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Saturday, July 31, 2004

Readings, if you want... 

I was reading some random blogs in some of the directories and came across these, the ones that I thought were interesting to read:

Orbicon Perpendaplex

'Bred Crumbs

Verbal Masturbation

ta ta...


The Village... 

KT and I went to go see The Village at a theatre in Silver Spring.

Omigod! You must check out the flick by M. Night Shyamalan. It is truly strange, yet good. Like an article I recently read, the less you know about it, the more you'll enjoy the film. Go check it out!!!
I thought it was awesome! Don't mind having this film to add to my DVD collection in the near future.

Saw a few previews that I wouldn't mind checking out:

The Incredibles - new film by Pixar

Sky Captain & World of Tomorrow - this looks awesome because this film isn't something you see often.

Taxi - (couldn't find an official site) with Queen Latifah and Jimmy Fallon (also the forever young Ann-Margaret).

Kekua mentioned some time ago, in his blog, about a preview for AVP (Aliens v. Predator). I am curious to check it out.

ta ta for now...


Friday, July 30, 2004


In response to Amish abuse...

Abuse, whether perceived or real, is everywhere.  People love to analyze religious sects to find abuse, of any kind, and then display it for the world to see. 

Now, I'm not advocating abuse.  However, there are things that happen that are not understood or explained to the mainstreamed society.  To the religious sects, it's sometimes better to not explain to others about your beliefs because it would just be over their heads.  Believe me, I can understand that.  I was raised as a United Pentacostal and people can't (or won't) understand some of the practices that goes on in that particular branch. 

If you're going to scream abuse towards the Amish, then scream abuse among the Muslims, the Christians, the Mormons, the Jewish and many others.

I've read some of the stories about Amish abuse.  While some are extreme, the others were just following what they know.  The others were about discipline, although they can be extreme. 

Be very careful when you make a general stigmatic statement of a group.  Not ALL Amish people abuse their children. 

When one cannot understand the practices of another, one can make erroneous assumptions.  I have seen other people react in shock when they see a Black or a Hispanic person, usually the mother, smack their kids on the heads or pull their hair in public.  I just laugh.  Not because it's funny...but because I can understand the discipline if you will.  Yeah, I'm Hispanic and I went through that.  No, I don't perceive it as abuse...just a cultural way of disciplining.  Cliff and I usually laugh our asses off about this when we go down memory lane. 

Some African tribes practice female circumcision.  While to us Americans, that's just pure abuse.  Yet, to them, that's part of a tradition or a rite of passage for the females. 

Another different case...  Hearing people view Deaf people as rude and obnoxious when we bang on tables, stomp on floor, or flick off and on the lights.  Yet, we, as Deafies, know that it's not rudeness but a cultural attempt to get another's attention. 

So, while we might not like the practices of another person or group, it's what makes the world unique and should encourage us to analyze others with an open mind.  

(Yes, there are exceptions.)



It's been a while  since I've posted an entry about news:

Francis Crick, a co-discoverer of the DNA structure, passed away at 88 years old, from colon cancer. 

Governor George Pataki, NY, vetoed a bill that would have raised the state's hourly minimum wage from $5.15 to $7.15.  His concern was that the raise would have driven businesses out of NY to the bordering states with the $5.15 hourly wage.
Hmmm...maybe if the bordering states raised the hourly wage to. 
I know that people would just love to have an increase wage.  It's about time for wages to be increased because the cost of living isn't cheap.

Hmmm...is she lying or not?  It's been discovered that Kobe Bryant's accuser has received $17K from a victims' compensation fund.  Bryant's attorneys want to enter this information as evidence as an incentive to wrongly accuse Bryant.

A Bowie, MD woman was arrested by Metro police for eating a candy bar (PayDay) at the metro station. 
Now, should she have been arrested or not?  Metro does have signs that state that eating, drinking and other stuff are prohibited on the Metro.  However, one might think that more attention should have been diverted to suspected terrorist activities, especially with all the talk about terrorism. 
Just a warning, don't eat or drink on the Metro...or else...

Yo, Ridor...guess what?  Wal-Mart is challenging the zoning bill recently passed in Montgomery County. 

M. Night Shyamalan's The Village has gotten some good reviews.  It opens today.  I definitely wanna check out this movie.  It's been said this is Shyamalan's best film adaption, even though it does not have the same elements as his previous adaptions like Sixth Sense, Unbreakable,  and The Signs. 

Sigh...it's supposed to rain all weekend and the first part of next week. 

That's all, folks!  ta ta...



Warning: don't read this if you haven't seen Amish in the City.  It will repeat tonight.

KT and I got to watch Amish in the City last night.  It really was very interesting.  Mixing 2 groups of people to live together for 9 weeks.  One group of regular people exposed to everything life and things.  Another group of people who have no daily interaction with modern technology or even modern publications. 

It was amazing to see the Amish group react with awe and curiosity to the dishwasher, blender and seeing more fruits and vegetables than before.   They're used to washing everything by hands.  They had never seen an avocado, a papaya, an artichoke, etc.  Like other people have said, we've really taken things for granted, even the simple things.  Just count yourselves lucky to have known such things, even irrelevant things, like a parking meter.  One Amish gal was crying because she finally "touched" the beach.  None of them had been to a beach and they were just excited as if it was the biggest news of their lives. 

One thing that I liked about the Amish belief is that at a certain time of your life...around 16 to 22 years old, give or take...you go into this phase, Rumspringa, where an Amish can go out and journey into the modern world.  At the end of this phase, they can decide whether to remain in the modern world or return to the Amish community, permanently.  That was something new I learned about the Amish. 

Of course, there was already drama happening.  I was shocked to see that Reese had the gut to take off his sock and then used it to slap Kevan across his face.  I was like...OMG, Ridor would have loved to witness this moment with his very own eyes. 

I vee Ariel, who is a vegan.  Now, I don't care what your eating preferences are but her beliefs were a bit whacked.  She believes that cows are from outer space.  O-k...  The Amish gals found this hard to digest because their chores on the farms were to tend to the cows. 

My favorite part was the one where the "city kids" had to switch roles by donning the Amish outfits and then go out and do things.  By doing this, they got an insight of how it felt to be "an outsider" and seeing other people react to you.  Of course, these "city" roomies made the outfits a bit sexier by adding earrings, sunglasses and other stuff. 

Anyways, it was a good show and definitely am looking forward to see the rest. 

ta ta...


Thursday, July 29, 2004

Amish in the City... 

Everyone is talking about the show that debuted last night, Amish in the City on UPN.  I realized that I totally forgot about it.  Everyone that I have talked to or read in their blog have said it's good and makes you realize just how much you take things for granted. 

Since I missed it, I heard that it will be shown again on Friday.  So, I told myself to remind myself to record it.  So, when KT came online...I told him about it.  He said..."I already TiVo'd it".  Yay!!!!!   (Whew!)   So, can't wait to check it out! 



Got this from Chiromeme:

Pyramid Scheme Targets the Deaf


The Past... 

For the 2nd time in a week, someone, from my past and permanently on my shitlist, IM'd me.  He has tried various screen names to send me a message here and there, yet I keep blocking them.  (Hmmm, maybe change my AIM screen name...after all these years?  I've had my current screen name for like 5 or 6 years.)  Anyways, he basically told me that he fucked an "ex" (that alone is long story) and blah, blah, blah. 

Anyways, I never respond to him...just clicked on that X.  However, I forgot to memorize the screen name so I could have it blocked.  The AIM version at work is really old and doesn't have the cool features...so have to do it the long way. 

Anyways, I IM'd the "ex" and told him to watch out for this person and yes, this person was the one who told me that you guys did it.  (It was iffy if the "ex" would reply because our last convo ended badly.)  Anyways, the "ex" was like...I didn't know you guys were friends.  I was like...let me make it clear...we used to be friends and thank God we're not friends anymore.  He wanted to know more details but I told him that I'd rather not say because I just didn't wanna deal with more drama. 

In hindsight, I wished that I didn't IM the "ex".  However, due to the screwy mentality of this scum, I felt like the "ex" should have gotten a warning to know what he will be getting into. 

Chatting with the "ex" yesterday made me realize...WTF was I thinking when I was dating him?  Well, at least, I can blame it on young age and immaturity. 

I seriously need to sit down and think if I consider the "ex" as an ex.  (That's the long story part.)  Never mind me about this.

I have more news, reserved for Cliff, which I know he's gonna FLIP!  In other words, potential DRAMA next summer!  (I had written a longer entry about this specific news but then I thought...oh no, that will only cause some comment drama and I definitely don't need it at this point.)

Anyways, moving on...

KT is sick!  (Awwwwww!)   He's home and resting up.  So, I'm the breadwinner today and what am I doing?  Blogging.  What a wonderful way to bring home the bacon! 

A couple nights ago, we watched 50 First Dates.  Any movies with Ben Stiller in it is bound to make you laugh!  Love Drew Barrymore in this movie.  It was funny and cute. 

Saw Scary Movie 3 last night.  Funny but it wasn't the same without the Wayan brothers but still...it was good.  Loved the part with Queen Latifah.

Anyways, better get back to work.  ta ta...


Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Just Reading... 

Yeah, I know I haven't blogged for a few days.  I've just been in a reading mood lately.  Right now, I'm currently reading:

So far, good book. 

Other than that, I've just been posting comments here and there at various blogs. 

ta ta...


Friday, July 23, 2004

Got Sorenson... 

Yesterday, we got the Sorenson VP-100.  KT had left work early to meet with the lady to set it up.  I got home and was ready to check it out.  We called a few of our friends but they weren't home.  So, I decided to call my aunt via VRS/VCO.  Gosh, it made the whole conversation smooth with no lag time.  I spent a good hour, at least, talking with aunt and catching up with news.  It was just good to chat with her.  KT said that he could see a difference in me, having an opportunity to speak with a family member and being fed information.  So, I'll definitely be calling her from time to time.  Plus, she's getting a computer and will be ready by Monday so we'll have regular email contacts. 
After that, we were able to call a couple of friends and chat through Sorenson.  I really like it and look forward to keeping in touch with other friends. 

There's just one negative aspect of this whole thing.  The wiring!  Wished it was wireless.  Right now, we have a wire from the t.v. to across the dining room to the computer.  So, we'll have to go to like Radio Shack and get a longer wire. 

Other than that, I can't complain.  It's just a wonderful technology, which is already impacting the Deaf communities. 


Will be meeting Cliff and his sister, who is visiting, for lunch today. 

We're almost done with the painting.  We'll be doing touch-ups and then finally will be able to move stuff back. 

ta ta for now...


Thursday, July 22, 2004

Something Fun to Do... 

Click on the link below and see how well you do:




I was chatting, online, with Ridor some time ago about about an old show, V.  Rememeber that show?  Gosh, it was my all-time favorite sci-fi show at the time!  The reason I had brought it up to him was because I just discovered that there will be a DVD release of its first and last season of the television series at the end of this month, the 27th I believe.  V already had a DVD release of its 2 mini-series features.  (The show was cancelled because it was shown on Friday nights and could not compete with other successful shows.  Back in the 80's, Thursday and Friday nights were the coveted nights where shows with high ratings dominated and the others were cancelled or moved to another nights of the week.  Today, seems that Friday night television shows aren't as good as those shown on Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday nights.) 

I wish I could go back in time and collect all of their comic books and novels.  I've tried looking for their novels but they're out of print.  I'd have better luck looking for them at half-price bookstores and EBay. 

Ridor and I both love Jane Badler, who played the evil alien leader, Diana.  Of course, we homos just love any bitchy characters!  Ridor, OMG, just learn that another mini-series, V:Second Generation is in pre-production and Diana will be in it!

A lot of actors/actresses started on this show before they went on to biggers shows or became well-known.  Robert Englund starred in the mini-series before he went on to be Freddy Krueger in Nightmare On Elm Street movies. 
Faye Grant became a bit more well-known, for a short time, after her wild appearance in Internal Affairs, after V was cancelled.  Faye Grant will resume her character, Dr. Juliet "Julie" Parrish. 
Of course, who could forget Marc Singer?  He was already quite well-known with various roles, especially as BeastMaster.  He will also return on V:Second Generation, as Mike Donovan. 

Unlike the links and rumors for Wonder Woman movie, which tend to be old...the links and stories for V:TSG are recent.  The latest ones are from 7/15/04.  It seems that it could be shelved before it even goes into production.  Apparently, NBC and Sci-Fi want it to be fresh than it was 20 years ago.  Kenneth Johnson, the man behind V, is still trying to do anything to get V:TSG in production. 

All we can do is wait and see...


Finished One Room... 

Simple work day yesterday. 

Came home and had dinner.  Then, KT and I finished painted the guest room.  Tonight, we'll do some touch-ups and then paint the bathroom.  Can't wait to finish up the painting.  Once these 2 rooms are done, we'll try to finish up painting the window exterior borders. 

Watched Charlie's Angels:Full Throttle.  Great movie!  Gosh, dunno which one I like best.  Both movies are good! 

Read the papers and learned that View-Master turned 65 yesterday.  Gosh, remember having the View-Master as a kid?  I remember I used to have a boxful of reels and I could just go on and on, viewing 3-D pics.  Last year, KT and I bought one as a gift for a kid and we noticed it was designed a bit different.  And saw the pic in the newspaper and the lastest designs is definitely different than the classic red "binoculars". 

ta ta...


Wednesday, July 21, 2004

2 More... 

I've added my blog to 2 more directories:  

DC Bloggers - This is a directory of all blogs in the DC metro area.

DC Metro - I think this is an awesome directory.  Again, another directory of blogs in the DC metro area.  If you'll go there, you'll see a map of the Metro stations.  If you'll move your mouse/cursor to a Metro stop, a listing of blogs will pop up.  How awesome is that?!? 

I haven't been officially added since it'll take a day or two before it'll become official.   

I forgot how I had added buttons on my posts.  However, I have added new buttons for these 2 directories under Directories section on the side.


Plain Day... 

Nothing really went on yesterday.  Just a committee meeting last night to go over some details.  Hopefully will be to finalize everything this coming weekend and start advertising our upcoming Latino event for RAD 2005.

Had a good talk with Cliff.  It was good to see him.  Can't remember the last time I saw him, in person.  April?  May? 

Finished my Inkwell edition of The Tactile Mind.  The poems in the beginning were very good and liked one story by K.C. Harmon. 

I guess tonight, KT and I will finish up painting the guest room.  I hope so!  Can't wait to move the stuff from our bedroom back to the guest room.  So crowded in our room!  Yesterday, KT showed me an art poster by Govinder (sp?), Three Cats.  Must, must have that!  I think it will go well with the room. 

ta ta for now...


Tuesday, July 20, 2004


Toby was talking about Sorenson webcam, in his blog.  We'll be getting ours this Thursday.  Can't wait to get it and check it out!  Pretty soon we'll be in contact with some of our friends and trade some news. 


Ever Noticed? 

Have you ever noticed that phone numbers in t.v. shows tend to begin with 555-XXXX? 
Ever noticed how clocks in stores are always set with the hands on 10 and 2?  Know why?  It's supposed to create a smile on the face of the clocks. 


Wonder Woman First! 

There's talk about making a new Superman movie.  WTF!  There was going to be one made with Nicolas Cage but it was nixed.  So, production may soon start for a new Superman movie.  Bryan Singer will be directing.  He's the guy that directed the X-Men movies. 


Don't Get Foot Problems... 

Yesterday morning, I went to see a podiatrist.  I've been having a throbbing pain in my left heel, since February or March, and has become more frequent.  (KT told me over the weekend, "honey, you're getting old, so you're breaking down". [hmmmph...bitch!]) 
Turned out that I have plantar fasciitis,  or heel spur, which is a fairly common foot inflammation.  So, basically I just need to rest my foot more often since lately I've just been "on the go", especially with the house and all that.  Besides rest, I need to tape it up (which definitely helps), put ice on it occasionally and do some toe curls exercise.  There are factors that can cause plantar fasciitis, such as poor arch support, weight loss or gain, an increase of activities, etc.  Besides an increase of activities and age, another factor for me is being flat footed. 
But that wasn't it.  After he pinpointed the center of the pain, he tells me that he has to inject a shot of cortisone.  I was like, in my foot?  And he confirmed.  That still wasn't it.  I happened to see the needle that he was gonna inject me with.  It made my eyes widened!  This wasn't no fine needle.  It was thicker, like the nails they crucified Jesus with.  Ok, I exaggerated a bit.  Still, it was a bit thicker sized needle.  So I go:
"Is this gonna hurt?"
"I'm not gonna lie to you.  Yes, it will hurt."
Mofo!  So, the podiatrist sprays my foot with something and then rubs alcohol.  I looked away and then he injected me, RIGHT INTO the pa-a-ain!  (Mommy!)  Believe me, I jerked my foot but the doctor had a good grip of my foot.  (Mommy!)  You could feel all of the liquid being inserted into my foot.  The whole thing felt like as if you had stepped on a nail.  I certainly hope that was my first and last shot into my feet.  I definitely do not wanna go through that again.  Will have to see him again next week for a follow-up.  (As a result of the shot, my foot was numbed for most of the day.)
Anyways,  after work, got home and watched the rest of the show about Britney Spears.  Love her already! 
Then, KT and I painted the guest room.  We painted half the room.  We're still worn out from the weekend.  So, we've decided to take it slow and just take our time with painting.  We'll continue it tomorrow since I have a committee meeting after work and KT has a dinner date with friends. 
After that, watched the season finale of QAF.  Not as dramatic as the previous season closers but good enough. 
Watched an interesting show on National Geographic, "Unlocking Da Vinci Code".  The focus was whether or not there was any truth or evidence that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married and if there was a child produced.  Now, if you believe in the Bible, you would have scoffed at this.  However, historians have said that the church did destroy other gospels/books such as the Gospel of Thomas, Gospel of Truth and Gospel of Mary Magdalene.  These books were all destroyed except one copy of each books.  These scrolls were recently discovered in Egypt about 50 years ago.  In the Gospel of Mary Magdalene, there are patches of parchment missing, so words are missing to complete the sentences.  However, there are lines on there where Jesus was seen kissing on MM repeatedly.  However, this is where the parchment was missing...it is not known where Jesus was kissing her.  On her lips, cheeks, feet, hair? 
Anyways, all I have to say is that it was interesting.  The show even interviewed people in Scotland and France, who supposedly have documents/books that contained a family tree that can trace their lineage to Jesus and MM. 
I had heard rumors before that da Vinci was supposedly a descendant of Christ.  Hmmm...
Anyways, interesting and thought provoking.
After that, another show came on but we TiVo'd it and will watch it another time.  This one is about religious items, such as the Shroud of Turin, which is supposedly the shroud that Jesus was buried in.  According to this site, it is the single most studied artifact in human history.  So, I'm sure it will be an interesting show.  Can't wait to check that out. 
I finished my book, The Best Little Boy in the World.  It was a good book, but could have been shorter.  I got my Inkwell edition of The Tactile Mind!  I is the so happy!  When I saw the new quarterly book on Tate's blog, I had realized that my subscription had expired.  So, I emailed John and Adrean if I could reinstate my subscription with Inkwell.  Sure, no problem.  So, I got it yesterday and can't wait to read it through! 
Anyways, better get my ass busy and start working.  ta ta...


Monday, July 19, 2004

Dairy Queen Commercial... 

It may seem stupid but it's funny to me.  There's this Dairy Queen commercial where this lady is blindfolded.  Apparently, she's participating a taste test with different brands of frappucino drinks.  She's offered a glass of frappucino from Dairy Queen for a sample taste.  She takes a sip and then keeps it.  The 'test-er' asked for it back but she doesn't.  In fact, she gets up and runs away, while blindfolded and runs into a wall and falls down.  
Cracks me up...



Someone recently asked me that if Laurent, SD became a reality, such as being a town of signers, would I want to move there?  I'm not sure...  (First of all, I've never once desired or even thought about moving to/living in SD.)  Would you?  Why or why not?


(Insert Title Here) 

Friday night, KT, Kekua and I went up to Silver Spring to catch a late show of I, Robot.  It was sold out!  Then, we were hoping to drive all the way to Alexandria, VA for catch even a later show of the movie.  KT used his pager to call the theatre, via Relay.  Alas, it was also sold out.  Sigh...  So, we just headed back home and played Idiot, which I ended up taking the "crown".  Or should I say "tiara"?
Got up the next morning and got started with scrapping off the exterior paint of the windows.  To make a long day a short story, we ended up doing a lot of things.  Then, some neighborhood guy was walking by and approached me.  He said that he's a professional painter and that what we were all doing was all wrong.  So, he gave us some tips and provided some drywall mud.  Cool to learn something new and we all had fun with the drywall mud.  However, all of us doing so many things eventually wore us all out.  Then, KT and I treated our friends out to dinner at Cici's Pizza, known for their pizza buffet at a reasonable price. 
We had planned to go see I, Robot but we were just all too tired to go anywhere.  So, after dinner, we all came home and played Idiot.  We were just all having a good time, along with some sassy remarks with each other. 
Sunday, I got up and started to work on my reports before I had an afternoon meeting with RAD 2005 Committee, while KT and Manny sanded down the plaster outside.  Dropped off the guys and headed to the meeting.  All I can say that is was good and productive. 
Came home and just plopped my fat flat tired ass.  Last night, KT recorded a show about Britney Spears and her musical career on E!.  So, just before bed, we watched that show.  Omigod, I love BS already!  Manny had always liked her but I just never really caught on with Britney.  I just knew her hot songs/videos and her desire to be the next Madonna (whom I just loooooove!).  Well, well...why the hell didn't anyone tell me that BS already made a video with Madonna in 2003?  Where the hell was I?  I gotta look for that video and watch it!  Must!!!  (Gotta update my wishlist!) 
Britney is just cool.  She just really have grown artistically.  (FYI - if the info are wrong...it's because we didn't finish the show.  Will watch the rest of it later...hopefully tonight.)  Up to the point where we stopped, it was interesting to learn that Britney is the only female to ever have 4 #1 albums/hits in a row.  I can definitely see her as the next Madonna.  Britney is probably progressing faster in her career than Madonna was at that point of her music career. 
Omigod, her trip to Tokyo was hilarious.  This was right after her kiss with Madonna at an awards show.  (Speaking of the kiss, which Christina Aguirella (sp?) was on the other side of Madonna.  It was interesting to learn that Britney, Justin Timberlake (her ex) and Christina were all alumni of the Musketeer Club.)  Anyways, she appears at some Japanese talk show and the host wanted to talk about the kiss.  The host told Britney that it looked like Madonna transferred her soul into Britney.  Britney was like..."that sounds cool but no, it was just a kiss."  And the host said, "no, Madonna transferred her soul into you."  Britney was just laughing cuz how do you respond to someone who just disregarded what you said. 
Anyways, I'm looking forward to finish up the show.  Looks like Barbie isn't the bitch anymore (who has everything).  It's Madonna and Britney.  I must, must find that video with Britney and Madonna!!!!  (Remind me to slap Manny for not telling about it.)
Anyways, I just better stop here for the moment and get my lunch and do some work.  I'll post some more later. 
ta ta...


Friday, July 16, 2004

Blogs to Vee: 

I was just simply Googling to see if there's any more Deaf bloggers out there.  I came across some interesting blogs.
The Blog of Death.  This blog just simply list deaths.  This one particular entry was a death notice of a deaf swimmer, Celine Gurdikian.
Next one is Marvin's Laurent, SD Blog.  I find this interesting because the blog's description states that his journey is to build the world's first town of signers.  Historically, we've already had Martha's Vineyard, where supposedly everyone "spoke" signs, yet it is debateable within the Deaf communities.  There was a time in the 1800's where a Deaf man (Drs. Arlene B. Kelly and Susan Burch are gonna kill me for not remembering his name) have tried to achieve a Deaf state, a sort of an utopia, which would have been settled somewhere in the Oklahoma area, if he had succeeded.  Anyways, I'm not in any way trying to portray that trying to build a town of signers is impossible.  It would just be full of challenges, doubts, obstacles and tons of questions. 
I've found some more Deaf bloggers and added to my links. 
Yay!  KT, Kekua and I will go see I, Robot with RWC tonight.  I'm hoping it'll be a good movie.  Never heard back from Cliff about this weekend.  hmmm...
Anyways, ta ta...


The Visit to the Dentist... 

Yesterday afternoon, I went to see the dentist for my semi-annual teeth cleaning and get some cavities filled.  After the teeth cleaning, I was led to another room to wait for the dentist.  (Since the last visit, I've suspected the dentist to be gay.)  He came in and was all friendly.  He had the chair lie back so he could work on the fillings. 
Before I go further, I LOVE novocaine.  Don't ask me why but I just love it.  All my previous dentists took their time injecting the novocaine in my mouth.  I usually get 2 shots worth.
Well, what do you know?  Boom, boom, boom, boom!  He just injected 4 shots of novocaine, really fast.  2 in the back of my mouth,  one on the inside of my lower lips and another in the upper gums.  And then, he was working on a tooth and I could still feel him working on it with a tool, that he had to inject a 5th one.  (I don't think I like novocaine anymore!)  Even with 5 shots of novocaine, I still had feelings and jerked at various times he was working on my teeth. 
My mouth was opened like I was getting ready to eat a 10-layer sandwich.  (Hey, I'm not a snake.  I can't unhook my jaw.  Ya mind!)  Anyways, after he was done, he said that I didn't numb well.  (No shit, Sherlock!)   However, I had gotten so much novocaine that my nose was numbed.  I felt like I had a cold.  Also, I felt some tingling around my right eye.  I was like...my eye better not be numb.  I didn't want a wall-eye! 
Anyways, he said that I had to have a root canal.  Fuckity fuck!  I would have to go to a specialist in DuCi.  However, I was told that this specialist is really good!  (I trust their referrals because they referred me previously to an oral surgeon when I had my first wisdom tooth removal and this dr. was really good!)  Anyways, I'm not looking forward to a root canal and then go back and get a crown.  That means time off from work.  A root canal!  What a nice early birthday present!  (I feel so old!  Wwwwaaaaa!)  Suddenly, I'm not looking forward to be 30.  I wanna be 21! 
After work, KT and I went to Home Depot and gathered up some stuff for the painting projects this weekend.  We must've spent a good 2 hours, if not more, in that store.  We're 2 fags who dunno a whole lot about house and stuff.  So, we asked this guy about painting and waterproofing our porch.  Man, he was so helpful.  We feel like we're experts now. 
Just like couples have different tastes with the top cities they've participated in www.findyourspot.com and have raised their eyebrows with each other, KT and I have totally different tastes with paint colors.  (Yesterday, we both were so tired that we were bitchy with each other.  I'm sure that happens to other couples who are tired and just snap with each other.)  Anyways,  we're looking forward to get the painting over with before the summer is over.  The porch will be on hold until next month. 
After that, we went to Safeway and SFW to go grocery shopping because we just won't have any time over the weekend.  So, we gathered up some food and also had another bitchy moment at SFW.  At least, we both acknowledged that we were both tired and tend to get bitchy.  By the time we finished shopping, it was already close to 10pm and neither of us was in the mood to cook.  So, we stopped by Long John Silver's to pick up dinner to go. 
We got home and put away stuff and plopped our tired asses on the loveseat.  After the blowout with carbs on 4th of July, I went back on Phase 1.  However, last night, I just didn't fucking care if I gained 10 pounds overnight, I was gonna eat to my heart's content.  I'm still hoping to lose a total of 30 lbs before my 30th birthday.  Wouldn't that be cool?  See see...
Anyways, I better stop for now.  The Blogger design here in the Post section has been upgraded and is really cool.  Love it!  New options have been added and it's still user-friendly.  Can add text colors, change alignments, add numbers or bullet styles, insert block quotes, spell checking, and add photos and more.  Lovely!
Just got an IM from a dear friend.  He needs a "vacation" for the moment.  He just might head over to DC.  I hope so.  It'll be good to see him and I know it'll do wonders for him to see his old faggy friends and do all these bitchy acts. 
Anyways, I better stop for now and get started with work.  If I don't post any more today, have a wonderful weekend.  ta ta...


Thursday, July 15, 2004

Movies to Catch Up... 

I was reading blogs and seems everyone is talking about The Butterfly Effect. I gotta check that movie out. Sounds like an interesting movie. (It better be!) I've also heard about Thirteen. Gotta check that out as well.

Watched The Hours last night. Didn't finished it because KT and I were both tired and headed for bed. KT said that the movie is too slow for him. I like it. 3 different things happening in 3 different years. Hopefully will be able to finish the movie tonight after doing some errands after work.

Speaking of movies...I, Robot opens this Friday. So, KT and I are hoping that it'll be RWC'd this weekend or next week so we can check it out. It looks good. Movies with Will Smith in it tend to be a blockbuster!
Next weekend, Catwoman opens. Hopefully, that'll be a good movie as well.

Got several things that I need to get done, especially before my RAD meeting this coming Sunday.

Today, I'm going to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned. Already 2 months overdue! Also, get a couple cavities filled.

I better stop for now and called the remaining 2 doctors and set up an appointment. ta ta...


Wednesday, July 14, 2004


Last night I finished up the ASL poem and mailed it out today. So, all done with that!

Now I can focus on finishing up my short story. (That is if I can make it stay short and not end up writing 10 chapters.)

Had an emotional morning. KT came down to my office and sat with me. Together, we reflected of what was going on with my life, like my mother's death and this whole deal with my dad. Some people soak things up all at once, while others soak it up bit by bit, which is what has been happening to me.

It wasn't just these 2 but a lot of other things happening. Sorta like "sensory overload" and it's like I need the pause button of life, only I can't find it or it's just not there.

Am I depressed? I dunno. At first, I was like..."no, I'm not!" I've never been the kind of person to hit rock bottom emotionally. I'm a fairly cheerful person and have an optimistic view of life.
I guess the death of a loved one can really impact your life. I'm just really missing Mom a whole lot. I'm like...dammit, why couldn't she live another 30 or 40 years and still be a part of my life? Yeah, she'll always be in my heart but I want her here where I can feel her and talk to her and touch her physically. I've heard from others that you never really get over the death of your folks, especially if you were close to them. My grandmother passed away like 8 years before my mother did and Mom still cried for her from time to time. I guess that'll be me.

My father and I never really had a good father and son relationship. So, this whole thing is hard on us, communicating. It's like we're both walking on eggshells with each other. Only time will tell about the outcome of our relationship.

Anyways, moving on...

I've been calling all kinds of doctors, setting up appointments. I'm still not done. Will call a couple more tomorrow. So, have some appointments to keep in the near future, not always fun but a little break from work.

ta ta...


Tuesday, July 13, 2004

My Dragon... 

Got this from Tomas' blog...

I am a A Ethereal Dragon!

Hey, I took the http://dragonhame.com online Inner Dragon quiz and found out I am a Ethereal Dragon on the inside.

In the war between good and evil, a Ethereal Dragon tends to walk the fine line of Neutrality....
When it comes to the powers of Chaos vs. those of Law and Order, your inner dragon tends to do things by the book. ...
As far as magical tendancies, a Ethereal Dragon's nature does not lend itself well to the ways of Magic....
During combat situations, whether by spells or by claw, your inner dragon will do whatever it takes to get the job done....


Current Book... 

This is my 200th entry. Hmmm...what should I write about?

Oh...I just started reading The Best Little Boy in the World, by Andrew Tobias, writing as John Reid. I've only read like 60 or 70 pages. I already can related to Andrew, as a little boy.

Andrew was one of those boys that grew up with "super-polite" manners and was overly obedient. Never did think bad things or was rough with other boys when playing. Was willing to share toys without hesitation. In other words, a classic mama's boy.

Though I adamantly deny it, people say that I am a mama's boy. Well, ok, maybe to a point. I grew up with polite manners and said the right things. Did this and that without giving my parents any trouble. (There were rare days where I did what I wanted to do.) I was sooo good that people thought I was naive.

I remember one time, as a high school senior, the class had a break. All the guys got together and called me. They said we were to all meet in the men's room. So, I go there and this class clown came up to me, while all the guys were just looking in to see what was about to happen. He gave me something in my hand and said, "enjoy this candy, it's really good". I took one look at it and knew it was a condom and said so. Of course, this surprised the guys that I knew what it was. (Well, duh!)

Anyways, that incident led to a bigger incident a few days later. 2 guys got into a fight during basketball practice and one guy tattled the previous incident to the principal against the class clown. (Mind you, this is a Christian private school.) So, the next thing I knew the class clown is in trouble and the guys suspected me. However, thanks to my keen observation, I mentioned how I noticed that guy was gone from the classroom for a long period of time. The guys agreed and approached the snitch, which he admitted doing.

However, that wasn't over. The principal called me into his office. Turned that I was in bigger trouble. Why? Because I was the class president and I had a moral responsibility to have told the principal about the condom. (Whatever!) His point was that if someone had a condom, he/she was bound to use it. And how could I not let it bother me that someone was or would be having premartial sex? I was like...excuse me, but what someone does in his or her own life isn't my business. Well, that just escalated the drama that had to involve the principal, the pastor and my folks and other people.

What made it worse was that my mother agreed with the principal (she was a teacher at the school as well) and my dad agreed with me. So, there was problems at school and at home. To make the matter worse, I was being considered to be expelled from school. Yes, you read that right. Expelled! Over a condom! That I didn't bring to school!

Anyways, it all ended by giving me automatic detention. Man, everyone in the school knew about my detention. People cheered me on! Even my P.E. teacher was happy for me and said "whew, now you're a normal person". Whaa?! WTF! You see, I almost completed high school without getting detention. That detention was my first and only detention as a high school student. In the Christian private school, it was easy to get marks that eventually landed you in detention, depending how many you acquired in a day. Rules were strict and I was able to avoid breaking or bending any of them.

So, like Andrew, I was the best little boy in the world and I guess a perfect mama's boy. (Unlike KT, who was thought to be a devil's spawn. He still has a little bit of that bad boy in him...but I still love him! woof, woof)

Anyways, I really went way off the point. I guess I'll address that I really wanted to talk about in another post. ta ta...


Soon Done... 

I just emailed Rita about a question for the ASL poetry contest. I'm pretty much satisfied with my poem. Just gotta have KT videotape me. Once done, gotta type up a short bio and usual info. Then, mail it out! Can't wait to get this over with.

So, just gotta wait for Rita's response...

Off the point, found Matt and Kriston's blogs and added them on the side.

I was thinking that blogging is relatively new. The oldest entry I've seen in a blog is back in 2002 or 2001. I'm wondering just how much will change in 10 years, in regards to blogging. Will our archives be as long or will blogs reach a limit and we'll be relocating from host to host? Or will we have the same blog address when 10 years rolls around? Hmmm...



If you ask a Deafie to name colleges and universities that have a large population of Deaf students, you'll usually heard these 3 schools:

1. Gallaudet University
2. RIT/NTID (Rochester Institute of Technology/National Technical Institute for the Deaf)
3. CSUN (California State University, Northridge)

(Of course, there are several other schools with a noticeably large number of Deaf students in certain programs, such as Lamar University, Boston University, etc.)

Pretty soon, Deafies will be able to add a 4th school into their knowledge. Although, this school has been around for quite some time, it is not really well known among the Deafies, except Deaf Texans. However, enrollment has been increasing lately and have recently had a campus facelift. That school is:

4. SWCID (SouthWest Collegiate Institute of the Deaf) in Big Spring, Texas.

Here a couple of links to read up about SWCID.

SWCID - Article 1 This article covers SWCID as the only Deaf community college.
SWCID - Article 2 This article covers SWCID's increasing enrollment and facelift.



If like Christina Ricci, you'll know that she usually play characters that are grungey (sp?), gothic or sarcastic. Well, in Pumpkin, she plays a character I'd never expected her to do. In this movie, she plays as Carolyn, a rich sorority girl. All I can say is that the movie is so weird and veeing. You will laugh, in disbelief, in various parts of the movie. You have to check it out and just be amazed by the movie.

I've added Anti Bad Terp's blog as a link to my blog. (Currently on the bottom of Deafies section.) If you'll check it out, I'm sure you can relate to some bad interpreter encounters. When I was enrolled at the local community college, I had my share of bad interpreters. The only thing is that if I did bad in a class, I don't blame the interpreters, who seem to be the scapegoats these days with Deafies failing their classes.

Isabel Sanford, who played Louise "Weezie" Jefferson on "The Jeffersons", passed away last week Friday, of natural causes. My parents used to watch this show and I would join them. I remember growing up and not quite understanding the episodes, as I didn't have captions. Some years later, when I did get captions, I would come across the show and watch it. Pretty darn funny! Not too long ago, I was shopping at Target and saw that The Jeffersons is out on DVD's. Hmmm, wouldn't mind having that to my collection... (Gotta update my wishlist!)
According to the Express newspaper today, Isabel Sanford was the first black woman to win an Emmy for Best Actress in a Comedy Series.

I was gonna write some more but I think I'll make another post later today. ta ta for now...


Monday, July 12, 2004

A Good Weekend... 

Friday night, after work, KT kept asking me what I wanted to do for the night. It was obvious that he was restless and wanted to do something, than just staying home for the night and watch some shows. We were debating if we should go to DPHH or something else. KT had been talking to a friend, via pager, about DPHH. She was trying to reel us both to go. Meanwhile, I was on the computer chatting with Kekua and paging CK about "discovering" his blog, along with others'. (You've probably noticed a longer list of links on the side.) To ease up the restlessness, I made cocksucker shots for us.

Then KT tells me to get ready because he had a surprise for me. (hmmm...must've been the cocksucker shots) So, I prettied myself up and took off with KT to check out this surprise. He took me to Silver Spring. I hadn't been there in a long time. The last time I was there, I still wasn't impressed with the city, despite other's positive ratings. Well, this time...wow, things have really been improved. It almost looks like Bethesda (sp?)...the downtown looks. Anyways, the surprise was to see Spiderman 2 movie. Now, you might think...so what. Well, remember that the first Spiderman was never captioned (open-captioned, that is), due to something related to Sony. So, it is highly unlikely that part 2 would be OC. So, KT took me there because this theatre provides RWC (rear window captioning). It was our first experience with RWC. (With OC movies, you usually have to go to the movies on Sundays or Mondays for those 2, sometimes 3, days. If you miss it, then you would have to go to another location, if offered, or wait til it comes out on DVD. With RWC, you're given multiple selections of days and times...like Friday nights, with the regular crowds.)

Anyways, we get there and get acquired these reflective acrylic panel attached to a flexible pole, with a base that can be plopped into the drink holder. (One negative for that. Where else do you put your drink?) At the first seating, I was having trouble with my panel to make it "sit still". Then, KT thought if we sat a couple rows higher, we might be better off. So, we relocated and then KT was having trouble with his panel to behave. Anyways, we finally settled ourselves cozy and waited for the movie to begin.

The movie was so good that there were times I forgot to read the captions. Lots of action and it was indeed funny. RWC wasn't bad. There were pros and cons with regards to RWC and OC. After researching and reading the lawsuit that was brought against the DC metro area about movie captioning in theatre, RWC will be likely to be the future captioning system, due to financial sensibility. (I had read the lawsuit previously but I didn't really pay attention to it.) It had already been installed across America, recently. Heard from a Canadian friend that Canada has had RWC for quite some time.

(To you Gallaudetians, Union Station has RWC. I will find the link for RWC and add it to my Site section.) (As part of the lawsuit, all new theatres built in the DC metro area must have RWC available.)

Saturday morning was spent cleaning. We went to the county landfill to dump some blocks from our backyard. We still have some debris left in the backyard. Hopefully, it'll be all cleared before the year's end. Then, our traditional Saturday lunch at Chik-Fil-A. (Never get sick of that place...good food!) Then, brought over Kekua for the night. Manny was busy with Merritt, sewing God knows what.

So, we had some burgers for dinner and then played some games. I concocted the "gay kool-aid" drinks that I learned from the Queer Eye show. Pretty good and got a good buzz from those drinks. Anyways, about 1am, KT and I went to bed and Kekua stayed up to re-watch Alice in Wonderland. The last time he watched it, he fell asleep. (Well, what do you know...he fell asleep at the same scene. Tsk!)

We got up the next morning and cleaned up from the previous night. I made us some breakfast, while Kekua slept some more. We were gonna get ready and head out and do some more errands but Jon stopped by, with Dani, to help install motion sensor lights in the back of the house. So, I got to babysit Dani while KT went to help Jon. Dani is a darling. So easy to take care of. Not one of those babies that cry and cry because you exist.

We got invited to Cindy and Dane's place for a BBQ that evening. So, I dropped off Kekua and drove home to pick up KT, who had to finish up a few things with Jon. Came home and picked up KT, Jon and Dani and headed over to Cindy's. Overall, we had a great time there. Good food and of course, played the Idiot game. How addicting! We didn't leave there til midnight. So, by the time we got home and settle in for the night, it was already 1am. So, KT and I are both tired at the moment yet here at work. The day is gonna go by SO SLOW! Gawd, I wish I love coffee...but I don't.

Oh, oh...I got a camcorder to borrow for a short time. So, I'll be working on my ASL poem and then will mail it in to the contest. I'm excited about that. Even if I don't win, it's something that will challenge me to hone my skills in ASL poetry. Yes, yes...as soon as I finish this poem, I'll resume my short story. I'm looking forward to that as well. Patience! *winks*

Oh, oh, heard that Miss Deaf South Dakota, Erin E. Casler, won the Miss Deaf American pageant. According to some anonymous sources, there was some political pressures involved. According to others, that was impossible. All I care is that Miss Deaf America do a good job and make herself visible across the nation. Congrats and good luck, Erin.

Anyways, I better stop and start acting like I'm working. ta ta...


Friday, July 09, 2004

My Brain Color is Orange... 

I got this from Bobby's blog...

What Color is Your Brain?

brought to you by Quizilla


At work or in school: I need to be "hands on": I like to play games, to compete, and to perform. I enjoy flexibility, changes of pace, and variety. I have difficulty with routine and structure. My favorite subjects are music, art, theatre, and crafts. I often excel in sports. I like solving problems in active ways and negotiating for what I want. I can be direct and like immediate results.

With friends: Planning ahead bores me because I never know what I want to do until the moment arrives. I like to excite my friends with new and different things, places to go, and romantic moments.

With family: I need a lot of space and freedom. I want everyone to have fun. It is hard for me to follow rules, and I feel we should all just enjoy one another.


WW in a Beauty Pageant... 

I was viewing my blog and I noticed that the pic of Wonder Woman was next to my recent entry, Who? I couldn't help but remember an episoide where WW was crowned in a beauty pageant. Diana Prince went undercover with a blonde wig (I think). I remember that her cover was almost blown. Some other lady discovered Diana's wig on the bed, while WW was out doing some "world-saving". When it looked like someone was gonna find out that Diana is WW, Diana emerged from the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her, indicating she had been showering all along. All I can remember is at the end, WW chased someone that lead to the auditorium where the pageant was being held. WW somehow ended up on the stage to deflect something falling onto the stage filled with the beauty competitors. Of course, everyone was in awe of her and was crowned. The show ends with her traditional WW/Diana smile.



Today is the day we'll find out who will be crowned as Miss Deaf America 2004-2006. Who will win? *fingers drumming*


Deaf Facts? 

I just visited Davynin's blog and read his entry for 7/8/04, which listed some Deaf "facts", in regards to some Presidents. It's very interesting to read and ponder if any of them are true. One of them listed that George W. Bush often jogged with I. King Jordan at Gallaudet. I'm not quite so sure about that. However, it'll be interesting to research and see if there are any truths to these "Deaf facts".

Read in some article recently that John Gregg, a Deaf man, invented the shorthand method.

Also learned that Andrew Saks, one of the 3 contributing inventors of the TTY, came from the family that founded Saks Fifth Avenue. Got this from the recent NAD magazine. He was turned away from entering the family business because of his deafness. (Speaking of NAD, there's been some interesting articles and comments about NAD on TTMW [The Tactile Mind Weekly].)

Also read somewhere and I believe I commented this in Ridor's blog, some time ago, that Purdue's first (football ?) coach was a Deaf man.

Have you unearthed any little-known Deaf facts lately?


Thursday, July 08, 2004


I've noticed some blogs have a wish list posted as a link. I checked out some of them and I think it's cool. A lot of times you have a birthday or some special event coming up, like Christmas or anniversaries, for some friends or relatives and you're not quite sure what to get them. I think this is a really cool idea.
You can set one up by just going to Amazon.com and make up your own wish list. You select your choice of books, movies, clothings, electronics, household things and many more. It's fairly user-friendly. Check it out and create your own wish list.
My wish list is posted on the side under Contact.


Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Forgiving...Giving and Asking 

It's been interesting to note that within the last 2 weeks and this week, our fellow bloggers have been writing about friendships and/or forgiveness. I knew that Summer of '04 would be a time of change and reflections, perhaps a little personal growth.

However, in regards to forgiveness, it's been about offering forgiveness. What about asking for forgiveness? I mean, be honest, it takes 2 people to start something. Ok, really, one person will do something that you don't like but then your reaction or defense weren't quite "innocent".

My mother once told me that it's easy to see that people are the problems, yet hard for one person to see or admit that he/she could be THE problem, instead of pointing at others.

Perhaps that it's good that we have summers. These are times we get away and enjoy ourselves for a short while, with a change of scenery. Take in a breath of fresh air. Ponder and reflect...

Once summer is over, we should all be ready to meet up with friends that you've been having problems with and have that talk and hopefully clear up some obstacles and exchange forgiveness.


Tuesday, July 06, 2004

In The Life 

One of the shows that KT and I watched yesterday was In The Life. In The Life is a monthly newsmagazine that's aired on PBS (I believe). (The problem with TiVo is that I never pay attention to what channel the show was aired on.) In The Life focuses on various aspects of the GLBT communities. It was an interesting show. Some news on there were new to me while the others were ancient.
One of the segments on there is called Harvey Fierstein's Out Take. Harvey is that guy who came up with various costumes and makeup for Robin Williams before settling with one on Mrs. Doubtfire. This one Out Take is called "AIDS - Spread This!" It's a powerful message because it rings true. The older gay generation has worked hard and protested endlessly to get what we have today. The younger gay generation practically have it all on a silver platter. Read it and let me know what you think. There are other Out Takes of Harvey's. You can go to the site and check them out.


Nothing Fancy... 

Had an enjoyable weekend. Manny came over on Friday night. We all had a good time catching up on news and whatnots. Then had some pizzas from Pizza Hut, while we played Idiot.

Saturday, Julie and Tiffany came over to check out our house. Also, caught up on news. Then, KT and I taught them how to play Idiot. They seemed to like it.

Sunday, we got up and picked up Kekua and Manny. Brought them back to our place for 4th of July BBQ. Boy, it rained ALL DAY. Good thing that we have a little overhang in the backyard, so KT could still BBQ our burgers. We all had a great time, especially with Idiot. We modified it to a drinking game. It was too much that we had to eliminate a couple of rules. Anyways, we just all laughed our asses off. Great time! Then, we watched Alice in Wonderland. My first time to ever watched that movie. I just vee that movie.

Yesterday, KT and I just relaxed the whole day. Watched some movies and shows. Only 2 more shows before QAF is done for the season. That's not good!

Anyways, despite the relaxing weekend, I'm still tired! Probably from the drinking game that KT, Manny and Kekua MADE me participate. *winks* Anyways, time is nice to me today because it's going by fast. Pretty soon, my tired ass will be home!

ta ta...


Friday, July 02, 2004

Latest Rumor... 

Here is the site to read up on the latest rumors about a Wonder Woman movie. The movie is tentatively "Wonder Woman:Battle of Justice". All I pray is that it'll be a good movie that will rake in some major profits, not some cheesy film! I wanna be impressed! I wanna be able to say...this WW movie is BADASS! I wanna gasp and have stars appear in my eyes when I watch it. I wanna be able to see this movie over and over again before it goes to DVD. I wanna! I wanna! I wanna!


*Wonder Woman spin*

Update: I had the feeling that I had seen this short film somewhere before. I investigated and yep, it was that short film that I had posted in my blog before. I wasn't impressed with it. If you haven't seen it, you can click here to see the short film and let me know what you think.

This link here are comments from people that have viewed the short film. My feeling is that the grade for the film is a C. Disappointed!

I'd rather they trash this film and do another script, even if we have to wait another 2 or 3 years before a WW film comes out. It HAS to be fabulous!


Where Was I? 

Do you ever wonder where people get statistics from polls or where were polls distributed about certain things?

I was reading the news this morning and came across an article. It said that 56% of Americans are willing to pay higher taxes just so that traffic and roadways can be improved.

Ok. When and where was this poll posted or distributed? When they say 56%, that's a bit more than half of the nation.

I certainly oppose higher taxes because they'll only propose a much higher tax hike just to improve those "improved" roadways. Why is it that contractors or whoever responsible for designing roadways, only think about future like in the next 5 years? Why not think for the next 20 years? Like for example, a crowded roadway which has about 2 lanes going each way. The contractors will expand an extra lane or two. Why not just add 4 or 5 more lanes each way? That way you won't have to come back to that site until 20 years later.

Anyways, I went off the point. To whom are these people polling for statistics?

ta ta...


Thursday, July 01, 2004

Skipping Towards Gomorrah... 

Last night, I finished read Dan Savage's book, Skipping Towards Gomorrah. It was a very interesting book and I really enjoyed it, except the introductory chapters, which were dull. Dan is hilarious in the book. I had some laughs here and there.

I think the most interesting part is the one where Dan expressed his honest view about Gay Pride days. The GLBT communities claim that they're doing this for political/freedom reasons and for the gay youths. In reality, we do have freedom. Maybe not the full range of freedom that we've envisioned but we've come a long way since. Political reasons, please! You don't see the Irish people parading down the main street on St. Patrick's Day, proclaiming political reasons...the same for Mardi Gras (which the majority of the party-ers are straight and do not proclaim to do this for political reasons, just to party and show off their bodies). In plain truth, Gay Pride days are just simply a reason to par-tee! Doing it for the gay youths, c'mon. Gay youths and the newly outed are just too scared to come out to these events. (Try to remember your first pride event that you went...you were scared, weren't you? I was.)
I had asked KT if he could recall any booths at the festival that were geared towards gay youths, because I couldn't recall any. He recalled SMYAL. That's about the only organizations focused on gay youths. So, "I'm doing this for the gay youths" isn't gonna cut it anymore.

Plainly, Gay Pride days are just days for the GLBT communities to party. Bottom line, there's nothing wrong with wanting to party. Everyone knows the pride days are practically sexual in nature. Check out those practically naked dancers and you might be lucky to spot a dyke walking around topless and catch leather guys with asses exposed. Condoms and lubes are passed around constantly. You could practically get a year's worth of rubbers and lubes just by attending the festival.
And, at least half of the spectators are high on something ("oh, it's for gay youths"). Another reason he gave is that gay people go there to laugh at the freaks, as well. I'm sure you guys have seen people at the pride events and have spotted some weird people. I know I have and couldn't hold back a snicker.

Dan's point was that he wish that the GLBT communities would just admit that they're doing this because they want to have a good time and party their asses off. Doing it for the gay youths isn't an answer.

Anyways, I just wanted to focus on the pride days. Dan did go on and on about the gay communities and how it can be misleading to gay youths, with some messages that gay organizations carry about but that's a whole other story.