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Monday, April 19, 2004

A commenter in Ridor's 4/17 entry mentioned that it's the poz people's moral responsibility to inform people of their status. As I said after his comments, that I agree that it's the poz people's responsibility to inform their "fuckees" of their status (yet, I believe it's the "fuckees'" responsibility as well to ask), but there is something else to look at on the "playing field". There is a group of people, who specifically look for poz people to have sex with, hoping to acquire the virus. It is for real and totally insane. They're called bug chasers.

I have provided 2 links in regards to "bug chasing". The first link will mention about an article that appeared in the Rolling Stone magazine and you can read it as well. The last paragraph of the RS article is just really eerie.

This is even more work for HIV/AIDS awareness educators as they're trying to help educate about the virus and provide prevention tips and options. Yet, there are people going around looking for the virus.

I'm curious of your view about this questionable phenomenon.

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