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Thursday, May 13, 2004

Manny, Tallie, 9 Deafies... 

Last night, a group of us got together and surprised Manny with dinner at Cafe Luna. We were just all having a good time chatting and eating dinner. Manny kept giving his fake age. (You fakey ho!) Let's just say that he's really, really close to be in the 30's.
I know Ridor will just roll his eyes about this. But we were all able to pay the whole bill without any problems! Yay! *pat yourself on the back* *clasping hands and shaking them side to side*
After that, we went to JR's and had a few drinks. I was just veeing some of the music videos they were showing. Anyways, we all had a good time and glad that Manny was enjoying himself. KT and I took some pictures so I'm sure he'll be posting them on his blog whenever we get around to it.

It seems that it's confirmed that Tallie is the victim. Here is the latest news from Morganton, NC. What's frustrating from this article is that they're still trying to identify the victim. Yet, I got this link from Bree's comments that Tallie's obituary has been printed. God bless her soul and may she finally be at peace.

I got an email from a friend about this next news. 9 Deafies have filed a suit against the defunct Boston School for the Deaf. It is the first case suing the Catholic nuns for the abuse that the Deafies suffered, both physically and sexually. I wouldn't be surprised if suits followed this, going after the nuns for abuse.

Well, I admit that I'm tired, due to partying for the past 2 nights...during the week! So unusual for me and KT. And the rest of the week is busy, busy, busy for us. Sigh... Oh well, guess that's life.

ta ta...