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Monday, May 17, 2004

Bone-Tiring Weekend... 

You, regular readers of my blog, should know that KT and I have been really busy last week, along with a couple nights of partying, trying to help our landlord to fix up our "new" home before settling with the bank. Friday night, after work, we went straight to Home Depot to gather up materials for the weekend. Our landlord met us there. Anyways, for a fag like me who knows nothing about all these construction stuff, I was amazed how long we were there in Home Depot. Home Depot isn't something I'd tell people..."OMG, I can't wait to go shopping at Home Depot. I saw this and that! I must, must have those!" Now, if we were talking about a mall, different story. (smile) Plus, those of you who know me...I can be quite anal(-retentive) when it comes to keeping things clean. Home Depot fails in that area! Sawdust everywhere. Things out of place! How these people can stand to work there? I have no idea.
Anyways, I just went way off the point. (Larry, hell-o!) Anyways, we got to the house and Jon laid in some new vinyl tiles for the bathroom. It looks so much better! Now just have to paint the walls a different color. We didn't get to relax till about 11pm.
Saturday, KT and I got up early to go out to Georgetown. A lawyer in our firm sold us her 2 window air conditioners. So, we went there to pick them up. Came back and started working on the porch. But, once we discarded the old wood, we realized that we needed more wood strips. So, Jon and BK, left with their kids, to dump the old woods at a dumpsite. That alone is another story which I'm not gonna get into. While they were gone we were cleaning up some debris from the yard.
I'm gonna go off the point a little bit. The owner before Jon must've been really lazy to throw out debris. On the side of the yard are broken blocks of concrete, metal posts and old tree branches. I learned that the owners before Jon were somewhat drug addicts. I was told that upstairs, in the house, were nothing but matches and weed dime bags. I had jokingly said that it used to be a crack house. The house that we're hoping to settle and own was built in 1927. I often wondered about the history that happened in the area. Some time ago, KT and I saw a movie, The Haunting. It's supposed to be a true story. Since I saw that movie, I do wonder what went on in this house or this neighborhood.
Anyways, the guys came back and we resumed working on the porch. It was getting late, like around 7:30. I decided to go out and fetch some Chinese food for dinner. None of us were in the mood to cook. So, KT and Jon decided to retire for the night around 8 or so. We got home and grabbed our dinner and relaxed in the living room and watched some tv.
Well, that night happened to be a social event, hosted by DeafBlade, at DeLounge in Wheaton, MD. A couple of our friends had paged us to see if we were going. Of course, Clitch was like..."bitch, you better get your ass here cuz you keep telling everyone that I owe you some Tequila shots!" I was like, "that's right, bitch!" So he was like, "then get you fat flat ass over here now!" KT and I just looked at each other and we were like we were too tired to get up. However, we were able to get up, showered and got dressed.
Of course, as my luck usually does to me, it had to rain really hard while I was driving. So, I'm like all tired and squinting my eyes trying to drive in the rain. Then, when we arrive to the bar, it stops raining. Does that ever happen to you?
Well, we got there and soon we forgot about being tired. We were just having a grand time. I will admit something. I was surprised by the turnout of this event. There were over 90 Deafies there. Someone said yesterday that it was actually over 150 Deafies there. (Wow!)
Anyways, we all had a good time and I saw some people that I wasn't expecting to be there. Met a couple of new Deafies, from out of state. Yes, Clitch finally get me 2 shots of Tequila. Whooooo! Then, I ordered a cocksucker shot for KT, Clitch and me. However, the bartender didn't know what that was and instead gave us blowjob shots. I was like...oh no no no...and give him the recipe for a cocksucker shot. So, we got the bj shots for free and finally got our cocksucker shots. People around us were like veeing in our bj shots. It was because the shots were topped with whipped cream. (Good thing it was because the kahlua was just too strong. It balanced out the taste.) We were like...why "blowjob"? Oh, because, after you drink it, you have a white line across your upper lips.
Anyways, we didn't get home til about 2:30 in the morning. KT and I have this habit of watching a tv show before going to bed. Somehow, we just cannot arrive home and go straight to bed. Anyways, 30 minutes later, I was just falling asleep in the middle of a show. So, to bed I went, which KT followed within a few minutes.
Yesterday, we were up with some energy. I got up and prepared myself for the RAD meeting. KT got up and went with Jon to Home Depot to get more stuff and picked up someone to work on something else in the house.
The RAD meeting went pretty good. Of course, the majority of us were tired from the night before but we were all pretty much in a good mood. It went by pretty quick. Then I was stuck for another committee meeting. It least it was held at Starbucks, which I ordered myself a strawberry & creme frappuccino. Mmmm, that stuff is good. I usually have the carmel frappuccino. But the strawberry one was heavenly!
I went grocery shopping afterwards and then babysat for some time for a kid. He's a sweet little boy. He was bored at the other house and wanted to watch cartoon. So, after I dropped off dinner for KT, I took R3 (that's his nickname) with me so he can watch cartoons. He settled for A Bug's Life. I made him some mac & cheese for dinner.
Anyways, after KT finally retired for the night and dropped off our friend with her son, we settled in and watch QAF. Good show!
So, that about sums up our weekend, along with some bitching and whining. That's expected to happen when you're busy, tired and/or stressed out. Yet, we know that we'll make it through this phase of our life, buying our first place. We're so looking forward to our vacation, during Memorial Day weekend. Soon, soon!

I have lots more to say but need to start on work. Will post more later. Until then, ta ta...