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Friday, July 09, 2004

Deaf Facts? 

I just visited Davynin's blog and read his entry for 7/8/04, which listed some Deaf "facts", in regards to some Presidents. It's very interesting to read and ponder if any of them are true. One of them listed that George W. Bush often jogged with I. King Jordan at Gallaudet. I'm not quite so sure about that. However, it'll be interesting to research and see if there are any truths to these "Deaf facts".

Read in some article recently that John Gregg, a Deaf man, invented the shorthand method.

Also learned that Andrew Saks, one of the 3 contributing inventors of the TTY, came from the family that founded Saks Fifth Avenue. Got this from the recent NAD magazine. He was turned away from entering the family business because of his deafness. (Speaking of NAD, there's been some interesting articles and comments about NAD on TTMW [The Tactile Mind Weekly].)

Also read somewhere and I believe I commented this in Ridor's blog, some time ago, that Purdue's first (football ?) coach was a Deaf man.

Have you unearthed any little-known Deaf facts lately?