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Friday, May 28, 2004


I'd like to thank everyone who has posted comments on my blog and in Chiromeme and sent me IM's and pages in regards to my article. It made it all worthwhile. While I appreciate the "pat on the back", I'm not quite sure if everyone agreed with everything in the article. I got a hint from one person, who commented in Chiromeme that he agreed with most of the article. So, I'm curious which part he didn't agree with.
Others have shared with me that it's completely true. One even shared with me that he got goosebumps from reading my article, especially the part "some HOH's will purposely cease to perform these functions in order to be considered Deaf", because it was true for him. I know there are others like him, out there.

Some of you were like, how did you hear about Chiromeme? By networking and spreading the words to our friends. Some of you asked me...what does chiromeme means? That's why you should go to the site and explore around. I've taken the explaination the FAQ section of Chiromeme. Chiro is Greek for "hand" and meme is a terminology that means an idea that spreads itself. If you'll go to the Links section, you'll find a lot more Deaf resources.

KT and I are ready to fly out for vacation in Orlando in a few hours! Yay! Can't wait. Need to soak up some sun and reclaim my Hispanicness. LOL

OMG, I was reading the newspaper this morning. 1 out of 75 U.S. men are in prison/jail. WTF?! Too much testosterone and had to get into trouble? Of course, I know that not all of them are in jail because of murder and those hardcore crimes. I'm sure a large percentage of those men are in for drug charges. Hmmm, possession of drugs versus murder? I'd waive possession of drugs.

A fact corner found in the newspapers: half of the European population are considered overweight/obese compared to 2/3 of the U.S. population. Yikes!
OMG, KT and Jon were telling me yesterday that some guy is suing the Atkin's diet because he lost too much weight. (KT, did I get that right?) I was like, whaaaa? He was like 200-something pound and went down to 140 lbs. So, he was like upset cuz it messed up his body or whatever. *rolling eyes*

Some man tried to sue for $5K because he was watching the SuperBowl game with his kids and they were exposed to Janet Jackson's breast. Unfortunately, for the man, the judge threw out the case. My, my...things people do or sue just to get money.

Well, I'm ADD'ing now because all I can think is vacation. So, I better stop now and try to do some work. (yeah right!) Have a good Memorial weekend! ta ta...