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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

A Little Catch-Up... 

Thursday evening, I met KT and his folks at our house, after work. It was good to see them once again. We drove over to Tony Roma's for ribs. That restaurant is all over Texas and I've never once been there. Good food! It was delicious! Anyways, it was nice to catch up with his folks.

Friday, KT and I decided that it would be better, time-wise and financially, for him to fly out to Ohio for his granddaughter's christening, than for us to drive a total of 20 hours. So, Friday night, we spent some time together and did a few errands.

Saturday early morning, I dropped off KT at DCA and drove back home and went back to sleep. Got up and did some cleaning. Picked up Kekua and got our lunch at Union Station. We stopped by at Jon's house to pick up a couple of movies. We were gonna watch Alice in Wonderland but the shrink wrap was still on there. I didn't wanna open it and then get chewed out for doing so. So, we thought we'd go Blockbuster and get a couple of movies. However, they didn't have the movies that we wanted. So, back to Jon's place and we got Spirited Away and Texas Chainsaw Massacre. (KT is probably rolling his eyes at the mention of Spirited Away. I love that movie!)

We played a couple games of Idiot and had a good time. We had dinner. We were gonna order something but I couldn't find the number to place our order. So, we just decided to find something in the pantry and frig to make some dinner. After we watch all the movies, I dropped off Kekua so he could get some decent sleep before his trip to NYC.

I came home and just simply stayed up late and watch some shows. Same thing for Sunday, just bascially did some errands and cleaning and just relaxed throughout the day. Life was weird without KT, while he was in Ohio have a GRAND time! *winks* Nah, I did have a good time and read Dan Savage's book, Skipping Towards Gomorrah. That book is just amazing with some antedotes, stats and humor.

Then, yesterday, I was just up early because I was excited to see KT! I picked up KT from the airport mid-afternoon and came back home. I had wanted to take KT out to lunch but he already had lunch. *hmmmpph* We just basically exchanged stories of what we did over the weekend. It was so good to see him again! Couldn't help but kiss him all over!!!

Anyways, before we went to bed early, we watched QAF (TiVo'd). Can you believe it? Only 3 more episodes left before the season is over! Why do they always make the QAF season so short? It was an interesting show about everything...Brian and fund-raising, Emmett and Drew, Mel and Linz and Hunter and his date.

Anyways, after that we just went to sleep to get ourselves ready for work. Thank God it's a short work week for us. Next week is also a short work week since we're off Monday, in observance of Sunday's 4th of July! Yay!

Ok, seriously...need to get my ass back to work. Will post more later. ta ta...