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Thursday, April 22, 2004

A Shortcut... 

I did it! Well, I found a shortcut for .gif files/icons. Thanks to a guy I emailed about the .gifs. He said an easy way is to register with PhotoBucket, which simply provides storage space for your images. When you right-click and save an image, you can bring it to PhotoBucket and it will then provide you 3 codes...for url, tag and img. I chose the middle one, tag codes for my template. You do have to add something before you paste the tag codes. I tried posting on here but it kept messing up this post. I'll add it to the comment of this entry.

Sara, I would still wanna get together with you and absorb your knowledge of this whole computer coding stuff.

I found some "cheat sheets" which I will probably post tomorrow.

So, I'll be adding some more buttons in the Blog Features.

until then, ta ta...