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Thursday, May 20, 2004

Catching Up With Friends... 

These past couple of days have been good by having the chance to have some good talks with friends, via online. Most days, we're busy with work or with something else that we have superficial conversations with our friends. "Hi, how u doin'?" "Fine, busy, same same, nothing new. U?" And then sometimes the conversation ends there.
It was good to talk with VeeVee, Shane and Rachella recently. It's nice to sit down and have a good long talk about what's up and how's life treating you. I'm sure it's good to know that you've been thought of and that you were instant messaged.
As soon as KT and I get the house thing over with and all that stuff, I'll be sure to look up some friends on my buddy list and catch up.
It was good to talk to Kekua as well. We usually have small talks because we're both at work and we're usually interrupted. But last night, it was good to have some talks to discuss some other things.
Emails, too! I have so many emails to respond! Right now, I'm just responding to emails that are related to RAD and committees as some of them are time-sensitive and need my prompt responses.
Seriously, I need to sit down soon (whenever I have free time) and respond to emails and have some good chats with friends.
I do wish that sometimes I had lots of money so I could just fly out and visit everyone and spend some quality time in person. Wouldn't that be nice? Damn you all who had to move out of the area. ;-) Love ya still!

Before I close, I'd like to say that security is really lax these days, despite the increase of terrorism. I just read the news that Tony Blair was splattered by some purple powder, which turned out to be cornstarch. Still, if it was one of those deadly biochemicals, things would've turned for worse.
People are now angry with former mayor Rudy Giuliani. Yeah, people died on the infamous 9/11. It's impossible to expect Rudy to prevent all these deaths. Rudy said that he received a memo saying that NYC's bridges, tunnels and subways were likely targets. So, he did his best to alert security in those areas. I'm sure that he did not once thought that planes would be flown into the two towers. I'm sure that no one did expect that.

Anyways, back to work. ta ta...