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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Best For Me... 

I usually post quizzes and results in my Xanga but thought I'd post this one here.

American Cities That Best Fit You:

60% Austin
55% Atlanta
55% Honolulu
55% Las Vegas
55% Seattle

KT and I have talked about where we would move if we wanted to get out of the DC Metro area. We always kept Austin in mind, along with other cities. So, seems that Austin is indeed the best city for me! Awesome!

The other cities, I've never been except driving through Atlanta. I'll get a chance to check out Atlanta in 2007 for a RAD conference.

So, what were the best American cities for you?

ta ta...


Tuesday, April 26, 2005

They Say Imitation is Flattery... 

Wal-Mart will follow Target's removal of OTC medicine and relocate them behind the pharmacy counters.

Pretty soon, just about all the other stores, including grocery stores, will follow suit. We'll be seeing a new way of consumer shopping, in regards to OTC medicine.

So, with the restrictions of OTC medicine, that will halt the production of meth, right? Wow! What a wonderful idea! Then, we'll have a mass withdrawal from meth addiction and they'll be back to their normal lives. Yayness!

(That was me being sarcastic...in case you were wondering.)


Wednesday, April 20, 2005


...towards the end of first year graduate studies. Oh, I cannot wait! It would be lovely if I can finish everything by next week Friday.

I barely make sense these days. My mind needs a break!

Summer, come now and take me away!


Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Happy Birthday, Kekua!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

You, KT and I will get together soon and celebrate!



"Dr., I'd Like a Prescription For..." 

With an effort to curb the production and addiciton of methamphetamine, Target will not longer allow open access to OTC medicine that treat colds and allergies, specifically those that contain pseudoephedrine. Instead, they will only be sold from the pharmacy section. There are about 300 Target stores that do not have a pharmacy and therefore, will not sell cold/allergy medicine at all.

Target will be the first to do so with this action. I wouldn't be surprised if other stores follow suit, which will obviously change consumer shopping.

However, I just have a slight problem with getting OTC medicine from the pharmacy. You just come up to the pharmacy and ask for it? Do you have to prove that you are sick? What if you're getting medicine for someone else, lying in bed at home? Will the pharmacy give it to you for someone else? How will the pharmacy determine who will get medicine and who will be denied? Will they be keeping a list of "frequent customers" and decide from there?

Now, I love Target. KT loves it more than I do, especially since we have one less than a mile from home. However, I think that Target's solution will be problematic for the general consumers.

Whadda think?


Monday, April 18, 2005

What's a Wholphin? 

It's been a few days since I've posted anything in my blog. Been busy with The Kitchen forum for Deaf Queers. It's still in the infant stage with developing topics and recruiting members. However, everything takes time and I remain positive about it. So far, fun!

Anyways, most of us know what a liger is. A liger is an offspring whose parents is a tiger and a lion. (The link above will tell you the difference between a liger and a tigon. Also learned what a titi and a lili are. Learned something new!)

This morning I was reading the Washington Post Express and came across a wholphin. What the heck is a wholphin? It's an offspring whose parent is a whale and a dolphin. Kekaimalu is the only such wholphin in captivity, gave birth to a wholphin calf on December 23rd. (There are other wholphins in the wild.)

Kekaimalu's unnamed calf is 1/4 false killer whale and 3/4 Atlantic bottlenose dolphin. Her skin is a blend of gray and black and is larger than most dolphins.

Know of any other breedings/names between two similar species?


Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Larger Than Life Legos... 

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Oh goodness! I cannot imagine living in these stackable apartments. However, it is happening in Spain. Today, many young people are living with their families until their in their 30's before they can afford to live on their own or get married. These box-like apartments contain 270 to 320 square feet of living space. That is small!

Can you imagine living in one of those stackable apartment, along with the endless amount of stuff you have?

However, at least something is being done to help the young people live on their own than to live with their parents throughout their 20's. The job market isn't helping the young people. Salaries for entry-level positions suck!

Buying a house is like impossible to afford. Houses were own by single people or married couples. I wouldn't be surprised that in the near future, 4 to 6 people will be chipping in together just to buy a house.

KT and I are blessed to be able to own a house. We wanted to live in DC but the prices are ridiculous! We saw a condominum community that gave out affordable prices. We thought, finally! We went to check it out. The condos were beautiful with hardwood floors and state-of-the-art technologies and appliances. Biggest complaint: small! We noticed that there was no coat closet to put away coats and a vacuum cleaner. The sink was in a far corner, how the heck are you supposed to wash dishes? The bedroom closet was designed for one person. KT had tested out the bathroom. He sat on the toilet and his knees were touching the opposite wall. Yes, that's how small the bathroom was! There was no storage closet for towels or seasonal things. We had ask the realtor and he said you'd have to rent a storage space offsite. (pffft) In the back was a parking lot. Oh, that's not included. You have to pay extra for a parking space.

Anyways, we decided to look elsewhere. Luckily, a friend of ours decided to sell his second home. Next thing you know...owning a home became a reality. We're soon nearing our first anniversary of home ownership. Little things have been fixed and added here and there. We're definitely gonna be doing more renovations during the summer and we're excited!

No way will you be able to put in me that small stackable apartment. I think I'd be claustrophobic.


Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Attn: Parents of Deaf Child(ren)... 

I received an email from Denyse, who has asked for my help to spread this particular survey which will aid her research for her Ph.D. I'm happy to help her out. I know that if and when I do my doctorate studies, I know I will need help. I think it cool to help each other out. So here goes:

Hi Parents of Deaf Child (of any age);

My name is Denyse. I am Deaf. My mom is Hard-of-Hearing and my
grandfather was Deaf. I have many other Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing family
members. My husband is also Deaf.

I am conducting research in order to fulfill the requirements for a
Ph.D. in Reading, and need your help in doing a survey.

I'm seeking an audience of parents having raised or are raising Deaf
child or children for a study...

Study Purpose: The purpose of the present study is to compare Deaf
parents' interactions with their Deaf children to those of hearing
parents with Deaf children in relation to language and literacy

For every one hundred participants, there will be a drawing for a $50.00
gift certificate for American Express.

To participate in the survey, please click link below:

Thank you,
Denyse D. Wright


Monday, April 11, 2005

Hey Mister! 

Friday night, I met up with Cliff to go to DPHH together. We metro'd to Gordon Biersch where DPHH was held. Met KT and Beth there. The four of us had a great time, chatting and having drinks. We had to leave early because of an early event the next morning.

Cliff came over and spent the night with us.

Some time ago, Cliff wanted to set up a monthly gathering of Deaf queers. He'd thought something like a "mini-movie festival" or rather an appreciation of movies or shows by fellow Deaf queers.

So, Saturday was the first gathering at my house. We were gonna watch the trilogy of Lord of the Rings. Yes, all 3 of them! We had set this up a couple weeks before but people already had plans for BrickFest and others. Nonetheless, we decided to still have it. One, it would be a monthly thing so we knew that attendance would vary. Two, it was the only good time for me and KT because afterwards, we'll be extremely busy as we are coming to the close of the school year. So, only a few people would show up for this event.

Well, something happened yesterday that caused some drama, which wasn't necessary...so one didn't show up (actually two) for the movie. Another one overslept and we were already getting ready to watch the last movie.

So, it was just us three and a plethora of junk food! It'll be a couple months before I'd even dare get on a scale.

Afterwards, Mr. Cliff and I chatted more about this gathering. (The three of us started calling each other "Mr. (name)". I had brought a question during the movies. Why were people, especially Sam, calling Frodo, Mr. Frodo? Where did this salutation of "Mr." come from?

Anyways, we were chatting and realized we wanted to make it flexible to include other events and not just watching movies. We'd have a wine and cheese party, game nights, BBQ's or whatever. So, Cliff has set up a forum, The Kitchen, for local Deaf Queers to participate in discussions and check for updates and announcements for the next social gatherings at various locations.

We all had a great time, watching the movies and chatting. Sometimes, small groups are the best.

Hopefully, someone else will be willing to host the next DQ social gathering next month. See y'all there!

ta ta...


Sweet Memories... 

Thursday night, after work, I headed over to CakeLove to meet my mother's best friend, M, along with her husband and son.

I had thought we were going to meet for dinner, catch up on news and get some stuff from my Aunt Mary.

However, they had in mind to meet for dessert, have a quick chat and then move along. I didn't take offense to that but was just puzzled.

Anyways, it was good to see them. We actually ate at Love Cafe, which is across the street from CakeLove. Same company, just two different places. I got myself a strawberry and cream cake, which was sinfully delicious!

Anyways, news were exchanged about certain people...like who got married and such. Nothing was elaborated about my dad. In fact, they asked me if I had anything on my dad. He seems to be leading a life of a recluse or just trying to be mysterious. Who knows.

After that, I was led to their car so that they can give me some stuff from my mom and my aunt. While they were passing the stuff to me, M kept telling me not to look at any of the stuff on the spot because she didn't want me crying there. I figured that must be why the visit was so short because M was trying her best not to be emotional while being with me.

And, off they went.

The whole visit lasted only an hour.

Came home and explored the things with KT. Got a blown up picture of KT, Mom and me. I remember that picture vividly. It was taken back in October, when everyone had thought Mom would pass away then. KT and I were flying back that morning, you know, for work and all that. (Life goes on.) We ate at Denny's for breakfast. Afterwards, we were outside taking pictures of each other. We were all just starting to get emotional, especially the walk to our respective cars in the parking lot. What even made it more emotional was when Mom handed everyone, including me, a thank-you card for being a part of her life. Despite the fact that she was suffering and dying, she was still thankful for each of us. Just gotta love her!

Next was a frame of a drawing that she colored in a coloring book. It was Mom's birthday. Back in October, Mom had told me that she hoped she would live to see her 48th birthday in December. The doctor had previously told her that she would not live to see the end of October. So, when she told me her wish, I had thought it was a lovely wish but it would not happen. To everyone's surprise, she did make it to her last birthday. By then, Mom was pretty much in bed. She was too thin to go out and about. She barely could walk to the master bathroom.

Anyways, I kept thinking what could I get her for her birthday that would occupy her time. I remembered that she loved to color. So I got her some crayons and a Precious Moments coloring book, plus some other stuff, including a DVD set of Bonanza.

Of course, Mom was excited, more excited that she made it to her birthday. One day, Mom decided she wanted to color. She flipped through the book and returned to one particular page. I was busy taking pictures of her coloring. I didn't pay attention to what she was coloring. It wasn't until she was near completion that I began to notice what she was coloring and I had to hold back tears. In fact, I have a picture of her holding up this particular page after she colored it. (Damn, I really need a scanner at home!)

The one Mom colored was a picture of a boy angel on a cloud. Next to him was an empty wheelchair. Staked in the cloud was a sign: Wheelchair 4 Sale. To me that was like that boy was crippled or sick that he had to be on a wheelchair. Well, he died and made it to Heaven and now is getting rid of this wheelchair. I know that Mom suffered, greatly, in her last days. But now, she's in Heaven and I know that she is no longer suffering and is whole once again.

Well, my Aunt Mary framed that particular page and sent it to me. Sweet of her, eh?

She also sent some other things to add around the house. Sweet of her to do that. A note from her and also from my Aunt Lucy were nice.

However, the best of all were some of my Mom's things given to me. Mom loved anything with leopard prints (spots). She had so many things with leopard prints, I'm surprised she never grown tired of them. So, given to me where a blanket, a throw pillow and a cylinder pillow, all with leopard prints. The first thing I did was sniff them, I could actually smell my mother.

KT was tired and went to bed early. I stayed up a bit thinking about the brief meeting with M and going through some of the stuff once again. Eventually, I made it to bed, along with Mom's blanket. I got into bed with the blanket bundled up next to me. Then, I just started sniffing it again and I just cried...for 2 hours. It was nice to have something from Mom. The smell was even better because it was like...she's still here...in some way. Oh, I cried...hard.

Once the crying subsided, I was able to fall asleep and felt peaceful. Usually when I sleep with something, it'll eventually fall off the bed or land somewhere else. Not with my Mom's blanket, it was right by my side throughout the night.

She's missed terribly. However, I take comfort that I shall see her again...one day.

ta ta for now...


Thursday, April 07, 2005

Born Fighting... 

KT and I love to watch animal shows. Sometimes, you already know some stuff about certain animals because there are usually many shows about a particular animal, such as the crocodile/alligator. Thanks to Steve Irwin, you can be an expert on freaky creatures. However, sometimes, new information will come up that have never been shown or have recently been discovered.

Now, I love to watch shows about big cats: lions, tigers, cheetahs, leopards and the like. Frequently shown along the cats are the hyenas. They're barbaric and scary as well. Ugh, I HATE them things. Now, the lions and hyenas are sworn enemies. Since I'm a Leo...that must be why I hate the hyenas! They will kill each other if given the chance. You'll find me whooping for the lion or the pride when a hyena is killed by one.

Anyways, last night, KT was watching this show, The Most Extreme, that ranks animals in various aspects. This one was in regards to births and babies. I was trying to read a book for class but found myself glancing from time to time different facts about certain baby animals. I learned something new about baby hyenas.

Like the lionesses and elephants, hyenas (except adult males) are raised among the community of females. Of course, matriarchical dominance occurs. Anyways, what's interesting about baby hyenas is when they're born, their eyes are already open and they already have fully formed teeth. What's even more interesting is that hyena cubs are born fighting with each other, especially the females. They're one of the few animals to perform siblicide.

Anyways, I'm gonna paste an excerpt from a site.


Reproduction and Life Cycle

Mating is non seasonal and can occur at any time during the year. Pairs do not mate for life; females mate to any wandering male who isn't a member of their own clan. After a gestation period of four months (98-110 days), the female gives birth to one to four all black two pound cubs through her penis-like clitoris. The clitoris usually ruptures during birth, creating a large gaping wound that can take weeks to heal. The cubs are born fully developed, due to the unusually long gestation period. Their eyes are open, they have fully formed teeth, and they are very active.

The social life of spotted hyenas is centered around a communal den. These dens are not dug by the hyenas themselves, but are abandoned burrows of other species. The dens are very small, and only allow juvenile hyenas, but not adults, to enter. Cubs can be born either at the communal den or in a private den elsewhere and moved to the communal den later. Unlike other social carnivores, the dominant female is not the only one who breeds. However, lower ranking females sometimes permanently use dens further away from the main communal den. Rare instances of the dominant female killing subordinant female's cubs has been recorded. Each female nurses and rears her own cubs, and will not nurse a cub that is not her own.

Spotted hyenas are one of the few animals in which the young perform siblicide. Beginning only hours after birth, siblings of the same sex (usually they are both female) battle for dominance, biting each other and grabbing each other by the neck and shaking each other like two fighting adults. The one that wins (firstborn has an advantage) keeps the other from nursing until it weakens and dies. Because fighting occurs in the cubs' narrow tunnels, mothers are powerless to intervene. This sibling rivalry kills an estimated 25% of all hyenas in their first month. The surviving male grows faster and is likelier to achieve reproductive dominance; the surviving female eliminates a rival for dominance in her natal clan. There is no reproductive competition between siblings of opposite sex and consequently no killing.

Lactation period ranges from 6 to 12 months and each female suckles only her own cubs. Spotted hyena milk is very rich, having the highest protein content (14.9%) of any terrestrial carnivore, and the fat content (14.1%) is second only to the polar bear. Cubs of alpha female go to nearby kills and begin eating meat as early as 3 months, 4 to 5 months earlier than other offspring. However, most hyenas are not fully weaned until they are 14-18 months of age. Yearlings tag along on hunts but rarely become competent hunters before 1.5 years. Females usually stay with their natal clan, but males disperse when they reach 2 years old.

The male rarely participates in parental care, but if he is around when the cubs are growing, he may occasionally play with and chase them. Usually female cubs will stay with their mother in the clan and males will leave the clan in search of a mate.


For further reading you can go to this site here.

One more fact that's not covered here. The mother hyena takes over the roles of a referee. She will watch her cubs fight each other and often have to pull one out of the fight. But the cubs resume fighting and she'll pull the other one out. Yet, the cubs still continue to fight.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Anyways, they may be cute as babies but they sure are ugly when they're adults. Ugh!

ta ta...


Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Simple Day... 

Sometimes the best day to have is a simple day. Nothing fancy or anything dramatic.

Yesterday was a good day, for the most part. Went to work, then to school. Got back this one paper, riddled with red ink. Sigh. Just gotta work on it again and turn it back in.

After class, went back to work. However, as soon as I got off the Metro, I just felt so sick all of a sudden. I broke out in sweats. I was hot and cold at the same time. I was slightly shaking. Felt nauseous. I kept telling myself, please don't throw up. I would just be so embarrassed to *ralph* right there in the Metro, with everyone looking at me. If that had happened, I don't think I'd ever ride the Metro again.

Interesting about *ralphing*. That early morning, I had a dream. A cousin of mine and I were strolling around this store. We were looking for a particular section. We came across the furniture section. My cousin started coughing and then out came the projectiles onto the furniture in display. When I saw that, I looked away and walked away as well, as if I didn't know her. Awful, ain't I?

Anyways, made it to my office, along with water and Diet Coke. Took a few minutes to relax. I just think it was the sudden exposure to the sun, when I was walking from Gally to the metro. We've had an interesting weather for the winter. Had a few days worth of rain. Then, out of the blue, the sun is up and burning bright! I really don't know what it was.

Anyways, after work, I headed over to Dupont Circle for a haircut. Sigh. Not really a good haircut. (I just looked into this little mirror that I have posted on my computer. The real purpose of it is to see who's past my little cubicle. Anyways, I was checking up my hair...what's left of it...and ugh, fucked up! I look like Clinton, with random hair sticking up. I'm trying to lick them down.)

After my haircut, went into Lambda Rising. Oooo, new books to add to my WishList! Caught a fugly guy checking me out! Ugh! Saw a cool magazine, I think it was called Gay Times or something like that. Thought I'd buy an issue but changed my mind when I saw it was $9.50! Shit! I was inspecting it why it was so expensive. Oh, it was printed in England. Hmmm, maybe another time.

Hopped over to Chipotle for a burrito and brought it home. Mmmmm! Good stuff! It was worth the 1000 calories!

Ended the night with some cuddling and love with KT! (Woof! Woof!)

Like I said, simple day. Days like those are simply the best.

Just got another email from my Mom's best friend. She'll be giving me some stuff of Mom's and something from my aunt. Definitely looking forward to that!


Thought I'd post something from TV past, like my previous posts (Memory Lane...). Remember them?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


Monday, April 04, 2005

Shortened Weekend... 

Friday was a good day, especially after I was done with this one particular paper. It's basically one step of a few towards a big project. However, this first step was the biggest. Today, these papers come back and I know that my paper has been riddled with red ink throughout. Oh well.

I also kept telling myself not to fall for any jokes or prank on this day, April Fool's. KT usually pulls one on me but surprisingly he didn't. Alas, I had been tricked. I was busy working on a paper, when I got an IM from an old childhood friend of mine, EL. No "hi" or whatever...just "I'm really am upset with you because of what you did". I was like...shit, what did I do? So, I replied asking her to tell me what I did that offended her. Next came a LOL and "gotcha!" Damn! I owe her one and cannot wait to pay her back! :-P

Well, since I fell for her prank, I had to get my own victim. I saw Roe had signed online...ah, what a sign from God. So, I buttered her up with some sweet talks and asked her all kinds of questions. It got to the point where she just kept talking and I remained quiet for a reason. When the timing was perfect, I told her that I had just vomited in the computer lab and had to rush out to the bathroom to get some paper towels to clean up the mess. She freaked out and kept asking if I was alright. She was so worried she was gonna come by the computer lab. Then, I went gotcha! *evil laughter* That felt good.

I tried to use this scenario on KT but it didn't work. Damn!

Friday night, KT and I had a date with Manny and Merritt at Tapatini's, in the Eastern Market/Capitol Hill area. Cozy litte bar (too little for my taste). I still haven't developed a taste for martinis...yet. Wanted Amaretto Sour but they were out...so settled for Long Island Tea.

You would think that after a long stressful week, I'd sleep in late on Saturday. Nope. Got up bright (well, it was gloomy outside) and early, along with KT and started some Spring cleaning. Felt so productive!

Jon came over to check out our computer. Seems that I'll have to call Comcast and have them come over and replace that black thingy. Dunno wha'cha call them but they're like mini towers.

I NEED the Internet! I have photos to post. Been doing a good job lately with taking photos. I need to catch up on news. I was like the last person to know that the Pope had passed away. I cannot wait for the pooter to get well.

Roe and Berna came over to play some games. We played Zigity, Uno and Boggle. Gosh, we hadn't played Uno in ages. It was funny because in the first round, we were all like..."no, this is how we played Uno", etc. We had to get the rules out and read. It was definitely not like the way I used to play. So, we agreed that we'll play by the Uno rules. The winner gets to add a rule for the next round, which will be carried through other rounds, along with new rules added. Challenging, but fun!

Sunday, I headed over to the Holocaust Museum to check out the Deadly Medicine exhibit for a reaction paper for a class. We'd been discussing eugenics for quite some time.

Oh goodness! If you ever wanna go sightseeing or hang out anywhere near the Mall, you better pencil in 2 hours in your planner...just to find a parking space! It was horrible!

It was an interesting exhibit, yet appalling to see. Hitler's "racial hygiene" put down MILLIONS of Jews and other people to death. How could anyone do such a thing? How could other people just stand by and do nothing?

It was nice yet sad to watch a personal interview of a Deaf (Jewish?) woman who had been sent, by her parents under orders, to the hospital for a surgery. She discovered years later that she had been sterilized and cried that she would never be able to bear children.

I hope that if you have a chance, you'll check out the exhibit.

Before tucking ourselves for the night, we watched New York Minute, starring the Olsen twins. Cute but somewhat cheesy movie. It seemed it was made for their tweenish audience/fans.

Well, 4 more weeks before school is done and then it's summer time! I just cannot wait!

I'm excited about this coming Thursday night. One of my mother's best friends had emailed me recently. She'll be in town, along with her husband and son. She wanted to get together for dinner and catch up. I'm excited and nervous! I'm excited because I'll finally get to see someone from my hometown. (Even though, her daughter and I talk to each other online on a regular basis. We've known each other since we were 3rd graders.) I look forward to see her and catch up...maybe get the inside scoop on my dad and other people. I'm nervous because I'm not sure what will happen when we meet. I'm afraid I'll just break down from a burst of emotions when I see her. We last saw each other on the day my mother was buried.
Regardless of what will happen, I'm happy that I was thought of and we will meet. I shall let you know what happens from that.

That reminds me about something else. I had another film developed of my mother. This one particular roll was during my mother's 48th birthday, which was about 3 weeks before she passed away. Damn, I miss her!

I think I recall a recent photo of Mom and this friend together. I'm gonna look for it and find a frame to give it to her on Thursday night.

ta ta for now...