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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

2 Documentaries... 

Last week, KT and I watched 2 documentaries on HBO or Showtime. They're both very interesting and offer glimpses into their worlds.
One is about a transgender seeking to finalized his transition to a full male. I believe it is called "Rene's Story". Throughout the movie, you can't help but be against Rene because he is just so full of ego and anger. He kept talking about wanting to have a big dick and couldn't wait to have sex like a man. Towards the end of the movie, he had been warned by the doctors that most FTM's (female to male) end up with an average of a 2 inch penis. Sometimes, they're able to have a bigger penis but will require more skins from the back, arms and legs. Hmmm...more scars just to be bigger.
What was interesting was that his wife of 12 years admitted that she had never seen him fully naked. KT and I were like, ok..12 years and never seen your lover fully naked? Apparently, she was a virgin and he was her first relationship. So, she had never seen nor touched a penis before meeting him. He had been able to fool his girlfriends with a dildo he carried in his underwear. He said that even some of them gave him a blowjob. He said it was obvious it was a dildo but the women were so into it that they probably didn't even look or whatever.
Rene often belittled his wife throughout the movie. He would keep saying "she doesn't understand" or something like that repeatedly. They were once members of a church. However, after the pastor and church found out about Rene's real identity, they were excommunicated. Of course, Rene was angry about that. However, it opened his wife's mind to contemplations and questions. Rene was angry because they had been together for 12 years and not once had she questioned Rene or their relationship. You could see that their relationship was just confusing.
Anyway, it was just a very interesting movie and if you ever come across it, you should watch it. After Rene had the surgery, he and his wife had separated. Well, something to think about...what would you do if you found out that your lover/spouse wanted a sex change...after 12 years?

The other documentary was about young beauty pageants...yeah, the Jon Benet kind. It's interesting to discover that child beauty pageants occur heavily in the South. I believe the movie is called "Living Dolls: Makings of Child Beauty Pageants". I'm sure KT will provide the correct title when commenting.
The movie was primarily focused on Swan Brooner, 4/5 year old girl. The majority of pageants were girls but there were boys competiting later in the movie. Anyways, her mother was her coach and gosh, a really tough coach. It's amazing to see that children, when trained rigorously, can learn to perform like a professional. Their appearances or head shots can fool you to believe that they look like 16 - 20 year olds. That's how much make-up and hairspray they have on!
Anyways, Swan had her days where she's happy to perform and other days where she just wanna act like a normal 5 year old...to play! Her mother often criticized her for how she should act on stage or around people. How these kids memorize their routines and where to spot and all that is beyond me. They're even taught the proper way to smile and flirt.
Swan, the poor kid. There were moments you could see that she's not smiling...just sad. But when she's on stage, there goes on an automatic fake smile. Anyways, you should see the movie. At last, she won a coveted title and won $2,500.00. Yet, her mother said that she spent more than $70,000 for the entire year of competiting, travel and costumes. Now, that is just not worth it!
You will vee this gay couple who coach numerous child pageants for the competitions. Honestly, I couldn't do that to my child, if I had one. There are even parents entering their babies in these pageants at 3 months old. One toddler, at 1 1/2 years old, even had hair extensions! I'm sure these parents face harsh criticism from others.
Go watch these documentaries and explore their worlds. Vee!