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Monday, June 14, 2004


Yes, we finished moved all our stuff into our new home on Saturday! Now, it's just a matter of putting away things. We're about done, it will probably take us a week to finally have the place cleaned up. I have lots of paperwork and mails to sort through.

We've added a door flap for the cats to go in and out from the living room to the basement. We were veeing the cats because they have not been exposed to the flap before. At first, they were hesitant because they thought we were stuffing them into something smaller. They usually give up when they see that they're going through another room. We have 3 cats and last night, 2 of them finally figured out to use their head to push through the door. As for the 3rd one, Mercy, gosh...he would just lay on the stairs and will wait and wait until we open the door for him. Oh no no no, he is gonna figure it out and start using the door flap.

Other than that, life is good and we're really enjoying our house and we've been throughing ideas back and forth with each other of what we wanna do with the house.

Meanwhile, I have a lot of blog-reading and emails to catch up!

ta ta...