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Monday, April 19, 2004

KT and I didn't get to go see the play, Quid Pro Quo. Something came up and decided it was just better off not to go. However, I heard that the play was interesting...at least, thought-provoking. I'll have to ask around more to get more mental visuals of the play.

Sunday, got up and then went to a RAD committee meeting. (I'm the workshop coordinator.) It was productive. Finally finished up my area and will soon be posted online. I'm also the coordinator for RAD 2005's Latino event, which will take place in September. So, I gotta get busy with my committee and get the ball rolling. CMRA hosted last year's Latino event, which I assisted Ricardo Lopez, and it was successful.

Then, afterwards, went to Bob Rourke's house in Virginia for an IDL/IDB (International Deaf Leather/Bears) dinner fundraising party. A good number of people showed up. We were all outside and just chatting the night away. Juan Z., came over from San Diego. He's the current Internat'l Deaf Leather man (I believe that's the correct title, there's so many that it's hard to know which title belongs to whom). He seems like a nice guy. A tall guy for a Mexican, which isn't usual. Overall, we had a good time.

Witch, Happy Birthday! We need to get together soon and celebrate!

I'll post some more later.

but for now, ta ta...