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Friday, July 16, 2004

Blogs to Vee: 

I was just simply Googling to see if there's any more Deaf bloggers out there.  I came across some interesting blogs.
The Blog of Death.  This blog just simply list deaths.  This one particular entry was a death notice of a deaf swimmer, Celine Gurdikian.
Next one is Marvin's Laurent, SD Blog.  I find this interesting because the blog's description states that his journey is to build the world's first town of signers.  Historically, we've already had Martha's Vineyard, where supposedly everyone "spoke" signs, yet it is debateable within the Deaf communities.  There was a time in the 1800's where a Deaf man (Drs. Arlene B. Kelly and Susan Burch are gonna kill me for not remembering his name) have tried to achieve a Deaf state, a sort of an utopia, which would have been settled somewhere in the Oklahoma area, if he had succeeded.  Anyways, I'm not in any way trying to portray that trying to build a town of signers is impossible.  It would just be full of challenges, doubts, obstacles and tons of questions. 
I've found some more Deaf bloggers and added to my links. 
Yay!  KT, Kekua and I will go see I, Robot with RWC tonight.  I'm hoping it'll be a good movie.  Never heard back from Cliff about this weekend.  hmmm...
Anyways, ta ta...