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Thursday, April 29, 2004

Last Night, Ray's Rantings, etc... 

First of all, the settlement of our house has been postponed to early May. Ok, that's not so bad...at least, from the sound of things, looks like we'll be getting the house. Hold, no celebrations yet!

Last night, a gang of us took our friend for a real birthday dinner at Tia's in Bowie. It's the best Tex-Mex restaurant in the area. Of course, not like the food in Texas but the closest...better than Chevy's and Don Pablo's. Anyways, we all had a good time. The birthday girl and I each had a margarita. Whooo! Just what I needed...a good buzz! Heh, we were all being mean at the end. We told her that she had to pay her part of the meal. She knew we were joking. But, I'm sure she felt good to be treated out for a "real" birthday meal.

I'm gonna have to teach Rachella how to set up Haloscan comments in her blog. I understand Ray's frustration with the Mexican guys just checking out women and spitting out crude remarks at them. It's the machoism in them...which isn't necessarily a good thing. Rachella, you think that's bad? My mother once told me this story. She said she was preggy with me, about 8 or 9 months. She said she was walking with her father-in-law to somewhere. Along comes a low-rider with a gang of guys. They stuck out their heads and whistled and made some comments in Spanish that would make nuns say about 100 Hail Marys. My grandpa was so po'd that he was just cussing and cussing and how they have no respect for a pregnant woman! My mother just shrugged it off because she knew how the Mexican guys were.
I guess it's a "must do" when they're around their friends...to prove themselves. This macho thing is stupid! It has led to bar fights. My mom's dad had scars all around his belly...from knife fights in bars...just to prove his manhood. This macho thing has led to many unwanted pregnancies. It also has lead to crimes and drugs.
It also has put many gay Latinos/as deeper in the closet. You're expected to marry and have kids and go to the Catholic church. You're considered lucky if you even have one relative who can understand you or even support you. I'm amazed whenver I meet Hispanic trangenders because that is just not tolerated.
So, Ray, I guess you'll just have to let those remarks roll off your back or come back with some remarks that'll make them stick their heads back in the car.

As I was typing up the previous topic, I was wondering...are we any different than they are? (in regards to commenting to people) We often get together and make comments ABOUT people. But how about do we make comments TO people? I'm sure Ridor does! :-)

I came across an email that contained a word, metrosexual. I had a quick thought and question in my mind. Will there ever be a bar or clubs for metrosexuals? *snickers* Probably not because these metrosexuals are supposed to be straight, not gay. By the way, I haven't seen "metrosexual" being applied to women. Just to men, right?
Whadda think of Ryan Seacrest, the host of American Idol? I mean, we all say "he's gay, all the way!" He keeps saying he's not but a metrosexual. I wonder if metrosexuality is a new word for bisexuality...probably not but who knows. Now: "I'm bi." (For men, that's just a transition from being 'straight' to gay.) Future: "I'm metro."
Just some bullshit thoughts brewing in my mind...

Ridor, a question for you as for others as well. If you have Deaf kids, would you send them to residential schools or have them mainstreamed?

Anyways, ta ta for now...