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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

News for Today... 

Interesting news that I read this morning, while metroing to work:

Pledge of Allegiance
The Supreme Court almost allowed the deletion of "under God" from the Pledge of Allegiance. However, the Court could not rule on the case because the father, who is an atheist, does not have full custody of his daughter, therefore, could not legally represent her.
Interesting to note that "under God" was not added to the Pledge until 1954. The purpose was to make a distinction that USA was not a "godless communist".
While people might not care about this case, it somewhat bothered me. I guess it is because I have grown up in school, reciting the Pledge with "under God". It would just feel foreign to delete those 2 words from the daily recitation.

A Somali man, with a connection to al Qaeda, has been charged for plotting to bomb a mall in Ohio. The plan was to bomb the mall on Black Friday, which is the biggest shopping event the day after Thanksgiving.

Hispanic and Asian populations continue to grow in the US. Hispanics, now the nation's largest minority group, rose 13% within 3 years. The Asian minority group went up 12.6%. The Black population rose up to 4%.

The Marijuana Party of Canada has began selling seeds to raise money. They're selling it in packs of 10 seeds for $300 bucks. Canada bans possession, cultivation and sale of weed. However, a judge ruled that because the seeds have little THC, they're not considered drugs.

Ridor's *area* state, Virginia, will be plastered with some interesting ads on billboards and other venues of advertisement. "Isn't she a little young?" and "Sex with a minor, don't go there" will be popping up everywhere soon, sponsored by the Dept. of Health.
The reason for this is that men over 21 years of age were more 3x more likely to get junior high school-aged girls pregnant than boys under the age of 18. From 1999 to 2000, 219 births were fathered by men older than 21. Needless to mention...but statutory rape is a crime.

With the alarming rate of obesity in America, parents are now taking their babies, even at 3 weeks old, for baby exercise classes to start being fit for life. There's even yoga classes for babies!
Now, c'mon, this paranoia is a bit too much. Babies need fat and they need to eat alot to help them grow. There is a point in their lives where they need to learn to start eating healthy and smart.

Speaking of obesity, there's a baker, who has lost half of his customer to the current diet-craze, now touring the nation to convince us that there's nothing wrong with bread, since it has been around for ages.

Read a brief confusing article about needing to double the password online and others that require passwords. There's a card with scratch-off codes. Apparently, when you enter your password, you will be required to enter a second code, that you obtain from the scratch-off card.

Steve Irwin, of "Crocodile Hunter" is in trouble again. First, some time ago, he got scolded for holding his newborn son in one arm and feeding food a crocodile with his other, with no protection between the croc and Steve and his son.
Now, he's in trouble for swimming with 2 whales off the Antartica ocean and being too close to the penguins and seals. Apparently, there are environmental regulations of how close people can approach to animals in the Antartic.

Ok, some time ago, Gwenyth Patlow named her baby Apple. Now, Courtney Cox named her baby Coco. What's up with that?