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Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Gally Gossip, Reminder, Marlee Matlin... 

To me, it's called a rumor because all the facts aren't there. Although there are some truths to what happened at Gallaudet, it isn't quite complete. What Ridor was told is different from what I was told. I was told that 5 DSP guys and 3 PKZ gals were quite drunk and driving. They veered onto the ground between Peet Hall and the library. (Those of you familiar with the campus...that WAY OFF from the road. In that area, some freshmen were camped out there to protect the burials of the rats they just buried. (A tradition for freshmen.) One girl, who happened to be the president of the freshmen class, got ran over on her wrist and is now fractured. Supposedly, another girl almost had her head ran over.
Of those, in the car...it was supposedly a DSP who was the driver. 3 of them got out of the car and ran but were later busted. Heard that some of these people are Seniors. So, will they be allowed to graduate? Again, it's all rumors...until we can collect the facts. It's a sad case, especially at the end of the school year.

What bothers me is those in the car. They were immediately recognized for which Greek organizations they're a member of...in this case, DSP and PKZ. Now, my question is...were they wearing their Greek shirts/jerseys or were they simply recognized of their Greek affiliation? To me, it does make a difference. If wearing a Greek shirt, then I can understand why they might make a connection. If nothing related to your Greek org, then why the connection to your frat/sorority? I mean, when there's an incident...no one ever says "oh, s/he a member of the Rainbow Society or the Never Too Old Club". There is more to a person than just a membership to an organization. Or is it that being a member of the Greek world does have a stronger impact or impression?
At first, I was like...well, thank God nobody in that car is from my frat. But then I thought about it again and I realized that no matter what Greek organization or member is involved, we all pay a price...in a way. I told the informant that it's frustrating because we all know that people will use this sad case or alcohol against the Greek world. It's a negative stereotype that we've been fighting for years. So what one organization or member do, it does impact others. So, bottom line, I am disappointed in the other Greek members for not being responsible for their actions.

This Sunday is Mother's Day. Please don't forget to send something for your mom. This is the first Mother's Day that I will experience without having to spoil my mom. Yeah, she's six feet underground. However, I'm still gonna order some flowers for her and have it delivered to her gravesite.
My mother and I had a good relationship. So, yeah, we got on each other's nerves sometimes. Nonetheless, we had a good relationship. She was a really good mother to me. I hope I was a good son to her.
My mother once told me that children can live without the father but never without the mother or her love. Looking back, I realized that she is right. A mother's love is really strong and can really make a difference in a person. Card sales tell you the truth. The day after Mother's Day...there is practically no cards left. As with Father's Day, there's plenty of cards left to choose from.
So, please be sure to send your mother something and let her know that you love her. Grab that opportunity to hug her or touch her. My mother and I hugged and held each other...sometimes, too much. But, I don't regret it. Yet, I wouldn't mind holding her or kissing her one more time. Sigh...I miss her!

Moving on before I get all teary...

The other day, KT and I were watching a Tivo'd show of Law & Order:SVU. Marlee Matlin was on it. She played a some cancer specialist that had Alport's (or something like that...has to do with deafness and kidney problems) Syndrome. Anyways, in the show, she had a blog that encourages people to commit suicide for a better "life". Anyways, it was just interesting to see how blogging is now hitting the television. Pretty soon, people will know all about blogging. BTW, Marlee Matlin looks different. She appears to be thinner. Anyone else see that show?

As I was talking about blogging and Marlee Matlin...I was asking myself...what was the earliest portrayal of blogging on television? The first one I can think of is Doogie Howser, MD. Remember how he used to write in his online journal about his life? Can anyone think of any shows earlier than that?

ta ta for now...