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Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Happy 4/20!!!

Nothing much is happening. This week is staff appreciation week here at work. So, little games here and there and litte free gifts. This morning was a free continental breakfast. Ahh, something to save myself a few bucks.

Read the papers this morning that Coke and Pepsi will be coming out with a "mid-calorie" version of their beverages. It is targeted for those on low-carb and others. Coke will call theirs Coca-Cola C2. Pepsi's version is Pepsi LS (low sugar). Coke will debut this version in Japan first and then here in the US by this summer. Pepsi will probably begin their new product in January.

KT and I will try to go to Hassan's memorial tomorrow. Ridor, page/email me or KT asap!

Yesterday was a good chatting day. I had good hearty chats with Terese, VeeVee and a really close friend of mine in Texas, Barbie. It's nice to just follow up what's going on with our lives and stuff. Kenny and I were just being silly exchanging jokes. Ah, thank God for AIM, right?

Anyways, learned yesterday that my TV viewing will be expanded later this year. Law & Order will be making another spin-off, Law & Order:Trial By Jury. CSI as well, CSI:New York. I love L&O and CSI! I think the reason why I like them is that they've been taking real life incidents and add some twists here and there. Sometimes, KT and I would sit there and we'll be like..."oh yeah, remember that story from last year", etc.

Speaking of TV, Queer As Folks is back!!!!! The first episode of the new season was good! Showtime finally fixed their damn captions. Last season was frustrating because the captions were delayed. Don't you just hate that? Anyways, looks like it'll be an interesting season.

Some people have been asking about my poems. Yes, I know...I haven't been writing any lately. I have a few brewing in my mind but just haven't pen them down. Right now, there's another ASL poetry contest coming up. For more info, you can go to Golden Notebook, listed under Deafies' Blogs. Click on ASL Poetry. I'm gonna attempt my second ASL poem. It should be fun.

Anyways, I better starting working.

I'll post more later. Until then, ta ta...