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Monday, May 24, 2004

Half and Half... 

Our weekend was pretty much half busy and half relaxing. On Saturday, KT and I got up and got busy to replace the gutter in the front section of our home. We're just two silly fags learning to do some serious stuff around the house. Of course, if it was me and if I had MONEY, I would just simply hire the guys to come out and do the work for me, while I sit inside and paint my nails or erase evidence of a unibrow. *snicker* Anyways, it was a good day. Of course, the day would've been upgraded to a marvelous day if it weren't for those pestering mosquitos. Thank God for OFF! I vee'd the cicadas flying around the trees to mate. (This morning, there were nothing but dead swished cicadas all over, even at the metro stations.)
Sunday was a relaxing day for us. We went out to Annapolis to watch the captioned movie of Van Helsing. It's interesting how horror "mythologies" have been combined together to form this storyplot. It never occurred to me how these creatures have existed around the same time, such as Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde, werewolves, vampires, Count Dracula, Frankenstein and the like. (Even though, these characters are fictious, it's intersting to note that Jack the Ripper was stalking and murdering his victims during these years.) It was interesting to see Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in this movie, at the beginning. In A League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (I believe that's the correct title), Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde was portrayed as a good man, yet unstable.
Anyways, this movie was very interesting. I liked the special effects and all those extra stuff. If you haven't seen it and like these kind of movies, I think you should go see it.
Before, turning in for the night, KT and I watched an episode of QAF. It was a sad one in regards to one character, which affected the majority of the other characters. Basically, the lesson here is to be careful what you say as it could be your last parting words.
It's interesting to see Mel and Linz, rolling with the punches of life. They're going through some things in their lives or work environments. Comments made by them or others often put us in thoughts about our own lives. You either make the best of it or play their game to get where you want to be. Sorta like "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade".
The drama between Emmett and Ted is interesting because you can understand both points of view. I hope that someday they can put aside their hurts and anger and reconcilate, not necessarily as lovers, but as friends. So, see see...

ta ta for now...