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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Hello! Blogs Are Public! 

I just got a couple IM's from 2 Deaf bloggers that I have added on the side. They were proclaiming their blogs are private and only for their family's viewing. I was like...you might have envisioned your blogs to be private but I got them off from other Deafies' blogs as a link...so therefore invalidates your reason that your blogs were to remain private.

However, one of the bloggers was nice and claimed that she's old-fashioned in her own ways and the other was definitely bitchy about it. Those who know me...approach me in a bitchy way isn't gonna make me do anything and threatening me isn't gonna make me do anything either!

I thought about and I was like...wait a minute! Blogs are public forums. I mean...if you want to make your "blog" private...there are emails (you know...Yahoo!, Hotmail, Excite, AOL, etc.) and the world wouldn't know a thing about what you sent to specific recipients.

They were also claiming that you should ask permission before adding their blogsite onto your blog as a link. I was like...hello, this isn't Ringo or Tickle where you have to ask before you can even add. I was thinking...well, I wasn't asked either before being added to other blogs (not that I have a problem with that) so why are we making a big deal about it? So, I stand by my ground that blogs are public and open for the WHOLE world to read!

*flinging my follically-challenged hair*


Monday, August 30, 2004

Lazy Weekend... 

Boy! KT and I sure had a lazy weekend. We did some things, like cleaning and errands, but we were basically bums. We realized we had a busy summer and just wanted to RELAX and just do nothing before school started.

OMG, I practically binged the whole weekend. I don't wanna get on a scale for the time being. I'm afraid I'll freak out! I think I'll wait a week before stepping on a scale. Perhaps I can ask Svetlana Khorkina for some tips. Speaking of Khorkina, I had to laugh at CK's blog about her...in regards to her scowl. KT and I do that to each other...putting on this scowl. *laughing*

What did we do? Lemme think... Saw Party Monster, starring Macaulay Culkin and Seth Green. I just vee'd that movie, which is based on a true story. In a way, I thought it was awesome but at the same time, I couldn't imagine a life filled with drugs and waking up in a hospital after overdosing. However, the parties looked fabulous and something that Manny and Merritt would go, along with their unique costumes. This movie somewhat reminded me of another, (Studio) 54.

I got to finish watching the whole first season of Wonder Woman. Loved it! Now, I'm waiting for the second season!!! Hurry, hurry!

Well, school has started today for Gallaudetians. KT and I won't start til tomorrow. We don't have school on Mondays and Wednesdays. Hey...not bad, eh?
However, we still have to go to Gallaudet today. We had to take a TB test in order to register. So, we have to go back to the campus clinic...just so the staff can see with their very own eyes that we've passed the TB test.

Terese has a new blogsite and I've posted her new link on the side. She has defected to Xanga. (Traitor! Just kidding!) Hopefully, she'll blog more regularly than she did on Blogger.

Seriously, I've been wanting to take pictures and add to my blog like KT did to his blog. So, I'll be dragging with me our digital camera and start adding pics to my blog.

Anyways, better shut up and meet KT for a little snack. *wink*

ta ta...


Friday, August 27, 2004


Orientation. What an overload of information! Luckily, the graduate orientation isn't so different than the undergraduate orientation. Just who's who and what's expected of us.

Saw a few people, among the graduate students, that I know...the rest, dunno who. Of course, the majority of the students are females. I expected that because I had read an article some time ago that more and more women are pursuing graduate and post-graduate education.

After the morning orientation, went to the Deaf Studies department to meet the other students and our professors. Nice to see a couple of familiar faces and looking forward to classes with Drs. MJ Bienvenu, Ben Bahan and Dirksen Bauman. Saw my old advisor, Dr. Arlene B. Kelly. It's always so good to see her! Looking forward to see all of them for the next couple of years.

Then, had lunch at the cafeteria. Wow, it has changed a lot! A whole lot better. I don't think Ridor will consider it the barfeteria once and if he returns to visit. The food were definitely an improvement than the last time I was there.

Kekua, KT and I were doing this "welcome to Gallaudet" to each other because of the system fuck-ups or the runaround given to us by staff. I just laugh because that is so expected at Gally. Welcome to Gallaudet!

Met a few bloggers in person...well, I met one and saw the others. Saw Tate, Alex, Oscar (already seen him during my undergraduate years) and Sarah (Tate's wife). Got to meet Sarah in person at SHS. The 3 of us had to go to SHS to have them unblock our registration to submit our classes at the Registrar's. I saw this girl and I was like...isn't that Sarah? So, KT asked her and sure enough it was. She seems really nice and friendly.

Anyways, after all that it was time for dinner/meeting. We went but it was information that we already knew...like the library, research department. So, after we ate dinner, KT and I snuck out and headed home.

This morning, I got up and went to see the audiologist to pick up my new hearing aid. OMG, everything is SO loud! Talk about a real power aid! I'm like...I can hear background noises from 5 miles away. (Ok, I'm exaggerating.) I'm gonna try it out for like a week and if it's still too loud for me...I'll have to go back and get it tuned down.

Went back to Gally to finish up business registration and get our books for classes. So, we're all set. We're just resting up. Tonight, we'll go back to Gally and check out the GSA party. Hopefully, it'll be worth it. If lame, out we go.

All in all, KT and I are excited to begin our graduate studies. This will definitely stimulate our minds than our repetitive duties at work.

Oh, oh...last night, we watched Seabiscuit. It was slow but pretty good. Definitely worth watching if you like slow-paced movies.

Well, until then...ta ta...


Wednesday, August 25, 2004


A big Happy Birthday to Toby!



Well, today is my last work day for the week. Thursday and Friday will be spent on the campus of Gallaudet for GSO. I'm not sure how often I'll blog once school starts. I'll probably blog at the end of the day rather than doing it in the morning. See see...

Anyways, thought you might like to see this site again and get yourself staring at the screen at various graphics.


Other than that, nothing much is really going on. Just reading the book by Sue Grafton. Played a Teenage Ninja Turtle (or whatever correct term it is) video game with KT. My thumbs are sore. I prefer the old fashioned video joystick and a couple of buttons. The modern hand held control pads...I'm just sooo uncoordinated!

Anyways, better get back to work. ta ta...


Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Stupid Hearing People... 

Today, I had to call Verizon and AT&T to discontinue some services as KT and I are preparing for graduate studies. You know, working less hours at work...therefore, means less money...therefore, means less luxuries.

Anyways, I had to call back Verizon to follow up on something else. Of course, needless to say, all calls are done via Relay. So, I finally got a hold of a Verizon representative and after the Relay operator explained Relay to her (sometimes I hate this part because I'm sure the Relay operators make it sound like they're selling something). After the explanation, the rep said that she had to transfer me to their main relay department. I was like...no, I'm already with Relay and need to talk to a rep. Well, someone else picked up the phone and then hung up. So much for their Relay services!

So, I instructed the operator to call back and that if any of the reps mention about transferring me to a TTY, relay or disability department...to interrupt them and say that I'm already with Relay. So, we go through this again and get ourselves a rep. And this rep was like...I'm gonna transfer you to our main relay department. So, I interrupted her and said that I'm already with Relay and would like to speak with a rep in regards to something. She said that it was a new policy that all TTY/Relay calls were to be directed to their main relay department. I was like...oh no no no, don't you dare transfer me! So she said she had to double check with her supervisor to see if she could take my call. (Good grief!)

She returned and said that it was the policy to have me transferred. So I said...let me talk to your supervisor! So, I get transferred to the supervisor and she gave me the same song and dance. So, I explained to her how Relay works and that it doesn't work with a Deafie and a relay operator and another relay operator and then a rep. 3 parties...not 4. She still said that she had to transfer me because of the policy.

So I was like...excuse me, no where in the bill or online was there something said that all Deafies had to call the Verizon Relay operator in order to get services from Verizon. She claimed that this was a brand new policy and that was why the number for Verizon Relay hasn't been published yet.

I was like...you still don't understand. So what did I do? I demanded to speak to her supervisor. Then, she was like...ok, I can take your call. TYFVM (TYVFM...for Bobby.)!

Anyways, by the time I was done with this transaction, it had taken over an hour. I was like...geez, if they'd just shut up and accept the call instead of having to transfer a relay call to their relay department, because then that would not have worked.



Monday, August 23, 2004


A famous painting of Edvard Munch, Scream (above) and Madonna have been stolen by armed thieves at the Munch Museum in Oslo.

The Scream is Stolen

I loved the Scream painting. I once had a poster print of the painting, when I was living in the dorms at Gally. (Come to think of it, I can't remember what I did with it.)


About 2 Gymnasts... 

KT showed me these 2 articles and I found them to be interesting.

There's already an issue about Paul Hamm's gold medal in the all-around competition. Basically, the Koreans are protesting about the oversight in Yang Tae's scoring potential. Because of that, people are telling Paul Hamm to be the bigger man and just give the gold medal to Yang, even though the world would know that Paul had won the gold. However, Paul is adamant that he should keep the gold.

Hamm Should Give Up the Gold

Like I said, Paul would seem like the bigger man if he gave the gold to Yang. However, the Koreans had a chance to protest the scores while the apparatus competition was open. Once that particular apparatus is closed, the opportunity to protest is gone. So...what do you think?

I had posted an article previously about Khorkina's bitterness losing to Carly Patterson. However, with more and more interviews, she seems to be more bitter and negative towards Carly in regards to the all-around competition. Khorkina believes scoring should be based on gracefulness rather than skills. Well, well, well...

Khorkina Rips Patterson's Gold-Medal Finish


Good Books... 

I couldn't believe just how good The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown! I was so engrossed into the book that by that time I was finished reading this one fascinating topic, I had already read more than half the book. I was like...no wonder this book has been getting attention. All I can say is that it's a GREAT book and a must-read!

I'm currently reading:

Sue Grafton is one of my favorite authors. I have all her books of the Kinsey Milhone mystery series...from A to R (newest book). I've just started reading this book last night and looking forward to be entertained by Grafton.

Yesterday, KT and I went white water rafting with our friends and their son at Harper's Ferry in West Virginia. I had a good time and was just enjoying the scenery as we were floating by. The weather couldn't have been more perfect...not too cold or too hot...just perfect. There was this one spot by the old Harper's Ferry train tunnel where you can see West Virginia, Virgina and Maryland all at once...the borders, that is. Awesome! I wouldn't mind going back but wanna take a higher level of rafting. I want an adrenaline-pumping adventure!

A very short work week for us. This Thursday and Friday, we'll be at Gally for GSO.

Ta ta for now...


Friday, August 20, 2004

The New Mary Lou Retton... 

Carly Patterson won the gold in the women's all-around gymnastics, making her the new Mary Lou Retton. It's been 20 years since the last American woman won the all-around...gold, that is!

Mary Lou Retton said:

"I have been waiting 20 years. The crown has been sitting and waiting for
the next all-around champion," she said. "Carly Patterson, it's yours."

Congrats to Carly!!

The graceful Svetlana Khorkina did not win the gold she had hoped for. However, she did secure a silver medal for Russia. Ah, she smiled...finally! I'm not surprised, after linking the article to her name, that she was bitter at the end. She truly worked hard for the gold. The commentors were showing clips of her performances at the previous Olympics and she fell and fell off of apparatuses (sp? for plural) because they were not adjusted right for her tall height and was crying.
I thought it was just me that had noticed but many people noticed Svetlana's extremely thin body frame. Definitely an eating disorder!

Michael Phelps won another gold medal (his 4th!) in the 200 meter individual medley. He's just doing fantastic!! He has 2 more events and then he's done. Ryan Lochte, a fellow American, won the silver medal.

Aaron Peirsol won the gold for the 200 meter backstroke. However, right after the race, a judge complained that Aaron made an illegal turn right at the start of the last 50 meter, therefore disqualifying Aaron the gold medal. However, there are rules to follow. The complaint must be in English and what the judge was complaining about was not the same complaint he had written. So, after the discussion among the judges, Aaron's gold is secured for the US! (The commentors reviewed his swim and could not find anything illegal about his performance.)

Other American Olympians have done well, such as Amanda Beard, the 2 American women teams for beach volleyball, Natalie Coughlin and others.

Rachella asked when does Track events start. It'll start this Saturday!

Moving on...

I finished reading Digital Fortress. Very interesting and I thought it was a good book. I tend to get lost when it comes to computer jargons and anything technical but Dan Brown has done superb and not let his readers get lost in those terminologies.
I was gonna mention something in the book but thought that I better not so that I won't ruin it for other readers. Sigh...

I'm now currently reading:

This book better impress me because of all the hype it has been getting!

As for Amish in the City....Reese, what a backstabber! Whitney's lax attitude towards helping out and cleaning up the house....oh no no no, we would've had drama already!

Well, well...if all goes well, weather-wise, KT and I will be joining our friends in Harper's Ferry and go white water rafting!! We are so looking forward to that. Need to have fun before we both start our graduate studies.

TGIF!! ta ta...


The Debate Still Continues... 

I stole the following link from Meryl's blog. This issue has been and still is a hot potato, especially for the Deaf community.

The Debate Rages Over Deafness Test

(I've tried the trackback but I'm not sure if I was doing it right. Will need to get with someone about trackbacking.)

ta ta...


Thursday, August 19, 2004


I just learned from a friend that VeeVee has left for London, 2 days ago. That's probably why she hasn't blogged these days. She had been busy preparing for her departure. The duration of her stay in London had varied from time to time. Last I had heard, she was going to stay 2 months. I'll be sure to follow up with VeeVee, whenever I see her online.



It was a surprise to see Paul Hamm win the gold for the gymnastics all-around event. At first, he was fluctuating between 1st and 2nd place. However, when he did the vault, he couldn't stick to his landing and he fell! He went to 12th place. I thought, OMG, goodbye for any hopes of a medal. Well, he kept going and going and he did AWESOME on the high bar and beat South Korean by .012 points and won the gold medal!
So, Paul Hamm became the first American to win the all-around gymnastics title!!! A big congrats to him!

The women's 800 meter freestyle relay was awesome. Had me on the edge of my seat!!! The American team (Carly Piper, Natalie Coughlin, Dana Vollmer and Kaitlin Sandeno) won gold and set a new world record!!

I think Clay Stanley, of the American team for men's volleyball, is cute. He's a great volleyball player!

ta ta for now...


Too Vivid For Me... 

A friend of mine (really, an acquaintance) just informed me that his doctor suspect he might have cancer, particularily stomach and colon. While they are both bad, the stomach cancer is too fresh in my mind because that what my mother battled before she passed away. So, I really, really hope he doesn't have either. He will see more doctors to see if they confirm the diagnosis.

I've learned alot about cancer from my dad, who is a nurse. People with stomach cancer live the shortest, compared to other kinds of cancer. However, in my mother's case, she lived beyond anyone's expectations.

I dunno what is it about today's era but seems that cancer is on the rise, these days. It's like...everyone knows or knew someone who has/d cancer. I suspect it has to do with our current diet...which are insanely unhealthy.

Will blog more later...until then, ta ta...


Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Good Job, American Olympians... 

Last night, KT and I watched the Olympics. Here are some of the highlights:

Mariel Zagunis wins a gold medal for US in the women's individual fencing (Sabre) competition. It's been 100 years since the last American won a gold medal in a fencing event.

Kerri Walsh and Misty May are just doing fantastic in the women's beach volleyball! Dax Holdren and Stein Metzger of the men's beach volleyball, for the US, are out of the competition.

Michael Phelps is just superb with his swimming events. The 400 meter relay-freestyle had me on the edge of my seat while the American team were swimming against the Australians. Klete Keller deserves some awesome credit because he was the last leg and had to swim against Ian Thorpe, of Australia. Ian Thorpe has been doing fantastic for Australia.

Small mistakes in the among the American team for the women's gymnastics landed them with a silver medal. They did their best. A big applause to the Romanian team because they truly deserved the gold medal. There was hardly any mistakes in their routines. The Russian team did superb as well but the judges were strict with their scores. In fact, the audience did boo'd the judges a couple of times, especially with the low scores given to Svetlana Khorkina, who has competed in 3 Olympics. The Chinese team could have placed in the top 3 but they made some major mistakes and gone were the hopes of winning a medal.
All the girls had me on the edge of my seat as they were doing their routines on the beam. The beam event is really scary, yet these girls were confident.
Can't wait for the Track & Field events!

Thousands of people are at the Washington Convention Center to audition for a chance to land a spot in the upcoming American Idol, which will begin once again in January.

How freaky is this? Costco has decided to sell coffins in their stores. You're going shopping for bulk amounts of food, household stuff, etc. and then you stop by the aisle that has the coffins and you're making your selections.

Just how sad is this? A toddler in NY chokes to death on popcorn, while the family were watching Aliens vs. Predators.

WTF?!? 7 Texas children were found abandoned in a Nigerian orphanage. They have since been returned to the States and under the custody of the Child Protective Services.

So, who's telling the truth? When N.J. Governor James McGreevey "came out" about his homosexual affair, he stated that it was with an Israeli, Golan Cipel. McGreevey came out because he said he was being blackmailed about the affair. Meanwhile, Golan Cipel said that the affair never existed because he is straight and was sexually harassed by McGreevey. Cipel plans to return to the States and seek justice against McGreevey. Hmm...

Beginning on Sept. 26th, Metro, Fairfax County and the city of Alexandria will begin the Richmond Highway Express bus services, REX.

So, what's special about today? In 1587, Virginia Dare was born. She was the first child to be born in America of English parents. In 1920, the 19th Amendment was ratified, which gave women the right to vote.

I've added Marlee Matlin's website (which I stole from Alan's blog) under Sites. Alan mentioned, in his blog, about Marlee's upcoming (controversial? for the Deaf community?) movie.

Anyways, I better shut up for now and get busy with work. ta ta for now...


Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Sunday's Washington Post Magazine... 

This recent Sunday's issue of the Washington Post Magazine had an interesting article that I didn't get a chance to read until last night, while watching a Tivo'd recording of the Olympic women's volleyball (which they did great!).

I think you'll be interested to read this article, Blog Interrupted. However, if you're not already registered with the Washington Post online, you'll have to do so. It's free. (I know, I know...it sucks to have to register to view articles!)

Here's the description of the article:

When Jessica Cutler put her dirty secrets on the Web, she lost her job, signed a
book deal, posed for Playboy -- and raised a ton of questions about where
America is headed

Anyways, ta ta for now...


Monday, August 16, 2004

While It Was Raining... 

Watched about a total of 6 episodes of Wonder Woman on Friday night and Saturday morning. It was good to watch these old shows once again. I found myself analyzing the dialogue, props and special effects. They seem archaic and cheesy to today's standards but was considered the best thing in the world back in those days.

*Wonder Woman spin*

Went over to BAP's house for a brief visit and then Manny came over with us to spend the night. We watched the Olympics...particularly the men's swimming/diving and men's gymnastics. It was the first time I've watched the men's synchronized diving event. Wow, that must be difficult to take off, spin and dive at the same time as your partner's.
The American team for the men's gymnastics have to be careful and do well. Blaine Wilson could have done a great job but he fell from the high bar. There was something about Blaine Wilson and Jason Gatson having to change their routine because the Olympics had changed some rules. (I gotta look that up.)
OMG, we saw this one clip of a Russian gymnastic on the uneven bars. He flipped and grabbed the bars. However, one of his fingers somehow hit the bar and it was snapped out of place. He got off the bars and went to his coach who snapped it back in. Ewww! I would've fainted!
So far, at of yesterday, the American teams have not had a great start and hopefully they'll be able to pick up some more gold medals. Yay for Michael Phelps winning a gold medal and setting a world record in the 400 meter medley (correct event, right?)!

After that, we watched Kill Bill, volume 2. OMG, what a disapppointment! 90% talk and 10% action, which were very short fight scenes. If you haven't seen it yet, don't. Save your money and rent something else.

Yesterday, I had to do an errand before a meeting. I decided to stop at McDonald's in Bowie to grab lunch to go. I was surprised to see a DVD rental kiosk set up just before the drive-thru lane. They're .99 cents a day. It has 3 "walls" of selections and it's available 24 hours a day. So, I guess this is something new that will be seen throughout the nation.
After the meeting, I picked up Cliff to my home and told them all about this DVD rental at McDonald's. They've all shared that they have seen this at other McDonald's locations. Hmm...

Currently reading:

So far, the book is good and fascinating. I read from one critic that this was supposed to be Dan Brown's worst book. I'll have to read up on all his books to decide for myself.

Until then, ta ta...


Saturday, August 14, 2004

Birthday Notice... 

A big "Happy Birthday!" to Merritt and Wendi. Go out and celebrate!!!


Friday, August 13, 2004

A Little Get-Together... 

I got this from BoiFromTroy's blog. Gay bloggers will have a chance to get together at some local bar and hang out, in NYC, L.A. and DC sometimes this month. Hmm, guys...wanna go?


Laverne & Shirley... 

Penny Marshall and Cindy Williams recently received their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. These two actresses are better known as Laverne & Shirley...a classic sitcom from the late 70's to the early 80's. Laverne & Shirley was a spin-off from Happy Days. Mork & Mindy was also a spin-0ff from Happy Days. (Remember all these shows? Memory lane time!)

Anyways, my point is that Laverne & Shirley, the first season, will be out on DVD later this month! I definitely need to add that to my collection.

I grew up watching that show. I loved it! These gals were absolutely funny! It'll be wonderful to watch these shows once again. They were famous for drinking a mixture of milk and Pepsi. Never tried that myself...

Anyways, ta ta for now...


Thursday, August 12, 2004

30 Years... 

WARNING - long entry!

Yesterday, I turned 30.


It was a wonderful birthday and I couldn't have asked for a better day. KT and I woke up early yesterday morning to open gifts. Wow, felt like I had a sugar daddy. haha The very first gift KT gave me was a frame with sunflowers around it and it had a picture of my mother, standing outside of her house and wearing a cute outfit that I had bought for her. Yeah, I was a bit emotional. Everytime I see her, I realize more and more just how much I miss her.

Well, I didn't want to spend the whole day crying so I opened some more gifts. Got some nice clothes...slacks, shirts, t-shirts, a pull-over sweater, mesh shorts. I got books: Dan Brown's Digital Forest and Da Vinci Code...and one from my FAVORITE authors, Sue Grafton's R is for Ricochet! Boy, I'm gonna have fun reading! I also got my old silver ring back. KT and I had these rings for quite some time and we took them off when we had broken up. So, that was a really nice surprise. Well, I didn't want to open ALL the gifts because I wanted to have some left over to open when I get back home.

We, then, proceeded to the post office. I had gotten a yellow slip in the mail that I got something from Dad. So, we went to the post office and picked it up. You know what...I don't wanna go there, so let's just skip this part.

After that, drove the car to work, instead of the Metro. I just *bored* to work because it was my birthday and just wanted to chitchat online all day. Anyways, I ended up doing some work because a lawyer called me in to do some filings of his documents. Well, at least, I didn't play around all day! KT took me to John Havard's for lunch. Mmmm, love their chicken sandwich and fries.

About a couple of hours after lunch, KT came down to my office and asked me to join him to the convenience store downstairs for snacks. I thought...ok, I'll just spend a few minutes with my SEXY boyfriend. So, we're walking to the elevators and when we get to the hallway...I had looked at the conference room on the other side of the hallway and then looked away. I was like...wait a minute, there's all these people sitting there with a big smile on their face and staring at me. I realized it was a small surprise party with my co-workers. Awww, isn't KT wonderful? I had told him...you told a lie...he said, technically, no because we did have a snack.

Then, KT tells me that he had to work a bit overtime because a lawyer gave him a last minute assignment. So, I thought...that's ok...because I can surf on the 'net after work. I was talking to Kekua, Cliff and Toby online. Kekua and Cliff left in a hurry. I was like...oh no no no. My two sisters didn't even wish me a 'happy birthday'. Bitches! I was like...that? So, I was bitching about them to KT. KT was being sympathetic about the whole thing and telling me that maybe they had a lot on their minds. I was like...whateva!
Then, I was chatting with Toby. He happened to bring up about Hassan and then asked me when my birthday was. I told him that it was today (8/11). I was thinking...how nice of Toby to ask...not like those dumbfucks I have as sisters. *flinging my follically-challenged hair* Toby had told me that he came into work late and had to stay later. But within a few minutes, he said he had to leave. I thought, how strange...he's leaving work early when he came late. Oh well...

So, work was done and I was surfing on the 'net, while KT was working overtime. Then, I IM'd KT that I would wait for him downstairs in the lobby. I was in the lobby when KT was coming up the escalator, huffing and puffing. I was like...he must've ran or something. So, he collected his things and came down. KT said...why don't we play some games at ESPNZone and maybe grab dinner? I was like...dinner at the ESPNZone? I had remembered KT complaining about the food there some time ago and so I was surprised that he would want to eat there again. Then, he said...well, let's play some games. I was like...ok. I don't mind playing games there. I was thinking...obviously, he's trying to kill time for something. So, we go and I discovered that my friends were there waiting for me...a surprise party. Bitches to all of ya! Cliff, Kekua and Toby were there. OH NO NO NO!
All those who were there: KT, Cliff, Kekua, Toby, Manny, Merritt, Terese, Ruben, Emerson, Scott, Jon, Wendi, Cindy, Dane, Tiffany, Melissa, Euggy, and the kids: Rick, Dani, Emily, Abbey, Jordan, Wolfe.
(Thanks to you all who came and helped celebrated my birthday. Thanks to those who couldn't come but wished me a 'happy birthday'.)
I was given a birthday hat (think of a deunce (sp?) hat) to wear for the party. We just all had a good time.

*screaming* I got the DVD set of Wonder Woman, first season! *Wonder Woman spin* I can't wait to start watching it. I'm surprised I didn't stay up overnight watching the whole thing!

Merritt gave me this awesome necklace that he had made. I absolutely love it! I pah have an accessory for my neck!

Everyone gave me lovely cards filled with memories *laughing - thinking of the one that Terese gave me * and various gift certificates to IKEA, Barnes & Noble, Target and Starbucks. Means what? More books!!! (That reminds me...I have to update my wishlist because I got some of the things I wanted.) I will have a dinner date with Manny next month. Can't wait!

Oh yeah, I got a big piggy bank from KT. It says..."30...and getting better every year!"

Got a Jagermeister shot from Toby. Thanks for that nice little buzz!

Then, Cliff said he has one more gift at home for me. So, after the party was over, KT and I drove to Cliff's place. He got me a LOVELY gift that he had gotten at Rehoboth Beach. (I had seen some talks about this stuff but I didn't make the connection. Bitches!) If you wanna know what it is...you'll have to come and find out. Let's just say I have given it a name already. It's name is Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

Then, we came home and I opened more gifts...more clothes. KT has good tastes! Relaxed a bit by watching an episode of Everyone Loves Raymond. It was a funny one!

Went to bed. Got up and told KT that I wouldn't mind going into work a little late than usual. Got up later and decided I wanted to take the day off from work. So, we've been home. Already got a VRS call from Roe and BJ. Awesome! Can't wait to see Roe next week. Will see Annie next week too.

Tonight, I have a committee meeting at Union Station. Will have dinner with Kekua afterwards.

So, now I'm 30. I have a lot to be thankful for. I have my wonderful loving boyfriend of almost 4 years, a home that we both own, a good job with wonderful benefits, good health, wonderful friends, and will soon be going to graduate school, with KT! I couldn't have asked for a better birthday.

For the past year, it's been interesting and challenging. There's been times of happiness and sorrow. But you know...that's life. So, I did the best that I could when I encountered those situations and I think I did pretty good. I know that my mother was smiling down on me and can relax knowing that I'm surrounded by great people!

So, I'm looking forward to see what happens in the next 10 years, before I really go over the hill. While I may be old...I can't wait til KT and all my friends hit the big 3-0!

Thanks to you all who have made my birthday memorable! *mwah*

ta ta...


Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Hero and Guardian Angel... 

I saw a preview of Hero. It looks really good. It looks just like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. It will make its American debut later this month. Definitely a must-see movie!

I was at CVS the other day and I noticed small packets by the cashier. They were Guardian Angel Alcohol Test. Basically, it contains 2 test strips. You don't eat, drink or smoke for 10 minutes. You put a test strip in your mouth for about 10 seconds and wait 2 minutes for the results. You can compare the color on the strip against the colors on the back of the packet. The test meets the DOT's (Dept. of Transportation) standards for alcohol testing. (There's also one for drug testing.)

Seeing the Guardian Angel packets reminded me of an article that I had read some time ago. Virginia wants to pass a law where new cars will have a breath-analyzer or a "blow tube" installed in cars. Everytime a driver gets into the car, he/she must blow into the tube. If above the legal amount, the car will shut down the ignition. I found the article, via Washington Post but it does require readers to register. So, I thought I'd post another site where it's being considered various parts of the US.
I find this interesting because this is a possibility that could forever change automobiles. The history and designs... Not to mention, the effect of drunk driving as well...

KT is taking me out to lunch. ta ta...


Texas Sex... 

Oh my Gaw...Roe sent me the joke below and I thought it was worth posting...

Two Texans were out on the range talking about their favorite sex positions.

One said, "I think I enjoy the rodeo position the best."

"I don't think I have ever heard of that one," said the other cowboy. "What is it?"

"Well, it's where you get your wife down on all fours and you mount her from behind. Then you reach around and cup each one of her breasts in your hands and whisper in her ear, 'Boy, these feel just like your sister's.' Then you try and stay on for 8 seconds."



Let's See... 

Hmmm...what shall I talk about?

I was reading CK's blog last night about an interesting wedding celebration in the Philippines. Eww! Check it out!

Hmm...that's all, folks! ...for now...

ta ta...


Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Doctor's Appointments... 

I woke up this morning and was kinda moody. I couldn't figure out why. KT kept asking me if he had done anything wrong. I was like...no.

It wasn't until I went for my doctor's appointment this morning for the completion of the root canal procedure, when I realized why I was moody. I am TIRED of all these doctor's appointments!!! Seriously, within the past 30 days...I must've had about 15 appts. to various doctors. I just cannot wait to get them all done!

The root canal procedure went by without a problem. I had gone last week but the doctor couldn't continue. She said that I had a lot of fluids in the tooth and it was swollen and needed to take some antibiotics before she could complete the procedure.

So, went back this morning to finish up the procedure and before I knew it, I was done! So, I'm happy. I just need to go back to the dentist and get a crown.

So, I got about 3 more appointments to see a doctor and then I'm done! ...for the time being...

Yeah, my mood improved after the root canal was done...

ta ta...


Monday, August 09, 2004

Reparative Therapy, Anyone? 

Read this article in the Advocate online. Thought it was interesting and thought-provoking and worthy of sharing. Wha'cha think?


Olympics 2004... 

I knew I had forgotten to include in my blog this morning. The Olympics starts this Friday! I can't wait! I'm looking forward to watch the men's and women's gymnastics, track, diving, and volleyball. I sure hope that US will win some gold medals!
I also hope that there will be nothing bad happening during the Olympics. The Greek police and other securities companies have found small bombs here and there throughout the city. We can only cross our fingers.
Here's the official site for Athens 2004 to check for schedules and other information about the Olympics. Are you excited as well? Which sports do you love to watch?


Future Careers of Deafies? 

I was reading Meryl's blog for today's entry. Her entry was about a session about computers and medicine working together. In this specific session, it was abotu cochlear implants and medicine working together to provide some degree of "treatments" towards deafness, if not a total cure.

I couldn't help but wonder if, in the future, jobs will be requiring Deaf people to acquire cochlear implants or hearing aids in order to land a position within a company. You might think...how ridiculous! Yet, according to Thomas (see 7/29/04's entry) and his wife's blogs, he has to wear a hearing aid if he wants to work for TSD (Texas School for the Deaf).
Although, this particular position (bus driver) might be seen as an exception. Some people have said that drivers need to be able to hear students if in trouble, having medical problems, etc. Also, need to be able to hear emergency vehicles, such as ambulances and firetrucks. I dunno, what do you guys think?

So, will jobs in the future require Deafies to obtain hearing aids or cochlear implants? I dunno if I wanna know or not...


DPHH, Rehoboth... 

After having a "free" dinner at our work, which consisted pizzas and alcohol to our heart and stomach's content, KT, Cliff and I headed to Adam's Morgan for DPHH.
I dunno if it was just the wrong timing or what, but DPHH sucked...big time. There is usually a large crowd of Deafies and usually see familiar faces. I had seen a couple of Deafies here and there before arriving to The Reef and even saw a group standing outside the bar. We went in and went up to the second floor. This floor was mostly the restaurant with a little bar. It was HOT on that floor...I think because of the kitchen located there.
Anyways, the designs were interesting. However, the atmosphere is dark...definitely not Deaf-friendly. Just saw a couple of familiar faces but not someone that you would just HAVE to chat to. Went up the 3rd floor, which was really outside on the roof. Bar and a small dining area and still didn't see any Deafies. Went down the 1st floor and it was EMPTY. Looked outside and no one was there anymore. Like I said, dunno if it was just the wrong timing or the location had been moved at the last minute. Whatever... We finished our drinks and left.

The next morning, Cliff and I got up and drove up to Rehoboth Beach. We could have gotten there sooner but there was a LONG delay on 50. Traffic everywhere! Seemed that everyone wanted to go to some beach in Delaware.
We finally got to the beach in the late afternoon. I was only on the beach for 30 minutes and then I had to leave to help out the committee to prepare for a fundraising event. I couldn't complain about the beach because everyone was saying that the water was freezing.
The fundraising event was alright...nothing special. After that, I went to get Cliff from Cloud 9 so we could head back home. After a little walk on the beach, we finally drove back home. It was freaky driving back. At first, Cliff and I had been chatting about our events at the beach. Then, I started to noticed that there were deers, on the side of the roads, waiting to cross. I thought...oh my goodness, it would be a bad accident if a deer decided to prance across the road and was hit by a car. (I've heard horror stories about car/deer accidents from my dad. He's a nurse.) So, both of us had our eyes on the road, watching for deers. Finally, after we got to the Bay Bridge, we just relaxed.
Went to Chester's for a really late dinner and then dropped off Cliff and I came home just before 4am.

Slept til about noon and then woke up. KT had been doing some things here and there with Jon. He came home and brought me some lunch from Baja Fresh. First time I've eaten something from there. Not bad... KT also bought me a bouquet of flowers. Awwww...how sweet! It was just really nice!

KT's favorite football team is the Denver Broncos. So, yesterday, I watched bits of news about John Elway being inducted into the Hall of Fame. He's the first Bronco to be inducted.

Ohmigod. We had Tivo'd a movie...Jack Frost 2: Revenge of the Mutant Killer Snowman (or something like that). Talk about cheap and cheesy! It looked like it was made in someone's backyard with some cheap props. The dialogue...goodness, was just corny!!! We watched like 10 minutes of it and we were just laughing at the sheer stupidity of the film.

I love watching E! Sometimes have specials about the life of some celebrity. I had mentioned some time ago about Britney Spears and I already love her. Yesterday, we watched one, chronicling the lives of Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen. Did you know they are multi-millionaires? They have been before the age of 10. They have their own production company, DualStar. Besides Full House, they had made their money with direct-to-video films. They've tried 2 other television series. They have launched their own clothing line, which began with Wal-Mart, which have expanded into cosmetics, bedding and many others...about 47 categories. Not only that but their clothing line have been expanded to be available internationally. They're directors and producers and already had their first film. They had a cameo appearance on Charlie's Angels 2.
Yeah, they're twins but they have expressed interests in doing work individually. They will eventually not want to work together all the time...just occasionally. Dang, these women are already set for life! (They've been listed among the top 100 Powerful Women, along with Oprah Winfrey and Julia Roberts. Their empire is estimated to be worth $1 billion dollars!)
They've just received their first "bad" publicity...well, really Mary-Kate did. Mary-Kate announced she was going into rehab for an eating disorder. Well, that is just the beginning... The media is now fully aware of the twins and have just recently began to give them attention.

Anyways...ta ta for now...


Friday, August 06, 2004

Renovate Mine! 

A friend of mine forwarded a link about this one particular show for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.


Birthdays & Congrats! 

A big "Happy Birthday" to Kenny! Dude, hope you'll have a fantastic celebration with your friends.

Speaking of birthdays, dunno when, a fellow Leo, Tomas G.'s birthday is...but Happy Early/Belated Birthday!

I thought that CK and Allison were getting married tomorrow but according to someone's blog, they're getting married today. Regardless of when, I'd like to extend a congratulations to them for tying the knot!

Tonight is DPHH, which will be held at The Reef in Adams Morgan. Cookie and her hubby, Isaac will be there. I can't wait to see Cookie once again. It's been a good 2 or 3 years since I've last seen Cookie.

I'll be going to Rehoboth Beach tomorrow. Not sure who will join me yet...either Cliff or KT. KT isn't in the mood to go. Cliff is supposed to join me. At this point, it's iffy. If Cliff doesn't go, then KT will go to keep me company. KT and I usually go for a long weekend but this year it's different. I'm only going because I'm on a committee (lesson learned: don't join a committee that involves a beach) and hafta go and fulfill a duty.

Anyways, TGIF! ta ta for now...


Thursday, August 05, 2004

Kirk Talley and Blackmail... 

Walber Farmer has been sentenced to 20 months in prison and fined $100K for trying to blackmail Southern Gospel singer Kirk Talley that he is gay.

Now, according to In The Faith, Kirk made a statement. Basically, he never admitted that he is gay or came out as gay...yet, he said he is struggling with his sexuality.

So, will he or will he not be allowed to remain a singer for a Christian label after this ordeal? That is a good question. The commenters in In The Faith are 50/50 in support or against him in remaining as a Southern Gospel singer.


For Harry Potter Fans... 

Ralph Fiennes joins the Potter cast...


Visual Noise, VBS, Amish... 

The other day, I was reading this one guy's blog about his bad luck with movie theatres. Basically, thank God I'm Deaf and not have to experience hearing people talking in the theatres or hear phone rings.
However, it got me thinking about some incidents at open-captioned movies. The last time was The Hulk in Annapolis. KT and I had arrived a bit late and sat in the back. In front of us were these 3 people. Constantly, they kept checking their Sidekick pagers...you know, the pager lights up when in use...so it becomes a "visual noise". Then, they kept signing to each other...I'm assuming to relay what the page was saying. Again, visual noise. Arggghh! I had been tempted to tap them on their shoulders to tell them to shut the fuck up and stop using the pagers...but they looked young and didn't wanna deal with this "me do do?" attitude. Plus, The Hulk wasn't a good movie. If it had been a worthwhile movie, then it would've been a different story.

This morning, KT and I were driving by this church, on our way to the Metro, and I noticed a sign for Vacation Bible School (VBS). Remember going to VBS? They were usually fun...doing games, making crafts, and winning little prizes. Sorta like "indoor camp".

Saw Amish in the City last night. Pretty good show. It was nice to see that everyone was doing their best to get to know each other. Of course, the exception was Randy, who remained quiet. It was kinda contradictory...at least for Randy. The Amish had complained that the city kids never included them or bothered to try to understand them. So, the city kids...especially Ariel warmed up to the Amish kids and told Randy to speak up or say something every once in a while and yet, he remained silent.
Interesting to learn that Amish do not have any homeless people. Makes sense because they all take care of each other. Also interesting to learn that kids only complete education up to 8th grade. They simply need to know enough to run the community. Enough math to build homes, barns and farming. Satisfactory English to read and write. blah, blah, blah...
I get the feeling that Jonas probably won't return to the Amish community. He seemed interested to continue education by getting a GED and perhaps college. Hmmm...Jonas and Randy are whom I feel won't return to the Amish life. Mose, I'm almost positive, will return to the Amish ways. Miriam and Ruth...I'm not sure. I would say that Ruth is more likely return to the Amish lifestyle than Miriam. Again, it's only been the second episode...perhaps my suspicions will change later on. What do you think?

The part where Reese took some of the guys to volunteer working with the mentally-challenged people was awesome. Not many people would have the guts to do that. It is true that the m-c people are usually brighter than we give them credit for. I've had my share of working with m-c people and usually enjoy working with them.

I know that the Amish kids will be shocked, next week, as they will explore the "rougher" side of LA.

Well...ta ta for now...


Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Massachusetts 2? 

A judge in Washington state has declared that gays can marry in Washington.


News of the Day... 

Missouri has passed a ban on same-sex marriages.

Salt Lake City, Utah....Mark Hacking admitted to killing wife, Lori, who supposedly was pregnant. Ok, what's the deal about spouses killing their other halves and thinking that they can get away with it?

Mary Kay Letourneau is released from prison. She's that infamous teacher who had sex with a 6th grade student and bore 2 children from him.

I had mentioned about her when this whole thing first came out. Pfc. Lynndie England has been on trial for her participation of the Abu Ghraib prison photos. She has stated that the photos were taken just for "fun".

Ewww! Maggots are making a comeback in the medical field.

How tragic and unthinkable! A man slashed and killed kindergarteners in Beijing.

Ok, seriously...common sense was absent at this tragedy. The store owner in Paraguay is being charged for manslaughter. When a fire broke out in the supermarket, an order was given out to lock the doors to prevent theft. As a result, 409 people have died...and still counting!

That's all for now...ta ta...


Controversial T-Shirts... 

I was reading Tate's blog about the controversial t-shirts being sold online by Planned Parenthood. The t-shirts simply say, "I had an abortion." Basically, an attempt for women to not be ashamed for having an abortion.

Like Tate, I am pro-life. However, I'm not gonna go around and scold the women for having an abortion. However, I have known some women who have abused this method. I mean...hello, there are protections to prevent unwanted pregnancies. I only support abortion for medical reasons.

I'm sure I'm bound to get responses, especially those who are pro-choice.


Tuesday, August 03, 2004


Watched Legally Blonde 2 last night. Cheesy but cute.

KT and I went into some discussions about just how different we are in some aspects of life, yet we still love each other. How we do things for each other because we know that he likes to do that stuff, even though you're not a fan of it or whatever.

Realized that all 3 of our cats have problems. BJ has anxiety problems, he jumps sky-high at the slightest sound. Mercy has hairball problems and sometimes vomit them out. Tigger has eye crust (sleeps) problems, even though I'm constantly cleaning his eyes. KT said...just like humans have problems, so do animals. Thank God that our lovebird, Sunshine, doesn't have any problems...at least, not yet. They're all adorable! Just wanna squeeze the heck outta them!


Monday, August 02, 2004

Good Luck... 

Just wanted to wish my big brother, Drew B., good luck and a brighter future with his partner, Rob, as they have left the US, on 7/29, for new careers and a new life in Liverpool.

KIT, Drew!


Butterfly Effect... 

I finally got to see Butterfly Effect, along with KT and Manny. It is an interesting movie and certainly different. Definitely is thought-provoking...

ta ta...