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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Setting Up House... 

I thought that by calling all the utilities companies to set up an account would be a headache. However, it wasn't so bad. Everyone was friendly and the majority of them have experienced Relay. That made the whole transactions easier.
I just need to call Verizon to transfer our phone number to our new place. And then, KT just needs to get the cable/satellite set up for the house. Then, we're all set...for the time being.
This weekend, KT and I are going to Orlando for vacation! A long overdue vacation! It'll be nice to escape for the weekend and just to relax. We're so looking forward to it!
Then, once we return from vacation, we shall start with some internal fixing-ups, such as paint some walls, shampoo the carpet, etc. Once all that is done, we'll start moving our stuff in.
Little by little, it's going to be our home sweet home! We're excited! We still can't believe that we own a home!

I just came from the doctor's this morning. My jaw is healing pretty good. Yay! Even better news, no more follow up appointments! Yay! Still have one more month of no chewing, which isn't so bad.