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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Roy & Muck 

Friday night, I went alone to Roy's art show. KT was pooped from the week. I had a good time there, mingling with people. I saw a painting I wanted but restrained myself until KT had a chance to see it. If he likes it, then we'll buy it.

I had a good time chatting with guest artist, Michelle "Muck" McAuliffe. I've known her since I first came to Gallaudet in '98. She was in my very first class, Intro to Deaf Studies.

We were laughing because we both vividly remembered my presentation and our debate. Towards the end of the course, we each had to give a presentation of our research. My research was on the comparison of the Deaf community's acceptance of hearing aids during the 1910's and 1920's and cochlear implants in the 1990's.

After my presentation, the class had the chance to ask questions or whatever. Well, no one really had anything to say except Muck. Immnediately, we just went into a "spar" about hearing aids and cochlear implants. I dunno if the class was just blown away or rather, entertained. Arlene Kelly (not yet Dr.) had to jump in and take control of the class.

However, Muck and I never held any ill feelings towards each other. We'd always say hi and have small talks.

So, we were reminiscing old times. Then, we got to share our goals and dreams. It was interesting to learn that we both had a similar dream and encouraged each other to pursue it.

Anyways, here's a couple website if you're interested:

Roy Ricci - www.royricci.com

Michelle "Muck" McAuliffe - www.michellemcauliffe.com


DeafPoints will launch May 31st, 2006. What the heck is it? If you're familiar with MyPoints.com, then you'll know what DeafPoints is.

Basically, you'll earn points for purchases that you make. With the points earned, you can get giftcards to movies and various places. Heck, you can even apply your points for a free Deaf cruise.

If you sign up, you automatically get 10 points.

For occasional updates on DeafPoints, you can check their blog.


News of the Day:

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Christian t-shirt company uses Brokeback Mountain to condemn gays.


Dan Brown is being sued for "stealing" ideas for his "The Da Vinci Code" book. Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh, of "The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail", claimed that part of their works laid the foundation for Brown's book.

I dunno. I get the feeling that this is more of a success jealousy. It's not like Baigent and Leigh were the first or the only authors that have written about Jesus and Mary Magdalene to have married and beared children and claimed that the lineage still exists.

The thing about Dan Brown is that he wrote the story, with so many different elements thrown in, in a fascinating way. That is why his book soared in a phenomenal way. He's that good!

So, Baigent and Leigh, get over it!


ta ta for now...


Friday, February 24, 2006

The Island 

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Holy Moley! The Island was awesome, filled with action scenes that were just unbelieveable!

Lincoln Six Echo and Jordan Two Delta are among the others who have survived "The Contamination". Everyone lives within a certain building. Everyone has to follow certain rules, such as wearing certain clothes, eating certain food, etc.

There's only one place in the world that's free from The Contamination and that is The Island. A lottery is drawn and if you're selected, then you get to go to the island. However, the island isn't what it seems to be.

Six Echo and Two Delta soon discover that everything isn't what they seem to be. They escape from the building and out into the world. They discover that the world is actually safe to live in and that there's people all around.

Six Echo and Two Delta discover that they themselves aren't actually humans but clones. The corporation has been selling clones. Of course, the corporation doesn't tell the public what is actually happening on the other side.

Echo and Delta are determined to expose the truth about the corporation by going to their sponsors (the human counterparts). Meanwhile, the corporation has hired an elite delta force to capture and return them before they have a chance to ruin this billion dollar industry.

All I can say is that it's action-packed and pretty good! It is a bit long but worth it!


Tonight is Roy's art show, along with guest artist, Michelle "Muck" McAuliffe. I'm so there!


ta ta for now...


Thursday, February 23, 2006

Peaceful Goodbyes 

I don't know if you've experienced the death of a loved one or not. I have. It doesn't matter if it's one of your own family members, partner/spouse, children, friends, colleagues or someone else's loss, it's a sad occasion. In some cases, it's tragic.

You're grieving in your own way. You're comforting someone else. You're wiping your tears away. You're blowing your nose. You're wondering why so-and-so had to depart from this world. In some deaths, you might be relieved that so-and-so has finally passed on. In other deaths, you might be angry at the sudden departure.

Regardless, you go to funerals to pay your last respect before the body is buried into the ground or before the ashes will be scattered. It's a somber ritual. It's done and then life moves on.

That's how it's supposed to be.

Funerals are not supposed to be accompanied with protesters, like those from Westboro Baptist Church, pastored by Fred Phelps. They usually show up protesting at funerals where the deceased was gay. However, lately, they've just about shown up anywhere for just about any reasons. Hell, they've been claiming that the reasons for the high death tolls of soldiers was because of America's acceptance of homosexuality. They've also protested at the Sago miners' funerals. (Thank goodness for the Patriot Guard Riders, a group of motorcyclists, who usually attend veterans' funerals. However, they went to the miners' funerals to counterprotest the Westboro freaks.)

It's just really disrespectful! So disrespectful that states are considering bills where protesters are banned from funerals. As of January 30th, 5 states have been considering bills. These 5 states are Kansas, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri and Oklahoma. I find it interesting that Kansas has banned it because that's where Phelps' church is located. However, that number has grown to 14 states, banning funeral protesting, including Wisconsin, Iowa, Kentucky, Nebraska, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, South Dakota and Vermont.

Maryland may be the 15th state to add the ban on funeral protesting.

Let me clarify that a lot of these bans do not completely eradicate funeral protesting. The majority of the bans do allow protesters to do their protesting business up to one hour before and after the funeral. Most of the bans enforce the protesters to remain at least 300 feet from the funeral site.

It still has to be nerve-wrecking to know that the burial of a loved one is being protested by these wackos. They're just there to take advantage of your vulnerable state. What kind of a sick, twisted, demented person would want to inflict that kind of hatred and intimidation upon others during their time of sorrow?

However, these bans are somewhat helpful because they're allowing us to bury our loved ones with a little peace. After all, we do want our departed to rest in peace.


Wednesday, February 22, 2006


I'm sure that when we're with friends, colleagues, classmates or whomever, we've had opportunities to discuss a wide range of topics. I'm sure we've made comparisons between ourselves and others or between our country and others and the like. You know, we designate who is Subject A and Subject B and find the similarities and contrasts between the two. Sometimes, comparisons and contrasts are accurate and sometimes, they're not. Sometimes, our perceptions color what we see and sometimes they benefit us and, other times, do not.

Some of us carry the notion that foreigners are more likely to be bilingual than Americans. Foreigners are more likely to be bilingual with their native tongue and English. Some countries have enforce students to learn a second language. In other countries, they're encouraged to learn a language. Second language learning is encouraged or enforced because it's beneficial. It could be a benefit for the enhancement of their careers, social interactions around the world or whatever reasons.

Americans are sometimes perceived as cultural imperialists (or ethnocentrists or whatever other word you choose in regards to where one's language/culture is "better" than another) in regards to English. Sure, English is widespread but not a universal language. Sure, Americans aren't the only ones that speaks English. However, there's that perception that Americans don't really pursue a second language, other than satisfying requirements for a degree or whatever.

Now, the same has been said for American and international Deafies. There's a perception that international Deafies seem to know their own sign language and ASL. Now, they may not always be fluent in ASL, but they have "survival" knowledge/competency of our language. There's a perception that many American Deafies do not know a foreign sign language. If they do, the most they can do is the alphabet of that language.

Now, is that a fair comparison? Is it fair to make or carry these notions, especially if there are factors to consider? One example, Americans have military bases practically around the world. So, these foreigners are likely to practice and improve their English skills. We know that classroom instruction of the second langauge is artificial and isn't sufficient. You've got to go out and mingle with natives. Plus, remember that I said that English is widespread, so it's not just the Americans they can practice with. There's British people, Australian people, Canadian people and many others to practice English.

For Americans, unless you have a job that requires international travel, most of us work in places where everything is entirely conducted in English. America is one of the top places of the touring industry. Therefore, it seems (my perception colored?) that there's a larger number of foreigners (practically the rest of the world) coming in to travel and visit than Americans venturing out of the country.

Americans basically do not have a regular opportunity to use a second language, except Spanish where there's a high population of Hispanics. Americans are likely to learn a second language if they have a neighbor, a co-worker, a love interest or whomever who is fluent in another language.

Now, for Deafies learning another sign language. Is this a fair comparison as well? Where do we see a large number of international Deafies? In D.C., where Gallaudet University is located. Gallaudet is the world's only liberal arts university for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing students. Being the "world's only" is going to attract everyone from around the world. Classes at Gallaudet are conducted in ASL. Therefore, if a Deafie from another country wants to attent Gallaudet, ASL has to be learned and understood. After spending 4 or more years at Gallaudet, of course, you're bound to know ASL.

The opportunity for an American Deafie to learn another sign language is minimal. This opportunity will be present if an American Deafie goes into an exchange program or does an internship in another country. Even then, the exchange program or internship is short-term compared to staying 4+ years at Gallaudet. Another thing, a Deafie from another country is more likely to go back than stay in America, for a variety of reasons.

So, is it really fair to cast a "downward glance" upon Americans or American Deafies for not being bilingual, even if it's just "survival" knowledge? Do you agree or disagree with these notions/perceptions? Are there other factors that prevents us from learning and mastering a second language? Are there other factors that enhances us to learn a second language? Are these good reasons or are these excuses that Americans/Deafies use to explain their reasons for not being bilingual or multi-lingual?

Wha'cha think?


ta ta for now...


Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Over the Cold Weekend 

The coffee social last Friday was good. We had 30 people there. I usually get up and chat with just about everyone. But, that night, I was just tired and just stayed in my seat and chatted with those around me.

However, I enjoy the coffee social event because that's where I'll get some information about various things as well as catching up news with friends. As always, we'll have it each month. However, KT and I won't be there next month as we'll be in Las Vegas for Spring Break.


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After the coffee social, we came home and watched Saw 2. I wasn't so sure about this movie because sequels usually don't do so well. However, Saw 2 was an exception because it was still mind-boggling.

Jigsaw is back and so is one of the characters from the first movie. This time, Jigsaw plays a game with the detectives working on these complicated crimes. Jigsaw offers clues to the detectives in order to stop a cruel game. It is up to the detectives to figure out the clues to stop some unnecessary deaths. Check it out to see who lives and who dies.

It's a good movie, although the first movie is still better.


Comfort and Joy was a good mellow book. It's about the relationship of Ford and Dan.

Ford is a doctor. He's from old money. He was born and raised in Savannah, Georgia. His father is a doctor. His grandfather was a doctor and so on. The family expects their children to uphold the reputation and marry "good people".

Dan is from North Carolina. His family sells graves. He's from the country and you just do your best to make something out of life.

They both met at a hospital where Ford was working and Dan was caroling and later landed a job at the hospital. From there, that's when Ford and Dan started to date as well as falling in love with each other.

As Ford and Dan head over to North Carolina to spend Christmas with Dan's family, the book goes back in time to their individual life and their dating life as well as struggling with same-sex attractions. The book also goes into the initial years of Ford and Dan's blooming relationship, including Dan's HIV status and his occasional bleeding.

Then, we see Dan's family and their reaction to Dan and Ford's relationship which is the opposite for Ford's family. The reactions is something that a lot of us, gays, can relate or remember from family members. You might have had experienced the same reaction like Dan and Ford's families. For some of us, the reactions are the same from both families.

The book might touch a nerve for some of you because of the familial reactions. I found myself with a lump in my throat after reading about one family's treatment of their relationship. It's like, why do people still ultimatums, especially right in the face of love?

Like I said, it's a good book but in a mellow sense because the story moves quite slow.


Saturday was spent with Jon and Krista, who are good friends of ours. We met for lunch at BD Mongolian Barbeque. The last time I was there, I overlooked the spice section. I discovered it this time and mmmm, my meal was delicious!

Afterwards, we headed over to IKEA. I saw Terese, along with her hubby and son. They were taking advantage of the President's Day sale.

Why is it that whenever you're done shopping at IKEA, you come out pooped and wanting a nap?


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We came home from IKEA, pooped, and popped in The Devil's Rejects. O......k! This was one totally weird movie!

This is supposed to be a sequel to House of 1000 Corpses, which we didn't see. If we saw this movie first, I don't think we'll be watching The Devil's Rejects.

The police finally busted the sadistic family that have been kidnapping and killing people in some small old town in Texas. However, 2, actually 3, of the family members have managed to escape...to do more killings. The sheriff is determined to capture the other two, even if it means breaking the law.

It was interesting to see Patricia Barnes once again. Remember her? She played Terry, a nurse who was a roommate of Jack and Janet, in Three's Company.


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I've heard so much about David Sedaris and his books. So, I thought I'd check out one of his most popular books, Naked.

It was alright, not as funny as Augusten Burroughs. His first 2 or 3 chapters were funny but then after that, it was just alright.


Sunday was the big day because Brokeback Mountain was being captioned in Silver Spring. It was one of the talks at the coffee social. Everyone was encouraged to reserve tickets online for fear that the tickets would sell out for that showtime. So, we had ours reserved.

We thought we'd be safer to get there early to get our tickets and get good seating. Well, everyone else thought the same thing when we got there. So, there was a good hour of Deafies just chatting with each other in the auditorium.

Oh yeah, we bumped into Philip and Neal, along with his daughter. It was so good to see Philip once again!

Man, the auditorium was packed! I cannot recall the last time an auditorium was packed with Deafies. Lord of the Rings? Harry Potter? Star Wars?

Then, the movie started!

Wow, I loved the movie! I thought it was beautiful!

I could see how people have mixed reviews about the movie. I could see how some people view this as a gay movie and not. I believe it is a gay movie.

(-----Spoiler Alert!!!-----)

Ok, first of all, when Jack and Ennis had their first sexual encounter, I didn't think of it as a gay thing. I thought, well, they're up in the mountains for a long period of time, watching sheep. They only have each other as companions. I guess the need for intimacy or sex was greater than the fact that these were 2 men who weren't supposed to do anything "like that".

Then, after that first encounter, they started to get more intimate over time. Again, I thought, well, they're still isolated up in the mountain.

However, things started to change as feelings became involved. They were told that their job was over. Jack offered Ennis a chance for them to get together and Ennis said he was getting married. After they said their goodbyes, they split. However, when Jack was out of sight, Ennis cried. Was that a moment of regret? Was that a moment of a love lost? Was that a moment of knowing that you knew what you wanted but also knew you would not be allowed that in society?

They meet again in 4 years. Oh my god! That scene where Ennis' wife first sees Jack and Ennis in a compromising position sent goosebumps! You could hear the gasps across the auditorium. That had to be one of the best shots in the entire movie.

After that, they would meet once again, after a long while, in Brokeback Mountain. Jack was living in Texas and Ennis in Wyoming. Time and time again, Jack offers an opportunity for them to live together as well as working together but Ennis turns the offer down. Ennis reveals an incident from his past that scares from living "that kind of life".

Anyways, I've said a lot about the movie, which I'm sure that those who haven't seen it would like to not know a lot about it until they had a chance to see it.

So, what I'm saying is that this is definitely a movie about gay love between two men. They loved each other but could not really be with each other because of societal norms and pressures. They were in the wrong time and place.

Plus, after the movie, some of the "young" gay viewers were saying, "thank God I wasn't living during that time because I just don't know if I could deal with that". The older gay viewers were like "that was so true back then".

I just could not imagine denying myself a chance at true love.


After the movie, we headed over to Potbelly with Philip, Neal and his daughter. It was good to catch up with Philip with various topics. We had some good laughs.

Then, 3 hours went by fast and we already had to go on our separate ways. Bummer! At least, we took comfort that we'll see each other again...soon!


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Omigawd! I totally loved Eragon! It had my attention from the beginning to the end. Now, I cannot wait to get my hands on the second book, Eldest!

Eragon is a simple farm boy. One day, he came across a blue stone. He thought it would be a valuable stone, which he could trade for food. However, no one would want it, after Eragon revealed where he found it.

One night, the stone cracked and emerged a dragon, Saphira. After that, his life was never the same. The Ra'zoc are after him and Saphira. Brom, the town's storyteller, escapes with him and teaches him battle skills, magic and the ancient language of the elves. Eragon must learn these quickly if he is to survive and become a Rider.

The book is filled with telepathy, magic, dragons, Riders, elves, dwarves, a witch, a werecat, Urgals, Kull, Shades, and much more. They're plenty enough to capture your attention into a world of fantasy! Believe me, you're gonna want more after you read the first book!

Plus, if you like to read books before seeing the movie, you might wanna do so soon. Eragon will be made into a movie, expected to be released this year.


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Yeah, I've been in a reading frenzy. Now, I'm reading Sellevision, which was Augusten Burroughs' first novel. It's interesting that it's a book that doesn't involve Augusten in any way, unlike his other books.

However, I'm still wanting to read it and see what it's all about.

Plus, I've just discovered that this will also be made into a movie.


News of the Day:

Pastor, in Asheville, NC, announces that he will not do opposite-sex weddings until gay marriage is approved.

Man kills roommate over toilet paper.

Supreme Court approves of church's usage of hallucinogenic tea.


Well, ta ta for now...


Friday, February 17, 2006

February Deaf GLBT Coffee Social 

Tonight, DQDCMetro is hosting the monthly coffee social. So, c'mon over! Bring along your fellow Deaf GLBT's.

Dupont Circle
P & 21st Streets, NW
Washington, DC

7pm to 10pm

See y'all there!


Thursday, February 16, 2006


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Aren't the Olsen twins so beautiful here, modeling for Badgley Mischka?


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Bewitched with Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell was ok-ok. I wasn't really impressed with it because of a slight deviation from the original series. This movie made it like some actors getting together and making Bewitched a television show.

When Nicole's character came on and introduced herself as Isabel, I was like, "hey, wait a minute, it's Samantha, not Isabel". Then, the plot to make Bewitched a tv series again began.

Eh. I just wasn't impressed with the overall movie. I've not been impressed with Will in recent movies.

Perhaps my expectations were a bit high for the movie and was disappointed.



Know why?!?!?!?

Because Brokeback Mountain will FINALLY be captioned this Sunday in Silver Spring!


Speaking of Brokeback Mountain, Willie Nelson will release a new song which may be the first gay cowboy song by a major artist, "Cowboys Are Frequently, Secretly (Fond of Each Other)".

Distributors of Brokeback Mountain were surprised that Singapore has approved the film, even though homosexuality is illegal in the country. It will carry an R21 rating, which means that the film will be restricted only to those 21 and older.


ta ta for now...


Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Commerialized Holidays & Celebrations 

Yesterday, I was reading blogs, like I normally do, and came across some that were "complaint" in some ways about Valentine's Day. One reason was that this was more of a couples' holiday/celebration and another reason was that loving one another should be an everyday thing and not just on February 14th.

First of all, V Day is not a couples' holiday/celebration. When you were kids, did you pass out Valentine's cards and/or candies to only those you like/love? No, you passed them out to the class and your teachers and maybe a special card or candy to the one you had a crush, if you had the guts to do so. So, Valentine's Day shouldn't be looked at a day for those who are in a relationship. What's wrong with going out with a friend or two for dinner and a glass of wine? What's wrong with treating them out to the movies? Another idea is that you can treat yourself to something special. Go out for a spa session. Get a massage. Get a haircut and maybe frost it or dye it. Get a manicure and maybe even a pedicure. Go out and buy yourself a book or two. Throw in a DVD. So, Valentine's is not just for couples.

Now, with this everyday thing, sure, I agree that we should love one another everyday and not just once a year. I guess I see some people complaining about the "commercialization" of the holidays/celebration.

If that is so, then why should we celebrate birthdays or New Year's? I mean, we should thank God for being granted one more day of life each day. It's one more day of a vivid life. One more day to breathe. One more day to laugh. One more day to love. One more day to see/hear. One more day to think. One more day of anything.

What's the point of Easter? If you're a Christian or believe in God/Jesus, then you should know that God/Jesus is alive everyday. If you rather celebrate the Easter Bunny and all that, then what's the point of that? Aren't kids supposed to have fun everyday? Aren't parents supposed to play with their kids everyday?

What's the point of 4th of July? I mean, we live in a free country. Shouldn't we celebrate the fact that we're free citizens and appreciate the rights that we have been afforded that other countries do not allow their citizens to have? (Of course, some of you may think differently that we're not quite free as we're lead to believe in this day and age.) Why go out and pop firecrackers? What's the point?

Why celebrate Halloween? Why go out and buy costumes and candies and all that? Couldn't you just dress up in costumes in the other days of the year whenever you feel like it? Is Halloween (and Mardi Gras) the only time we're allowed to be "silly"? Are we not allowed to buy candies in bulk and pass them out to others?

Shouldn't we give thanks every day of the year instead of just on Thanksgiving Day? And if you're in the mood for turkey, you know you can buy that any time of the year.

Just about everyone loves Christmas. Oh, so we can be a Scrooge for the other 364 days of the year? No, we should be ready to give to others at any time. We should allow that "inner kid" in us to be free and jolly and celebratory throughout the year.

Oh yeah, forget Mother's and Father's Days. We should appreciate their attempts for giving us the best childhood. You have to agree that some of us weren't easy kids for them. For some of us, we were blessed to have a roof over our heads, decent clothing and food. Our parents weren't perfect. Hey, some of you are and will be parents and I'll tell you, you won't be perfect either in your kids' eyes.

Anniversaries, what for? Shouldn't we appreciate that our loved one has been with us every day of the year, despite that fact we could be spawns of the devil and have been able to live another day? Shouldn't we love them, every day, without hesitation?

Unfortunately, some of us do forget and need these annual holidays and celebrations to remind of us of such appreciation and goodwill on earth.

I think for the rest of us, it's an excuse for us to celebrate. I mean, we all love to party and dress up and have fun. Valentine's Day, yeah. We get to splurge on our sweethearts with flowers, candies, balloons and maybe take them out for dinner. Yeah, I agree, we should think of our loved ones everyday. We should surprise them with a little "just because" gift now and then.

Holidays and celebrations give us an excuse to go all out in a big way and be festive. I'm one of those people that like to dress up for the holidays. If that makes me nerdy, so what! Yesterday, I was wearing red. Others were as well. I thought that was cute. If I wore red on another day, would you have thought, "aww, are you gonna do something sweet for your cutiepie"? Probably not. For 4th of July, I'll wear red, blue and white. If I wore that on another day, would you have noticed? Probably not. I'll wear either green or red for Christmas. What I'm saying, it's a chance for me to dress up and celebrate the holidays in my own way and I'm sure some of you are that way as well.

Commercializations, big deal! I mean, hell-o, we are in America, land of capitalism. We've practically made Hallmark rich and famous for the next millennium. Yeah, we should do these things every day. However, like birthdays and anniversaries, we should have an annual holiday for something (Thanksgiving/Christmas/Valentine's) to have an excuse to go out and do something festive/party! Plus, we do love to blow money, don't we?

ta ta for now...


Tuesday, February 14, 2006


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Happy Valentine's, everyone! Especially to my sweetie, Kevin! *mwah*

It's nice to do something special to the ones you cherish and love. If you don't have anyone, then treat yourself something special. We do need to love ourselves, right?


Nothing much is going on right now, except school and work. Plus, I'm currently reading Comfort & Joy by Jim Grimsley.

Image hosting by Photobucket

It's about 2 men, Ford and Dan, in a relationship and trying to work it out, just like anyone else in a relationship.

It's the Christmas holiday. Ford and Dan have flown to North Carolina to be with Dan's family. Ford is a doctor and his mind is preoccupied with constantly calling the hospital to get frequent updates of his patients. This constant preoccupation is starting to have an impact on their relationship.

Will they be able to work it out? I guess I'll find out when I finish the book.


ta ta for now... *mwah*


Monday, February 13, 2006

Magical Thinking 

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Augusten Burroughs is hil-fucking-larious!

Magical Thinking had me laughing in various parts of the book. His humor and way of thinking is crazy. He just let out his thoughts without any reservations.

Sometimes, I think like Augusten does but never really share them. I'm always afraid people will go, after listening to me, to KT and say "why haven't had you had Larry committed?"

I had never heard of Augusten until DRY. I admit that I'm one of those people that buy books, of unknown authors, based on "pretty" artistic or photographic covers on the books. It also helps with eye-catching titles. The cover shown in the link for DRY is different than the original cover. The cover had a martini glass with a fish sticking out of it. It was eye-catching for me. I kept telling KT that I wanted it. It was the Christmas holiday around that time. And sure enough, I got it for Christmas. I believe it was last year.

After reading DRY, I knew that I'd be hooked to Augusten's books. So, then I got Running with Scissors, which I absolutely loved about his wacky childhood. Then, got Magical Thinking, about various incidents in his life. (One chapter, "Roof Work", cracked me up to no end.) I also have his Sellevision, his first novel, waiting to be read. (I line my books up in the order they've been purchased or given to me as gifts.)

I'm even more excited because he has another book coming out in May, Possible Side Effects.

If you're in the mood for a good laugh, Augusten will make you laugh!


Read Lemony Snicket #7 & #8, The Vile Village and The Hostile Hospital, respectively.

The Baudelaire orphans continued being passed around to various caretakers, with the exception of #8, where they hid in the hospital. The Baudelaires were sent to a village where everyone was their caretakers since they believed that "it takes a village to raise a child". However, they were actually treated like janitors of the city, rather than children.

Of course, the orphans faced Count Olaf and his henchmen and manage to escape. However, a newspaper has incorrectly declared the orphans as murderers. Therefore, the orphans are hiding, which is how they ended up in the hospital, and trying to clear their names.

Alas, Count Olaf is right behind them.


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Coraline was an interesting book.

It's about a little girl who love to explore around. She's often bored since her parents are too busy for her. Her father is always cooking something new from recipes, which she hates. She'll busy herself with tea with 2 old ladies downstairs. A strange old man, who lives above her, keeps telling her about his circus of rats.

One day, she discovers a door, that leads to another world. However, the other world is just the same as this world. She has the other mother and the other father. They love her very much and want her to stay. The problem is that now Coraline wants to go back home and she has to find her way back.

A very interesting "Stephen King-like" book.

I was surprised to discover that this book will be converted to a movie, which is slated for 2007. So far, only Dakota Fanning has been cast as the narrator.


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Lord of War is an interesting movie about gunrunning. Yuri Orlav (Nicholas Cage) plays a gunrunner, who started off on the low rung and made it up to one of the top gun dealer as well as one of the richest men.

Yuri narrates about his time as a first-timer in gunrunning, learning the ropes, to the current times. It's about halfway when the movie starts to get interesting, with the Interpol agent (Ethan Hawke) trying to bust his ass and with Yuri dealing with Andre Baptiste.

It's the facts that are shown at the end of the movie that's gonna make your jaw drop to the floor. I was blown away.

I suggest that you see it for yourself.

Oh yeah, this movie is based on some true events.

Well, ta ta for now...


Saturday, February 11, 2006

Saving Valencia 

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I just finished reading Saving Valencia by Steven Cooper. This was one hilarious gay book.

Rico and Valencia Brandywine, are heirs of a hotel empire, with branches around the world. They've been kidnapped for ransom numerous times throughout their childhood. Now, that they're adults, they thought they were safe from that. However, one day, Valencia gets kidnapped. She was kidnapped by a nutty religious organization, Walk Away With Jesus. Their ransom is $7 million dollars and Rico's renouncement of his homosexuality.

Rico investigates to save his sister from captivity, with his Jewish faghag, D'Vora Wasserman.

The book will have you laughing as Rico has raging hard-ons at the most inappropriate times, including an initial session with one of his therapists.

There was a dialogue Rico had with D'Vora that I never thought before in regards to Christianity and one of their goals to convert homosexuals to heterosexuality:

"Common sense dictates it's a bunch of crap. Think about it: You can't make a left-handed person right-handed through prayer. You can't make a brown-eyed a blue-eyed through prayer."

Amen, eh?

I enjoyed this book with some laughs. I'll definitely read another book by Cooper.


Damn! Battlestar Galactica is GOOD with their storylines. I already can't wait for next week's episode! I wish they were on every night!


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I've been trying to watch My Own Private Idaho but it just can't keep my interest til the end of the movie. I've had to stop and pause before continuing. Sometimes, I've just had to stop and do something else. I may not be able to finish it.

It just seems to be about 2 hustlers (Keanu Reeves & River Phoenix). Phoenix plays one who suffers from narcolepsy, especially in stressful situations.


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Must Love Dogs was a cute romantic movie.

Life goes on even when your love life is over. Yo might not wanna pursue love again. However, despite your past, don't shy away from love.


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I thought The Cave was pretty good. It was predictable but one that you can enjoy...if you like these kind of sci-fi movies.

I thought that the creatures in this film resembled almost too much like those creatures from Aliens. Did they borrow the creatures from the prop room?


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Despite the overwhelmingly negative reviews from peers of War of the Worlds, I thought it was a pretty good film. If that makes me weird, then so be it.

Can you imagine if there was another race, from outer space, trying to eradicate us? For sure, we'll fight back to defend our planet. Luckily, in the film, it was something microscopic that protected humanity on this world.

Like I said, good movie.


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I never saw the first one, but hey, I liked this movie! This one was loaded with action!

Jason Statham played Frank Martin, who is a chauffer/bodyguard. but was a former Delta Force guy or something like that. However, a kid in his charge gets kidnapped. Pissed and anally-retentive, Martin fights back. He has some nice moves, almost like Jackie Chan.


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Because of Winn-Dixie is a cute movie about a preacher's girl and a dog. (Think Benji, only Texas-sized.) Opal has moved to a really small town with her preacher dad. She has no friends. She finds a dog inside a Winn-Dixie store, hence his name. Throught Winn-Dixie, she meets people around town and befriends them.

It's a good mellow movie if you can stand to watch a 2 hour PG-rated movie. I thought it was a bit too long.


I'm done now. It's snowing outside. I'm gonna retreat to the living room, get under a blanket and read Lemony Snicket #7, The Vile Village.

ta ta...


Friday, February 10, 2006

Curious George 

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Today, Curious George opens in theatres everywhere.

However, 2 days ago, Alan Shalleck, a collaborator for Curious George books and tv series, was found dead in his driveway of his mobile home of a trailer park. He was wrapped in garbage bags. Neighbors had saw the black trash bags in his driveway but assumed that it was just trash. It never occurred to anyone that a dead body was wrapped in trash bags. Shalleck was discovered by a maintenance man.

Yesterday, two men, Rex Spears Ditto, 29, and Vincent Puglisi, 54, turned themselves in to the police. Policed discovered that Shalleck met his killers through a gay listing service.

Shalleck was 76 years old. It was unfortunate that while Margaret and H.A. Rey made millions off of Curious George and became famous, it never happened for Shalleck. He was living off his Social Security checks.

Meanwhile, I cannot wait to check out the new Curious George movie. Although, I think George, in the movie, looks more like a hairy boy (you know, like afflicted with hypertrichosis) than a monkey. However, I'll still check it out.

ta ta for now...


Thursday, February 09, 2006


"I had a bad day at/with...(fill in the blank)."

"It's my bad luck month."

"I forgot to take my medicine."

"I'm on my period."

"Cuz I feel like it!"

"You did it to me too!"

"I woke up on the wrong side of the bed."

"I hadn't eaten/slept enough today."

"I have ADD/ADHD."

"I assumed that..."

"I thought I could trust her/him not to share what you confided in me. Now, I know I can't trust her/him again."

"I was just kidding/joking/teasing."

"If they did it, why can't I?"

Is accountability a...lost art? Or rather a lost virtue?

Why is it that everyone loves to play the blame game? It's everyone's fault but not your own. It's never your fault. Oh, no! Heavens forbid!

Sure, there are some situations where it is completely out of your hand or that it's the powers that be that have caused some things to happen. However, I'm not talking about those situations.

I'm talking about those on a personal level, like with your friends, your families and your partners. You could even throw in your teachers, your classmates, your colleagues, your bosses and others.

It seems that we love to point our beloved index finger farthest away from our own bodies and towards someone else or something.

Failing to meet upon the agreed appointment doesn't give you the opportunity to blame whatever element that have caused you to forget. I mean, you can explain but you should offer an apology.

Hurting someone or their feelings isn't something you should do just because you felt like it, had a bad day, forgot to take your medicine, were kidding or whatever reasons. I mean, you can explain but you should offer an apology.

Assuming someone had said or did something towards you or someone else isn't a replacement for an apology. Gossip falls near here as well. "Someone else told me that..." Well, you spread that gossip to others so you're just as guilty as the person who started it. Go ahead and apologize.

Dialogues told to you in confidence are to be kept confided. You might've thought that you could trust your other friends and thought that they would not tell anyone else. "I'll never trust him/her again" isn't an apology. That's your way of getting out of owning up to your mistake for breaking confidence in the first place.

"I'm sorry" seems to be the hardest 2 words to utter. Sure, none of us like to own up to our mistakes and offer sincere apologies. It's hard! To do that, we have to swallow our pride and confess our wrongdoings and apologize for doing so.

We could all learn to start taking responsibilities for our own mistakes by quitting the blame game. Be a man or a woman and own up! You can explain your actions but close with a sincere apology. It sure does feel good when you say "I'm sorry".


Phil was reading up my old entries. He came across my entry about LowTee. Then, he found another site and shared with me. I just thought it was cool.


What you do is enter in your blog addy and blog name (optional), then you'll get a word cloud of various words that appears in your blog often. What's even better is that you can replace some words with another.

Here's a sample of mine:

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well, ta ta for now...


Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Last night was the first class of internship, teaching ASL at Gallaudet. I was a bit nervous at first but then once I started class, I just became focused on the lesson plan and got the students involved in activities. Overall, I think it's gonna be a fun semester.

It was interesting teaching at night because time seemed to go by faster than during the day. Last semester, during practicum, time seemed to drag on slowly during the day. I think it doesn't help having class right after lunch.

I remembered when I was an undergraduate, I preferred having all my classes in the morning and be free for the afternoon. After lunch, that was nap time! After lunch, that was when everyone would be up for their "morning" and then head to classes. If I was stuck with an afternoon class, ugh! It was hard staying focused in class because I would be busy trying to stay awake. There must've been something in the cafeteria food!

Anyways, we get home last night and KT was SICK with the flu. There's some flu or stomach virus that's being passed around. I certainly hope he gets better real quick because he needs to be well for teaching his class tomorrow night. Plus, I cannot afford to be sick. Ugh, I hate being sick! *peace* So, right now, he's at home resting up.

It's hard when your sweetie is sick and stays at home to rest up because then you wanna fuck work and stay home as well. I was soooo tempted to do so. It didn't help that it was cold outside. I mean, you're already in a warm bed and it's like *for for* get outta bed. But, no, I got myself outta bed and got ready for work.


Yesterday, I came across Jeremy's blog and he posted an intelligence test. It was a challenge and made it past 19, which was the minimum for the genius level. I made it up to 23.

So, why don't you try it? We all need a little distraction every now and then.


This must be an awesome birthday week for CK. The Washington Post Express published an excerpt of his DeafDC.com blog about the Muhammad cartoon.


News of the Day:

Senators, both Democrats and Republicans, grilled Attorney General Alberto Gonzales over domestic eavesdropping. Senators basically told him that the President does not have a "blank check"; he just cannot do whatever the hell he feels like doing.

And thanks, Gonzales, for telling a little truth:

When Gonzales was asked why the administration didn't ask Congress to adjust the law to make it less burdensome, the attorney general replied: "The short answer is that we didn't think we needed to, quite frankly."

Well, you might not think you need to do or follow a particular protocol but the law is there and everyone has gotta follow it. No one is above the law. TYFVM


Yesterday, Stephen Harper became Canada's Prime Minister. It's been more than 12 years since anyone from the Conservative Party has been able to land this particular position.

This should be interesting because he has "pledged to cut taxes, clean up government corruption and reconsider such hot-button issues as gay marriage." So, what exactly will he reconsider in regards to gay marriage? I'm sure there'll be many eyes watching him.


Bravo to AOL and Yahoo who will start charging a fee to companies who send out bulk emails to combat spam and phishing emails.


What the heck?!? Some states had Social Security numbers imprinted on drivers' licenses. Now, Congress has ordered states to cease this practice. However, the DC DMV still offer motorists the option to have their SSN imprinted or not.

Worse! DC DMV officials admitted that they hadn't read the law carefully! Well, are we really that suprised?


Now, I don't care for baseball. However, I caught the news about the new Florida Marlins manager, Joe Girardi wanting no facial hair on players.

His reason: "I want players to look neat and responsible."

Oh please! Guys can look neat and responsible with trimmed facial hair. Some guys even look better with facial hair.


New Hampshire has a ban on gay marriage. However, they're not satisfied. Now, they want to ban same sex unions.

Vermont Governor Jim Douglas has stated that he'll veto a gay marriage bill.

Gay marriage seem to still be a hot issue. However, it does seem more and more states have successfully added the ban to their constitutions.

On a positive note, New York Governor George Pataki has signed into a law that allows domestic partners to make funeral plans.


A rare STD has been noted to grow among North American gays.


ta ta for now...


Monday, February 06, 2006

DPHH, CK & SuperBowl 

Before heading to DPHH in Crystal City, KT and I planned dinner with Kekua and Cliff. We were supposed to meet at American Cafe at PC Mall. However, we get there and discovered that it's no longer there. (I hadn't been to PC Mall in AGES!) Instead, we ate at California Pizza Kitchen.

Afterwards, we headed over to the Sports Pub where DPHH was held. Man, it was crowded! Nonetheless, it was good to see old faces and catch up with news. Had a good ol' time there.


Saturday, we headed over to Bethesda to celebrate CK's birthday at BD Mongolian Barbeque. It was good to CK and Alli as well as the others who were there. Again, another good ol' time!

I have to say that BD Mongolian is wonderful! It was our first time there and we'll definitely be back again. This place is where you scoop up some raw food, pasta and veggies into a bowl. Then, you pick your choice of sauce and head over to the "kitchen", where the chefs cook it for you. Mmm, mmm, mmm! Mine was good! It just takes some creativity.

We were telling everyone at the SuperBowl party about this place and they were all like, yeah, we've been there and it's oh so delicious. We were like, are we the only ones who hadn't been there?

Anyways, like I said, we'll definitely go back!


SuperBowl was a mellow event. The Steelers were already winning. I didn't see any "wow" commercials. Chatted with the people there more than watching the game.



Dela White, founder of Sunshine Cottage for the Deaf, was honored, with a Yellow Rose of Texas award, by the state.

I remembered when we were kids, the Deaf kids at Pfeiffer Elementary, a Day School for the Deaf, used to make fun of Sunshine Cottage for being a totally oral school and not allowing signs. But, each time that we went to the zoo, like for a field trip, we would look out the windows of the bus when we passed by Sunshine Cottage. Sunshine Cottage was about a block down from the zoo. Even though we were told that these kids don't sign, we would hope to spot one signing and maybe make a quick greeting as we passed by. However, it never happened.

It's interesting to remember that we may have been in different schools with different philosophies but we kids were still kids and we looked toward that opportunity to sign with each other.


Texas School for the Deaf celebrated their 150th anniversary last Friday.


Florida Democratic candidate Jim Davis stated that he supports gay adoption but not gay marriage. Hmmm, it's ok for a same sex couple to adopt kids but not ok for them to be married. O........k.


7-time Tour de France champion, Lance Armstrong, and singer, Sheryl Crow, have split. I'm sure people are gonna have some harsh words for Lance.


Well, ta ta for now...


Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Animal Shelter 

Last week, I blogged about how we found a black kitten on our porch. After some thoughts, we decided to drop off the kitten at the Washington Humane Society off of New York Avenue.

As soon as they got him, they named him Coal. We were told that he'll be held 5 days to give the owners a chance to claim him before putting him up for adoption. We told him to PLEASE contact us if they should ever want to put him to sleep. We could not live with that.

We already have 2 cats. We'd love a third cat. We miss BJ dearly, who had to be put to sleep last year. With us being in our last semester of graduate school, we didn't think that we'd have time for a kitten. However, we were willing to make that exception if Coal was still not adopted and spare him from being put to sleep.

KT had been checking the website as they usually post pictures of animals, waiting to be adopted. He noticed that Coal hadn't been put up. He called one day and they couldn't locate him and asked him to call back the next day. Well, the next day was a busy day. So, on the second day, KT called back and turned out that Coal had been put to sleep even before KT made the first call.

He was put to sleep because he had URI, upper respiratory infection. That really pissed us off! When KT had adopted BJ and Mercy from WHS, they also had URI and were not put to sleep. URI is common in animal shelters. It's like a common cold and is treatable. So, that was really a fucked-up thing for them to do!

So, we have a beef with WHS. Not only that, but that has *scar* us from ever dropping off an animal to WHS.

Coal was just a kitten. We wished we had kept him instead.


News of the Day:

Speaking of animals, drug smugglers have been implanting heroin in stomachs of puppies.

Christians are complaining of a gay actor in a Christian movie, "End of the Spear".

Oklahoma pastor known for speaking out against homosexuality, Lonnie Latham, had been arrested after he approached an undercover male cop to come to his hotel room for oral sex. Now, the ACLU is defending him citing that the sodomy law has been overturned by the Supreme Court and that "consenting adults are free to do whatever they please in private".

19-year-old seaman challenges "Don't Ask, Don't Tell".

D.C. wants its own crime lab. Well, wait a minute! How had they been solving crimes? They had been using the FBI's crime lab.


New gay and lesbian t-shirts by Hotpuppy.


ta ta for now...


Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Eye Candies 

Convert your t-shirts to LowTee.

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Was gonna add a banner for GayNakedTravel.com but decided not to since I do check my blog at work and I know some of you do check blogs at work as well.

Some people can do it.
Some cannot.
Some can do among friends.
Some rather go alone.
Each to his own.

One thing I can say is that you'll feel so free!


DNA Magazine

Oooooh! Hot and sexy! This is a gay magazine from Australia.

I want a subscription!


News of the Day:

Bush continues to offend the GLBT communities in his SOTU speech.

Maryland GOP freak out over gay marriage.

Bravo to Washington for signing a gay rights bill into law!

Who would've guessed that Oslo is now the most expensive city, replacing Tokyo?

We read about fraud and embezzelment from energy companies and executive corporations. Now, Wal-Mart has been added to that list. Former vice-chair, Tom Coughlin, faces up to 28 years in prison for fraud and false tax return.

Ok, Texas passed the gay marriage ban not too long ago. However, Austin is considering extending health benefits to GLBT city employees' partners. That would just be awesome!


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The Fog was ok. I liked the original version by John Carpenter better. However, the remake did provide more background information about the people in the fog than the original. It was intereting to learn why the fog was there in the first place. Overall, the original is still better than the remake.


ta ta for now...