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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

It Actually Happened to Me... 

During my days as an undergraduate student at Gallaudet, I was amazed at the amount and ease of bullshit, told to professors, made up by students. One of the most common bullshit were those explaining to teachers why they didn't hand in their essays, or whatever kind of paperwork. It was always blamed on the computer. The computer crashed, disk didn't work or save, printer was messed up, etc. It seemed too convenient to me that computer would act up the night before or the morning of the deadline.
While as a student at Gally, I never had problems with the computers and always turned in my papers. So, I usually laugh to myself when I see these students spewing out bullshit.
...until last night. I had been working on an article for some time. Although, I didn't have a specific deadline, I wanted to get it out of the way before heading off for our vacation in 2 days. I finished the article and after polishing it, I commanded the computer to print it out so that I can review and make additional changes. Well, what do you know...the printer wasn't printing. I was like...oh no no no! I tried several times to get it printed. Finally, I went to get KT, who had been packing up stuff in another room, to come and help me out. So, KT got on the computer and tried to get it working. And here I am, huffing and puffing because things weren't going my way.
The TV in the bedroom happened to be on. Real World was on. The group were on a vacation to Greece and were having some major arguments, especially with Frankie. Well, seeing them get mad sure didn't help me.
Then, KT tried and tried and told me that he was gonna do one more thing. If it didn't work, then that would be it. Maybe we had a virus in the computer or something or isn't communicating with the printer. So, before he gave up, I told him that I wanted to try one more thing. We made some adjustments and sure enough, the printer was working. Yay! Whew!
So, I guess computer problems does happen. I guess the computer just like to act up before the deadline. Ya mind!