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Thursday, June 10, 2004

Yeah, We All See Things Differently... 

You can take a look at several blogs, whether among our friends or randomly. You're bound to read some entries or comments that doesn't sit well with you or has displayed your exact thoughts on the subject.

It seems to me that people rarely make comments when they agree with you. Yet, when someone disagrees with you, boy be prepared for a long comment. It seems that we're very strong in expressing our opinions or views when we disagree with the writer or when the context of a subject is going down a path that you object to.

Some time ago, Ridor posted a link in an entry in regards to Scattered Words. This is a blog about a young man, in DC, who is trying to leave the world of homosexuality and has been embracing Christianity. My purpose of posting the link isn't to go there and bash the guy, but to see what he's writing about, if you haven't already.

Coming from a Pentacostal/non-denomination Christian background, I can understand where Ben is coming from. I can understand why he's struggling to leave behind homosexuality and live a life as a Christian.

Yet, I can understand the criticisms from the GLBT community that have commented on his blog. I can understand the arguments of science and the scoffing of Christianity. I can understand the defense of "God made me this way" or "how dare you tell me the way I live is wrong" and others of the like.

Some commenters (or is it commentors?) even try to convince that it's possible to combine that being gay and a Christian is permissible in the same sentence. Some even expressed doubts that this isn't a real person but an "ex-gay" organization trying to reel in some homosexuals to leave the lifestyle.

I have added Ben's blog on my blogpage as a link. I'm curious to see what he has to say and what commenters are saying. It's interesting because commentors come from a variety of backgrounds. Even the Christians aren't totally in sync of what Ben should do or agree on topics of homosexuality. (There was a little spat about "othrodox Catholics." Many were saying there is no such thing and others have proclaim that it does exist.)

I guess my point is that we don't always have to agree with what we read or hear. Like Ridor said recently...if you don't like what I said, there's an X on the upper right corner, just click on that. (Maybe it's just human nature that draws us to things or places that we disagree with...what's up with that?)

Life would be boring if we did agree with everything. KT and I are in this loving relationship for almost 4 years. It's amazing just on many topics we have opposing views. Like I said earlier, coming from a Christian background, I often have believe in things or believe it's in the realm of possibility. KT has been schooled in science, evidence is his demand. We nicknamed each other after the X-Files characters. I'm Mulder and he's Scully. Mulder believes "it's out there" while Scully has to see it with her own eyes and has to be able to be documented, etc. My point is that we're able to have a loving relationship and still respect each other that we don't always have to believe in the same things or possess the same views.

Although we do have rules or rather, taboos...which also applies to some of my friends. Theology and politics are not to be discussed, because we both know that we're very hard-headed about our views. Occasionally, we'll bend the rules. Even though I have not been practicing Christianity, I used to get really defensive about it. Lately, if someone makes a degrading remark or analysis about it, I've learned to not let it bother me. Otherwise, it'll be a ping-pong conversation (more like a heated debate) with an ending nowhere in sight.

I guess it is human nature to share our feelings when we disagree with something, especially when we identify with it...such as being gay, Deaf, Black, divorced, anorexic, and many others. Isn't life wonderful?