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Friday, July 30, 2004


Warning: don't read this if you haven't seen Amish in the City.  It will repeat tonight.

KT and I got to watch Amish in the City last night.  It really was very interesting.  Mixing 2 groups of people to live together for 9 weeks.  One group of regular people exposed to everything life and things.  Another group of people who have no daily interaction with modern technology or even modern publications. 

It was amazing to see the Amish group react with awe and curiosity to the dishwasher, blender and seeing more fruits and vegetables than before.   They're used to washing everything by hands.  They had never seen an avocado, a papaya, an artichoke, etc.  Like other people have said, we've really taken things for granted, even the simple things.  Just count yourselves lucky to have known such things, even irrelevant things, like a parking meter.  One Amish gal was crying because she finally "touched" the beach.  None of them had been to a beach and they were just excited as if it was the biggest news of their lives. 

One thing that I liked about the Amish belief is that at a certain time of your life...around 16 to 22 years old, give or take...you go into this phase, Rumspringa, where an Amish can go out and journey into the modern world.  At the end of this phase, they can decide whether to remain in the modern world or return to the Amish community, permanently.  That was something new I learned about the Amish. 

Of course, there was already drama happening.  I was shocked to see that Reese had the gut to take off his sock and then used it to slap Kevan across his face.  I was like...OMG, Ridor would have loved to witness this moment with his very own eyes. 

I vee Ariel, who is a vegan.  Now, I don't care what your eating preferences are but her beliefs were a bit whacked.  She believes that cows are from outer space.  O-k...  The Amish gals found this hard to digest because their chores on the farms were to tend to the cows. 

My favorite part was the one where the "city kids" had to switch roles by donning the Amish outfits and then go out and do things.  By doing this, they got an insight of how it felt to be "an outsider" and seeing other people react to you.  Of course, these "city" roomies made the outfits a bit sexier by adding earrings, sunglasses and other stuff. 

Anyways, it was a good show and definitely am looking forward to see the rest. 

ta ta...