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Monday, June 07, 2004

Little by Little with the House, Orlando Vacation - Part 1 

The house is coming along pretty good. KT and I have been painting our bedroom. It was originally maroon. (ewww!) We got the carpet cleaned out and it smells so much better. After that, we'll be painting the kitchen. The walls are green like a frog. Ewww!
So, this week will be spent painting and moving bits of our stuff little by little.

A salute to our 40th President, Ronald Reagan, who passed away over the weekend. He was the best president, during my lifespan. It's been announced that Friday will be a national day in rememberance of him. So, dunno about you guys but that means a day off, at least for federal employees and for KT and me! Of course, will be spent working on the house.

Saw Harry Potter 3 yesterday. Good movie, although I thought there was too much dialogue. It is worth seeing it.

Orlando Vacation...
We got off work early on Friday the 28th and metroed to the airport. Flew off to Orlando. It's so nice to have a short flight instead of having layovers and even a much longer flight. One of the first thing we noticed when we landed was the absence of cicadas. The weather there was just fantastic, helped by the bright sun. It felt...refreshing.
We got on the shuttle bus to Hertz rental place. There was a guy there who just loved to talk his mouth off. We were vee'ing him talking to strangers left and right, non-stop. We were like...is he ever gonna shut up? It's amazing how people can go on and on without stopping. (He must be an Aries. [I know Witch is gonna bitch me out about this.])
Once we got to Hertz and did all the usual reservation procedure, we ended up getting a Toyota Matrix. If you haven't been in one, you should check it out. It's a really nice car. Somewhat a mixture of an SUV and stationwagon. Really cute. A good car for a tall person. Until I met KT, I didn't realize that tall people do have limitations when it comes to getting a car. Not many cars were made with tall people in mind. Our current car, Pontiac Grand AM, is roomy. Matrix scores a big point with KT.
Anyways, we drove on to our hotel. Really, a resort place out in Kissimmee. This resort is really nice. Where we stayed were like apartments than hotels. Ours were that you walk in on the first floor but have to go up the stairs. A large master bedroom on the right. On the left was a large living room and a dining room adjacent. Kitchen was small but cute. Just about everything was provided. Dish soap, utensils, blender, toaster, coffee maker...even its own washer and dryer. Nice, nice, nice! Anyways, the resort had so many other features. We really liked this place and wished that we could stay a full week. Time just went by too fast.
I'll post more later about the rest of our vacation. Basically the first night was just getting settled in.

Until then, ta ta...