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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Ignorance Still Lives... 

I read with interest what Ridor said about those bloggers with "anti-Deaf" or "anti-disabled" views. So, I went to Beth's blog and clicked on both links. I tried to post a comment on there but wasn't successful. So, I thought I'd post my comment on here. So, keep in mind that this is my response to them after reading their ignorant comments and views:

It's amazing how people make comments about Deaf people and other "disabled" people when the commenters have no idea what it feels like to be "one of them".
Now, I'm not here to defend the Deaf community nor am I here to offer backgrounds as to why Deaf people act a certain way or whatever because that would be just lengthy. However, I will comment certain things.
We are proud to be Deaf because it is a unique identity. Unknown to you all, the American Deaf people have a rich history that spans several hundreds of years.
One of your commenters kinda hit the spot. He said something like this...when you cannot communicate with hearing people, you're fucked. Usually, we don't give a shit if a Deaf person and a hearing person can communicate or not. It's just that there is a biological need for one to group with someone of the same "ability". Hearing people group with other hearing people, the same for Deaf people.
I wish you all could go to a party that's compiled of hearing and Deaf people. It's a subconscious thing for these two to group of their "own kind". Even if the hearing people can sign, they still "bond" with other hearing people. It's kinda like...it takes one to know one. Like only a cancer survivor would know what it feels like to have cancer. Only a lottery winner knows what it's like to win millions of dollars...I'm sure you get the gist of it.
For the 2 women to want a Deaf child, that's totally understandable...to a Deaf person. The parents and child would have something in common. Kinda like a dwarf parents begatting dwarf children. Although, hearing children in Deaf families do communicate fluently in ASL as it will be their first language. The key is they've never once said they would hate the child if born hearing. It is just "I would like to have a Deaf child."
The comments made by other commenters show just how ignorant people can be of the Deaf community. "disabled people" are rarely fired...ha! What a big fat myth!
Anyways, this is getting lengthy. If you'll like to understand the Deaf community better, then visit your local college or university that offer sign language/interpreting classes and read up on some resources or meet with people. And please, just because you've met some rude Deaf militant people doesn't mean that ALL Deaf people are like that.

So, that was my comment. I just read it and I know I'm not satified with these comments. It's like...there's a whole lot more than what I just said. It's kinda like...how do you explain to people about the Deaf community...in a nutshell?