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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Current Book... 

This is my 200th entry. Hmmm...what should I write about?

Oh...I just started reading The Best Little Boy in the World, by Andrew Tobias, writing as John Reid. I've only read like 60 or 70 pages. I already can related to Andrew, as a little boy.

Andrew was one of those boys that grew up with "super-polite" manners and was overly obedient. Never did think bad things or was rough with other boys when playing. Was willing to share toys without hesitation. In other words, a classic mama's boy.

Though I adamantly deny it, people say that I am a mama's boy. Well, ok, maybe to a point. I grew up with polite manners and said the right things. Did this and that without giving my parents any trouble. (There were rare days where I did what I wanted to do.) I was sooo good that people thought I was naive.

I remember one time, as a high school senior, the class had a break. All the guys got together and called me. They said we were to all meet in the men's room. So, I go there and this class clown came up to me, while all the guys were just looking in to see what was about to happen. He gave me something in my hand and said, "enjoy this candy, it's really good". I took one look at it and knew it was a condom and said so. Of course, this surprised the guys that I knew what it was. (Well, duh!)

Anyways, that incident led to a bigger incident a few days later. 2 guys got into a fight during basketball practice and one guy tattled the previous incident to the principal against the class clown. (Mind you, this is a Christian private school.) So, the next thing I knew the class clown is in trouble and the guys suspected me. However, thanks to my keen observation, I mentioned how I noticed that guy was gone from the classroom for a long period of time. The guys agreed and approached the snitch, which he admitted doing.

However, that wasn't over. The principal called me into his office. Turned that I was in bigger trouble. Why? Because I was the class president and I had a moral responsibility to have told the principal about the condom. (Whatever!) His point was that if someone had a condom, he/she was bound to use it. And how could I not let it bother me that someone was or would be having premartial sex? I was like...excuse me, but what someone does in his or her own life isn't my business. Well, that just escalated the drama that had to involve the principal, the pastor and my folks and other people.

What made it worse was that my mother agreed with the principal (she was a teacher at the school as well) and my dad agreed with me. So, there was problems at school and at home. To make the matter worse, I was being considered to be expelled from school. Yes, you read that right. Expelled! Over a condom! That I didn't bring to school!

Anyways, it all ended by giving me automatic detention. Man, everyone in the school knew about my detention. People cheered me on! Even my P.E. teacher was happy for me and said "whew, now you're a normal person". Whaa?! WTF! You see, I almost completed high school without getting detention. That detention was my first and only detention as a high school student. In the Christian private school, it was easy to get marks that eventually landed you in detention, depending how many you acquired in a day. Rules were strict and I was able to avoid breaking or bending any of them.

So, like Andrew, I was the best little boy in the world and I guess a perfect mama's boy. (Unlike KT, who was thought to be a devil's spawn. He still has a little bit of that bad boy in him...but I still love him! woof, woof)

Anyways, I really went way off the point. I guess I'll address that I really wanted to talk about in another post. ta ta...