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Thursday, July 22, 2004

Finished One Room... 

Simple work day yesterday. 

Came home and had dinner.  Then, KT and I finished painted the guest room.  Tonight, we'll do some touch-ups and then paint the bathroom.  Can't wait to finish up the painting.  Once these 2 rooms are done, we'll try to finish up painting the window exterior borders. 

Watched Charlie's Angels:Full Throttle.  Great movie!  Gosh, dunno which one I like best.  Both movies are good! 

Read the papers and learned that View-Master turned 65 yesterday.  Gosh, remember having the View-Master as a kid?  I remember I used to have a boxful of reels and I could just go on and on, viewing 3-D pics.  Last year, KT and I bought one as a gift for a kid and we noticed it was designed a bit different.  And saw the pic in the newspaper and the lastest designs is definitely different than the classic red "binoculars". 

ta ta...