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Monday, October 31, 2005


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I had heard a few people saying that Sideways was a good movie that was worth watching. So, I thought I'd check it out myself.

Hmmm, it made me realize that there are people who are wine connoisseurs as if wine tasting, drinking and discussions are major hobbies of their lives. They're no different than people who love and collect comics, DVD's, poems, stamps, cigars and the like.

While the story plot was ok, the fascination with me was the dialogues around wine. It's amazing how people can swirl their wine to release the aroma, sneak in a sniff and identify the flavors. This movie would be alot more enjoyable to those who enjoy wines.

I've yet acquired a taste for wine. It's like too bitter or something. Manny introduced me to my first taste of wine back in '99, I believe. KT, Manny, Tom, Cliff, Lee and couple of other guys got together to go to a Gay.Com party at someone's apartment. The majority of the alcohol available were wines. Manny poured himself a glass of Merlot. So, I told him to fill me one too. I guess I was expecting a chilled wine when I took my first sip. Ugh, nasty! Ironically, I drank it and got some refills. I must've like it. Perhaps, I was in the mood or perhaps I just wanted something to drink. Who knows. One thing about Merlot is that I do get a buzz from it quickly but then I get hot.

It would be a long while before I drank wine again. Since my only experience with wine was Merlot, I opted for it again. Ugh, it was just awful that I couldn't take another sip.

This past summer, Collin stayed with us before the RAD conference. He gave us a bottle of Chardonnay. It's still in the pantry, waiting to be opened. Some days, I'm like...let's drink it! Some days, I'm like...will I like it?

Then, this past August, we flew to Texas for a vacation, visiting friends and relatives. My aunt and her husband both work for upscale restaurants and both are quite knowledgeable of wines. My aunt filled me in on the do's and don't's of wine and which type of food go best with red and white wines. She even recommended a few wines to try out in order to develop an acquired taste. I've yet to start.

Anyways, Sideways was an interesting movie. Besides the wine talk, the story plot was ok, nothing extraordinary.


Saturday morning, I taught a repeat session of Baby Signs, in regards to mealtimes and manners. I can't complain. The parents are receptive and curious about signs and early communication with their babies. It's just a good feeling to teach signs, which they will use. Plus, I'll be getting a nice check, just in time for Christmas shopping!

Then, we headed off to a birthday party for our friends' son. Their son wanted a party with his friends with an indoor swimming pool. So, we headed over to Chillum, MD, which is only 5 miles away from Gallaudet. I had assumed that since it was a public pool facility, it would be somewhat a plain pool for kids to play in. Actually, it was like a theme park for kids. I was actually impressed with the designs of the indoor swimming pools for kids. There were some slides and other fixtures. There was even an area that was really shallow for wee ones or for those not quite confident with swimming. There was even a hot tub and a swimming area for adults.

Anyways, it was good to see friends there, who brought their kids for the birthday celebration.

Afterwards, we headed over to IKEA in College Park, MD. It had been over a year since we last shopped there. Our excuse...we've been so busy!!! We both had received gift cards for IKEA on our birthdays but just never had the chance to go. So, we told each other...we hafta go!

I dunno if it was just me, already tired for the day or whatever, but I wasn't quite impressed with the showcases at IKEA. Maybe perhaps because the showcases were similar from the last visit. I dunno. Anyways, we ended up buying some things from there.

Is it just us or do y'all also get tired from shopping all day at IKEA? Shopping at IKEA is like an all day thing, ya know. So much to look at and to visualize your home. I guess it's sensory overloading that wears you out when you come out of that store.

I guess from shopping at IKEA, we were both in the mood to do additional shopping for the house. First, we had to stop at Chick-Fil-A for dinner. I had been bugging KT all day to eat there. I was just in the mood for a chicken sandwich and waffle fries. Mmmmmm!

Afterwards, we headed off to Linens 'n Things and Lowe's. Ugh, I had to control myself as I saw so many holiday stuff to buy for the house. I guess I can buy them one by one, over time. I hate waiting!!!


Sunday was a relaxing day. I made Halloween cupcakes. I had so many cupcakes that I had KT bring some over to the other house that he went to watch football with a friend. It was just sinfully good!

After I dropped KT off with the cupcakes, I headed over to Target. I wanted to surprise KT with a jack o'lantern'ful of candies for Halloween.

Damn everyone for selling such nice stuff for the holidays! I was THIS close to charging like $100 dollars worth of holiday stuff for the house! I had to tell myself...no! Larry! no!

Anyways, I came home and watched Maria Full of Grace. I actually enjoyed this movie. Like most foreign films are, this movie starts off slow. You just gotta have patience before it really starts to become interesting.

This movie is about Maria and her friend, becoming mules. Mules, in this film, are basically the ones who carry drugs in their stomachs. They fly into the US and deliver them to the dealers. It's a dangerous job that pays well for these girls. Things go wrong when another girl, also a mule, doesn't feel well and becomes unconscious.

I liked this movie and wasn't surprised to learn that it was one of the best movies at Sundance in 2004.

Then, last night, KT came home after football. He borrowed a movie, High Tension. OMG! If you liked Saw or Wrong Turn, then you'll like this movie. It's definitely a nail-biter!

It was good that it made KT jumped. I'm the one that usually jumps at some scenes in scary movies or thrillers. Like Saw, the story plot in this film comes with a twist. (The twist will make you go back and analyze the entire movie.) You just gotta check it out and be prepared to chew up all your nails!


Well, Happy Halloween! Have fun trick 'n treating!

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ta ta...


Thursday, October 27, 2005

HIV Testing Home Kit 

The FDA is considering whether or not to sell HIV testing home kits in stores. If so, consumers will be using OraQuick, as used in clinics and other facilities, where you swab saliva and get your results in 20 minutes.

How much will one shell out for a kit is still up in the air. Currently, kits are sold between $12 to $17 to clinics and other places. Will prices remain the same or will it be lowered due to mass production?

This is seen as a good step because despite the fact that HIV testing is becoming more widely available, some people are still hesitant to come out and get tested. However, will people be confident enough to go out and buy a kit, say, at Target or at the local CVS?

I was telling Cliff, who is an HIV Prevention Program Coordinator at Deaf-Reach, about this yesterday and he expressed a concern that was echoed by others. One negative about this HIV testing kit is that there is no counseling available for those who discovered to be positive. Of course, the FDA will include a toll-free number and a website. However, is that enough? Will those who are positive be sane enough to sit down and have a talk via phone or search for answers online?

Overall, I think it's a good idea as HIV testing will become even more available.


Hmmmm....interesting! Does male circumcision reduces the chance for HIV infection?


Latest news! Harriet Miers withdraws her nomination for the Supreme Court.


Anyways...ta ta for now...


Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Staying Home 

It's just been really cold and rainy the last couple of days. It's been cold enough to make you just wanna cancel all your plans and stay home with a bundle of blankets and sip hot chocolate or chai tea. Of course, it's even nicer to have a significant other next to you and get a bit warmer.

KT and I have done the same with putting on our thermal pj's and covering ourselves with blankets, including an electric one. We feel a bit more warmer with our cats sitting on our laps. With nothing else to do, we just watched a couple of movies.

Land of the Dead is another one of those countless zombie movies. However, the story plot has one small twist. Zombies in this movies were able to think and continue life like humans do. Think of it as the first evolutionary step for zombies...to be able to think and even to able to express feelings. Predictability is rampant throughout the movie. However, at the end, it was interesting how one human stopped others from destroying all the zombies as he said "they're just trying to find a place to live, just as we are". No scare factor here, just some gory scenes. So, if you're looking for a movie to get scared during Halloween, don't get this movie.

Then, lately, I've been selecting movies, on TiVo, that I have not had the chance to watch. There was a time when my parents used to watch movies ALL the time and some days I was just not in the mood to watch them. Or there were some movies my parents forbade me to watch because they were deemed inappropriate or whatever. Or I was an undergraduate student and was either busy with homework or just didn't have money to go out for simple pleasures. So, I've missed a lot of movies and gotta catch up.

So, last night, I watched Sleeping With the Enemy, starring Julia Roberts. God, I miss Julia's beautiful long curly hair as was also seen in Pretty Woman and Steel Magnolias. I thought it was a good movie. Somehow, I thought the stalking part would be somewhat long, in a way similar to Fatal Attraction. The face to face scene with Sara (Roberts) and her abusive husband was like 5 minutes or less. Oh well, I liked the movie overall.

Obviously, I didn't go see the Drag Race last night. Maybe next year. If the weather is nice this Saturday, we may put on our costumes, along with friends, and go to Georgetown and check out other people's costumes.

ta ta for now...


Monday, October 24, 2005

HomeComing Weekend 

First of all, what a gloomy and rainy week we had! Ugh!

Friday night, KT and I headed over to Dupont Circle to eat dinner before the Deaf GLBTiQ Coffee Social. We were gonna go to Cafe Luna but decided to head over to California Pizza Kitchen. It had been a long while since we last eaten there. I wanted to try one of their pizzas as I usually have a pasta dinner whenever I go to CPK. After debating with myself about certain tastes and the likeliness that I may or may not like it, I stuck with Hawaiian Pizza. I dunno what it is but these days, I've just been having a craze for Canadian bacon.

Afterwards, we both headed over to Hair Cuttery for a haircut. Got my hair cut sooo short, I don't think I'll need another haircut until the new year. See see.

After that, headed over to Starbucks for the Coffee Social. First, it started off with just 4 of us: me, KT, Elicia and Melinda, who was supposed to meet a friend at the gathering. I had expected a low turn-out because of the rain and the pre-Homecoming bash at Gallaudet. However, as time passed by, more and more people showed up. We had almost 40 people! Not only that but there were more lesbians than gays here. You should see the big grins on them lesbians. Overall, we all just had a great time catching up with our friends and acquaintances.
Many thanks goes to David T. for being able to bring so many people to come and hang out!


I had planned to come to Gallaudet for Homecoming. However, it was rainy and cold so I just stayed home in my comfortable thermal pj's.

KT and I got a cute Halloween card from Michelle. It was really thoughtful!

Then, Saturday night, KT and I underestimated the amount of time it would take for us to put on our Halloween costumes for the Eye Party. Nonetheless, there's nothing wrong with arriving fashionably late. Thank goodness it stopped raining that night!

We arrived to Titan, where the Eye Party was held. There was some people dressed up for Halloween. No complaints because that meant more chances for those who did dress up to win prizes. Anyways, it was interesting and fun to see those who did put on their costumes. Some of the costumes were hand-made and you could tell the amount of time they invested. They were just simply awesome!

When it came to the prizes for costumes, I won a $25 gift card to Target for the best eye decoration, despite the fact that I probably had one of the weirdest costumes there. David Anderson won $25 gift card to Starbucks for having the best costume. He was dressed up as a German...oh, I guess you could say...barmaid, in a traditional German outfit and braided wig. David truly has a knack for costumes as he has won previously. (Bitch! No, really, he did a great job!)

Some of the people and their costumes:
KT - vampire
Cliff - suicide "victim" (what's a better term?)
Kekua & Brad B. - both were Velma from Scooby-Doo
Merritt - that lady who was attacked by crows/ravens in Hitchcock's "The Birds"
Masa & Em - Rainbow Brite & Red Butler
Scott - dogwalker
Sal - flight attendant
JB - '80's punk girl
Joe - Grecian, clad in a toga and a laurel

And Manny, poor Manny. That night was just not his night, costume-wise. He ended up having to abandon his plans and resorted to being Miss RAD for the night. Nonetheless, he made the best of it.

Wonderful job to Merritt and Kekua and ofc, Manny for making this Eye Party a fun one!

It was good to see friends, even some I hadn't seen in some years.


Sunday was a beautiful sunny day. Although, it was a bit cold.

Got up and VP'd with VeeVee. Oh, she's the same ol' gal! It was so good to see her and catch up with news and stuff. We chatted for almost 2 hours and ofc, it wasn't enough but we had other things to do. Sure hope to do it again real soon!

Spent the day with Cliffie at my place as he was washing clothes. I'm amazed how KT and I have like 500+ channels and yet on Sundays, there's like NOTHING interesting to watch. What's up with that?!?

Ta ta for now...


Thursday, October 20, 2005

Couple of Thoughts 

I love to read the Washington Post Express, whenever I get on the Metro. When it comes to the Sports section, I almost always skip it and move on to other articles. Well, this morning, KT lead me back to the Sports section to read an article about the NBA and the dress code. Lemme post the article here:

Jackson: Dress Code Targets Blacks

NBA| Indiana guard Stephen Jackson believes the NBA's new ban on bling-bling is racially movtivated, but says he will abide by the rules.
The NBA has announced that a dress code will go into effect at the start of the season. Players will be required to wear business-casual attire when involved in team or league business. They can't wear visible chains, pendants or medallions over their clothes.
Jackson, who is black, said the NBA's new rule about jewelry targets young black males because chains are associated with hip-hop culture, and he said the league is afraid of becoming "too hip-hop". In protest, he wore four chains to the Pacers' exhibition game Tuesday night.
He defended his actions on Wednesday, but said he won't allow his feelings to cause a distraction in the regular season. "They don't want your chains to be out, all gaudy and shiny. But that's the point of them," he said. I love wearing my jewelry. But I love my job. I love playing basketball more than I loved getting fined and getting suspended." (AP)

You gotta agree that this new rule is racially-motivated to control the clothing and accessories of certain people. I mean, really! Where do you get off by telling people what they can or cannot wear? So, what if you don't like it? What's next, they can only have a certain hairstyle?
Obviously, the NBA is trying to avoid being associated with a certain image...hip-hop. There is a large percentage of basketball players who are Black. I would think that these players would be role models for the younger generation. Don't you think that if these players were manipulated to "dressing up the right way" and abiding by the rule, then the message might be that wearing bling-bling or that hip-hop is bad or unacceptable?
The nerve NBA has!


Last night, KT and I watched a TiVo'd episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. This particular episode, Strain, was about 2 gay men, who were lovers, who were murdered separately. The medical examiner discovered that these 2 men had a killer strain of AIDS, the one that's resistent to most of the medicines available for treatment.

Anyways, the man who murdered these 2 men, was also gay and was on a mission. When evidence pointed out to him that he was the murderer, he was quick to admit his deeds. He plead not guilty by reason of self-defense. He felt that by killing these 2 men, he saved thousands of other lives.

You see, these men had the killer strain of AIDS. They were also doing meth, ergo, infecting other men by having unprotected sex and spreading the strain. It was also discovered that the murderer's younger brother was also gay and was infected by one of these 2 men. The younger brother soon passed away. (This killer strain is known to rapidly progress from HIV to AIDS, then death within 6 months, if not less.) The murderer explained that his brother never did drugs before until he met one of these 2 men. He tried a little and the next thing he knew, he was having unprotected sex. An "innocent" person, said the murderer.

The episode almost made you want to believe that the murderer's actions were justifiable. The ending of 2 infected men, who were doing meth and carelessly infecting men, which they will infect others and so on. Like the murderer said, "I killed 2 lives to save thousands of otherss." You get the picture.
Then, the prosecutor made her closing arguments. HIV/AIDS is parallel to smoking cigarettes. We all know that some smokers are likely to get lung cancer. However, they've been warned by the Surgeon General and with warning labels on cigarette packs and elsewhere. People, companies and the media can overload you with warnings but nothing is gonna stop you if you're gonna smoke.
The same goes for gay men who do meth. Everyone, not just gay men, should know that unprotected sex isn't the way to go. Sex and meth are a dangerous combination. Gay men should know that because I'm sure we're all sick of hearing this same message over and over again. Well, hello, then why does it continue to happen? Anyways, the point is that gay men have a choice. They can turn down an opportunity to do meth and continue to protect themselves or they can do meth and know that they might have to pay the price dearly.

Larry Kramer spoke about gay men murdering other gay men, via HIV/AIDS in The Tragedy of Today's Gays. Powerful message! I believe that everyone should read this book. His speech is only about 100 (short) pages long.

So, killing 2 infected lives isn't gonna save thousands of other lives. We are each responsible for our own actions and we can do our best for a better world by educating others.

Whoo, deep, eh? Anyways, ponder on these two and lemme know wha'cha think.

ta ta for now...


Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Boys on the Side 

I misread the information about Audism Unveiled yesterday. It actually started earlier than I thought. Bummer! I hope to catch it another time.

Anyways, I came home instead and had a relaxing day. I watched Boys on the Side. Boy, that movie made me cry! Overall, it was a good movie with the 3 women bonding and going through stuff together. Don't you just love Drew Barrymore and her quirky characters in various films?


Thanks to Trudy for sharing this. I just thought this was very interesting!

Alternate World

ta ta for now...


Monday, October 17, 2005

Eye Party 

Not too long ago I posted an "ad" for the Eye Party. However, I was premature about the location. Now, everything has been set.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
CMRA is hosting a

Halloween Eye Party

Sat Oct 22nd 9pm to ???



1337 14th St., N.W.

Washington, DC

Let's meet other GLBTiQ Gallaudet alumni and students

Halloween costume prizes, raffle tickets and much more!! Witches' brew jello shots

Dare to come! show your EYE!

Invite your booo friends!!!!


I'm excited cuz last weekend, KT and I shopped for our Halloween costumes. It's been a long time since I've dressed up for Halloween. The last time was 1999, when I dragged for Manny's party. Then, some of us went out and crashed a party in the Dupont Circle area. That was fun!

(VeeVee, remember when you and I were like drinking all the alcohol we could get our hands on? LOL!)

Anyways, I'll be sure to take pics of our costumes then.


Watched a couple of movies this weekend.

The Amityville Horror - This movie was not so bad. Although this remake provides more background history of this infamous house, I like the original one better because it was spookier.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - This movie was ok. I couldn't wait til the movie was done. There were some funny parts but not enough to make the movie memorable.


Currently reading:

Juniper Tree Burning


I'm also excited because there's no school tomorrow, due to Enrichment Day. However, I'm gonna go on campus to check out a documentary, Audism Unveiled, which has been shown in some parts across the nation.

Well, ta ta for now...


Thursday, October 13, 2005

Gay Flag Colors 

I thought I'd do a follow up from the National Coming Out Day in regards to the colors of flags seen in the gay communities.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Just about anyone can identify the flag above being associated with the GLBTiQ identity, pride and community. You're bound to see this in all GLBT stores. You might even have seen them affixed on cars.

Each colors of the rainbow flags represent something:
Red - Life
Orange - Healing
Yellow - Sun
Green - Nature
Royal Blue - Harmony
Violet - Spirit

Once in a while you might see a black bar below the violet bar. This represents AIDS awareness.

Most of the time, you'll see the flag displayed with red at the top. Sometimes, you'll see violet at the top. Which side is the right way? Neither, according to the rainbow flag creator, Gilbert Baker. Baker created this flag in 1978. The rainbow flag originally had 8 colors, with hot pink, being first and turquoise, above indigo (this was later changed to royal blue). Pink represented sexuality and turquoise represented art.

As a side note, the Greek letter, lambda (lower case) is often associated with the GLBTiQ communities. The lambda is often colored lavender.

The pink triangle is often associated to gay men.

The labrys had once been associated to lesbians and feminism.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I thought this was interesting, since I don't recall seeing this flag before. This is the BiPride flag. This was created in 1998 by Michael Page. The colors are magneta, lavender and royal blue. If you mix pink and blue, you get purple.

The BiPride group have adopted the trillium as their symbol.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
(Some leather pride flags have a wider white bar.)

The Leather Pride flag was created in 1989 by Tony DeBlase, during the 20th anniversary of the Stonewall Riot. Emphasis is stressed that this is not a gay flag but for those who enjoy leather, Levi's, S&M, rubber and fetishes. Despite the emphasis, this flag still seems to be closely associated with the gay communities.

DeBlase did not offer representation for each of the color. Over time, black came to represent leather and permanence, blue for devotion and loyalty, white for purity and innocence and the red heart for love of each other and the community. Some have say that blue is for blue jeans and white is for safety.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

This is the International Bear Brotherhood flag. The seven colors (brown, light brown, very light brown, white, gray and black) represents the colors found on furs of bears. The bear pawprint represents friendship. This flag was created by Byrnes Craig and became official in 1995.

There is a variety of bear pride flags around the world. Thus, calling the flag above the international bear flag.

Bears are gay men who are hirsute (hairy). However, there are different terms applied to men who are hairier or less hairy and/or have different body shapes. Such terms are grizzly, cub, otter, cat and other such terms. Bear chasers are men (usually non-hairy) who go after hairy men.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

These 2 flags represent the transgendered, which can also include transvestites and transsexuals.

The first flag was created by Monica Helms. The colors are baby blue, pale pink and white.

The second flag was created by Jennifer Pellinen. The flag contains a range of colors from pink to blue. This flag shows the transition from female to male. It can be inverted to show the male to female transition.

Neither flag has been officially adopted.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

This is the transsexual flag. There is not much information on this flag other than the blue and pink colors, representing male and female.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I thought this was hilarious. This has been proposed to be the heterosexual flag. You'll notice that it is absent of colors.

Ah, ta ta for now...


Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Staying Warm & Saving 

America has been repeatedly warned, since the recent meteorological castastrophes, that natural gases (heat) will be costly during the winter. Residents of the DC Metro area have been told that gas bills are expected to rise up to 34%. Those in the Midwest have been told to expect up to 71% increase in costs.

So, it's time for all of us to start winter-proofing our homes and be efficient with energy. So, here's a listing of some tips to prepare for the winter.

There are a lot more tips to saving energy and money. Perhaps, you might like to share one or two. Here's one that you may already know or not...heat escapes from your body from your feet and your head. So, be sure to put on a pair of warm socks around the house and also wear a cute knit hat. You might also wanna invest in thermal pajamas outfit.

ta ta...


Smurfs War 

I thought this was interesting when I read this in the newspaper this morning.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

UNICEF developed this controversial ad campaign in Belgium, with hopes to draw attention. Fortunately for UNICEF, it worked. People are checking into UNICEF's website to find out what the heck is going on.

Their purpose was to draw attention to ex-child soldiers of Africa. Funds are needed to help these ex-child soldiers, especially medical assistance.

The Smurfs were used because UNICEF was trying to carry a message that war can happen to anyone, even those who are innocent or neutral. This particular ad has been horrifying that it only runs on television after 9 p.m. to prevent scaring children. Viewers have commented that seeing Baby Smurf wailing its head off have chilled some to their bones.

UNICEF's message: "Don't let war affect the lives of our children."


Tuesday, October 11, 2005

National Coming Out Day 

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Today is the National Coming Out Day as it occurs yearly on October 11th. If you're in the closet and want to come out and finally be yourself, click here for some helpful tips:
For Youth

As for those who have already come out, according to this site, coming out isn't just a single event but a process. So, click here for some other tips that you can spread out your gay pride: Lambda.org

So, have a Happy National Coming Out Day!



Monday, October 10, 2005

Rainy Weekend 

It rained all weekend. It was nice because we haven't had rain for over 30 days.

Friday night, we had a couples date with Brad and Imran. We ate out at La Lomita in Eastern Market. Cute little place. The food was alright, I didn't like the chicken chimichanga that I ordered. Chimichangas, in other places, are usually topped with melted cheese. La Lomita doesn't do that with theirs. However, I'm willing to go back and try something else.

Anyways, we had a good time getting to know each other more, throughout our meals. Afterwards, we headed over to my place and had some homemade margaritas. Well, actually, it was just me and Imran, drinking 'ritas.

Overall, we just had a grand time.


For a brief time on Saturday, I got to chat with an old childhood friend of mine on VP. We have been wanting to chat for a long time but keep missing each other or something had came up to prevent us from meeting.

Afterwards, I met Cliff in Georgetown to catch a flick, Serenity. The movie was alright. There was too much talk than action. I usually don't mind movies that have a lot of dialogues. However, I like sci-fi movies to contain more action scenes than dialogues.

Afterwards, we came over to my place and had dinner. Then, KT joined us as we headed out to go bowling. Had a good time!

I never really use the camera in my SK2 until I saw Cliff using his pager to take pics. So, here are a couple of pics:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Afterwards, we came home and watched The Crash. I have to say that this was a very interesting movie that is worth watching. The site for this movie says "moving at the speed of life, we are bound to collide with each other".

Before the movie had started, we were all talking about one particular comedy movie, which was filled with some racial comments and jokes. Well, then we started to watch The Crash and it was just racial comments, stereotypes and views from the beginning to the end. I had to sleep on it before I could actually evaluate this movie.

To me, the movie was portraying that everyone, in one way or another, is a racist or at least sterotypes people, whether we realize it or not. While we've been taught to be color-blind or tolerant of another race or ethnic or cultural group, our own experiences and such actually build our perceptions of others.

Or maybe we aren't racist but other people may view our reasons as racist or steroptypical? For example, if you have taken cultural classes, you'd be made aware how you react to certain people. For example, some of you, whether you're aware of it or not, lock your cars, when driving through a "bad" area of town or rather through a section where certain people live...such as a Black neighborhood. Why do you lock your doors when arriving that section when you don't lock your doors when driving through other parts of town? Did you have a bad experience to "justify" your action? Did you feel uncomfortable? Why did you have that uncomfortable feeling? Because of the way these people have been portrayed in the media and literature?

Sandra Bullock, as Jean Cabot, was in this movie. There was 2 black guys walking down the sidewalk. One of the guy was talking about how people perceived them as dangerous and such stuff. The other black guy was like..."well, no shit, look at the way you're talking and the way you're dressed up, you're not exactly a friendly sight".
Anyways, Jean (Bullock) was walking out of a restaurant with her husband, arm in arm. When she saw the black guys walking down, she switched her purse from one shoulder to the other, between her and her husband. Then, she clutched her husband closer and steered him further away from the two. The black guys noticed it and commented how they always see that in their presence and how racist and stereotypical that was.
However, within seconds, when Jean and her husband were getting in the car, they were carjacked at gunpoint by those 2 black guys. Of course, they called the police and all that.
However, the interesting point was the conversation between Jean and her husband. The husband was trying to play this whole thing as cool as possible. He kept telling Jean to calm down and to sleep it off. The argument escalated to the point where the husband accused Jean of being racist. She was like...fuck this! So what if she moved her purse over to the other shoulder? So what if she crossed the street to get away from those 2 guys? She had her own reasons...security reasons. Then, she had a gun pointed in her face and was told to get out of the car. Did her reasons and actions imply that she's a racist? Is she allowed to do the same the next time she has a similar encounter? Or would her reasons still be frowned upon?

There were so many scenes between people of different races and ethnic groups. There encounters with Asians, Blacks, Mexicans, Arabics (misconceptions) and a couple others. Abuse of power was also portrayed here between cops and Blacks. (A good example...New Orleans cops beating up a guy.) There was even a part where some Blacks are disgusted with the negative images carried by other Blacks.

About negative images, I agree. There's been time where I'll drive by or hear some anecdotal accounts and I'll be like...why?!?! Why do some Hispanics have to act this way or whatever? Why do some Deaf people have to do such stuff, such as faking stupidity to get out of some situations? Why do some gays have to do some risky stuff or be such snobs? Yadda, yadda, yadda.

Overall, a great movie to watch, which will lead to some self-evaluation. This film presents racism right in your face, which may be hard for some viewers to swallow.


Sunday was just a relaxing day for me. I had been reading Drop City but it was just a boring book that I just had to stop at the halfway point. Now, I'm currently reading Dan Brown's Deception Point. So far, it's really good!

ta ta for now...


Thursday, October 06, 2005


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

My! This was one hungry python. Now, it's one dead python.

A Burmese python, measuring 13 feet long, attempted to eat an alligator in the Everglades. However, it was just a little too much for its stomach and resulted in an explosion.

Pythons are not native to the Everglades. People have been buying exotic snakes and when unwanted, they're usually dumped in the Everglades, along with other Asian snakes. So, the snakes are now a threat to the other animal species in the area. Ugh! People, stop taking in animals, just because they're cute when they're babies!

Alligators are usually the dominant species in the Everglades but lately have been having to defend against and sometimes lose to pythons. Investigators have suggested that this alligator fought back by clawing against the python, which may have lead to the explosion. "I'm taking you with me, bitch!", said the gator.

Later, gator!


Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The Underworld 

Horror movies that involved such characters like vampires, werewolves, Frankenstein, orcs, ogres, humpbacked's and the like, showed us that it was usually humans against these creatures.

Never before had we seen these creatures battle each other until Van Helsing and A League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. I had never seen such story involving vampires against werewolves and I thought that was so cool.

The Underworld is no different with vampires against werewolves. Kinda like Aliens vs. Predator. They all prey on humans but are powerful enough to kill each other.

I liked the story plot, especially the one that explained how it all started with this "war" between the two groups. If you like this kind of genre, then I think you'll enjoy this movie.

Can't wait to check out part 2!

ta ta...


Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Hamburger Mary's 

Seems that Hamburger Mary's is no more. It is now Dakota Cowgirl. The sign may still be Hamburger Mary's but menus and t-shirts are now carrying the new name. Same delicious food!

Friday night, KT and I were invited to hang out with a group at Titan, since Friday nights are "bear nights". So, we thought, why not check it out. Of course, we had dinner Dakota Cowgirl. Then, we went upstairs to Titan. Wow! It was truly a forest of bears and some great throbbing music. It was nice to catch up with some friends.

By the way, the Halloween Eye Party on October 22nd will be held at Titan. So, keep your eyes peeled for a flyer for the upcoming Eye Party. Meanwhile, it's time to find that perfect costume!


We finally got our new printer(fax/scanner/and all that). I'm excited as we can now print our papers at home instead of having to go to Gally all the time.

KT spent some time on the computer and cleaning up some stuff. So, now it's seems to be running smoother and allowing some other programs to work.

Thanks, KT! *mwah*


ta ta for now...