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Monday, May 10, 2004


Friday night, KT and I were supposed to meet with someone at house to dump some woods into his p/u truck. Some renters who lived at our "future" home had cut down some trees and branches. They never bothered to have them removed to some dump sites. Instead, they just piled them up in the backyard. However, it rained hard on Friday night.
So, KT and I watched The Fluffer, a gay movie. The movie basically sucked. Yet, it made me wonder if the gay porn industry is really like the way it was portrayed in the movie.
Then, I stayed up late to do my weekly chores around the house. And finally made it to bed around 1am.

Saturday, we got up early to do some yardwork at the other house. It wasn't too bad. Then after that, we had to go to a nearby toy store to get some gifts for Dani's birthday. It was her 2nd birthday. She's just a really cute girl. You could just eat her up! Came home and celebrated her birthday. Jon had some burgers and hotdogs grilling outside. It was good to chat with some guests who came over to help celebrate.
Then, we had to go back to the other house and do some more yardwork. It wasn't much left but just to dump the remaining woods into the p/u truck.
Then came back and played Mexican Train just about all night long. It was fun with just a little bit of frustration, here and there. You ever look at other kids and tell yourself, "when I have kids, they will be much more disciplined than these kids?" Yeah? Me too. However, talking about kids is a WHOLE other story.

Sunday, we were supposed to go to SixFlags with other Deafies. However, I realized that I had a lot of things to do for the day. So, we backed out. KT stayed home to rest. He had been off work on Friday to do some things around the house, all day. So, I got up, showered, dressed, and headed out. I drove to Eckerd's to drop off a film. However, it wasn't opened yet. So, drove to Jiffy Lube to have the oil changed. Wasn't opened either. So, proceeded to Safeway to do some grocery shopping.
Once done, came back home to drop off the grocery. Then, headed out to do the other stuff. For some reason, the Jiffy Lube near home wasn't opened yesterday. So, tonight, after work, I'm going straight there to have the oil changed.
Anyways, I went back to Eckerd's to pick up the film in the afternoon. The film I dropped off was of Christmas day with my mother. I was happy to see Mom once again. Drove home and showed KT the pics. I didn't realized just how THIN my mother was before she died. We both agreed that it was good that she left this world. She really was suffering.

Anyways, I was viewing the pictures. My mother was really happy that morning. I guess she never thought she'd make it to see Christmas, but she did. In this particular film, I took pictures of her opening my gift to her. Inside it were a DVD set of the first season of Little House on the Prairie, a Precious Moments coloring book, crayons, and Andes mints. Mom loved that show, Little House on the Prairie. I remember that we used to sit together and watch this show. Man, most of the time, by the end of the show, you're just crying. I got Mom that coloring book because she loved Precious Moments and to color. I just thought since she couldn't move around, she'd like to color to keep herself occupied.
Looking at the pictures brought back some memories. She had glanced through the coloring book and started coloring this one particular page. At first, I wasn't paying attention. But then, when I came back a few moments later, I saw what she was coloring. I don't know if Mom knew what she was doing or not but it had some meaning to me. By the time she was finished with it, I was holding back tears as I was taking pictures of it. It was a picture of a boy angel on a cloud. He's standing next to a wheelchair. The boy angel is holding up a sign that says "Wheel Chair For Sale". You might think..."your point?" But, coming from a religious background, it had a special meaning to me.

My weekend would have been wonderful but was ruined by these tingling pain I'd have in my jaw. The OTC medicines were not working for me. The pain would come like at 3 or 4 in the morning. It would keep me up for about 2 hours before it would go away. Well, Sunday, I had the pain all day long...which led to headaches. That was so frustrating! I can't wait to see the doctor tomorrow and demand for some prescribed medicines.

VeeVee, thanks so much for your surprise mail! Funny thing, you IM'd me on Friday to tell me that I was gonna get it next week. I got it the same day you told me. :-) VeeVee sent me something really cute. It was a foamy (you know those Nerf stuff) Statue of Liberty. But, instead of The Lady, it was a cow. The flame is in shape of a hoof. Really cute! Thanks so much for the thought, VeeVee!

Now, I don't remember if I told you that I love cows. If you didn't know that, wow...that was a great gift. My crazy friends, Barbie and Bonnie, and I started this Mad Cow Disease thing when we were all in college. Since then, we've been collecting cows or we'd send each other some bovine things.

Anyways, I better get to work. Seriously! ta ta...