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Friday, June 25, 2004

Summer of 2004... 

There's been so much drama within the last few days, if not weeks, that I have witnessed, listened or been involved with. (I told someone recently that I feel like a drama magnet. I'm not involved and yet, somehow and some way I get involved.)

Anyways, a lot of these dramas have been centered on three common topics: friendship, money and weed.

I believe that Summer of '04 will be the point where everyone will be redefining or realigning boundaries of friendship. I have been reviewing various circles of friends and seems that the majority of people are still in that "teen level" of friendship. In other words, no one has really quite matured. And, for some of these people, they don't seem mature in just about all aspects of life. There's a mentality that I'm seeing more frequently: "it's everyone's fault and never my fault." It's like...awww, grow up and start taking responsibility and accept the fact that you're not perfect as well. You've said or done some things that were not quite appropriate. It's so easy to point fingers at everyone, yet difficult to point at yourself as well. Also, lying to make yourself look good will make you lose credibility, eventually your lies will be discovered and you'll just be like that boy who cried 'wolf!'. Learn to admit your faults and learn to forgive. Learn to not be hasty with decisions. Learn to listen to each other. Learn to be less defensive. Learn!
Also, be careful what you say. If you say something or promise something, follow through with it. It looks bad when you say you will do something and then later renege.

Money issues seem to be rampant in certain circles. You are just going to have to learn to budget. You might hate it at first, but it'll do you good in the long run. For some of you, if you cannot succeed budgeting your personal finances and always running out of money before the next paycheck, then you are not going to succeed with professional finances. That's how simple it is. I know it's hard but learn to say "no", especially when it comes to loaning to others. If that person has a history of not paying you back or paying you later than agreed, then don't loan more money to that said person! How hard is that?!?
This is something I'm learning... When you go out and go shopping, ask yourself before you buy anything..."do I WANT this or do I NEED this?" And answer yourself honestly. It's so easy to say we NEED these things, when, in reality, we can hold them off for another time. Get the stuff that you NEED first. If you have any "luxury" money leftover, then get the stuff that you would like to have. Simple as that!

As for toking up some good shit...all I can say that I believe will be the best solution...stop toking with groups. Make it a personal thing. Toke with yourself alone. Less problems and more weed for yourself. If you have no money or weed, don't go bugging people. The things I hear of you guys complaining against each other!

These things I've said are general statements to people. These words are not targeted to a single person. So, don't bother to ask me who I'm aiming at. These are issues that are common with the dramas that have unfolded recently.

I think that these people should sit down by themselves and reflect. Meditate. Look inside yourself and fine-tune. Seek to improve! Seek to mend friendships. Seek to forgive and forget.

Share your expectations of each other. Clear the lines of communication.

I know I had more to say but I think I will stop here. I just know that the Summer of '04 will be an epiphany or an awakening for some of you and will never be forgotten. Perhaps some of you will finally mature and become responsible adults, as you should have been all along.