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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Omigod! Must have! 

I just found out yesterday that Wonder Woman, the first season is available on DVD! OMG! I told KT that I must, must, must have it for my birthday. He was like...that's wish #100,000,001. Well, hey, I'm gonna be 30 this summer and I need some consolation gifts. *winks*

--Wonder Woman spin--

Before I go any further...I must must say CONGRATULATIONS! to Rachella, who is graduating today from Pierce College with an AA degree. I'm proud of you, gurl! I know you're not stopping there and will continue with education. But hey, at least you completed a milestone. So, congrats! Along with VeeVee, I'll be with you in spirit. (Just don't be saying "whoop" while you're sitting there during the speech. You don't want people to be looking at you as if you're a freak.)

Also, a belated Happy Birthday! to Wilmonda. Hope you had a grand time then!

Interesting word to learn: follically-challenged...yep, for those who are bald or becoming bald. Yes, everyone, I am follically-challenged. TYFVM!

I'm still waiting to hear from work if we're off this Friday. I really hope so! It would be nice to have a long weekend.

Today is the day you can watch the planet Venus cross in front of the sun. The crossing will occur for 6 hours. Keep your eyes peeled to the sky. The last time this has happened was 122 years ago. Unless you've found the fountain of youth, you ain't gonna see it again.

Anyways, better get ready to start on work for the day. Ta ta...

--Wonder Woman spin--