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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Wick and News... 

I'd like to extend the welcome, along with Scott, to Wick for setting up a blog. I've met Wick a couple times (art show at Sara's place and Mardi Gras party and I'm sure one other event). He seems like a nice guy. Read his blog and the first entry is something that all gays can understand. Wick, hang in there, we've all been there!

The Southern Baptist Church (SBC) has severed their affiliation with a world-wide federation of Baptist denominations because the Alliance were accepting liberal theologies. In America alone, that's about 16.3 million members. The alliance contained 46 million members in 211 denominations.

Oh no! Not again! An American hostage, Paul Johnson, has been showned on an Islamic website, blindfolded. The kidnappers have demanded, to Saudi authorities, that al Qaeda prisoners must be released within 72 hours or they will kill the hostage.

Ridor will be happy, happy, happy! Montgomery County of Maryland said NO to Wal-Mart Supercenters. Well, not really. Giant Food stores and unions have collaborated in support of a zoning measure. Stores that are larger than 120,000 sq. ft. must devote 10% of that to a grocery section, with an exception to those that do not sell food. Wal-mart have stated they have no intention of expanding their current stores in the county.

I got this from Alan's blog about cell phone viruses. Yes, you read it right. There's a virus going around that cause phones to ring. Thank God I'm Deaf! (TGID!) Less viruses to deal with.

KT and I watched Gothika, starring Halle Berry, last night. I really liked the movie. It's worth seeing it. Even though it's a fictional movie, but there's a line that made me ponder. "How can I trust you if you already presumed me to be crazy?"
I wonder how many "crazy people" have actually been telling a truth, yet professionals have disregarded them because it's "just not possible" or uncomprehensible.
I was talking to KT this morning about the movie. I thought of something bizarre. People who hear voices...are they really loony or have developed some kind of uncontrolled telepathy and the medical/science field have yet to offer assistance? Just a thought...

Anyways, better get my ass to work. ta ta...