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Friday, June 04, 2004

Buttons of Directories... 

Since someone claims that my links are "3 miles" below to scroll in order to view some links, I thought I'd post some buttons of directories. You can click on each of the button and then register. Some of the sites have button codes that you can take and add to your blog. Others, you will have to create or "steal" from others. So, hopefully you'll sign up on some of the below and add the buttons to your blogs.

This particular button for Outlet Radio allows the reader to rate your blog. There are other features such as news and the like that keep the GLBT bloggers up to date with information.
Vote for this site at Freedom Forum

Blogtree is like a family tree. What you do is you sign up. It will ask you the usual info. Then, you put down whose blog has inspired you to start up your own blog. That person's blog will be your blogparent. The others who claim that this person also inspired them to start up a blog will be your blogsiblings. Those who claim that you were the one that inspired them will be your blogchildren. It starts off small but it'll grow once you tell people about Blogtree. So...check it out!

This is simply a directory. Sign up and then provide keywords in case someone is looking for blogs containing similiar themes, etc. It has a feature that will pull up blogs similar to yours.
Listed on Blogwise

If you consider yourself to be against wars and such, you can sign up and you'll be listed in the directory.

Directory of GLBT blogs. It is interesting to read others and see what's up. Oh, forgot to mention that some of these directories will require you to ping or activate your XML site feed. If you use Blogger, it's fairly easy. Just go to FAQ and instructions are provided.

This basically will list all the blogs and sites that are located within 100 miles of your longitude and latitude. It had been working and then has been down...probably due to server systems. Not sure if it's up again.

I just checked into this site. They are down for renovations and will be up soon.

Very similiar to BlogWise directory.

There are many other directories that you can find in other blogs. RiceBowl Blogs for those who are Asian. DykeWrite for lesbians....etc....