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Friday, May 28, 2004

Deaf Bay Couple Scammed... 

I'm sure you have received this kind of email from time to time. This email is usually from someone in some African country or somewhere out there. They're in a war or whatever, and have money or need money...all that bullshit. Well, this Deaf couple (I got this from Alan's blog)were scammed and have lost all their savings. *heart touch*
(There is a last name in here that is familiar with one professor at Gallaudet. Not sure if any relation.)



I'd like to thank everyone who has posted comments on my blog and in Chiromeme and sent me IM's and pages in regards to my article. It made it all worthwhile. While I appreciate the "pat on the back", I'm not quite sure if everyone agreed with everything in the article. I got a hint from one person, who commented in Chiromeme that he agreed with most of the article. So, I'm curious which part he didn't agree with.
Others have shared with me that it's completely true. One even shared with me that he got goosebumps from reading my article, especially the part "some HOH's will purposely cease to perform these functions in order to be considered Deaf", because it was true for him. I know there are others like him, out there.

Some of you were like, how did you hear about Chiromeme? By networking and spreading the words to our friends. Some of you asked me...what does chiromeme means? That's why you should go to the site and explore around. I've taken the explaination the FAQ section of Chiromeme. Chiro is Greek for "hand" and meme is a terminology that means an idea that spreads itself. If you'll go to the Links section, you'll find a lot more Deaf resources.

KT and I are ready to fly out for vacation in Orlando in a few hours! Yay! Can't wait. Need to soak up some sun and reclaim my Hispanicness. LOL

OMG, I was reading the newspaper this morning. 1 out of 75 U.S. men are in prison/jail. WTF?! Too much testosterone and had to get into trouble? Of course, I know that not all of them are in jail because of murder and those hardcore crimes. I'm sure a large percentage of those men are in for drug charges. Hmmm, possession of drugs versus murder? I'd waive possession of drugs.

A fact corner found in the newspapers: half of the European population are considered overweight/obese compared to 2/3 of the U.S. population. Yikes!
OMG, KT and Jon were telling me yesterday that some guy is suing the Atkin's diet because he lost too much weight. (KT, did I get that right?) I was like, whaaaa? He was like 200-something pound and went down to 140 lbs. So, he was like upset cuz it messed up his body or whatever. *rolling eyes*

Some man tried to sue for $5K because he was watching the SuperBowl game with his kids and they were exposed to Janet Jackson's breast. Unfortunately, for the man, the judge threw out the case. My, my...things people do or sue just to get money.

Well, I'm ADD'ing now because all I can think is vacation. So, I better stop now and try to do some work. (yeah right!) Have a good Memorial weekend! ta ta...


Thursday, May 27, 2004

Audism Within the Deaf-World 

An article of mine, Audism Within the Deaf-World, has been published in Chiromeme. Check it out! Also, when you're done, explore the other areas of the site. *winks*


Oh, Ridor...wanna get pissy? 

Chicago has approved its first Wal-Mart store. Although, Wal-Mart had to really fight and they eventually won. Will this be just one or the first of many?


Photos of 7 Terrorist Suspects... 

Please click to view the photos of 7 terrorist suspects that are believed to have been planning a summer attack in the US. The world has been informed and you can read about this in practically every newspaper.


Wednesday, May 26, 2004


If you haven't heard about it...you should check out Chiromeme. I like their news section, covering incidences of Deafies from almost around the world. Very interesting news!
Help spread the news!


It Actually Happened to Me... 

During my days as an undergraduate student at Gallaudet, I was amazed at the amount and ease of bullshit, told to professors, made up by students. One of the most common bullshit were those explaining to teachers why they didn't hand in their essays, or whatever kind of paperwork. It was always blamed on the computer. The computer crashed, disk didn't work or save, printer was messed up, etc. It seemed too convenient to me that computer would act up the night before or the morning of the deadline.
While as a student at Gally, I never had problems with the computers and always turned in my papers. So, I usually laugh to myself when I see these students spewing out bullshit.
...until last night. I had been working on an article for some time. Although, I didn't have a specific deadline, I wanted to get it out of the way before heading off for our vacation in 2 days. I finished the article and after polishing it, I commanded the computer to print it out so that I can review and make additional changes. Well, what do you know...the printer wasn't printing. I was like...oh no no no! I tried several times to get it printed. Finally, I went to get KT, who had been packing up stuff in another room, to come and help me out. So, KT got on the computer and tried to get it working. And here I am, huffing and puffing because things weren't going my way.
The TV in the bedroom happened to be on. Real World was on. The group were on a vacation to Greece and were having some major arguments, especially with Frankie. Well, seeing them get mad sure didn't help me.
Then, KT tried and tried and told me that he was gonna do one more thing. If it didn't work, then that would be it. Maybe we had a virus in the computer or something or isn't communicating with the printer. So, before he gave up, I told him that I wanted to try one more thing. We made some adjustments and sure enough, the printer was working. Yay! Whew!
So, I guess computer problems does happen. I guess the computer just like to act up before the deadline. Ya mind!


Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Article in The Advocate 

I don't know if you subscribe to The Advocate or visit their website, but I think you should. I received the latest issue in the mail yesterday and I read the issue with interest. I came across this article about the photos in Abu Gharib prison. It made me stop and ponder about a few things and I wondered if you ever thought the same things or not. I hope you'll take a moment and read the article, "Weapons of Mass Homophobia" and share your views.


Setting Up House... 

I thought that by calling all the utilities companies to set up an account would be a headache. However, it wasn't so bad. Everyone was friendly and the majority of them have experienced Relay. That made the whole transactions easier.
I just need to call Verizon to transfer our phone number to our new place. And then, KT just needs to get the cable/satellite set up for the house. Then, we're all set...for the time being.
This weekend, KT and I are going to Orlando for vacation! A long overdue vacation! It'll be nice to escape for the weekend and just to relax. We're so looking forward to it!
Then, once we return from vacation, we shall start with some internal fixing-ups, such as paint some walls, shampoo the carpet, etc. Once all that is done, we'll start moving our stuff in.
Little by little, it's going to be our home sweet home! We're excited! We still can't believe that we own a home!

I just came from the doctor's this morning. My jaw is healing pretty good. Yay! Even better news, no more follow up appointments! Yay! Still have one more month of no chewing, which isn't so bad.


Monday, May 24, 2004

The Vatican and Metrosexuality... 

Imagine if it was true!! The following artice appeared in The Onion.

Catholic Church Condemns Metrosexuality
VATICAN CITY—Vatican spokesman Joaquin Navarro-Valls said Monday that metrosexuality, the trend of heterosexual men co-opting the aesthetics of homosexual men, is strictly prohibited under Catholic doctrine. "The truly faithful will avoid the temptation to adopt this hip urban lifestyle," Navarro-Valls said. "The devout Catholic must remain on the path toward salvation, no matter how good he'd look in an Armani pullover, and no matter how much he might covet his neighbor's set of Williams-Sonoma lobster forks." Karl Weis, director of the New York-based activist group Freedom From Religion, responded to the ban by stating that "metrosexuality is so 2003."



Believe it or not, Jessica Simpson will play as Daisy Duke for the upcoming Dukes of Hazzard movie. Surprise, surprise that Britney Spears was actually considered for the role.


Half and Half... 

Our weekend was pretty much half busy and half relaxing. On Saturday, KT and I got up and got busy to replace the gutter in the front section of our home. We're just two silly fags learning to do some serious stuff around the house. Of course, if it was me and if I had MONEY, I would just simply hire the guys to come out and do the work for me, while I sit inside and paint my nails or erase evidence of a unibrow. *snicker* Anyways, it was a good day. Of course, the day would've been upgraded to a marvelous day if it weren't for those pestering mosquitos. Thank God for OFF! I vee'd the cicadas flying around the trees to mate. (This morning, there were nothing but dead swished cicadas all over, even at the metro stations.)
Sunday was a relaxing day for us. We went out to Annapolis to watch the captioned movie of Van Helsing. It's interesting how horror "mythologies" have been combined together to form this storyplot. It never occurred to me how these creatures have existed around the same time, such as Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde, werewolves, vampires, Count Dracula, Frankenstein and the like. (Even though, these characters are fictious, it's intersting to note that Jack the Ripper was stalking and murdering his victims during these years.) It was interesting to see Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in this movie, at the beginning. In A League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (I believe that's the correct title), Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde was portrayed as a good man, yet unstable.
Anyways, this movie was very interesting. I liked the special effects and all those extra stuff. If you haven't seen it and like these kind of movies, I think you should go see it.
Before, turning in for the night, KT and I watched an episode of QAF. It was a sad one in regards to one character, which affected the majority of the other characters. Basically, the lesson here is to be careful what you say as it could be your last parting words.
It's interesting to see Mel and Linz, rolling with the punches of life. They're going through some things in their lives or work environments. Comments made by them or others often put us in thoughts about our own lives. You either make the best of it or play their game to get where you want to be. Sorta like "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade".
The drama between Emmett and Ted is interesting because you can understand both points of view. I hope that someday they can put aside their hurts and anger and reconcilate, not necessarily as lovers, but as friends. So, see see...

ta ta for now...


Friday, May 21, 2004

Officially Ours... 

As of yesterday late afternoon, KT and I officially own a home! Pah! Jon took us out to Phillip's Seafood to celebrate. We all had a good time and got home late. We're happy and excited to begin the transition from our current place to our own home!
We'll be doing a bit of cleaning and renovation in the house before moving in. We won't move in til after our vacation next week! We are so looking forward to get out of town for a few days!!!!!! We both need to relax!
Once we return, we'll move. We'll probably move into our house by mid-June. Maybe Bobby and Ridor will help us pack and unpack. They LOVE to pack, move and then unpack. They probably have a professional way of packing. *wink*
It's a good feeling! In person, I'm probably not showing it due to being excessively tired but inside I am happy! No more landlord! We can do WHATEVER we want to do! I just cannot wait to move in! I'm sure our cats would LOVE the extra space and having their own yard to explore.
So, I'm sure KT and I will be emailing our friends of our new address. KT is already making address changes to various businesses. Me, I'll get to it. Sometimes, I wish I could just wiggle my nose like Samatha, from Bewitched, and have everything move magically for me. Better yet, like Jeannie, just clasp my arms and blink and hey, it's all done! Sigh, would that be nice?
Nonetheless, we're excited! Can't wait to move! We can now say, "our home"! Yay! Yay! Yay!


Thursday, May 20, 2004

Catching Up With Friends... 

These past couple of days have been good by having the chance to have some good talks with friends, via online. Most days, we're busy with work or with something else that we have superficial conversations with our friends. "Hi, how u doin'?" "Fine, busy, same same, nothing new. U?" And then sometimes the conversation ends there.
It was good to talk with VeeVee, Shane and Rachella recently. It's nice to sit down and have a good long talk about what's up and how's life treating you. I'm sure it's good to know that you've been thought of and that you were instant messaged.
As soon as KT and I get the house thing over with and all that stuff, I'll be sure to look up some friends on my buddy list and catch up.
It was good to talk to Kekua as well. We usually have small talks because we're both at work and we're usually interrupted. But last night, it was good to have some talks to discuss some other things.
Emails, too! I have so many emails to respond! Right now, I'm just responding to emails that are related to RAD and committees as some of them are time-sensitive and need my prompt responses.
Seriously, I need to sit down soon (whenever I have free time) and respond to emails and have some good chats with friends.
I do wish that sometimes I had lots of money so I could just fly out and visit everyone and spend some quality time in person. Wouldn't that be nice? Damn you all who had to move out of the area. ;-) Love ya still!

Before I close, I'd like to say that security is really lax these days, despite the increase of terrorism. I just read the news that Tony Blair was splattered by some purple powder, which turned out to be cornstarch. Still, if it was one of those deadly biochemicals, things would've turned for worse.
People are now angry with former mayor Rudy Giuliani. Yeah, people died on the infamous 9/11. It's impossible to expect Rudy to prevent all these deaths. Rudy said that he received a memo saying that NYC's bridges, tunnels and subways were likely targets. So, he did his best to alert security in those areas. I'm sure that he did not once thought that planes would be flown into the two towers. I'm sure that no one did expect that.

Anyways, back to work. ta ta...


Wednesday, May 19, 2004

This and That... 

NYC has been chosen as a finalist, for 2012 Olympics, along with Paris, London, Madrid and Moscow. The proposed design for a stadium in NYC looks very unique and somewhat futuristic in appearance.

I read the latest issue of The Advocate, which featured movies that will be shown this summer. A lot of them bordered on gayness or are centralized in the movies. It shall be an interesting summer.

I don't know about other locations but StarBucks, in DC, is having Pink Ribbon Wednesdays, which started last week til June 16th. If you purchase a Strawberries & Creme Frappuccino, Starbucks will donate .10 to the 2004 Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation National Race for the Cure. So, go out and enjoy a deliciously sinful cup of Strawberries & Creme Frappuccino!

Two-thirds of those who applied for gay marriage licenses, in Massachusetts, were women.

Seems that only half of our friends are blogging regularly. Must be that phase where everyone is out from school and soaking up the temporary summer freedom. Don't stray too long...get back to your blogs. :-)

Ridor is having blogdrama. Nice change for me..to have the spotlight on him! Thanks, Empress!

I'll post some more when I have something more to say. Until then, ta ta...


Tuesday, May 18, 2004

ASL Poetry Contest Guidelines... 

Sara, thanks for the reminder about the ASL poetry contest. For those of you interested in competiting in the 2nd ASL poetry contest, you can go to Rita or Sara's blogsites for the guidelines.
The deadline has been extended! (Yay for me!)


2 Documentaries... 

Last week, KT and I watched 2 documentaries on HBO or Showtime. They're both very interesting and offer glimpses into their worlds.
One is about a transgender seeking to finalized his transition to a full male. I believe it is called "Rene's Story". Throughout the movie, you can't help but be against Rene because he is just so full of ego and anger. He kept talking about wanting to have a big dick and couldn't wait to have sex like a man. Towards the end of the movie, he had been warned by the doctors that most FTM's (female to male) end up with an average of a 2 inch penis. Sometimes, they're able to have a bigger penis but will require more skins from the back, arms and legs. Hmmm...more scars just to be bigger.
What was interesting was that his wife of 12 years admitted that she had never seen him fully naked. KT and I were like, ok..12 years and never seen your lover fully naked? Apparently, she was a virgin and he was her first relationship. So, she had never seen nor touched a penis before meeting him. He had been able to fool his girlfriends with a dildo he carried in his underwear. He said that even some of them gave him a blowjob. He said it was obvious it was a dildo but the women were so into it that they probably didn't even look or whatever.
Rene often belittled his wife throughout the movie. He would keep saying "she doesn't understand" or something like that repeatedly. They were once members of a church. However, after the pastor and church found out about Rene's real identity, they were excommunicated. Of course, Rene was angry about that. However, it opened his wife's mind to contemplations and questions. Rene was angry because they had been together for 12 years and not once had she questioned Rene or their relationship. You could see that their relationship was just confusing.
Anyway, it was just a very interesting movie and if you ever come across it, you should watch it. After Rene had the surgery, he and his wife had separated. Well, something to think about...what would you do if you found out that your lover/spouse wanted a sex change...after 12 years?

The other documentary was about young beauty pageants...yeah, the Jon Benet kind. It's interesting to discover that child beauty pageants occur heavily in the South. I believe the movie is called "Living Dolls: Makings of Child Beauty Pageants". I'm sure KT will provide the correct title when commenting.
The movie was primarily focused on Swan Brooner, 4/5 year old girl. The majority of pageants were girls but there were boys competiting later in the movie. Anyways, her mother was her coach and gosh, a really tough coach. It's amazing to see that children, when trained rigorously, can learn to perform like a professional. Their appearances or head shots can fool you to believe that they look like 16 - 20 year olds. That's how much make-up and hairspray they have on!
Anyways, Swan had her days where she's happy to perform and other days where she just wanna act like a normal 5 year old...to play! Her mother often criticized her for how she should act on stage or around people. How these kids memorize their routines and where to spot and all that is beyond me. They're even taught the proper way to smile and flirt.
Swan, the poor kid. There were moments you could see that she's not smiling...just sad. But when she's on stage, there goes on an automatic fake smile. Anyways, you should see the movie. At last, she won a coveted title and won $2,500.00. Yet, her mother said that she spent more than $70,000 for the entire year of competiting, travel and costumes. Now, that is just not worth it!
You will vee this gay couple who coach numerous child pageants for the competitions. Honestly, I couldn't do that to my child, if I had one. There are even parents entering their babies in these pageants at 3 months old. One toddler, at 1 1/2 years old, even had hair extensions! I'm sure these parents face harsh criticism from others.
Go watch these documentaries and explore their worlds. Vee!


Monday, May 17, 2004

Special Day in History... 

Today is a special day. Today is the day that gay marriage is allowed in Massachusetts. It finally has happened! Lord only knows how many people are freaking out for this to be happening.

Today is the 50 year anniversary of Brown vs. Board of Education (Topeka, KS). It's only 50 years ago since segregation begin to disappate. That's only 2 and half generations ago. I never had to experience or witness segregation in a classroom setting, based on skin colors. Imagine those that did experience that. Wow, what bittersweet memories.


Update of Tallie and Chris... 

This link is the formal obituary of Tallie's, along with a picture. Some of you were familiar with her name but needed a picture to see if it matched your mental picture of her.

This next link is the update of Chris and his murder charge.


Bone-Tiring Weekend... 

You, regular readers of my blog, should know that KT and I have been really busy last week, along with a couple nights of partying, trying to help our landlord to fix up our "new" home before settling with the bank. Friday night, after work, we went straight to Home Depot to gather up materials for the weekend. Our landlord met us there. Anyways, for a fag like me who knows nothing about all these construction stuff, I was amazed how long we were there in Home Depot. Home Depot isn't something I'd tell people..."OMG, I can't wait to go shopping at Home Depot. I saw this and that! I must, must have those!" Now, if we were talking about a mall, different story. (smile) Plus, those of you who know me...I can be quite anal(-retentive) when it comes to keeping things clean. Home Depot fails in that area! Sawdust everywhere. Things out of place! How these people can stand to work there? I have no idea.
Anyways, I just went way off the point. (Larry, hell-o!) Anyways, we got to the house and Jon laid in some new vinyl tiles for the bathroom. It looks so much better! Now just have to paint the walls a different color. We didn't get to relax till about 11pm.
Saturday, KT and I got up early to go out to Georgetown. A lawyer in our firm sold us her 2 window air conditioners. So, we went there to pick them up. Came back and started working on the porch. But, once we discarded the old wood, we realized that we needed more wood strips. So, Jon and BK, left with their kids, to dump the old woods at a dumpsite. That alone is another story which I'm not gonna get into. While they were gone we were cleaning up some debris from the yard.
I'm gonna go off the point a little bit. The owner before Jon must've been really lazy to throw out debris. On the side of the yard are broken blocks of concrete, metal posts and old tree branches. I learned that the owners before Jon were somewhat drug addicts. I was told that upstairs, in the house, were nothing but matches and weed dime bags. I had jokingly said that it used to be a crack house. The house that we're hoping to settle and own was built in 1927. I often wondered about the history that happened in the area. Some time ago, KT and I saw a movie, The Haunting. It's supposed to be a true story. Since I saw that movie, I do wonder what went on in this house or this neighborhood.
Anyways, the guys came back and we resumed working on the porch. It was getting late, like around 7:30. I decided to go out and fetch some Chinese food for dinner. None of us were in the mood to cook. So, KT and Jon decided to retire for the night around 8 or so. We got home and grabbed our dinner and relaxed in the living room and watched some tv.
Well, that night happened to be a social event, hosted by DeafBlade, at DeLounge in Wheaton, MD. A couple of our friends had paged us to see if we were going. Of course, Clitch was like..."bitch, you better get your ass here cuz you keep telling everyone that I owe you some Tequila shots!" I was like, "that's right, bitch!" So he was like, "then get you fat flat ass over here now!" KT and I just looked at each other and we were like we were too tired to get up. However, we were able to get up, showered and got dressed.
Of course, as my luck usually does to me, it had to rain really hard while I was driving. So, I'm like all tired and squinting my eyes trying to drive in the rain. Then, when we arrive to the bar, it stops raining. Does that ever happen to you?
Well, we got there and soon we forgot about being tired. We were just having a grand time. I will admit something. I was surprised by the turnout of this event. There were over 90 Deafies there. Someone said yesterday that it was actually over 150 Deafies there. (Wow!)
Anyways, we all had a good time and I saw some people that I wasn't expecting to be there. Met a couple of new Deafies, from out of state. Yes, Clitch finally get me 2 shots of Tequila. Whooooo! Then, I ordered a cocksucker shot for KT, Clitch and me. However, the bartender didn't know what that was and instead gave us blowjob shots. I was like...oh no no no...and give him the recipe for a cocksucker shot. So, we got the bj shots for free and finally got our cocksucker shots. People around us were like veeing in our bj shots. It was because the shots were topped with whipped cream. (Good thing it was because the kahlua was just too strong. It balanced out the taste.) We were like...why "blowjob"? Oh, because, after you drink it, you have a white line across your upper lips.
Anyways, we didn't get home til about 2:30 in the morning. KT and I have this habit of watching a tv show before going to bed. Somehow, we just cannot arrive home and go straight to bed. Anyways, 30 minutes later, I was just falling asleep in the middle of a show. So, to bed I went, which KT followed within a few minutes.
Yesterday, we were up with some energy. I got up and prepared myself for the RAD meeting. KT got up and went with Jon to Home Depot to get more stuff and picked up someone to work on something else in the house.
The RAD meeting went pretty good. Of course, the majority of us were tired from the night before but we were all pretty much in a good mood. It went by pretty quick. Then I was stuck for another committee meeting. It least it was held at Starbucks, which I ordered myself a strawberry & creme frappuccino. Mmmm, that stuff is good. I usually have the carmel frappuccino. But the strawberry one was heavenly!
I went grocery shopping afterwards and then babysat for some time for a kid. He's a sweet little boy. He was bored at the other house and wanted to watch cartoon. So, after I dropped off dinner for KT, I took R3 (that's his nickname) with me so he can watch cartoons. He settled for A Bug's Life. I made him some mac & cheese for dinner.
Anyways, after KT finally retired for the night and dropped off our friend with her son, we settled in and watch QAF. Good show!
So, that about sums up our weekend, along with some bitching and whining. That's expected to happen when you're busy, tired and/or stressed out. Yet, we know that we'll make it through this phase of our life, buying our first place. We're so looking forward to our vacation, during Memorial Day weekend. Soon, soon!

I have lots more to say but need to start on work. Will post more later. Until then, ta ta...


Friday, May 14, 2004

HIV Muted? 

I came across this article from someone's blog. This article said that there's these guys that have come up with a designer virus that seeks the HIV virus and mutes its ability to become AIDS.


Deaf Gang in China... 

I was reading Beth's blog about a Deaf gang in China. However, the link wasn't working. So, I thought I'd post it here.

You should check out Dean's blog about this guy's experience with a tapeworm. Vee!



RhondaJo has launched a website. It's 258'y. Check it out.

Other than that, nothing much is happening. Just tired from this week and will be doing some stuff around the house this weekend. Last night, KT and I went with Jon and BK to Home Depot to pick up some wood for a new porch and cement for the sidewalk. We'll be getting some tiles for the bathroom. So, at least we'll have some renovations before we'll be moving to our new place.
It's still not officially ours yet. We were supposed to settle yesterday but it has been postponed til next week, due to some unexpected requirements. We had been warned by other homeowners that this is to be expected...the postponements!! Seriously, hopefully this the last of them!

Ta ta for now...


Thursday, May 13, 2004


To DC Metro area Deaf Gays/Lesbians...

This Saturday is a DeafBlade social event at the DeLounge Bar in Wheaton, MD. It's supposed to be the "gay version" of DPHH. So, you can go to DeafBlade's website for more information.

Yes, please ignore the erroneous caption that it's the first Deaf gay/lesbian website in the world. *shaking head in disbelief* (Impo, I just spread the word, not host this event.)


Berg's Decapitation... 

I couldn't help but wonder about something about Berg. I was reviewing some articles about him. Seems we are all missing something. Berg was warned to leave the area because it was becoming violent and out of control. He was warned to fly out. Yet, Berg refused.
So, not to be insensitive...but was that the price Berg had to pay for ignoring warnings to leave the area?

An updated news said that the ambassador of Saudi Arabia condemns Berg's decapitation. So, this is an outcry that Ridor was looking for. Perhaps the start of many?


Abu Ghraib Prison... 

This link offers several videos and pictures. You can view the pictures that occurred in the prison there. It's just really uncomprehensible.

If you viewed the pictures in the link above, you will notice this female soldier in some of the pictures. Her name is Pfc. Lynndie England. She is facing a court-martial for her involvement in the photos.

Her defense is that she was ordered to pose in those pictures...to create some psychological pressure. She won't name names but she has said "persons in my chain of command." So, you know this is gonna be a witch hunt to find those responsible for the treatment of the Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib.

The senators had the opportunity to views other pictures and other such materials behind closed doors. Verdict: they're just simply disgusted with what they have seen. Will those additional pictures be shown to the public? Who knows? Right now, I doubt they will be shown due to fear of backlashes from the world.


More Birthdays... 

Happy Birthday to Dad and my cousin, Susan!

I know this is gonna be hard on my Dad as he'll be celebrating it without his wife of 30 years. Yet, I hope he'll make it through this day and find something that he likes to do. I know he loves to go to the movies. So, I'm hoping he'll take himself there or bring along some relatives. I know he'll be alright!

As for Susan, whoo...thank God I'm not in TX. I dunno if I could handle another night of partying. She's just gonna party her ass off! Her friends are crazy! I wish her the best of times on her birthday.


Manny, Tallie, 9 Deafies... 

Last night, a group of us got together and surprised Manny with dinner at Cafe Luna. We were just all having a good time chatting and eating dinner. Manny kept giving his fake age. (You fakey ho!) Let's just say that he's really, really close to be in the 30's.
I know Ridor will just roll his eyes about this. But we were all able to pay the whole bill without any problems! Yay! *pat yourself on the back* *clasping hands and shaking them side to side*
After that, we went to JR's and had a few drinks. I was just veeing some of the music videos they were showing. Anyways, we all had a good time and glad that Manny was enjoying himself. KT and I took some pictures so I'm sure he'll be posting them on his blog whenever we get around to it.

It seems that it's confirmed that Tallie is the victim. Here is the latest news from Morganton, NC. What's frustrating from this article is that they're still trying to identify the victim. Yet, I got this link from Bree's comments that Tallie's obituary has been printed. God bless her soul and may she finally be at peace.

I got an email from a friend about this next news. 9 Deafies have filed a suit against the defunct Boston School for the Deaf. It is the first case suing the Catholic nuns for the abuse that the Deafies suffered, both physically and sexually. I wouldn't be surprised if suits followed this, going after the nuns for abuse.

Well, I admit that I'm tired, due to partying for the past 2 nights...during the week! So unusual for me and KT. And the rest of the week is busy, busy, busy for us. Sigh... Oh well, guess that's life.

ta ta...


Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Nick Berg 

An updated news about the beheading of Berg.


Happy Birthday, Manny! 

Manny, just wanted to say Happy Birthday!! Do do?

Last night was Jessy's bachelorette party, hosted by Jonelle. We all met together in Adam Morgan and had a great time! Jessy was just surprised about this whole thing but nonetheless, she was having a grand ol' time. I was green with envy! Someone gave her this BIG FAT cock lollipop to suck on all night long. LOL It was raspberry flavored and she passed it around to all of us to see who can suck in the most. Of course, I was the winner! Thanks to my years and years of cocksucking. LOL
It was good to see Christy Smith once again. She really looks good. Of course, it is impossible to talk to her without us bringing up Survivor. I dunno if she was sick of it or not but she was really good about it. She is looking forward to her own show but she said it's still in the works.
Jessy was being a good bachelorette by completing the challenges presented to her. She didn't back out or flinch. She just did it! I think the alcohol helped. LOL Way to go, Jessy!

I was saddened to hear about Tallie and Chris. Although, the news have not specifically said that Tallie is the deceased but reading between the lines in the news is assumed to be her. The news does specify that Chris has called the police and said that he has murdered someone and "needed help". The news has said that it was someone that he shared the apartment with. So, fill in the blanks yourself.
I think this whole thing could have been avoided. From what I've heard from others, Chris had a history of abusing Tallie and yet she still stayed with him. She really was a sweet woman and was quite friendly with everyone.
Sigh...I keep using past tense with Tallie but that's because I'm assuming it is Tallie. In fact, I'm almost 100% sure it is her. Poor soul!
If you want to read more news about it. You can check Bry's blog, a friend of Rachella's.

Well, I better start on my work. ta ta...


Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Ignorance Still Lives... 

I read with interest what Ridor said about those bloggers with "anti-Deaf" or "anti-disabled" views. So, I went to Beth's blog and clicked on both links. I tried to post a comment on there but wasn't successful. So, I thought I'd post my comment on here. So, keep in mind that this is my response to them after reading their ignorant comments and views:

It's amazing how people make comments about Deaf people and other "disabled" people when the commenters have no idea what it feels like to be "one of them".
Now, I'm not here to defend the Deaf community nor am I here to offer backgrounds as to why Deaf people act a certain way or whatever because that would be just lengthy. However, I will comment certain things.
We are proud to be Deaf because it is a unique identity. Unknown to you all, the American Deaf people have a rich history that spans several hundreds of years.
One of your commenters kinda hit the spot. He said something like this...when you cannot communicate with hearing people, you're fucked. Usually, we don't give a shit if a Deaf person and a hearing person can communicate or not. It's just that there is a biological need for one to group with someone of the same "ability". Hearing people group with other hearing people, the same for Deaf people.
I wish you all could go to a party that's compiled of hearing and Deaf people. It's a subconscious thing for these two to group of their "own kind". Even if the hearing people can sign, they still "bond" with other hearing people. It's kinda like...it takes one to know one. Like only a cancer survivor would know what it feels like to have cancer. Only a lottery winner knows what it's like to win millions of dollars...I'm sure you get the gist of it.
For the 2 women to want a Deaf child, that's totally understandable...to a Deaf person. The parents and child would have something in common. Kinda like a dwarf parents begatting dwarf children. Although, hearing children in Deaf families do communicate fluently in ASL as it will be their first language. The key is they've never once said they would hate the child if born hearing. It is just "I would like to have a Deaf child."
The comments made by other commenters show just how ignorant people can be of the Deaf community. "disabled people" are rarely fired...ha! What a big fat myth!
Anyways, this is getting lengthy. If you'll like to understand the Deaf community better, then visit your local college or university that offer sign language/interpreting classes and read up on some resources or meet with people. And please, just because you've met some rude Deaf militant people doesn't mean that ALL Deaf people are like that.

So, that was my comment. I just read it and I know I'm not satified with these comments. It's like...there's a whole lot more than what I just said. It's kinda like...how do you explain to people about the Deaf community...in a nutshell?


Working on a Story... 

Since last Friday, I've been working on a short story. I've forgotten the fun that came with short story writing. Well, I've only written one short story before, The Gratuity. Although, it could use some revisions.
This one that I'm working on is called Glazed Donuts. It's funny because it was supposed to be some kind of reflection of life in my blog. But that morning, I had a story brewing in my mind and decided to hold it off and work on the story. So, soon, y'all will see an excerpt of the story.

ta ta...


Welcome Roy... 

Clitch, disappointed! Didn't welcome our bro, Roy, to the blogging world. Tsk! (staring at Clitch and just repeating "disappointed" to him)

Roy, welcome to the blogging world!



Monday, May 10, 2004


Friday night, KT and I were supposed to meet with someone at house to dump some woods into his p/u truck. Some renters who lived at our "future" home had cut down some trees and branches. They never bothered to have them removed to some dump sites. Instead, they just piled them up in the backyard. However, it rained hard on Friday night.
So, KT and I watched The Fluffer, a gay movie. The movie basically sucked. Yet, it made me wonder if the gay porn industry is really like the way it was portrayed in the movie.
Then, I stayed up late to do my weekly chores around the house. And finally made it to bed around 1am.

Saturday, we got up early to do some yardwork at the other house. It wasn't too bad. Then after that, we had to go to a nearby toy store to get some gifts for Dani's birthday. It was her 2nd birthday. She's just a really cute girl. You could just eat her up! Came home and celebrated her birthday. Jon had some burgers and hotdogs grilling outside. It was good to chat with some guests who came over to help celebrate.
Then, we had to go back to the other house and do some more yardwork. It wasn't much left but just to dump the remaining woods into the p/u truck.
Then came back and played Mexican Train just about all night long. It was fun with just a little bit of frustration, here and there. You ever look at other kids and tell yourself, "when I have kids, they will be much more disciplined than these kids?" Yeah? Me too. However, talking about kids is a WHOLE other story.

Sunday, we were supposed to go to SixFlags with other Deafies. However, I realized that I had a lot of things to do for the day. So, we backed out. KT stayed home to rest. He had been off work on Friday to do some things around the house, all day. So, I got up, showered, dressed, and headed out. I drove to Eckerd's to drop off a film. However, it wasn't opened yet. So, drove to Jiffy Lube to have the oil changed. Wasn't opened either. So, proceeded to Safeway to do some grocery shopping.
Once done, came back home to drop off the grocery. Then, headed out to do the other stuff. For some reason, the Jiffy Lube near home wasn't opened yesterday. So, tonight, after work, I'm going straight there to have the oil changed.
Anyways, I went back to Eckerd's to pick up the film in the afternoon. The film I dropped off was of Christmas day with my mother. I was happy to see Mom once again. Drove home and showed KT the pics. I didn't realized just how THIN my mother was before she died. We both agreed that it was good that she left this world. She really was suffering.

Anyways, I was viewing the pictures. My mother was really happy that morning. I guess she never thought she'd make it to see Christmas, but she did. In this particular film, I took pictures of her opening my gift to her. Inside it were a DVD set of the first season of Little House on the Prairie, a Precious Moments coloring book, crayons, and Andes mints. Mom loved that show, Little House on the Prairie. I remember that we used to sit together and watch this show. Man, most of the time, by the end of the show, you're just crying. I got Mom that coloring book because she loved Precious Moments and to color. I just thought since she couldn't move around, she'd like to color to keep herself occupied.
Looking at the pictures brought back some memories. She had glanced through the coloring book and started coloring this one particular page. At first, I wasn't paying attention. But then, when I came back a few moments later, I saw what she was coloring. I don't know if Mom knew what she was doing or not but it had some meaning to me. By the time she was finished with it, I was holding back tears as I was taking pictures of it. It was a picture of a boy angel on a cloud. He's standing next to a wheelchair. The boy angel is holding up a sign that says "Wheel Chair For Sale". You might think..."your point?" But, coming from a religious background, it had a special meaning to me.

My weekend would have been wonderful but was ruined by these tingling pain I'd have in my jaw. The OTC medicines were not working for me. The pain would come like at 3 or 4 in the morning. It would keep me up for about 2 hours before it would go away. Well, Sunday, I had the pain all day long...which led to headaches. That was so frustrating! I can't wait to see the doctor tomorrow and demand for some prescribed medicines.

VeeVee, thanks so much for your surprise mail! Funny thing, you IM'd me on Friday to tell me that I was gonna get it next week. I got it the same day you told me. :-) VeeVee sent me something really cute. It was a foamy (you know those Nerf stuff) Statue of Liberty. But, instead of The Lady, it was a cow. The flame is in shape of a hoof. Really cute! Thanks so much for the thought, VeeVee!

Now, I don't remember if I told you that I love cows. If you didn't know that, wow...that was a great gift. My crazy friends, Barbie and Bonnie, and I started this Mad Cow Disease thing when we were all in college. Since then, we've been collecting cows or we'd send each other some bovine things.

Anyways, I better get to work. Seriously! ta ta...


Friday, May 07, 2004

Goodbye Ernie... 

I was informed by Kekua and Jon about Ernest Hoffman's departure of this world. He was a wonderful man who was deeply involved in the Deaf community. He will be missed.

I agree with Ridor about the loss of two men of our fraternity, Alpha Sigma Pi. We've lost 2 wonderful men in less than a month. Edward Scouten had a significant role in our fraternity. There will be a memorial service for him later this month. Ernie Hoffman was not my advisor while I was in the fraternity. However, he was around on campus and I got to know him. He's a man with a good heart.

However, I know these 2 men are off into a better place.


Thursday, May 06, 2004

True Business! 

During our lunch hour, KT and I walked outside to the nearby CVS store to grab a few things that I needed. When we came back, we found out that the whole building on the block had been closed down. Apparently, there were suspicious envelopes found in the cafeteria that were believed to be anthrax. So, no one could leave or enter. Arrived were all the police cars, fire trucks and the HAZMAT's. Even the road was closed off.
So, KT and I stood around for a few minutes and then took off shopping. Finally, after about 3 hours, they cleared out. Turned out that 2 people had skin irritants and were decontaminated. Turned out to not be anthrax but a blistering agent. You can read all about it at this link. Just when you thought it would never happen to you and it does. Never say never...

ta ta...


Bush, Just Apologize! 

I don't know if you have noticed or not but Bush rarely offers any apologies for some situations. Right now, he has appeared in 2 Arabic television networks, saying that he's shocked in the manner of our military for the way they have been treating the Iraqi prisoners but does not offer any sort of apology. He says "this is not the America that I know."
Well, no shit! But still, even if you did not personally beat up the prisoners...you as the President of the United States should offer an apology. Read that Condoleeza Rice and other advisors were the ones to offer apologies. They were "doing it for Bush." Whatever! Bush, just swallow your pride and apologize!

Then, he turns around that asks Congress for an additional $25 billion dollars for operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Oh gosh, don't get me started!

Moving on...

Thought I'd offer a couple of blogs for you to vee. The first one was one that I read last night. This guy is in the Marines or in reserves. He's been taking classes and stuff. He also had a wisdom tooth pulled out recently and liked his description of how it felt. The second blog is truly vee'ing. I'm surprised that KT didn't mentioned it in his blog. KT came across it and told me about it. It looks like this Australian guy owns a video store and his observations and musings is just really odd. So, hope you'll enjoy reading them:


The Video Store Guy

Lately, I've been having a few poems brewing in my mind. So, pretty soon I'll be penning them down to paper. I know some of you are just waiting to read my new poems. That reminds me...the deadline for the ASL poetry contest is coming up soon. I'll have to check Rita's blog to get more info. I had an ASL poem made up for the contest but have not been able to finish it. The challenge is writing down the ASL poetry on paper as it's one of the requirements for the contest...at least, it was for the last contest.

Anyways, I better go and get some stuff done here at work.

ta ta...


Wednesday, May 05, 2004

The Stork Arrived... 

A big congratulations to Paul & Tracy Koster on the birth of their daughter, Isabelle, who was born on May 1st!


Message from Mom? 

Yesterday, I mentioned a bit about my mother. Perhaps something was bound to happen. KT had to work a bit more afterhours at work. So, I drove to the grocery store and picked up a few things to make dinner. I drove home and saw that I got something in the mail from my alma mater (high school). I opened up the mail and it was a yearbook. When I opened the book to the first page, it was a dedication in memory of my mother. In it are 4 pictures of Mom. Right there, I just weeped. I didn't realized, until that point, just how much I really missed her.

I cried and cried. I cried while I was going through the yearbook, seeing some familiar faces. I cried while I was preparing the pot roast for dinner. I wept while I was putting flowers in the vases, that I bought from the store. I was still crying when KT paged me to pick him up at the metro station.

Came home and showed KT the yearbook. Boy, that did it. I cried even way more. I told him...perhaps this is a message from my mom, saying "hi, I love you and just wanted you to know that I'm still here with you." Isn't it amazing how something like that can happen? It was a good feeling but I guess I just needed to grieve some more. Yeah, I guess, after all, I'm still a mama's boy. I miss her...so very much!

It's funny how I mentioned that I was gonna send flowers to her grave for Mother's Day. Seems that Mom gave me an early Mother's Day gift. *chuckle*

KT said that perhaps that another reason why I'm grieving is because Mom was one of the FEW people who truly thinks of me or us. That's true. And she's still thinking of me.

I love you, Mom! Thanks for the yearbook!

ta ta for now...


Tuesday, May 04, 2004

The Kuhn Bros... 

An update of our ASP triplet brothers.


Gally Gossip, Reminder, Marlee Matlin... 

To me, it's called a rumor because all the facts aren't there. Although there are some truths to what happened at Gallaudet, it isn't quite complete. What Ridor was told is different from what I was told. I was told that 5 DSP guys and 3 PKZ gals were quite drunk and driving. They veered onto the ground between Peet Hall and the library. (Those of you familiar with the campus...that WAY OFF from the road. In that area, some freshmen were camped out there to protect the burials of the rats they just buried. (A tradition for freshmen.) One girl, who happened to be the president of the freshmen class, got ran over on her wrist and is now fractured. Supposedly, another girl almost had her head ran over.
Of those, in the car...it was supposedly a DSP who was the driver. 3 of them got out of the car and ran but were later busted. Heard that some of these people are Seniors. So, will they be allowed to graduate? Again, it's all rumors...until we can collect the facts. It's a sad case, especially at the end of the school year.

What bothers me is those in the car. They were immediately recognized for which Greek organizations they're a member of...in this case, DSP and PKZ. Now, my question is...were they wearing their Greek shirts/jerseys or were they simply recognized of their Greek affiliation? To me, it does make a difference. If wearing a Greek shirt, then I can understand why they might make a connection. If nothing related to your Greek org, then why the connection to your frat/sorority? I mean, when there's an incident...no one ever says "oh, s/he a member of the Rainbow Society or the Never Too Old Club". There is more to a person than just a membership to an organization. Or is it that being a member of the Greek world does have a stronger impact or impression?
At first, I was like...well, thank God nobody in that car is from my frat. But then I thought about it again and I realized that no matter what Greek organization or member is involved, we all pay a price...in a way. I told the informant that it's frustrating because we all know that people will use this sad case or alcohol against the Greek world. It's a negative stereotype that we've been fighting for years. So what one organization or member do, it does impact others. So, bottom line, I am disappointed in the other Greek members for not being responsible for their actions.

This Sunday is Mother's Day. Please don't forget to send something for your mom. This is the first Mother's Day that I will experience without having to spoil my mom. Yeah, she's six feet underground. However, I'm still gonna order some flowers for her and have it delivered to her gravesite.
My mother and I had a good relationship. So, yeah, we got on each other's nerves sometimes. Nonetheless, we had a good relationship. She was a really good mother to me. I hope I was a good son to her.
My mother once told me that children can live without the father but never without the mother or her love. Looking back, I realized that she is right. A mother's love is really strong and can really make a difference in a person. Card sales tell you the truth. The day after Mother's Day...there is practically no cards left. As with Father's Day, there's plenty of cards left to choose from.
So, please be sure to send your mother something and let her know that you love her. Grab that opportunity to hug her or touch her. My mother and I hugged and held each other...sometimes, too much. But, I don't regret it. Yet, I wouldn't mind holding her or kissing her one more time. Sigh...I miss her!

Moving on before I get all teary...

The other day, KT and I were watching a Tivo'd show of Law & Order:SVU. Marlee Matlin was on it. She played a some cancer specialist that had Alport's (or something like that...has to do with deafness and kidney problems) Syndrome. Anyways, in the show, she had a blog that encourages people to commit suicide for a better "life". Anyways, it was just interesting to see how blogging is now hitting the television. Pretty soon, people will know all about blogging. BTW, Marlee Matlin looks different. She appears to be thinner. Anyone else see that show?

As I was talking about blogging and Marlee Matlin...I was asking myself...what was the earliest portrayal of blogging on television? The first one I can think of is Doogie Howser, MD. Remember how he used to write in his online journal about his life? Can anyone think of any shows earlier than that?

ta ta for now...


Monday, May 03, 2004

The Surgery and Movies... 

I went in the Washington Hospital Center at 9am on Friday to prep up for surgery. To clear things up based on comments in KT's blog...I went to an oral surgeon, not to a dentist. My case was pretty complicated. I shall describe here what my case was.

Back in November, I went to see a dentist for a routine semi-annual teeth cleaning and I was complaining of pain on my left jaw. After x-rays were taken, it was discovered that I had a cyst surrounding my lower right wisdom tooth, which was upside down. The wisdom tooth in my lower left jaw was starting to come out and needed it to be pulled out. It was recommended by the dentist to go see an oral surgeon to have all my wisdom teeth pulled out.

So, I immediately went to see an oral surgeon. She was a little Asian lady but the dentist had told me that she was one of the best oral surgeons in the city. I walked into her office and you could tell that pulling teeth were not the only thing that she did. She also offered services for Botox and other beauty avenues. She explained that it would be best to pull all the wisdom teeth out. She told me that the one on my lower right jaw was risky because the tooth and the cyst was on one nerve. The risk was that I could end up with numbness on my lower lip, tongue and lower right jaw. It's usually temporary, which can take up to 2 years to recover. If past 2 years, then I would know that it would be permanent.

Anyways, I came back for the surgery appointment. Got knocked out and then woke up. Found out that only my tooth in my lower left jaw was pulled...the one that was causing me pain at that moment. She told me that she struggled with pulling this one out. (It was supposed to take her 1 hour to pull all 4 of them.) However, it took her 1 hour to pull just that one. She said that she realized that I needed to be under stronger anethesia, which she didn't have. So, she recommended me to go see another oral surgeon.

At the point, I had asked her if it was safe for me to hold it off until the new year because I was just starting to deal with my mother's ordeal with cancer. She said I could til Feb. So, I put that whole thing on the back burner while I flew home and spent time with my mother. (By the way, she was a good surgeon, I hardly felt pain...just a bit of soreness.)

After my mother died, I went to see another oral surgeon. This time, turned out that the cyst and tooth on the lower right jaw was now on 2 nerves...which is even riskier. Plus, found another cyst near the upper left wisdom tooth. So, it was like...I need to get them all out. This dr. had a bit of an ego as he proclaimed himself to the best oral surgeon of all in DC. This office offered services on facial cosmetic surgeries. This dr. told me that this anethesia is so strong that my body and my brain would forget to breathe and that we would be "sharing" a mask that if I don't breathe, then he will breathe for me. Oh, not only that...I would be awake but just numbed. I was like..."oh fuck!" Plus, he wanted to insert a bone graft in my lower right jaw. See, that's how complicated my case was.

Well, turned out that it was expensive. I had to shell out some money for the first surgery. This second surgery...I would be shelling out 2K for just 1 tooth. I was like...yikes. But, you see, I was only using my dental insurance. I was talking to a guy via AIM. (We've kept in touch on AIM since I was a Gally student.) He suggested that since I have cysts, why not use my medical insurance. So, I thought I'd give it a try. Turned out that my medical insurance will pay for the whole thing. I was like...yes!

So, with bullshit with red tapes and all that, I was able to land a surgery appointment with WHC on April 30th. Yes, I was told that they would pull out all 3 remaining teeth. Was told that it would take 2 hours to do the surgery. So, I went in to the Admissions dept. These people! First, the day before, I had called and they asked me if I wanted a terp and I said yeah. So, I get there and they tell me that the terp is late. So, they called some guy to bring a TTY. I was like...what for? Oh, they wanted to set up a TTY so that we can "communicate" back and forth the usual admission questions. They were struggling to set it up. I was like...why not use paper and pen? They were like...oh, yeah...why not? Duh!

After all that, I was led downstairs to the prep room. I stripped and put on the hospital gown and robe. Then was led to a bed. Hopped on and laid back. KT showed up a few moments later, after I got an IV needle inserted in me. The terp finally showed up. This was the same terp that interpreted for Hassan's memorial service. He seemed like a nice guy. Anyways, I was rolled away to the OR with the terp besides me.

I kept telling myself...to remember when I closed my eyes when they injected the anethesia in me. Last time, when I was having my gallbladder removed, they inserted the anethesia and I didn't remember falling asleep. So, I told myself...remember! Well, they inserted the anethesia and the terp said..."how do you feel?" I said..."woozy". And then that was it. Dammit! I wanted to remember closing my eyes. Oh well...

Woke up and I was just still out of it. I could really feel the right side of my jaw but not the left side. Turned out that they only removed 2...the ones that had the cyst. The surgery took almost 4 hours. See...complicated! For the one in my lower right jaw, they had to go into the jaw to get the tooth and cyst. So, my jaw is practially broken at this point. That's why the need for soft food diet for the next 6 weeks. I cannot chew! The one in my upper left, they struggled with it and decided that the one on my upper right should not be bothered with it. They don't predict any problems with it.

So, I have been at home, relaxing and drugged up from the medicines. Dammit! I didn't get the Percocet. Only got the generic one. Just finished that medicine today. Still taking penecillin (sp?). It's amazing how after a surgery...how much your body needs to sleep. I stayed home from work today. Just woke up from taking a nap. I know I'll be napping some more today.

Right now, my face looks like a squirrel who has stuffed 1 month worth of nuts into his mouth. Really, the left side of my face isn't so bad. It's my right side. It's sticking out and looks like it's sagging. I need an extreme makeover, right now!

Awww...KT has been a wonderful nurse with all these things he's done for me. Some of these services have been really awesome!! (woof, woof) He's a thoughtful guy...as always! Love you, babe!

I wanna thank Witch for keeping in constant touch with me, via pager, all through the weekend. You're really thoughtful! Big hugs to you!

While I was recovering, KT and I saw a few movies. Kill Bill vol. 1 is awesome! Very vee'ing! I vee'd how they were doing these blood splatters...that was just so funny! I love the first fight scene where these 2 ladies were fighting and then they hid the knives behind their backs as the girl was returning home from school. That was just too funny!
I can't wait to see vol. 2!

The latest version of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre was gruesome. There were a couple of scary parts. I told KT...gosh, that girl that escapes...for sure a lifetime of therapy! Imagine if you had to experience something like that shit. You and your friends go somewhere only to be met with a "serial" killer and you see all your friends die and you escape and live to tell about it. Therapy!!
Many people think that this is a true story. Not so. It was INSPIRED by a true story. The real story was based in Plainfield, Wisc. This happened back in the 1950's. You can Google about the story...just type in the following: true story behind Texas Chainsaw Massacre They said that this story also inspired the movies Psycho and Silence of the Lamb. There were a few parts in the movie that did remind me of the latter movie.

At the end of the Texas movie, it said that the killer has not been found. It reminded me of a real story...the Zodiac Killer, in which the killer, to this day, has not been found. This happened in the late 60's in California. I remember I bought a book, when I a teenager, about the Zodiac Killer. I remember reading parts of it, like at 1 am. I remember being so freaked out by it that I couldn't sleep and had to have all the lights in my bedroom on. You can also Google the Zodiac Killer or click at this link to get a gist of the story.

We also saw Timeline, which didn't impress us. Not worth seeing it. We just watched the cartoon version of Lord of the Rings, this morning. Gosh, the drawings were awful. The movie didn't finish the whole story. It's like missing the last 30% of the story. I was like...maybe there's another disc. Nope! Wha???? Fucked up!

Anyways, this is a long entry and I better stop. I will be going to back to the doctor tomorrow for a follow up visit on my surgery. Hopefully, all turns out well.

Have a great day! ta ta...