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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Don't Get Foot Problems... 

Yesterday morning, I went to see a podiatrist.  I've been having a throbbing pain in my left heel, since February or March, and has become more frequent.  (KT told me over the weekend, "honey, you're getting old, so you're breaking down". [hmmmph...bitch!]) 
Turned out that I have plantar fasciitis,  or heel spur, which is a fairly common foot inflammation.  So, basically I just need to rest my foot more often since lately I've just been "on the go", especially with the house and all that.  Besides rest, I need to tape it up (which definitely helps), put ice on it occasionally and do some toe curls exercise.  There are factors that can cause plantar fasciitis, such as poor arch support, weight loss or gain, an increase of activities, etc.  Besides an increase of activities and age, another factor for me is being flat footed. 
But that wasn't it.  After he pinpointed the center of the pain, he tells me that he has to inject a shot of cortisone.  I was like, in my foot?  And he confirmed.  That still wasn't it.  I happened to see the needle that he was gonna inject me with.  It made my eyes widened!  This wasn't no fine needle.  It was thicker, like the nails they crucified Jesus with.  Ok, I exaggerated a bit.  Still, it was a bit thicker sized needle.  So I go:
"Is this gonna hurt?"
"I'm not gonna lie to you.  Yes, it will hurt."
Mofo!  So, the podiatrist sprays my foot with something and then rubs alcohol.  I looked away and then he injected me, RIGHT INTO the pa-a-ain!  (Mommy!)  Believe me, I jerked my foot but the doctor had a good grip of my foot.  (Mommy!)  You could feel all of the liquid being inserted into my foot.  The whole thing felt like as if you had stepped on a nail.  I certainly hope that was my first and last shot into my feet.  I definitely do not wanna go through that again.  Will have to see him again next week for a follow-up.  (As a result of the shot, my foot was numbed for most of the day.)
Anyways,  after work, got home and watched the rest of the show about Britney Spears.  Love her already! 
Then, KT and I painted the guest room.  We painted half the room.  We're still worn out from the weekend.  So, we've decided to take it slow and just take our time with painting.  We'll continue it tomorrow since I have a committee meeting after work and KT has a dinner date with friends. 
After that, watched the season finale of QAF.  Not as dramatic as the previous season closers but good enough. 
Watched an interesting show on National Geographic, "Unlocking Da Vinci Code".  The focus was whether or not there was any truth or evidence that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married and if there was a child produced.  Now, if you believe in the Bible, you would have scoffed at this.  However, historians have said that the church did destroy other gospels/books such as the Gospel of Thomas, Gospel of Truth and Gospel of Mary Magdalene.  These books were all destroyed except one copy of each books.  These scrolls were recently discovered in Egypt about 50 years ago.  In the Gospel of Mary Magdalene, there are patches of parchment missing, so words are missing to complete the sentences.  However, there are lines on there where Jesus was seen kissing on MM repeatedly.  However, this is where the parchment was missing...it is not known where Jesus was kissing her.  On her lips, cheeks, feet, hair? 
Anyways, all I have to say is that it was interesting.  The show even interviewed people in Scotland and France, who supposedly have documents/books that contained a family tree that can trace their lineage to Jesus and MM. 
I had heard rumors before that da Vinci was supposedly a descendant of Christ.  Hmmm...
Anyways, interesting and thought provoking.
After that, another show came on but we TiVo'd it and will watch it another time.  This one is about religious items, such as the Shroud of Turin, which is supposedly the shroud that Jesus was buried in.  According to this site, it is the single most studied artifact in human history.  So, I'm sure it will be an interesting show.  Can't wait to check that out. 
I finished my book, The Best Little Boy in the World.  It was a good book, but could have been shorter.  I got my Inkwell edition of The Tactile Mind!  I is the so happy!  When I saw the new quarterly book on Tate's blog, I had realized that my subscription had expired.  So, I emailed John and Adrean if I could reinstate my subscription with Inkwell.  Sure, no problem.  So, I got it yesterday and can't wait to read it through! 
Anyways, better get my ass busy and start working.  ta ta...