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Monday, June 21, 2004

At Last, A Good Weekend... 

After a few weeks of dealing with the house, such as paperworks and moving, it was finally good to have a relaxing weekend. Friday night felt good to be a bum in my new home. I had been meeting friends, along with being stood up twice, throughout the week. I finished up Jeepers Creepers 2. Good movie. I get the feeling that part 3 will be made.
Saturday, we got up and some cleaning in and around the house. It's looking better bits by bits. After dropping off some debris from the yard at the dumpsite, we went to Chik-Fil-A. MMMM! Talk about good food! Chik-Fil-A now offer wheat buns for sandwiches for an extra 20 cents. Having been for a while, they also offer a fruit salad in exchange for fries.
After that, we came home and watched T-3. Pretty good movie. Must be strange for Californians to watch movies of their current govenor, to be cussing and catch glimpses of him being nude. KT and I were telling each other that even though we know it's part of the movie culture, especially in horror and suspense...why do people always drop their keys when they're frantically trying to get in the car to escape? Or the car doesn't start at the first try? Worse...why do they stop running and look back and just stand there, even worse...talk? Hello, if someone or something was chasing after me to end my life...you think I'd just stand there and talk "so, why are you trying to kill me?" No, I'd run and run and run until I can find someone or some weapons that can take care of that mofo!
Then, we went to pick up Kekua to bring him over and have some margaritas and play some games. Billy taught us a new game, Idiot. It's addicting. We had a good time playing games and it was 4am before we went to bed. I was the idiot twice before dethroned by Kekua.

Sunday, we got up and I made breakfast. Then we were back to playing Idiot. Kekua was glad to pass the tiara to KT. After that, we dropped off Kekua and we did a few errands. Came home and did some yard work by cutting down some of the major weed that had grown over the years.
Then, we watched another movie, Analyze This. Boring! We stopped it after about 30 minutes of watching. Al Pacino isn't an actor that I'd like to watch. Mobster theme or genre just doesn't interest me.
So, we went upstairs to relax for the night and watched Bruce Almighty. Good funny movie. My dad had told me about it some time ago and really liked it. So, I'm glad I got to watch this movie. Just what would you do if you had God's powers for a short while?

I was reading the news this morning. It was interesting to read that Utah has been billing rescued hikers. However, a whole lot of them have not been paying the bill. So, the search-and-rescue offices are now turning them over to a collection agency. It cost the office $245.00 to send out a rescue team.
It was interesting to read,in another article, that Utah isn't the only state to do this. Idaho, Hawaii and New Hampshire have also been doing this. While the National Park Service doesn't charge for rescues, they spent $3 million on rescuing on last year alone.
You might think...what a minute, I have to pay to get rescued? Well, your damn fault for getting lost or doing something drastic. I'm sure the majority of the cases were not necessary, due to stupidity. However, I do know that there are a few cases that warranted rescues...such as kidnapping and others of the like.

Better get myself back to work. ta ta...