to drop him off to work at MSSD. After dropping him off, I planned to drop off the car at a shop, near home, to get some things fixed and then Metro to work. However, when I got to the front entrance on 8th and Florida, it was blocked. So, I went over to the one on 6th Street, it was blocked as well. Then, I drove up to the MSSD entrance, it was blocked as well.

Oh, no no no!

So, I drove back to the front entrance, where there were other cars and service vehichles, such as Odwalla, waiting to get out. No one was moving. So, I put the car in Park, got out and walked to the DPS security.

I explained to her that I just entered campus to drop off my partner and that I needed to leave campus to go to work. "Sorry. No one is allowed to leave or enter," she said. "Why?," I inquired. "Sorry but I'm not allowed to tell you why," she replied.

No ma'am. No one is ever allowed to prevent anyone from leaving a place. No one is allowed to prevent someone from leaving a church, a hospital, a home, a mall, a theatre and most certainly a university campus.

So, I drove my big fat flat ass over to DPS. If they were gonna remain adamant, I was gonna have them call the DC Police. So, I got to the DPS front desk (by the way, it's been renovated) and explain that I dropped off my partner and that I needed to leave to get to work.

The lady, at the front desk, left to talk to someone. On my right, there was a huddle of DPS officers, talking (not signing).

A Deaf teacher from Kendall came in to ask when will the teachers, parents and students be allowed to come in on campus. Even the DPS officers weren't quite sure. One replied, "maybe 30 or 45 minutes but not sure."

The lady at the front desk came back to make sure she understood me right. Apparently, they were surprised that I made it in on campus in the first place. Dammit, I need to get off campus to get to work! The lady left again to speak with her supervisor. She came back quickly and said I could leave.

Thank you!

So, I drove back to the front and I still see 2 other cars waiting to get out. So, I got out again to speak to the same officer. You could tell she was overwhelmed. Students and staff were upset that they were not allowed to come in. Everyone was congregated at the front in the rain.

I was watching one student explaining to the officer that he lives in the dorms. The officer kept repeating "please cooperate with me. no one is allowed to come in." She was saying that to everyone. Only the DC Police were allowed to drive in.

I went up to her and explained that I went to DPS, who told me that I was allowed to leave. She warned that if I left, I would not be allowed back in. I was like "that's fine. I just need to leave for work." I got back in the car and waited at the stop light before I could leave.

A Deaf guy warned me about leaving campus and not coming back in. I assured him that I knew that and that I needed to go to work.

I saw several students and staff commenting how the blockage had to be related to prevent students from interrupting the BOT meetings.

The light turned green. I took off knowing that it was gonna be a long and interesting day at Gallaudet.


It turned out that the one of the reasons (the other reason that I've heard was that a bomb threat was called in) for the blockage was that there was an episode earlier that morning involving the DPS and the students at HMB.

Elisa has provided consistent coverages on this morning's events, including a video clip, recorded by BisonTv, on a DPS security clashing with students. (QuickTime is needed to view.) The Administration proclaimed that no one was hurt. Allegedly, the video clip has been released to the media.


Thursday, October 05, 2006

Hard: A Novel 

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Hard basically revolves around Moe, who is not skinny but not on the heavy side. Just a husky bear. Plus, he's also the world's best (at least, in NYC) cocksucker, who doesn't expect reciprocation.

Anyways, Moe is one of those guys who feels that it is his right to have sex anywhere and anytime he feels like it. (Think of Brian from Queer As Folks.) However, his rights are being trampled by Frank DeSoto, a gay reporter who has survived the 80's nightmare, where many of his friends and his lover have died from AIDS. Frank berates the gay community for being lax on HIV/AIDS activism.

Meanwhile, Moe's ex, Gene, moves to NYC from Washington for a travel agency. Gene is HIV-positive. He meets a younger guy, Dustin, who is insanely jealous of Gene & Moe's close friendship. However, when Gene finds out that his viral load is undetectable, he goes sexually wild on Dustin, who seems to be pliant.

Moe's best friend and fellow gradute classmate, Aaron, is also dating. His new love is a young Asian photographer, Kevin. However, Aaron soon discovers that Kevin is a hustler. Will this relationship work out?

Despite Moe's frequent adventures, he meets Max, whom he falls head over toe. However, Moe is disappointed that Max, a survivor of the 80's nightmare, is working with Frank DeSoto. Max and Frank are both working on a play that deals with the younger generation of gays being ignorant and careless in the age of HIV/AIDS.

If you're familiar with Larry Kramer's works, then you'll probably get flashbacks from "Faggots" while reading Hard.

Like the saying, all good things must come to an end. Just who or what comes to an end?

Great book that had me laughing out loud in some parts.

4 out of 5 stars


Tuesday, October 03, 2006


I'm currently reading Hard: A Novel by Wayne Hoffman. It's a gay novel that somewhat reminds me of Larry Kramer's Faggots. Gay life in NYC.

Anyways, I thought I'd share an excerpt that I thought was hilarious.

He'd gone to his first--and last--piss party at The Backdoor the previous summer. Wearing only a jock strap--Moe's insecurity about his body proved less potent than his embarrassment at bringing urine-soaked clothes to the laundromat--he had found several men at the club whom he deemed appealing. One of them, a bearish man in his fifties, smelled new meat and came over to play with Moe. Everything seemed to be progressing at an appropriate pace, when the man asked if Moe wanted to get pissed on. "Yeah, I do. That's why I'm here," Moe said. "Then get down on the floor," the piss daddy commanded. "On this floor? But it's filthy!" Moe replied.

"I'm gonna piss all over your face, and you're worried about the floor being dirty?"

"I'm sorry, man," Moe told him. "I've got limits."